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Found 52 results

  1. I just wanted to share my success story, in case there are vegetarians or vegans out there who need a little encouragement to give this a try. A little background: I am a long-time vegetarian with thyroid and autoimmune issues, 42 years old and with some weight I'd like to lose. When I did a Whole 30 last year, I dropped 8 pounds and experienced other great NSV's, so I thought I'd go back to what I know works. This time, I lost 9.4 pounds, and my BMI went from "overweight" to "normal!" Woohoo! Other equally-important victories: Stable/improved energy levels, better mental clarity, less bloating/gas, healthier-looking skin, no obvious autoimmune flare-ups, better self-esteem and will-power, and this time I actually got to experience Tiger Blood. I read the forums every day while on the Whole30, because I learn so much and feel so supported hearing about other people's experiences. Even though I have come across many who find the second round harder, I actually had an easier time. Here's what I changed that I think helped me: Vegans do need to consume some plant protein, and I did my best to follow the Whole30 Vegan recommendations. Last time, for protein, I ate mainly properly prepared legumes, but also included some tofu and quinoa. This time I eliminated all grains and soy, relying solely upon a variety of properly prepared legumes. This time, I made a strong effort to stick to the template. I was sure to eat within an hour of waking up, and I spaced my meals properly. I ate enough so that I was rarely hungry to the point of needing snacks. On those occasions when I did need snacks, I was mindful about what I chose (doing my best to eat a mini-meal). There was only one time when I was away from home and had to resort to a Larabar. Also, about half-way through I cut out fruit entirely--just because I really had no sugar cravings and felt like I didn't need or want it. I am so grateful and proud of myself! I hope this post helps any vegans or vegetarians who have bravely decided to go for the Whole30. You can do it!
  2. Hi there! I’m new to this and I’m getting ready to start my first round of Whole 30 and I’m really excited about it. But I’m also slightly worried. I don’t believe I eat enough protein as it is and not having legumes and some grains as sources of protein makes me slightly nervous. I’ve been Vegetarian for over 2 years and was wondering, if anyone has experience with this, would incorporating seafood into my diet a few times a week effect the outcome of my Whole 30? Like if I suddenly start eating seafood when I haven’t for so long, would that effect the entire experiment in a bad way?
  3. Right I am back again to write up how I have been getting on with my reintroduction. I have been keeping notes on Google Keep. Day 1 Sunday 7th October 2018 Breakfast 3 fried eggs, mushrooms with spinach, leftover fried ptoatoes, 1 avocado rice wafer, sip of watered sherry Lunch Dahl (red lentils), added kale, spinach, courgette, pepper, broccoli, carrot. Coconut cauliflower rice made with coconut oil and coconut milk. Dinner Dahl with vegetables from earlier, coconut cauliflower rice with added vegetables. Thoughts As it was Sunday, I managed some shopping, so did some cooking. I cooked frittata with 9 eggs, so a third wil be enough for breakfast. Vegetables added to frittata - mushrooms, spinach, pepper, onion, kale. I boiled some eggs and made some mayonnaise. The mayonnaise was not a success because I used the wrong sort of olive oil. I then investigated buying the light tasting olive oil. It was hard to find, but I then realised that the olive oil that is called 'light in colour' is the light tasting olive oil. So I was able to buy this from Aldi. Now today was noticeable colder and I had a runny nose, I don't know if this is down to the lentils or the weather. I also noticed looser bowel movements on Monday morning.
  4. I will be starting the Whole30 on Monday with my husband. A doctor recommended it for my husband who has had a recent, seemingly sudden, and debilitating back condition with unknown cause. Originally, my motivation for joining him on the diet was solely to support his effort in the hopes that it will help keep him on track. After much research, I am excited to start the diet for my own reasons. While I have no interest in weight loss (5'1", 115 lbs), I am curious to see if the diet might positively affect my struggle with a life-long mood disorder. I am a forty some year old woman and the onset of mood instability was concurrent with becoming a vegetarian, around the age of 16. Of course, this was also concurrent with adolescence, so there's no way for me to identify any causal relationship with vegetarianism here. And current science neither supports it or rules it out, as far as I know. I have read studies that show evidence of a correlation between vegetarianism and mood disorders, but no causal relationship seems to be established. However, I am beginning to wonder if the lack of protein, or even fat, might cause a more hypoglycemic metabolic state for me and may have exacerbated my mood instability all these years. I already have a pretty healthy diet, with very little junk food or fried food, plenty of vegetables and water, more fish and even some poultry in the past year. However, I do drink alcohol and coffee daily, I enjoy dairy, legumes, and grains, and I do not eat red meat or pork. These choices will be different with the Whole30. So.....I can't wait to give this a try! But the diet will be significantly different for me. I will be staying on my meds, of course. Will I notice a difference? While I'm wondering if I might see improvement in mood, it will be difficult to identify which dietary factor or factors contribute to the change. I am also looking forward to the reintroduction phase which could give me more useful information. If there is anything striking, this could be at least part of the answer to decades of emotional pain and suffering. From what I have read on the forum, it sounds like I should pay special attention to getting enough carbs (potatoes, bananas, apples, leafy greens). I certainly don't want to trigger more anxiety or hypomania. Any suggestions with this? Has anyone else with a mood disorder noticed positive mood shifts going from a vegetarian diet to eating meat? Also, how have you dealt with your ethical concerns and emotional difficulties with eating meat?
  5. I'm a vegetarian I go to the gym 6 times a week I know the whole 30 program is anti-protein powders, snacking, and dependence on fruits. But as a vegetarian who goes to the gym a lot, these help me get through the day without energy fatigue, one of my snacks is a banana with almond butter/cashew butter or unsweetened protein powder that I blend with bananas and unsweetened almond milk. I was wondering if anyone here was a vegetarian and an athlete and how they managed to get around this.
  6. Hello, Have been on Whole30 program since March 6th (had to restart when i realized I accidently had been eating something with sugar). I'm a vegetarian who will not eat any animals or fish. Eggs have been my main source of protein but I'm only getting 10% of what I need per medical guidelines. I've googled and found conflicting advice whether tofu or yogurt is allowed. Can someone pls. definitively confirm and/or give me alternatives? I don't want to go off the program. I've been doing really well and have never had a problem with cravings or temptations to eat non-compliant foods but have found myself getting more and more fatigued... Thanks!
  7. I feel really confident that I can do this, it's just a matter of getting everything planned out! Eeeeek! Any suggestions? I'm pretty excited! Also, I'm a vegetarian, so if any fellow veggies would like to team up please let me know!
  8. sheflin

    How much protein?

    Hi, This is my first Whole30 and I'm finishing up Day 2. I'm very excited but have some concerns and questions. I have been a vegetarian my entire life but not vegan, so I eat byproducts like eggs and milk. I am modifying and including tofu, tempeh, greek yogurt, and some lentils and cheese, as well as approved chia seed, almond butter, eggs, etc, but I'm not sure how much to include to get enough protein without grains or beans. I recognize that each meal should feature a palm sized protein source; is this true for vegetarians as well? Does that mean I need a palm size serving of eggs, tofu, lentils, whatever my protein source? Can I get enough protein with three palm sized protein sources a day, even though some of my vegetarian alternatives might have less protein than actual meat? What I am finding is that I a filling my meals with fruits (ie apple with almond butter) and am ultimately more hungry than I am when eating grains. Thanks so much for any help you can offer!
  9. Roselite8

    I did it! 30 days

    The part I might be most impressed with is that I found some willpower that I never knew I had! And I must say, the results I see today have exceeded all expectations. I am a vegetarian who is experiencing thyroid and autoimmune issues, and I have some weight to lose. Going into this, I was truly concerned about my ability to stick with this program, especially since I don't eat meat and can't handle eggs. I followed the Whole 30 vegan guidelines, using mainly properly soaked and prepared legumes and occasional nuts and tofu/edamame as my protein sources. I did not eat grains or dairy at all, and I am not aware of any slip ups. So just sticking to it is a big accomplishment for me. I got on the scale today (day 31) and was overjoyed to discover that I lost exactly 8 pounds in 30 days. Due to my thyroid issues, this is incredible to me! In the past, weight normally creeps off at a much slower rate, and that's with cardio and weight training several times week. During my Whole 30, all I did was take a walk one or two times a week. Other great NSVs: My digestion is much improved! So much less gas, no more stomach pains, less bloating, more consistency, etc. People have commented that my skin looks really good now, and that they can see an improvement. (One friend said that I look better than I ever have.) My energy levels are stable and consistent, which is wonderful! My nails and hair are also growing fast and looking healthy. I wanted to share this in case it might encourage other vegetarians and vegans to give Whole 30 a try. I know that I was intimidated when I first looked at the protocol, but it can totally be done.
  10. Hi everyone this is my first Whole30 and overall I think it's going really well. Today is the halfway mark and I just can't get this off my mind. I have been a vegetarian/vegan for the past 9 years and am now eating animal protein because I am a firm believer that the soy and grain replacement products for meat have been extremely detrimental to my health. I also can't see a way to get enough protein from just plants themselves. Many vegans out there may disagree with me, but after 9 years of trying to nourish myself I am only left with IBS and other inflammatory problems in my body. On the Whole30 my energy is still leveling out but overall I feel much better. HOWEVER, I can't help but feel like I am eating way too much animal meat! I have reinforced my belief system for so long that humans can live healthy, long, sustainable lives completely from plants and too much meat can ruin your health. The Whole30 is really shaking up this value. I have especially drank the cool-aid when it comes to the negative affects of the meat industry on climate change. On Whole30, the only way I can seem to make meals work is if there is an animal protein on the plate. I suppose it's a bit of an existential crisis for me. Does anyone have any research, reflections, or thoughts on this topic they would like to share with me? I know this is not the majority. Most people go through this epic lifestyle change to become vegetarians/vegans and here I am going in the opposite direction. Thank you in advance for all of your help.
  11. Hi Friends! I am a vegetarian on Whole 30. I eat eggs but no meat or fish. This is my first Whole30 and I'm loving it. I pay close attention to having protein, good fat and vegetables for each of my 3 meals per day. Unfortunately, I think I've been eating too much dried fruit. I didn't realize (perhaps a blind eye) how little dried fruit is supposed to be consumed during this time. I will add that I have not been using much white or sweet potatoes or squash so perhaps that offsets some of the carb/sugar intake? I realize now I've been using dried fruit as a dessert which does not correct my bad behaviors and I'm ready to remove them entirely to move forward. I haven't weighed in since day 1 per the rules but so that I can brace myself, do you think that the last 14 days have been sabotaged by this even if I've been perfect about everything else? I'm so bummed. Thanks for your help in advance.
  12. Are there any compliant meat substitutes? We have a split household with vegetarians and omnivores. I will be cooking traditional W30 meals, with an added (or subtracted) vegetarian spin on the recipe. Any suggestions? First time Whole30 Home with small children-adults Vegetarian and omnivore eaters
  13. I am starting Whole30, and looking for suggestions on: Whole30 approved brands for things like salad dressing, almond butter, almond milk/creamer, etc. Tree nuts that are Whole30 compliant for snacking Pescetarian-friendly foods, snacks, recipes, etc. Thank you in advance!
  14. Greg S

    Minimizing Meat

    My fiance and I just started the Whole30 and we're very excited! One concern I have is that the challenge calls for eating a lot of meat proteins including beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish. I would eventually like to build a diet that reduces the amount of animal meat I consume in a week. If I reduce the animal proteins in my diet, how can I still get the protein I need without eating lentils, beans, and so on? I'd be willing to still eat wild fish but no shellfish. I'd also still eat beef and chicken a few days ago but what do I do on those other days?
  15. Good Morning! I am trying to figure out how to get enough protein in my diet. All nuts need to be avoided due to allergies, but seeds are fine. Also eggs. Other than eating eggs at every meal, is is doable to add seeds and green veggies to get enough protein? Which veggies and seeds carry the most protein, and how much would someone need to consume in a meal to get the protein benefit?
  16. I’m on day 3 of my first Whole30 and I’m feeling great! However, I’ve been seeing some mixed messages on what I can and cannot eat as a pescatarian on the Whole30. Are legumes and tempeh allowed for the vegetarian Whole30? Also, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the meal preparation. I’m not the most confident cook. Does anyone have some super simple recipes?
  17. Hi Everyone, This is my first whole 30 and I'm on Day 15 and ready to quit. For context, I have been a vegetarian for 9 years (no pork for 14 years). However, I started eating fish a few times a month for the last year and I have always eaten eggs for breakfast. Six months ago, I started having some stomach issues and so I decided to try Whole 30 this summer to rule out any foods that were exacerbating the issue. My first week flew by without a hitch. I am already pretty comfortable cooking/eating tons of vegetables so I felt great. Eating so much protein was a bit of a change, but since I'm just doing eggs and fish, which as I said, I've been eating for the past year, I felt fine. This past week has been awful though. I've had stomach pains, significant irregularity and exhaustion. I constantly feel bloated and look worse than I did before. My last stool even appeared reddish (I'm hoping it was the beets I ate a few days ago and not blood) and I am at a loss as to what to do. This is supposed to help me feel healthier, not sicker! I'm ready to go back to my quinoa bowls with roasted veggies with the occasional glass of wine! Has anyone experienced decline like this? Any suggestions on what to do for increased regularity and decreased bloating? Help!
  18. So has anyone seen the Netflix documentary What the Health, Its mostly about how bad meat and eggs is for you. I'm freaking out and trying not to fall into the hype but I look up everything they mention and they're not wrong. Has anyone else seen it? Any thoughts?
  19. Read The Whole 30 a couple weeks ago and have since been preping things to get started on the program tomorrow. I have been vegetarian for over 20 years and will be completing this journey being so, which may be a bit of a challenge, but I'm up for it! Will begin reading the other books that go along with the program this week. Excited, nervous and not sure I can give up my gum! Any advice, strategies, or just friendly comments, bring them here. In good health ♡
  20. Jan 31 was my Day 30, and I have lost 11.2 lbs!!!! Super happy! It has been tough but one look at the weighing scale at the end of my first Whole30 month, I forgot all the miseries... I m doing it again for sure!
  21. Hi there! Starting my first W30 Jan 2 and a bit nervous about the meat situation. I stopped eating meat, excepting fish, a few years ago because I don't like the hormones/antibiotics/environmental effects. I'm willing to add a little back in during Whole30, but would really like to rely mostly on fish and eggs. Any tips for types of meat that would be easy on my stomach after all this time, and sources for high-quality (but affordable) cuts? I'm thinking ground turkey?
  22. I've finished reading the book and am planning on starting mid-month, but I need to figure out what to do about protein. I eat some eggs, but I don't think eggs alone are going to be enough to get me through the 30 days. So how to choose vegetarian proteins? I've read the book and website section, and here are a couple of thoughts. It seems like (for elimination purposes) it makes the most sense to choose a limited type of additional protein. Like, not tofu AND yogurt AND legumes, but maybe one of those. Theoretically I could manage with only whey protein and eggs. (Although I realize that smoothies and shakes aren't encouraged, a protein shake every day or two combined with eggs would be enough protein.) That said, my reason for trying Whole30 is to try to get my body used to burning fat. Because of a metabolic disorder, my body doesn't like to do that which results in low energy without frequently eating carbs and a difficult time losing weight. The idea is that the Whole30 will force my body to use fat as an energy source, and hopefully help me resist high sugar / high simple carb snacks as a way to keep my energy up after the 30 days are over. I don't currently suspect any food sensitivities, though I haven't done an elimination diet so it's really hard to know. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  23. Hi, everyone! I've been doing my first Whole30 with my friends, and have spent hours searching for recipes and compiling this Google Doc. I initially did it with the intention of keeping it organized for myself and helping out my friends, but I figured y'all might find it useful as well!!! Each recipe links to the original article, so no copyright is infringed It is organized by appetizers, meats-- well, just see for yourself! If you have any recipes you would like me to add, please reply with it to the post and I'll be happy to share it. Happy Whole30ing!
  24. Hi, I've finished my Whole30 - all went super. I'm wanting to now eat a bit more vegetarian - and will be gradually reintroducing some things to see how they fit. I've also started working out, so I'm really conscious that I'm getting the right nutrients into my body. I've started an account with my fitness pal - not to monitor calories as such, but to check I'm getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals. Can anyone recommend what I should generally (and I know everyone's different!) regarding my fat/protein/carb intake in percent? Or is there a way of working this out based on body weight etc? Again, this isn't something I'm using to be rigid to, just to make sure that when I start reducing my meat intake, my protein levels are still the same. Thanks Sarah
  25. Hi everyone! Today is day one for me! I am excited and nervous. I just ate breakfast- 2 red apples with almond butter and coffee black with cinnamon. I noticed that many of the recipes are not exactly vegetarian friendly. I was wondering if my fellow veggies out there could give me some tips of what their favorite recipes were throughout the Whole30 or maybe some resources to find recipes? Also, I am so excited we are allowed to have potatoes and nut butter (besides peanut). What is a go to vegetarian breakfast for you guys? What about lunch and dinner? How much water are you drinking? Thanks so much and I am so excited to start this journey. I should also mention that I am an avid runner in my mid twenties so this will be interesting performance wise but I am willing to sacrifice my athletic performance for a brief period if it means being healthier in the long run. Thanks guys! Looking forward to some feedback!