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  1. Tinkcabell

    Good Food

    I was skimming through my book the other night. (I'm on Day 5.) When I saw the first rule was to eat good food, I snarked a little. But today, as I was eating dinner I realized that everything I've eaten has been GOOD. I've been doing all the shopping, seasoning and cooking for my mother and me. I know everything that has gone into my body and not only is it delicious (if I do say so myself), I haven't had an OUNCE of guilt or remorse. Now THAT'S good food.
  2. Hi all.. I'm new to the forums, but not W30. I did the program, oh, about 4 or 5 years ago. I lasted 28 days. Didn't do reintroduction or anything like it. My weight is back to its highest. My cholesterol and sugar are up. I have hypertension and my doctor just raised my dosage. I do not want to go out as a negative statistic. I was doing well on WW before COVID. I've gained and lost the same 19 lbs since December of '19. Now I'm back at starting point and all the worse for it. I have also had congestion issues all of my life. I don't remember if W30 helped with that last