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  1. Robin R.

    therapy win

    It will only get better!! Sending you hugs.
  2. Robin R.

    Pumpkin pulled pork

    I need to try this too!!
  3. Robin R.

    Pumpkin pulled pork

    Sounds yummy! I may try something like this soon.
  4. Robin R.

    Beach Weekend

    Some of my favorite "fast foods" to have on hand are Trader Joe's chile lime chicken burgers, bison burgers and turkey burgers. Compliant and delicious. Easy to prepare for any meal. I have had them several times for Meal 1 when I don't have any other protein ready. I like to put on steamed greens, stir fried veggies or even on top of a garden salad. Good Luck!!
  5. Robin R.

    Vitamix for making soup, coconut milk, almond milk, etc.

    I don't have a Vitamix, but I have a Nutri Ninja which is pretty powerful. I can easily make nut butters, riced cauliflower and cabbage. I use it frequently!
  6. Robin R.

    Well that was educational....I want W30 back now.

    Exactly right. I had a friend that reintroed cake first because it was her son's birthday. She got a massive headache. It could have been the combination of gluten, sugar and potentially dairy.
  7. Robin R.

    Well that was educational....I want W30 back now.

    If you had cake, you would be having sugar, gluten and dairy, correct?
  8. Robin R.

    Broccoli rice at TJs!

    Did you get some? Tried it yet? I was just there yesterday and did not see it, but I was running through pretty quickly! I have a Nutri Ninja so could make it myself. I already do cauliflower and cabbage rice this way. Maybe I could do a combo? Thanks for the idea!
  9. Robin R.

    Whole 30 Cookbook December 6 2016

    Making my Christmas list!
  10. Robin R.

    Weekend Problems

    What helped me the most was having a running list of the 3 meals I was eating every day. I keep updating depending on what I have for leftovers from the previous day. If you have this ready before the weekend starts you will be better prepared knowing what you will be eating at every meal throughout the weekend. IIf you are on the road a lot on the weekend, you may want to have a variety of grab and go options on hand such as: Protein: hard boiled eggs, tuna or salmon pouches, Epic bars Fat: avocado, olives Veggies: cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, jicama, bell peppers, baby carrots.... Good Luck!
  11. Robin R.

    55 and feelin' Alive!

    Excellent! I am 58 and finished my Whole30 2 weeks ago. How are you feeling now?
  12. Robin R.

    therapy win

    That is wonderful news! I finished my W30 a few weeks ago and was able to reduce my anxiety/depression meds (Lexapro) by half after 3 weeks in. Keep up the good work!
  13. Robin R.

    Can I have water with honey and lemon

    I found a new place nearby that has local, raw organic honey. She explained to me how if you buy honey from the area you live in, it can help with seasonal allergies. I was very excited! But now I see I will have to ask what they feed their bees.
  14. I ended my Whole30 a week and a half ago and am now in the reintroductory period. Although I still have daily headaches, I am finding that I go longer and longer between headaches and they go away more quickly. I would be interested to know what other's are experiencing.