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  1. Starting July 17

    That's a good plan, @pearlgirl2017! I may copy you when I get tired of far, my aversion hasn't reared it's ugly head, yet. Success, W30 Friends! I got through Rivertown Revival festival without going off plan! I found a food vendor who used sugar-free bacon and would make me a unembellished burger patty (most were marinated in a sauce that included sugar, but they were running out and making "plain-salt-and-pepper" ones) and wrap it in lettuce; then I found another vendor who was willing to sell me a half-avocado (they were using them to make fresh guac on the fly)...I was a happy camper. When I got a bit hungry a few hours later (possibly from a lack of enough veggies), I broke into an Rx Bar. That, and keeping hydrated kept me going. Yay! Also, changed up dinner plans (will move them to tomorrow's lunch) because we stopped at a favorite restaurant on the way home from the festival. Day 6: B: Kitchen Sink Eggs L: Bacon-Avocado-Lettuce-wrapped burger S: Rx Bar D: Nectarine Arugula Salad with Roasted Chicken; sub the shaved manchego cheese for avocado (MH Bread and Butter) My latest kitchen sink combo might make it into my regular breakfast repetoire, it was so good: smoked salmon, 2 handfuls wild/baby arugula, capers all scrambled in three eggs. Tomorrow, I'm going to make the same but add the W30 Hollandaise Sauce for some added fat. Yum! Tomorrow's another social challenge...we're getting together with some friends for a bbq. I'm coming armed with a W30 compliant salad & dressing & watermelon for the group, steaks for me and a gluten-sensitive friend, and ingredients for a mocktail (in case I get tempted by the beer and wine). I'm also bringing my Hot Cinnamon Spice tea bags for when the desserts break out. Day 7: B: Kitchen Sink Eggs w/ W30 Hollandaise Sauce (W30, 314) L: LO Spicy Apricot Stuffed Pork Chops w/ LO Brussels Sprouts Slaw D: Warm Spinach salad w/ apple-cider braised Pancetta and slivered almonds; Steaks and Watermelon Have a great rest of the weekend, W30 Friends!
  2. Starting July 17

    Yep, my first time around I was hating on eggs by Day 7. So I started with Melissa's Chicken Hash (her, and my, favorite not-egg brekkie), then experimented with other proteins in the same sweet potato base: my other fave was Pork (chopped or ground) with peaches. Chicken apple sausage (Aidell's has a compliant one) with avocado was another yummy option. I also experimented with different kinds of eggs; up to that point I'd been making only scrambled or boiled eggs. But poached eggs were better. Or making Nom Nom Paleo's Cauliflower "Fried Rice", in which the egg is more flavoree of the rice, or the Loco Moro from the same book, was great. And adding bacon (Whole Foods in the Bay Area sells compliant ones) to anything makes it so much more appealing. Please note: the Loco Moco is labor intensive and requires a LOT of pre-planning. Hope that helps!
  3. Starting July 17

    Wow! That looks tasty...and pretty darn festive. Even mynon-W30 hubby said it looks delicious. Day 5 has been a whirlwind, W30 friends. I confess to nearly skipping breakfast b cause we were so much on the go. Didn't skip, FYI...used my handy-dandy leftovers to make Kitchen Sink eggs for breakfast and ate my leftover Chicken Hash for lunch, and stayed on track. Planning in the use of leftovers is a "secret-not-so-secret" trick that helps me stay the W30 course. Day 5: B: Kitchen Sink Eggs (W30, 202; pictured with broccoli and avocado) L: LO Melissa's Chicken Hash D: Spicy Apricot Stuffed Pork Chops with Arugula Pesto (W30 Cookbook, 113), and Sautéed Kale with Almonds (W30, 298; both pictured) Tomorrow is going to be another tough one: I'll be out all day with the family at a festival. Finding compliant food will be a challenge, so I'm packing a couple Rx Bars, Roasted Seaweed, homemade trail mix, and some prosciutto (kept cool with the baby's milk) just in case I can't find any. It'll be another day of leftovers, too, since I don't know when we'll get back or if I'll have time to cook a compliant dinner. Day 6 (tomorrow): B: Kitchen Sink Eggs with smoked salmon, arugula, and capers; and half avovado L: TBD with prosciutto and Rx Bars as a back-up D: LO Stuffed Pork chops with LO Brussels Sprout Slaw How're you guys planning on getting through your weekend social engagements?
  4. Starting July 17

    @pearlgirl2017 :When I peel and cut up a medium sized sweet potato it equates to about a cup of sweet may be two large is three cups, give or take? And, yes, I use the canned, UNSWEETENED (make sure to read the label; I've made this mistake before and kicked myself) coconut milk. Out here in CA, they also sell cartons of unsweetened coconut milk, so when I've got a bunch of recipes calling for it, I buy that.
  5. Starting July 17

    'Tis Melissa's Chicken Hash (W30, 228) and it IS onolicious @SLHorowitz86 and @aussiegal! It's my fave non-egg brekkie. Thanks, @Dani Chris; found one in San Rafael, right near a good friend's house. Now I know where to go and what to get when we hangout up there. @aussiegal: So smart to keep veg right on hand. I do the other side of the coin and have protein always at the ready, then pick up veg on the day of to fill my plate. So far, today has been better with "Kill All the Things"...less "Raging [email protected]%#" and more "Raging Hunger" between meals. There's the faint possibility my period is approaching, so I'm going to up my starchy veg starting with tonight's dinner. Will post today's menu at the end of the day...keeps me accountable for not snacking at night, if I make myself report here before going to bed.
  6. Starting July 17

    @Dani Chris, where is this place, please? If you're in the city, I'm just across the bridge from you in the North Bay and make it to the city at least once a week...I could use a Tuna Nicoise Salad every once in a while...
  7. Thanks, that explains a LOT...and reassures me that my current goal (Reset, Slow-Roll Re-Intro, and "relatively" Abstain) is on point.
  8. Starting July 17

    Great improvisation, @aussiegal! Hope you feel better soon, and I'm SO envious of your deep calm. @SLHorowitz86: YUM!! @Dani Chris, I LOVE finding compliant restaurant foods! They're such a lifesaver! Hot tip: if you've got a Puerto Rican restaurant nearby, check the compliance of their rotisserie dishes, their plantains, and their salad dressings and condiments. The one near me has a ton of compliant dishes; LOVE it. Day 3 is in the books, folks! B: Southwest Omelette L: Leftover (LO) Cherry-Chipotle Chicken Thighs (W30 Cookbook, 128) with Shredded Sprout Slaw (W30 Cookbook, 235) and Sweet Potato "Crisps" D: Melissa's Chicken Hash (W30, 228; pictured) Is anyone else experiencing the "Kill All the Things" symptom yet? 'Cause I think mine just started today. I felt boiling rage just under the surface of my skin for little things, like not getting out of the house in time to make Stroller Strides (I already had a back-up plan in place (because Toddlers+Shoes+Carseat=Never getting anywhere on time), so I did not need to go ballistic. And it didn't just happen once...throughout the morning until late afternoon I was on edge. Pray for my two boys and husband, please. (Temporary?) Clarity came in the late afternoon as I had a bit of alone time (well, as much as driving around a sleeping toddler while my older son went to swim class counts as "alone time") to concentrate on today's blessings and remember that this stage is temporary. Last round, this stage lasted a good 2 1/2 days, but came on Day 4...hoping the accelerated arrival means it will be over faster. Tomorrow's plan: Get extra help to save my boys from my wrath, and to save my sanity (Gotta love those "home from college" back-up babysitters!!) and use up any compliant leftovers cluttering up my fridge. This calls for Kitchen Sink Eggs (W30, 202) and Protein Salad (W30, 161; I like to flavor my Basic Mayo (W30, 179) with Spice Blends from Diane Sanfilippo's Practical Paleo (232)...Indian Spice and Greek Spice are my go-to favorites for this). How's everyone else doing?
  9. Hi all, This is my third round of Whole 30 in 18 months. What I have learned after successfully completing two Whole30s and then jumping back on the Sugar Dragon Band Wagon each time: I am not a "Moderator", I need to "abstain" as much as possible in order to make this really work. Well, that and that this is an amazing and supportive community that I'm kinda hooked on. That repeat Whole30ers (those on subsequent rounds of Whole 30; i.e. this ain't your first Whole30 Rodeo) experience much of the same symptoms as their first go around? I have been massively irritable (now ending Day 3) and pointed out the "Kill all the things" stage; but should I really be subject to this again if this is my THIRD round? Thanks!
  10. Starting July 17

    My dinner last night (sweet potato "crisps" not pictured) and lunch today. Tonight: Melissa's Chicken Hash (Whole30 p. 228) Because I was feeling really hungry as dinner approached, so I decided to modify my meal plan to include more starchy veg today.
  11. Starting July 17

    Dani, I'm no expert (only on my third round) but your protein intake looks good, as do most of your portions. At lunch, you might try a couple of things: 1) Adding more fat; doesn't seem like enough to keep you going. 2) Eating lunch later, if your schedule allows. 7+ hours between lunch and dinner is tough. As for snacks, one of the books mentioned a trick for craving vs. hunger that I actually used as my "base snack" (you already mentioned that your snacks are based on hunger, not craving; so this is more a tip for snack suggestions): a can of tuna or sautéed broccoli with slivered almonds. I kept both around during my first Whole66, and found that, when I was hungry, the protein kick or the fat/veggie combo really satiated my hunger. Some other snack suggestions (mix of two of the following three: protein, fat, fruit/veggie): prosciutto slices with rosemary spiced almonds (recipe from Nom Nom Paleo); homemade trail mix (including shaved coconut, unsulfered cranberries and currants and apples, sea salt roasted cashews and almonds and pumpkin seeds); roasted seaweed and can of tuna; 1/4-1/2 avocado with salsa and plantain "chips"; and the broccoli sautéed with slivered almonds (hot or cold). Hope that helps!
  12. Starting July 17

    Amazing! I need to get that deal!
  13. Starting July 17

    Online; I go through Harney and Sons' website: There's a sale right now on the bag of 50 sachets: $14.99 instead of $19.99. Or you can go through Amazon, but that's best when the sale ends, since it's regularly $20 there.
  14. Starting July 17

    If you folks don't mind paying a pretty penny, I highly recommend Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea...the cinnamon bits add a natural sweetness and flavor that I've never had to add any other sweetener to it, even before Whole30. It's a black tea, so it gets me my caffeine fix. It also helps me stave off bedtime snack cravings: I discovered I was really only eating then to keep my hubby company while he eats his dessert. But this tea lets me keep company and feed my oral fixation without actually snacking. Helps me at work, too.
  15. Starting July 17

    Pearlgirl had some GREAT suggestions; I've done every one of those to try to get to 2 cups of veggies. A 1/2 cup of salsa can really help tip the scale. I've also topped the previous night's veggies (I double the recipe of my favorites) with a few eggs in the morning; helps with meal prep and with getting out the door quickly since over easy eggs take half the time of an omelette Also, keep in mind that there's no "Perfect Whole30". Just strive to get as close as you can while keeping it sustainable. My usual two fistfuls of arugula in my omelette likely amounts to about a cup, cooked (or two cups packed raw)...I add the 1/2 cup salsa and usually grab a fruit since I need that bit of energy and mood-booster to keep me sane while trying to get my 6 y/o and nearly 2 y/o out the door in the mornings. You're unique - what works for you will be, too. Hope that helps!