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    acarte17 got a reaction from RandiW in IBS C   
    i used to have the same problem, as far as the whole 30 goes I would say lots of fat and lots of vegetables. But for your actual issue I took a probiotic for like two months and I havent really had any issues since, its been like two years now. 
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    acarte17 got a reaction from manley0702 in USA Today saying....Coconut Oil now bad for you!?!?!??   
    I'm not saying that the canola oil people are behind this but I think there are more than a few large companies who are being hurt financially by our new obsession with coconut oil. 
    Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory...
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    acarte17 reacted to ShannonM816 in Low energy, need high calorie whole 30 meals   
    what sauces did you try and what didnt you like about them? There's a lot of different kinds, maybe we can find some you would like.
    Are you eating at the upper end of the meal template for each meal, and including pre- and post-workout meals on days you work out? There are tips in this article:   but it really boils down to, eat more, and specifically more calorie dense options like starchy vegetables and fats. For fats, avocado, mayo, olives, coconut in any form, occasionally nuts and seeds, compliant bacon sometimes if you can find it, and oils. You can also choose fattier cuts of meat, so salmon instead of tuna, skin-on chicken.
    Opt for cooked vegetables over raw most of the time, just because you can eat a greater volume of them. If you have salads, add denser vegetables to them, like beets or other roasted root vegetables, or have them along with your salad. Have potatoes, root vegetables, winter squashes, pumpkin, jicama.
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    acarte17 reacted to cashnic72 in So this is happening... again. W30R2   
    @acarte17 I totally agree with you. This is my second round as well and it's been MUCH easier. I have had a few symptoms from the timeline but not nearly like the first time. And I think it's because even though we go off the program in between, we are still more mindful of the quality of our food. So I'm much less likely to gorge on donuts than I was prior to my first whole30.