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    pibbylotter got a reaction from Fernsk in Intolerance or Shock?   
    Hey there, 
    I am wondering how much of the reintro is just your body in shock of a food group it hasn't had in a while? For example, I had minor reactions to soy/legumes and non-gluten grains, but had pretty severe diarrhea and intestinal cramping from dairy and gluten. I tried gluten again the following days after day 10 of reintro and didn't have a reaction to whole grain bread or a mini muffin. To my understanding, this is also a lot of spectators' objection to this program. So how do I know if this is shock or if I really should never eat dairy again (my worst reaction)? 
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    pibbylotter reacted to Tom Denham in Vitamin D   
    This is the one I take: http://www.amazon.com/NOW-Foods-Vitamin-5000-120-Softgels/dp/B002EA99HE