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  1. He is partly still "in" whole30, day 31 he got the flue, so he has started adding food later. has tried bread and pasta - worked fine for him and beer (another day). But... he has started cooking more and he has stared doing shopping by himself :)) I appreciate both a lot. Plus he is doing his breakfast, since Day 31 I have started to eat my regular breakfasts (mostly different oatmeals). What I was missing most was going out with friends, so only two weeks until that
  2. Day 26 ...i hate cooking, shoppingand even thinking about food
  3. thank you, dishes are easy, we have dishwasher but I'm afraid it won't easy anyway, yesterday was our first day and he seems to be in "kill them all" phase a little bit. Not to eat all the time something small is smaller torture for me than for him and this doesn't help either. thanks for idea of surprise, i think massage could be nice, at least it isn't connected with food
  4. Thank you, MeadowLily for link, I'm reading through it, reading to my boyfriend and asking for his opinion. Stephanie, to be honest i just don't want to, there is no other reason but I don't feel like make one month commitment about not eating some food and don't want to damage all his plan when I eat something we both are not allowed to. Actually my "normal" food is pretty healthy, I think. Tomorrow is going to be our first day of Whole30 - it is still OUR Whole30 plan, and we already eat mostly Whole30 food for two weeks (we had some evenings with friend planned for last week, but actually glass of wine and one small bowl of ice cream for me was our only failure of Whole30 without any special effort). I agree that going through something is really good couple, but will it work if I go through half normal/half vegetarian plan too (i was 15 years vegetarian, starting eating fish and small amount of meat only two years ago, and after workouts its easier for my body to have non-meat proteins)? and if I fail, wouldn't it sort of failure for both of us? Don't take me wrong, I'm going on Whole30 as much as possible - even already drinking my morning coffee without any milk ;), just don't want to promise anything i can't be sure I do. But maybe I am wrong and that's what I'm try to find.
  5. Hi, I was looking through forums but haven't find anything about this topic yet. I'm "The Non Whole30 partner" and i would like to know more about being supportive for my boyfriend during his Whole30 and post Whole30 days. I'm the one who does more cooking so I have already read both books (It starts with food and Whole30) and I will cook only Whole30 friendly meals for next few weeks. As for "not allowed food" I'm planning eat is mainly out of house (actually I will eat mostly Whole30 food too, but I'm not planning being strict). Is there anything more i could do? It will be his first Whole30, so we most likely can't anticipate what it will be like for both of us