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  1. Deanna12

    Type 2 diabetes

    Okay. I will. Thanks for the advice. It's hard to let go of the low fat habits!
  2. Deanna12

    Type 2 diabetes

    I don't eat starchy veggies much. Occasionally, I fix sweet potatoes, but mostly I each cabbage, green beans, brussel sprouts, some carrots. I haven't been eating salad much, so I don't add fat to my meals. About once a week, I'll add avocado to something. I did fix chicken salad and tuna salad a few times for lunch with homemade mayo, but didn't check my blood sugar after that. I'll have to do that next time. Should I be adding more or less fat. Once I added walnuts to a stir fry I made. Thanks for your advice.
  3. Deanna12

    Type 2 diabetes

    For breakfast, I usually have two boiled eggs, some Whole 30 veggie soup, and a pear or an apple (not large). For lunch, I usually have leftovers. For dinner, I have a great variety of food. Last night I fixed beef and veggie soup. I used about 1.5 tables olive oil to sauté the onion and garlic. The batch was big, so there wasn't a lot of beef, so I would say that both dinner last night and lunch today was lacking in protein. That's unusual though. I'm a big fan of stir frying ground meat with lots of veggies and different seasonings. I usually eat either strawberries, an apple, or a pear at the end of each meal. I suppose I could do without that sugar. What do you think?
  4. I'm on day 22 of the Whole 30 and I feel great. For the most part, I slept better starting day 2. I'm not hungry, which has always been an issue on any healthy food plan I've followed. My pants and shirts are all getting loose. The only thing that disappoints me is my blood sugar. 2 hours after a meal I'm at 120 and fasting blood sugar is usually around 135. I thought these would be a lot better by now. I wasn't checking my blood sugar as consistently before I started the Whole 30, so maybe this is an improvement over what it was. I know it's a little lower. Also, my psoriasis is still present. I think it itches a little less, but I'm still developing little round spots. I didn't start getting this until about 6 months ago. It doesn't seem to be related to any perfumes in detergent, etc. I do plan to do beyond the 30 days because I do feel a lot better, but I'm wondering if I'm expecting too much. I have an appointment for a physical and blood work next week. I'll be interested to see what my AIC is. Any thoughts?
  5. Deanna12

    Diverticulits and Fat

    Are you eating seeds or nuts? I know they are allowed, but I was told to stay away from these because they get stuck in the little pockets that have developed in your intestines and then get infected.
  6. Deanna12

    October 3rd start

    I started yesterday! I wasn’t hungry, but boy did I get a headache. It's much improved today, though. Anyone looking for a buddy?