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Found 35 results

  1. I've been going over the forums this week and couldn't find anything similar and wasn't sure where to post my issues(s), so I hope this is appropriate here. I'm on day 30, but would like to go over what began day 28. I'm baffled by this as I've not had an allergic reaction (if that's what this is) or condition like this in my life. Day 28 I woke up with tiny bumps all over my face that felt like snake skin, but oily. It was not noticeable, but you could feel it. Day 29 I woke up and it had spread to my neck, ears and into my scalp behind my ears with a bit of an itchy feeling-still unnnoticeable until you touched my skin. Day 30 (today) I woke up and it's red, very itchy and noticeable on my face, ears, neck and some of my scalp. Nothing in my diet changed, I haven't added anything new to my daily routine. I'm applying Benadryl lotion to hopefully help. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. The worst I had was mosquito bites that swell-and it wouldn't be every time-quite large in the last 3 years. I haven't been out much to test what happens yet since doing Whole30. I started to see an improvement in my skin tone day 23 and started feeling pretty good overall. With this rash, allergic reaction, eczema, whatever it is, my eyelids and face seem puffy/bloated. I first passed it off as part of my seasonal allergies (which I only started suffering from 3 years ago as well and was part of why I decided to try Whole30). That is one area Whole30 has not seemed to help. It's been the worst year for my allergies and over half the Whole30 30 days were negatively impacted by those symptoms. Anyone else experience this or have an idea what it could be? I don't know if the Benadryl treatment is helping since I just started today. I'm hopeful that it will aid and rid of whatever this is. I would really like any suggestions what could be causing this so I can avoid it in the future. Also, I get the impression I should stick with Whole30 100% a bit longer to perhaps see more results with my skin and allergies since the benefits have been a bit delayed or small. Would you agree?
  2. My boyfriend and I are looking to start the Whole30 in April. I did a Candida Cleanse for 5 weeks last year to cure my acne naturally - and it worked! The Whole30 programs looks very similar to a Candida Cleanse. My boyfriend has a ton of allergies and is almost always congested. Has anyone experienced relief from allergies/congestion doing the Whole30? I am assuming it will help with inflammation, etc, I'm just wondering if anyone here has experienced relief from chronic congestion/allergies doing the Whole30? Thanks!
  3. I am officially fed-up! Personal health history - Childhood bronchial problems, ALLERGIES atopic, hayfever, animal fur, feathers, asthma, eczema, sinus problems, articular hypermobility, painful joints, eating disorders, early twenties diagnosed with post viral fatigue syndrome, IBS, Lichen Sclerosis (possible autoimmune disorder), Gestational Diabetes, recent diagnosis of chronic pain syndrome (poss hypermobility syndrome). There's bound to be stuff I've missed off. Family history - brother ulcerative colitis, sister type 1 diabetes, sister hypermobility syndrome with dysplasia, (and two neices) fibromyalgia, drug addiction, mother lymphoma (non hodg), fibromyalgia, ibs, glucose sensitive, high cholesterol, collagen disorder amongst other stuff. Father type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure (resolved), alcoholism, high cholesterol. Nephew - joint dysplasia, Grandparents - cancer, obesity, heart disease (that I know of) Daughters - food allergies, peanut, dairy, eggs, pineapple, kiwi. Asthma. Aching joints and fatigue. So this is why I am desperate to solve these health problems. I really need to prevent this catalogue of ill health in my children. So - I feel ill, my guts hurt, I feel a bit nauseous, still have sore throat (since about day3 I think), headache, sinus pressure, unquenchable thirst, aches and pains and horrible fatigue. Massive bloating today! Ok so it's nothing new, but I am bored and irritated by it all. I just want to feel well. Today is the first day that I have some doubt about the whole process. I know, I know it's called Whole30 not Whole12 but still I thought I might see some progress by now. But hey the sun is shining and the kids will be at school/preschool soon. I have no work today - I desperately need to clean my house but I have about as much energy as a slug. I am stepping over a huge pile of clothes every time I go in my bedroom. I haven't put my toddler's clothes away for maybe a couple of weeks so that is piling high. I am barely keeping on top of the washing up. Actually, not keeping on top of it at all. I haven't managed to get to the end of it yet since I started this process. There's always another pile of oven dishes etc waiting to be cleaned from the constant cooking. My lounge... ha!! I have kept the door shut in shame (dumping ground). I sound like someone you are glad you don't know in person I am sure!!! My daughter just asked where we are going on holiday this year. I have told her there won't be one but she still asked anyway. Last year I had to cancel two holidays because I was too ill to travel. I do try hard to see my blessings every day but today I am struggling to feel positive. Sorry I am following Whole30 foods and also have cut out nightshades. I've been reading about foods that affect the gut more (certain fruits, veg, as well as dairy and grains - FODMAPs) and there is the AIP which I stopped reading when it said No Eggs!! gulp! I realise that it might just be that I need to be more patient!! 42 years of bad habits and ill health might need a bit longer! What say you?
  4. Hi guys! So I've always had gastrointestinal discomfort, hives and rashes on my skin, and respiratory issues etc. I finally went to the allergist and found out I'm allergic to these foods and must cut them out immediately: -Eggs -Avocado -Nuts -Shrimp -Wheat -Milk -Soy Obviously the last three aren't relevent to the whole30 anyway, but for my last whole 30 and paleo lifestyle the first four were STAPLES in my diet. Although I felt crappy afterwards I couldn't pinpoint what was making me feel awful all the time. Basically I'm asking - without eggs, nuts and avocado in my diet what do you think I can have for breakfast? Know any good allergy-free recipes?
  5. Hi everyone! So, I have been reading all over this site. I was looking for healthier recipes and a blogger mentioned this site. As I am on my iPad, I promise to credit her in a comment. I am 5'2", weight...not sure but go by clothes...fluctuate between US size 2-4...depends on vanity sizing! Here is some history and "current" facts. I am 43. I have not had major health issues in my life except for allergies to pollen and cat dander. I've combatted here and there by taking local honey and Singular during "ragweed" season. The singular was literally life saving as I thought I was treating what I thought was sinus issues and dried myself out. However, my husband wasn't allowed to try this because it was prohibited based on military restrictions for pilots. In my very early 20s, I was diagnosed with a high cholesterol count. I was told this may be hereditary and it was confirmed. At the time, I read "Fit for Life" by the Diamonds and learned a LOT. I know they have adjusted but I learned to live without meat everyday...even while working at a steakhouse. I learned about food "combining" (no hard starch with protein, body cycles, etc). I was on a role. My mornings started with fruit like grapefruit, apples, and bananas (only once a week) and a V8 juice. I hate heavy at lunch and dinner was energy. I ate pasta for energy during long shifts...with sauce on side for dipping. Bottom, I was good...and it was easy because I was the poor college student. I even effortlessly dropped major weight from 150lbs to 103lbs...with shock!! Oh, I was asked by my doc to stop caffeine. And warned against initial headaches. But I did it. Coke was treated as a dessert that was savored, not a beverage. But during this time, my craving became "pure" and I loved craving pure and healthy thing. I even spent 3 years without touching a drink except wine to complement a meal. Then life creeped up. I started to smoke. Very bad. [email protected] 3 cigs a day. Have patches when I plan to go pure...another reason I am attracted to this. Flash forward...I dated. I worked with chefs. I love pure ingredients. Fried food..,I can have a fry or it...then I feel the grease in my mouth and stop. Every thing was a taste only. I met my husband and dining out and putting my culinary skills to the test became my thing. I love pure ingredients and am a huge advocate of shopping the outer isles. Cooking with wine and clarified issue. But..,age creeps in. I got married and we love dining out...with good food. I used my training from chefs and cooked amazing meals that would even fit this plan with very few exceptions. I am blessed with good skin to a point. I noticed my farsightedness was starting to show. I also started getting night sweats. I thought it was our tempurpedic mattress. But when I started having flashes of heat...I freaked! I thought menopause meant no more menstrual cycle and then this happened. Every article discusses the superficial (IMO) effects life wrinkles, slower metabolism, and fading eyesight. To top this husband and I went through a very horrible time. I say this because it's relevant...I had a breakdown. It's pretty amazing how stress affects your physical being. I tried to self medicate with alcohol...not conducive. Doctor tried Zoloft because it was "mild". A week on half the dose and a week on a full dose...destroyed me. It destroyed my whole gastric system and it took me over two months to recover from. At the same add to my dismay, my mother and brothers deserted me. My 3 weeks of self escape got me labeled as an alcoholic and blaming this for my "health" issues that made my husband and myself put a stop to their years of "verbal abuse". They are all on maintenance drugs...high blood pressure, cholesterol minimization drugs and low sodium foods. I'm the eldest child and have always been labeled as a fad "dieter" because of stuff I avoided and also paid attention to. And also my aversion to pills to allow indulgence In bad foods. So naturally, my wanting to blank out with too much beer or wine...very fun for them. NOW I have downloaded the book. Hubby is being swayed. Getting back to health for both of us as a couple has been instrumental. I love variety. Hubby is okay with the same thing everyday. Another caveat...I have read the site and completely get what you're saying. I like variety so no biggie are my questions. 1. Don't need or want smoothies every day. Don't want to cook spinach, kale and dandelion greens either. The small part apple and berries (sometime I sneak in broccoli) get him eating veggies without cheese! If this is a once a week thing, where I don't psychologically see this as a replacement, is this okay? Our docs want us to incorporate vitamin k and these are supposedly the best. 2. Hot flashes...staying natural. I tried Estroven. Was awesome. After stress made hair thin and nails fall off, the multi was awesome. Research showed Black Cohosh was the key. The only supplements I want to continue. It's really embarrassing pulling out a fan. The night sweats hurt my sleep. I wouldn't even mind trying to drop this for a couple of weeks to see if this Whole30 eliminates this. I just can't find feedback. The burning up at night and randomly burn have been horrible. 3. My sweet tooth...I'm not a slave to that. In fact...sugar shocks my tongue and taste buds. At most, I am a slave to the "I am here Honey...come love me...I'm on the shelf losing my don't want me to go bad". But my guy...I need to keep that around. I do little things...purée frozen bananas with pure cocoa. To him...chocolate banana ice cream. He'd be suspicious if I didn't have a bite or two. I've convinced him to get away from artificial sweeteners but now I'd have to say to Stevia...natural, real Stevia. BTW, it became easier when his best friend needed a kidney and he became a match. He's on standby...and no more diet soda! Convincing him for him though...not good. I was even making him green tea fruit Popsicles with fruit...with spearmint and stevia leaves. He's also furious with my family and is very sensitive that I may be leaning this way even to keep them happy even though that's silly...for years I've been accused of being stuffy with food. Not true...just want to be healthy! 4. Finally, besides those biggie. I get the whole concept. I will have to make only a few adjustments. I will do this post holiday but work my way into this. My stepson is very hypoallergenic. I wish he had more time with us. Ironically...his mom and stepdad are very know it alls and she is celiac. Sashes doesn't get her subs bring in nut allergies which lead me me to my ultimate question....peanuts are legumes. Why is that type of allergy grouped with real nuts? It doesn't make sense. Thanks everyone. I'm very excited to do this. I am very excited to also "sneak" this stuff into my guy's eating habits. I am very cool with adjustments and I'm not trying to make excuses. It is for him as well as me and fighting Father Time. He's getting there and I think over the holidays I will be able to have him in full up except for these few exceptions. He already sees good skin with pure veggies...via smoothies. I see relief with black cohosh...I don't want hormones. Provided I regulate these things to make this about "us" and not "me", I think I can get a twofer. Regarding the Cohosh and others subs continuing...does anyone have other comments? ( two months have gotten pretzels, saltines, rice and flour pizza out of his stomach.). Biggest challenge will be cheese for him. Me...loving the ramp up to purity. Shoot away Rock stars! You all are very inspiring and already sent this book after two chapters to five friends. I am psyched to "reverse" age as my friend is calling this!
  6. I completed my whole30 during the month of August. I extended my re-introduction period because I wanted to be free of any symptoms before re-introducing a new food group. I have only deviated from Whole30 for the purposes of reintroducing certain groups back. Yesterday I went in for a routine check up and today I was called back with the news that my cholesterol is high. I'm in shock! I started this journey just to see if my skin would clear up. I have been dealing some unexplained skin rashes. Test Results 2012 2013 Hdl Cholesterol 61 59 Ldl Cholesterol 96 151 Total Cholesterol 170 225 Triglycerides 67 77 I'm so disappointed. My good cholesterol went down, bad cholesterol went up. I don't understand. What could have caused a 55 mg increase in my LDL and 10 mg increase in triglycerides? During the last few days of whole30 I felt more energy, less muscle soreness, I dropped some weight, my skin improved. I thought my doctor's visit was going to return awesome health statistics. I have noticed that since I started my re-introduction period I'm reacting to certain foods. All of a sudden I'm having allergic reactions to nuts. Which I had with no problem during Whole30. Could just be coincidence. Just the other night I began to feel my throat swelling after having a chicken stir fry that I cooked myself. Just chicken, bell peppers, shredded carrots, onion, garlic, and a hot pepper cooked in olive oil. I'm baffled! Has anyone else had a similar experience? Did it eventually go away? I've never had any allergic reactions to any food. I'm still waiting on the results of my nut allergy tests. My doctors recommendation was to add a fish oil supplement. I'm due for a follow up in three months. I was told that if my numbers don't improve the next step would be medication. The last thing I want is to be on cholesterol medication. I'm only 27! I'm 5'2'' and weigh 116.5 lbs. Worst of all, these unexpected health consequences has me craving cookies!! I had gotten to the point where I no longer craved a sugary snack on day 31. I'm afraid I'm on the verge of going completely off track and binge eating baked goods. My brain is telling me "your health numbers were better before anyways." I'm now certain I have a sugar problem that is much more worse than I had previously thought.
  7. amyle12

    Allergic to Almonds...

    My husband and I successfully finished our first Whole 30 back in June. It was really great and we felt it wasn't that hard for us since we are both big meat eaters. We took a few weeks to do reintroduction and then ate what we wanted on vacation and now we're moving back to a "paleo" lifestyle. My husband noticed ever since we started Whole 30 that he's been getting these rashes. At first we thought it was poison ivy because he got the first rash right after we were out in the woods at a picnic, but after it went away with treatment, it came back several times. He went to the allergist yesterday and found out he is allergic to almonds. it just so happens we've been using almond flour and almond butter in a few recipes! I've done a few searches, but haven't come up with any good answers. What can I use to replace almond flour in recipes like meatloaf or meatballs that use it as a bonding agent or for "breading" and things like that? I hate coconut, so I wouldn't want to use coconut flour if it has any taste of coconut at all. I really don't want to give up these great new recipes I've found. Any suggestions?
  8. I found this site today and registered. I also ordered the book. A few mintues later I had to leave to go watch a friends daughter ride her horse at our local county fair as I had promised. I am back. While I was at the fair, I drank an "all natural" fruit smoothy . I do not normally eat or drink things with sugar. I came home and my lips and mouth are full of hives. My back has hives. I took a benadryl. Every morning at 3 am I wake up with a headache.. My hands and fingers swell. I do not eat prepackaged foods or grain cause it causes athsma. . I eat dairy and I do eat Boars Head proccessed meats on rare occasion. Every time we eat out I get a headache. Even if it is a salad with no dressing. There are some days that everytime I eat I get a headache. I had bronchitis at Christmas time and it lasted for 8 weeks. I ended up on double Zpacks of antibiotics. It helped and I felt a little better The end of February, I traveled to St Croix VI to help my youngest child ( daughter) with her newborn son. I contracted Dengue fever from mosquito bites while I was there. I was very sick for a couple of months. In May I began to feel a little better, but my bones and joints still ache if I do too much. I really need to build up my immune system. I have been researching the internet to find the best way. This whole 30 makes sense...sounds like it has the potential to become a while 365. Last week, my head was in such constant pain, that I was seriously thinking about the emergency room, or taking ANYTHING that would stop the pain. Nothing works, except strong coffee. I do not drink alcohol. It gives me a headache with in 10 minutes of the first swallow. I do not eat sugar or grain. It swells my nose almost shut. I do use real cream in my coffee and eat cheese. I am ready to do anything to stop the head pain, joint pain and the itching.
  9. We are on day 28 of our first Whole 30 and have loved it!! However, we live in SC where the pollen is already pretty bad and my husband is struggling! For the last several years we've purchased local honey that he will have a spoonful of every day to help with this. Normal meds don't really do much for him... Any ideas on what he can take/do? He's pretty miserable with a runny nose and watery eyes :-(
  10. Shira Selkovits

    Coconut allergy

    I am on Day 13 of the Whole30 program. I see so many wonderful recipes that use coconut - oil, milk, etc. I am allergic to coconut and I'm wondering if there are any good substitutions I can use?? Thank you!