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Found 2 results

  1. Hello (again), I was an active member of the Whole30 forum until a year ago. I'm back. I have been dabbling with vegetarian (nearly vegan) over the past 6-12 months after reading The China Study. I cut out dairy a few years ago because it caused hot flashes (I'm 50). I'm am a hard core chocoholic. About 2 months ago I started having pain and stiffness that I could not really explain. At first I thought it was due to my scoliosis and extreme use of the treadmill. But, it is more. After talking to my mother, who had polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) in her 50s, I decided I needed to get checked out. So, tomorrow I'm off to see my primary to ask for ESR and CRP blood tests to measure inflammation. I know my CR-P was very low only 3 years ago when I had my thyroid checked, so any elevation will be somewhat recent. I will probably be referred to a rheumatologist. So, I'm back. I've started AIP, but am struggling with the reintroduction of animal proteins. Can I really not eat eggs? This is going to be really difficult, but the alternative is long term prednisone if I indeed have PMR or Giant Cell Arteritis. I might have to take the Pred if I have the latter, since losing eyesight is a possibility. I assume many here became involved after a diagnosis of some type of arthritis, so I hope to get some feedback. Were you able to occasionally eat things like chocolate or grains/legumes without setbacks? PMR does go into remission, or is cured, after a few years for many. My mom, now 78, has been disease free for 15 years and takes no medication. Also, who here believes stress triggers arthritis? Probably a stupid question. I've already developed atypical migraines due to life stressors (marriage and raising a child with Autism). I'll be reading and posting a lot I expect. Thanks for listening. ~Pam
  2. Hi, everybody! I'm a newbie, reading all I can and looking for others with similar health issues who either are just starting out or who have had some successes already! I am also (almost) a 3-year breast cancer survivor with PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) and wicked nightly/early morning leg cramps. I've done Paleo before, but it was hard to stick with (SWYPOs got me, I think!). Anyhow, I'm on Day 5 and my joints feel a little better, I think, but the extreme leg cramps are still going--and I'm still a little tired and headachey. I'm having fun finding recipes and being creative in the kitchen. If anyone else has any experience with any of the above health issues and Whole30, or if you have favorite recipes, please let me know. I'm optimistic and looking forward to getting to know other Whole30ers! Thanks, Susan