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Found 6 results

  1. ok - I know we can't have "butter", but can you actually buy clarified butter, or you have to make it from the pastured butter? I came across two kinds of butters in the store that I wondered about, but did not purchase. The first was Organic Valley Pasture Butter, Cultured & Lightly Salted (84% Butter Fat) Second, Minerva Dairy Amish Butter, made from pasteurized cream (84% Butter Fat) (this one does say it contains milk). (though their website doesn't give any info) I have read the butter article on here, but still wasn't sure if you could actually BUY clarified butter. I cannot find ghee in the store, I don't know if I want to order it. Would either one of these butters be acceptable to clarify?
  2. Has anyone else used Trader Joe's ghee/clarified butter? I am off dairy completely except ghee, and I bought some instead of my regular Organic Valley blend, and it looks... grainy. It looks like it has protein still left in it. Has anyone tried it with good/bad results?
  3. bailey.derby

    Amish Butter vs. Pasture Organic Butter

    I just made my first batch of ghee, but I am nervous about eating it because I'm not sure I did it right. If anyone can help, please comment! So I put three large sticks (like really large) of butter into my crockpot, turned it on high and covered it for 45 minutes ish before I remembered you aren't supposed to cover it. A little while after, I noticed a lot of bright yellow substance forming on the bottom, with the clear melted butter and then the foam on top. So I stirred it.... it started to boil really quickly and the yellow film went away, but so did most of the foam on top. I waited for it to reaturn, but most of it didn't, just a little. It started getting brown and carmelizing, so I turned the heat off and double strained it. Does anyone have any advice on whether or not I should eat it? Did all the proteins get out? I'm very sensitive to dairy protein, so it's not just messing up my whole 30 I'm worried about....
  4. asutton

    pastured butter

    this probably is not the right section for this question, but here it goes. disclaimer: i am not currently on a whole 30, starting my 2nd round in july, first one went great! second, i know butter is not allowed during whole 30. so i was looking around whole foods and i found organic valley pastured butter. it said something like limited release, may through september. now it didnt specically say grass-fed like the kerrygold. which is the better option? what is the difference between pastured and grass fed. i've done a little research but i am still confused. ps - sorry about the lack of caps!
  5. I have been Whole 30'ing for a bit now and wanted to give peanut butter a try. Peanut Butter was once a great go-to smothered on veggies and paired with fruits like apples and bananas. I re-introduced peanut butter into my diet this week and found some nasty after effects. I woke up feeling bloated and moody. I didnt feel as energized as I have been while whole 30'ing. I am interested in others thoughts on peanuts/legumes. Have you introduced them? How does eating peanut butter make you feel? for me...its not worth it. Buh-bye to peanut butter!
  6. Monique Cheney

    Can I have coconut butter?

    I saw coconut better some where and I was wonder if that is ok while doing the Whole30? I'm just starting this week for the first time and for the past few days have been trying to come out with meals especially for breakfast that I can create to be successful.