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  1. Robin R.

    Wine cravings.

    I miss my wine most of all! But the sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime in my favorite wineglass in the evening are really helping me with that. I make the Rosemary Berry Splash (from the W30 cookbook) on Friday and Saturday nights. As soon as it gets cooler I will be replacing that wine glass with a tea cup! For now I am going to brew up some David's Tea and make some iced tea and see how that goes down! I just like to sip on something when I am cooking dinner.
  2. Robin R.

    Chia Pudding?

    DRATS! I thought I was so very smart having a banana chia seed pudding for breakfast this morning. Full fat coconut milk, 2 T chia seeds blended with one frozen banana and some cinnamon. Half a nectarine on top. Not as a dessert but as a breakfast! I don't usually have any fruit, but I just wanted something a bit different. Then I realized I did not have a protein source so I grabbed a cold sliver of rotisserie chicken. I came on here just to find out if this kept to the rules. So.. No more chia seed puddings until I am done. DOUBLE DRATS!