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    First Whole30 Starting Oct 1st

    Hi guys! Only 20 more days to go. Yesterday was a rough one, definitely had that day 10 feeling of wanting to give up. My schedule was messed up from the night before, I didn't have energy, and I know Inshouldnt care about weight, but it is so hard. My boyfriend sees the difference already in body composition, men are lucky! I however don't so, that was a buzzkill. But today I looked at all my non-scale victories, energy when I follow my schedule, taming my sugar dragon, not hungry between meals, and making so many delicious meals that I am never bored. Hope everyone else is doing well. Side note: I can't believe how many food products have sugar and it doesn't even make sense as to why some of these products have it! Label reading is so easy now. It's a habit!
  2. Nilam Patel

    First Whole30 Starting Oct 1st

    Hey guys! Day 4 here and I still feel great! I don't have that kill everything feeling, I also did not have the day 2-3 hangover. Which is surprising because the night before I started the whole 30, I had lots of wine, pizza, and a cupcake. So it does make me question if I am doing things correctly. Nostalgic factor is definitely gone, hoping I can get through this! On the positive side, I have made some amazing dishes, that I will be incorporating even after the Whole 30. How is everyone else's whole30 going?
  3. Nilam Patel

    First Whole30 Starting Oct 1st

    I love the idea of checking in on this forum, it will be very beneficial! Had a little rough start this morning from the dinner party the night before, but I learned that I need more than three eggs and an apple for breakfast. I never eat breakfast, so lesson learned. How was everyone else's morning?
  4. Nilam Patel

    First Whole30 Starting Oct 1st

    @tiffnoelle I had the same issue, every time I decided to do one, there was always some kind of event, eventually I was like it is now or never and it is only going to get harder during the holidays.
  5. Nilam Patel

    First Whole30 Starting Oct 1st

    Hey guys! Excited and nervous to start my first Whole30! After a couple of years of uncontrollable eating/cravings and lack of energy, I can't wait to be healthy inside and out and feel like my actual age of 28! Who else is starting on the 1st? Would love some support!
  6. Nilam Patel

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    Hey! I was thinking about starting August 22 too, but as soon as I end I have a food and wine trip planned to Disney, so I'm not sure that would be best, because if I start after the Disney trip, I have a trip to Vegas mid October. Not sure which one is better to do a Whole 30 on. Any tips?