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  1. Day 47 I went into noncompliance with one food. Honey. The pollen here has been screaming high, and My daughter and I walk in the arboretum. Still recovering from a cough from January, I’ve been uncomfortable and was taking Zyrtec. I finally took a large spoonful of local honey, and that night I slept without the burning pain in my hip. Hmm. So, I’ve been continuing this the last three nights, and the ever present hip pain throughout this Whole 49 has not flared up. Read up on it, and there does seem to be a connection between honey and arthritis pain. Other than t
  2. Well, I seem to be talking to myself here. That’s ok. Happy to journal. Day 43. I am sooooo ready for this to be over, but sticking to it. I think of cake several times a day. A problem with Whole 30 for Lent is that it ends on Easter with all those wonderful forbidden foods ready for feasting. At the end of each week I have completed I’ve been treating myself to a kitchen gadget. week 1 - julienne peeler week 2 - rack to hang some new serving bowls. week 3 - revere wear steamer and double boiler bowl. week 4 - ceramic baker week 5 - refrigerator and fre
  3. Day 39 done. Our family goes out to eat frequently. Staying at home has made a difference with compliance. I would usually take salad dressing with me and order salad without cheese and/or croutons. Boring. I’m enjoying all the cooking. I made eye of round last night and woke up a bit bloated. Might have been the horseradish I opted for. Just horseradish - not a horseradish sauce. One confession to make. I will cook with wine. A few weeks ago I made an au jus with pan drippings and a cup of red. I also made a lemon chicken dish and added a quarter cup of white cooking w
  4. Day 37. It’s much easier doing Whole 30 when the entire social calendar has been cleared and I’m in co trial in the kitchen. Only problem I’m having is my husband enjoying ice cream or corn chips. My daughter has Oreos in the pantry which smell soooo good. There is too much food in the refrigerator. It’s from too much cooking. A lot of fresh foods instead of processed foods, so there are more leftovers. Past few days I made a meatloaf, a balsamic chicken salad with strawberries and a kalhua pork with cabbage. I also made two pounds of the Whole 30 pork breakfast sausage that
  5. Now on Day 32. A different approach to this challenge now. My husband was working outside of the US for the past 7 weeks. Immigration made him return to the US. Now he his home and I’m left to satisfy his appetite as well as keep my Whole 30 for Lent going. I made him a pot of homemade whole milk yogurt. He eats corn chips and salsa in front of me, and cheese is back in the house. That’s tough. I’m hanging in there, though. In return he’s getting me out of the house walking the dog in the Park together. I’ve been too much of a homebody. Still no tiger blood.
  6. I just cleared Day 26 of my 49 Day Whole 30 for Lent. Haven't gotten that Tiger Blood yet. I sure could use it. Because I haven’t gotten that Tiger Blood I am tempted to get on the scale, but I haven’t. The scale is put away with the batteries taken out. I had the flu in early Feb and a cough has lingered and I have some hip pain that wakes me up. I started taking Tylenol before I go to bed. I wonder if that’s part of the problem. Still hanging in there. I’m over the half-way point. Good luck everyone. Stay healthy.
  7. Yes. I eat a lot of sugar. I expected to see improvement faster ... this is my 3rd Whole 30 Lent, but I’m not seeing it this time. Day 17 for me, and I have zero energy. Lots of brain fog. Having trouble staying focused on reading a magazine or a book. I quit drinking on New Years, so maybe that’s another reason I’m not feeling that boost. One of the problems had already been eliminated. I’m sticking with it. It’s a discipline thing for me mixing the food with the Lenten devotion of seeking self-improvement. I miss cheese. I miss diet soda, and I miss my candy. I’m a classic
  8. Just finished day 15, but on the Whole 30 calendar it feels like the Oh No My Pants Are Tighter days. Guess that means I’m coming up on the Toughest Days going into Week 3 of my 7 week program. Doing ok. Able to resist temptations and put off cravings. Drinking lots of water and tea. just getting through it. Cooking a lot. Had skillet pork chops with onions, apples and sauerkraut tonight. Loved every bite.
  9. Hi. I did Whole 30 for Lent the last 2 years. Looks like my Facebook groups for that didn’t come round this year. So, I just found you all here. Glad I did. I started the Sunday before Ash Wednesday because I was feeling so dragged down I wanted to get into action. I quit drinking on New Years so at least I’m not battling that demon. So, I’m on day 13. My days aren’t following the usual calendar. Seem a bit delayed. Last night I had a dream about Karo light corn syrup. Ew. I have lots of aches and pains in my joints but that probably from the springtime wild fluctuations in baromet