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    The point is to test things as isolated from each other as possible. On the flip side if you have an extreme reaction to something you might want to add more than 2 days of compliance before you introduce something again to ensure you are feeling as good as you were when you started. You really want the best data possible so you can make well informed decisions in your post Whole30 world. Also for many that don't have immediate reactions there can be a build up over time reaction. Take me for example. I had no obvious physical issues to anything I introduced (except when I've accidentally had soy - makes me angry). However I know that if I were to put gluten back in my diet on a regular basis I would start feeling foggy in the afternoons again. I also have found out that eating non-gluten grains regularly makes me feel pudgy and sluggish after a while. Knowing these things helps me decide if something I might eat is worth it or not.
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    Yes, do a separate reintro day for alcohol.  Your plan is prudent: your day 1 of reintro will be alcohol at the birthday party, and yes, nothing with wheat so you're not testing gluten at the same time.  I would also recommend not to go overboard; a couple drinks, as you stated, would work. The next day, I would then remove alcohol and go back to 100% Whole30 eating for two days, and then continue with reintros per the reintro schedule.
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    I'm not sure why the order is different in the book and on the website, but it really doesn't matter what order you use, the important part is to go back to whole30 eating for at least two days between different categories of foods, more if you have a reaction that lingers for more than two days.
    The point of reintroducing foods is to help you decide what foods you want to include in your regular diet going forward. If you love cheese and are okay with not feeling great after you eat it, it may be worth it to you to have it sometimes. Whole30's position is that none of the foods that you've left out for the last 30 days are ever truly good for you, whether you have a noticeable reaction to them or not -- but it's also understood that food is not always simply fuel, that there are emotional and cultural influences on what we eat, and that we are not always going to only eat healthy stuff 100% of the time. If you haven't read it before, I suggest you look for the three part series on the whole30 blog titled, Dear Melissa: What do you eat? It's a good explanation of how she has discovered which foods are worth it to her and which aren't.
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    The protocol in the UK for a Coeliac test is actually 6wks of eating gluten prior to testing as far as I know. What we're doing here, however,  is looking for food sensitivities, and in most cases, having eliminated gluten from the system for 30 days, the reaction will be fairly quick & obvious when it is reintroduced.
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    My opinion: For legumes.  I would not include soy.  Soy on it's own is an allergen for many people (and they may not know it) where as legumes in general are not.  Seems logical to me that you would want to introduce them separately.  (I have mild allergies to wheat, soy, dairy and corn. I've been tested.) 
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    I second this question.
    I have a birthday on the 1st of Nov (finishing my W30 on 30 Oct). I really would like to have a couple of drinks. I am happy to still keep to my W30 eating and forgo all the non-compliant food but just wondering if drinking will throw my reintro completely out of whack? I guess it depends what kind of alcohol it is. Should I drink wine or spirits so as not to consume wheat if I'm not testing that yet? 
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    My understanding is that the order *does* matter, because the order is from least- to most-likely to cause issues.
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    Would you do a separate reintro day for alcohol (not with all three meals of course )?
    I've got a few more days to go but need to plan my reintros around a wedding I'm attending next weekend and was going to reintroduce dairy (going to an Italian restaurant for dinner where I'd probably benefit from being able to have a bit of cheese) but if alcohol needs its own day then I'd probably prefer a glass of champagne to cheese.
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    Thanks, Hutlifr. I have been to that link, but it still doesn't explain the reasoning behind introducing three things (from one food group) in one day. I am curious as to why this is suggested. Thus far, I've only reintroduced dairy 1/day on a few separate days. I would like to better understand the science. I am certain eating dairy three times in a day would not be good for me, but the occasional dairy seems okay.
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    This is great to have. I'll re read chapter 20 of ISWF too. I'm not interested in re-introduction right now but I was going to ask a few questions. The links above answered them all. Even if I already read them all, now that I'm in the thick of things they mean more.
    I think you folks do everything here so professionally I'm just So impressed.