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Found 52 results

  1. Hi everyone! Today is day one for me! I am excited and nervous. I just ate breakfast- 2 red apples with almond butter and coffee black with cinnamon. I noticed that many of the recipes are not exactly vegetarian friendly. I was wondering if my fellow veggies out there could give me some tips of what their favorite recipes were throughout the Whole30 or maybe some resources to find recipes? Also, I am so excited we are allowed to have potatoes and nut butter (besides peanut). What is a go to vegetarian breakfast for you guys? What about lunch and dinner? How much water are you drinking? Thanks so much and I am so excited to start this journey. I should also mention that I am an avid runner in my mid twenties so this will be interesting performance wise but I am willing to sacrifice my athletic performance for a brief period if it means being healthier in the long run. Thanks guys! Looking forward to some feedback!
  2. Hi, I've finished my Whole30 - all went super. I'm wanting to now eat a bit more vegetarian - and will be gradually reintroducing some things to see how they fit. I've also started working out, so I'm really conscious that I'm getting the right nutrients into my body. I've started an account with my fitness pal - not to monitor calories as such, but to check I'm getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals. Can anyone recommend what I should generally (and I know everyone's different!) regarding my fat/protein/carb intake in percent? Or is there a way of working this out based on body weight etc? Again, this isn't something I'm using to be rigid to, just to make sure that when I start reducing my meat intake, my protein levels are still the same. Thanks Sarah
  3. I am am starting a vegetarian/pescatarian whole50 on January 1. I am mostly a vegetarian, with occasional fish, so I follow the traditional meal plan. This will be my 3rd whole 30 (completed one in June and a second in a August). Since finishing round 2, I have been eating mostly paleo, with occasional wine and deserts. However, I have been on vacation the last 3 weeks and have definately been eating differently. New this time is that my husband will be joining me and I hope to continue for 50 days. Would love to hear of anyone else starting a similar plan in the new year.
  4. Hey All!!! I am extremely excited about the Whole 30 and really want to take this on and see how my body responds(health/wellness wise) . I am a vegetarian and plan to stay that way so..... How in the world do I get in enough protein? (I am aware of getting protein from vegetables and such). However, I really feel like I need another source besides eggs(which I do eat). But I was/am a BIG cottage cheese/greek yogurt/quinoa person. I have researched the internet and this forum but wanted to solicit more advice/ideas. Seeing that with the new book, the shopping list for the vegetarian/vegan has changed and now excludes some protein options that would make this a little more doable. Please help, I REALLY want/need to do this and be successful!!
  5. Started yesterday, and am seeking some guidance for those if us who aren't much on beef or fowl. I'm not a vegetarian per se, but limit meat to eggs, fish, seafood and a bit of bacon or sausage. Any hints for some of the meat heavy meals in the book? Something for the pals I hope to meet here- Cinnamon Tea 1 quart of water Several cinnamon sticks (3-8 depending how strong you like it) Put cinnamon sticks in water and bring to barely a boil Turn down heat and simmer for 20- 30 minutes Can drink this iced or hot, "straight" or use it to flavor regular tea or other drinks. It is particularly good when a sweet craving hits near bedtime. This "tea" is beneficial in other ways too. It reduces inflammation, fights bacteria in the body, and helps with circulation. I made it at work, and now the staff keeps some in the frig all the time!
  6. I have been eating a whole food plant-based or vegetarian diet for nearly a year, primarily for health reasons. My weight and blood-work is awesome! Unfortunately, my digestion is not. In an effort to resolve some persistent IBS symptoms, I am going to try a Whole30 low FODMAPs diet and see how I feel. It will be weird eating meat again, but without beans and peas, I don't see a way to get the needed protein. (Eating a ton of eggs is not a good idea!) My husband will likely eat what I am eating, but my son is still preferring soy-free vegetarian meals. So I'll be cooking two versions of everything, but it's doable. Looking forward to this experiment! I start tonight. (Already missing that glass of wine!!!)
  7. hi, i'm having trouble navigating the sea that is vegetarian recipes for the whole30 in terms of finding proper meals. i get the snacks concept i'm seeing all over the interwebs of baking every vegetable known to man into chips, but when it comes to meals, 16 days of eggs/mushrooms/zucchini/sweetpotato/potato/kale/lettuce/tomato/avocado in various combinations has left me searching. i'm confused about chowstalker - how do i get a search result out of it for both whole30 AND vegetarian? is there somewhere for whole30 approved veg meals rather than getting cranky at swypo on pinterest? help!
  8. Hi! So I'm doing this as new to eating meat and frankly, not handling the meat part well, cooking, eating, etc., even though I bought it from the farmers market... also bought some eggs which I have zero prob with and generally love, so I was going to make a egg bake and the yolks are bright orange, love it, but one was salmon colored, no blood though.... I started wisking away then got grossed out and tossed it all. Ughh, so much for breakfasts for the week. Was that egg bad?? Or is it just me?
  9. I have looked for tempeh, but it seems they have grains in them, and at the minimum there is rice. Does anyone know of any tempeh that is simply fermented soy? Where do you get it? Also, as a vegetarian for 20 years, I have tried to avoid soy products like soy milk, edamame, and tofu due to some research linking soy to thyroid issues, increased risk of breast cancer, and messing with menses. Anyone else try avoiding soy? I have heard/read in quite a few places that fermented soy doesn't carry those same risks- like tempeh, soy sauce, and miso...(Is miso on the list to eat?) So putting tofu on my list of options doesn't make me really comfortable. I'll probably have it one time. For protein, I normally eat a lot of beans, (as well as cheese and nuts), but I see in the REAL whole30, beans are not on the list of acceptable food. I know it is an exception for vegetarians, but I want to make sure I get the most out of these thirty days. Should I add beans but try to limit them? Or just not worry about it? What have you done? I do eat eggs, but three meals a day of eggs for thirty just won't cut it. And of course, I'll have kefir and full fat yogurt, but how often? I am kind of rambling in this post...Here are the main points!! 1. Where do you get grainless Tempeh? 2.Anyone else try to avoid soy like edamame and tofu? How do you reconcile this with the Whole30 diet? 2a. Is Miso ok to eat? 3. How acceptable are beans, really? 4. If you've done this before, how did you add variety and balance and get the most out of your Whole30? 5. Even if YOU haven't done the vegetarian version, but you're really familiar with the program, what is the preferential order of the sources of protein on the vegetarian version that I should strive for to make it most like a normal Whole30? Thanks!
  10. I could stay with the Omnivore but I'd really like to use some of the Vegan Protein choices. I started with the Omnivore because that's what I am, but I've quickly realized how few meals I was eating with meat. I had been eating lots of fruit and vegetables with Orgain or Garden of Life's Raw Meal (I know those are off-limits - as are some of the other super stimulating bad foods I was eating). Could I add hemp protein and/or organic whey powder to the omnivore choices? Or if I 'switched' to vegetarian, what about adding fish to the vegetarian protein choices?
  11. Hi all This is my second Whole30. I did my first in Jan and did me proud. I lost 3.5 kilos and lost 2.5 inches in my middle. So don't ask me why I went back to eating the way I did before. I have since put back 1.5 kilos *shame* and am not getting an inch tape near me as I am afraid of what I might find out. Anyhoo, I decided enough's enough and am going back on the wagon. Starting asap. Which is tomorrow, March 18th. Last time, I subsisted a lot on soups, stews and so on. I am an Indian and vegetarian from birth and basically made the usual food, minus the rice. Anyone starting around this time? cheers Lavanya
  12. Excited to start the Whole30 tomorrow! But I have a question about which plan/shipping list I should follow (and customize). I am a Pescatarian who also eats animal products (eggs, butter, cheese, some fats from meat, and even chicken and beef bone broth). I simply don't eat the flesh of red meat or chicken. While I appreciate all good intentions, I already understand the pro's of being an omnivore, so I'm not interested in further encouragement to eat meat, but I'm not sure which plan I should follow and customize. And will it still BE effective if I combine plans? My concern with going pescatarian and sticking with the Omnivore plan, is, will I get enough protein? And my concern with going with the Vegetarian Plan is, will I miss out on some of the great assets to this plan? Would I be in the clear to go with the Omnivore Plan, but swap the meats with the dairy allowed in the Vegetarian Diet? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  13. Hi, this is my first post and it kind of crosses over a few topics, but it's basically a cooking question, so here I am. I'm about to start my first Whole30 and I want to be prepared with recipes and a plan. My boyfriend is very supportive, but vegan. I'm not vegan, but when I cook dinner for both of us, it's usually vegan. What I'm looking for is a good stockpile of recipes (or suggestions) for curry or stir-fry type things that each of us can customize: like a cabbage-coconut curry (he can toss in some tofu and I can add a salmon portion). The problem is most vegan recipes work hard to include legumes or soyfoods, and I can't find many paleo vegetable recipes that aren't totally boring. Anyone have any awesome suggestions? I know we can do this!
  14. Hi everyone, I've been reading about this for a while and would like to take on the challenge, but am hoping someone can lend some piece of advice regarding this... I am primarily a vegetarian, though I do eat fish occasionally. I seldom eat eggs. I do not mind eating fish for this challenge, but I would like to see the effects of dairy, grains, and legumes on my body, hence I'd like to cut these three out. The vegetarian route has properly soaked beans in the shopping list... Is cutting them out a foolish idea? Will I struggle with protein intake? This, as I understand the challenge, leaves me with: vegetables fruit fish nuts as my main ingredients. Please assist!
  15. Does anyone have a great Vegetarian Recipe that contains some form of protein (even eggs). I need to make a vegetarian meal for my brother-in-law who is also on W30 and I`m coming up blank. The carb/veggie portion of the meal is easy but coming up with a protein recipe (even when I look at the approved list) isn't easy. I'd like to make something delicious so he can say 'hey doing this W30 is great! I don't miss anything' I would like more than just scrambled eggs or an omelet. I`m not a great cook so its not easy to just `throw`things together. I would love to make the `Chocolate Chili`recipe from WelFed but it contains beef so that won`t work...Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks everyone....
  16. DurhamDoesPaleo

    Zucchini Soup - Hot or Cold

    I've made this Grant Achatz zucchini soup three times, and had to visit it one more time to verify it's Whole30/Paleo appropriate... and it is! Just replace the butter with clarified butter or ghee. I'm so excited to use the last of my farmers' market zucchini on this recipe one last time. I love it hot, even in the summer, but every once in a while, cold hits the spot. I keep the batch in the fridge and portion it out so I can decide whether I want it hot or cold. I hope you enjoy it!
  17. This is my first post, after sharking the waters silently for a bit now. Be gentle. I've searched around and am having trouble finding information that applies to this. I'm drowning in information! I need protein options that are program compliant, AI compliant, and soy-free. Am I being crazy to think this is something that doesn't exist? Is this something easy that I'm just overlooking? Is there a Superperson just waiting for me to hit "post" so they can save my soul? I'm pretty obnoxious about it sticking to the AI protocols, as I have multiple AIDs and have no desire to add anything back into my diet. (I've been following an AI protocol for quite some time, prior to my entering into the Whole30.) Thank you so, so much, in advance.
  18. Crock potting some "fauxmato" sauce for Whole30! This is my second time making the sauce, and the first time I made it, is was phenomenal. (Not saying that I don't miss tomatoes I was desperate for a tomato - like sauce since being diagnosed with a nightshade allergy 2 years ago. I reluctantly gave into beets, and I was skeptical. This sauce rocks so much, even my kids can't tell it's not tomato sauce! I added ground turkey to my sauce last time, but omitting it this time around. I can't wait to eat some with my Zoodles .
  19. I am on Day 3 of the Whole30 and I am feeling optimistic at this moment but a little unsure about how I will keep this up... but i am taking it one day at a time! Would love to get anyone's insight or thoughts.... My Life... i am a 35 y.o. teacher and mother of a 2 year old and almost 4 year old (who is a really challenge). Like many people... I am lacking in time, under constant stress, and feel like I just don't have a lot of control over much in life... My husband works long hours (he is a gastroenterologist) so i find myself just eating whatever is left on the kids plate... or whatever is lying around at work. I love to cook but never find time anymore. My Typical Diet... I don't eat meat (chicken, beef, pork, shellfish) but i do eat fish... love salmon... and tuna.. I like pretty much everything else except olives. But I put cheese on almost everything! I LOVE eating salads and most all veggies and fruits... but I find myself not having time to really prepare food. I have settled into the terrible habit of drinking Coke Zero in the morning. I don't like coffee. My Motivation... I have a weird form of psoriasis that only responds to phototherapy (time consuming)... I have unexplained joint pain... I am tired A LOT... I have difficulty concentrating... I feel like I don't have control over much of anything.... less so (but still a motivation) I am not overweight, but I am holding on to 20 lbs from what I weighed before my first pregnancy.... lastly, my GI doctor husband thinks I am nuts for doing this... want to prove him wrong.. My Challenges... (in order!)... 1) time, time, time!! I can usually get to the store to buy good food, but I have a really difficult time once I am home to really prepare real meals. The other day I was trying to grill fish on the stove (our oven isn't working... delightful)... and I opened the front patio because the vent wasn't handling the cooking smoke well enough. The kids went out on the patio... started fighting over toys... next thing I know I am trying to keep them apart, not burn down the house, and still make myself something 'compliant' ... my husband is almost never home for dinnertime... 2) Caffeine... ahhh! don't really like tea... can't stand coffee... if i go without, I get headaches. Definitely need to wean it i think. 3) the whole no meat thing... REALLY doesn't appeal to me. Have zero desire to eat it. 4) I am really bad at planning... just about anything... 5) I am a snacker... 6) By the time I get the kids to bed, i am too exhausted to do much of anything! So far... I have been compliant for 3 days... I am not sure that I am doing a great job of making 'meals' but i have managed to not eat any of the off limits stuff. I have resorted to a Luna bar twice because I was really hungry. I haven't had any diet soda but I have had a little of that HiBall Energy drink (technically compliant but I recognize it isn't really ideal). Otherwise, I have only had water. I am finding myself at a loss as to what to eat.... every day I have had 1-2 eggs, avocado, almonds, cashews, salads, raw veggies as snack, limited fruit. I am not eating the allowed things on the veg list... i figure by eating fish, I am going to be fine on the protein end of things.. I have the book (It Starts with Food) but really have only had a little time to read it (in peace at least!) I am really trying to get a handle on the sugar thing.... just how much fruit/juice is reasonable? In terms of servings and/or actual amount in grams... and am I right that I don't need to be paying attention to amount of natural sugar in non-fruits ? ie: I know there is sugar in carrots, tomatoes, beets, peppers... which are 'vegetables' ... i don't need to think about that sugar... right? Its just the added sugar. What are quick easy things I can make? I am so accustomed to making things from the Trader Joe's freezer section that are basically ready to go. Planning, reading copious directions just isn't going to happen. What else do I need to know to be successful? Is there anything I am not thinking about that I should? Appreciate any insights!!!
  20. So, this isn't my first rodeo with the Whole 30 but it WILL BE my first successful Whole 30. For whatever reason I've never made it through the 30 days but with this little one growing inside of me I'm more motivated than ever. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and my whole 30 started yesterday so my end date is February 16th--yep, Whole 30 through Valentine's Day. But my start day is of no consequence because I don't want there to be an "end date" to look forward to. I want to continue eating as close to the W30 rules as possible AT LEAST until I deliver my little one. I will be following the vegetarian guidelines with the occasional piece of fish for the health benefits during pregnancy. This will amount to 12 ounces each week--so, not enough to allow me to effectively or healthily follow the omnivore plan. Basically, my guidelines will be as follows: Greek yogurt, no more than 1 cup per day Occasional edamame to increase my protein intake (but I'll try not to consume it more than 2-3x a week) Lots and LOTS of eggs as this is basically my primary protein source Olives Almonds (on occasion) Coconut Flakes Nutritional Yeast Lots of veggies Sweet potatoes Oranges Apples Coconut oil for cooking Seltzer (I struggle to drink normal water) Any advice would be welcomed. I do have many food aversions right now and often times things that I usually find delicious are just NOT and that can make meal-time difficult. Also, if I screw up I am just going to consider it an isolated event and move on--I think that's been my problem in the past, a little slip up makes me feel like "well, I screwed up already. I failed at this so there's no point in trying to recover." Nope, not this time. I am going to be a little more gentle and lax I suppose because I am pregnant and I realize that unless I plan perfectly under all circumstances I might find myself eating something non-compliant and that's okay because the health of my growing baby is my primary concern. I would be fooling myself if I thought that I'd be PERFECT for these 30 days. I'm not looking for perfect, just better than I'm doing now. I know not many people will agree with that philosophy but I figure if I can be 90% compliant I am doing a whole hose of good for myself and my baby--much better than if I were say 50% compliant which is probably how I currently eat (lots of legumes, oats, whole grains, cheese, etc).
  21. lesliealeblanc

    HELP!!!! Protein?!

    Hi all! I desperately need some opinions. I'm a vegetarian (that's not changing, so please don't respond with reasons to do so!); I eat dairy, but I have a very difficult time eating eggs so I might as well say they're not an option. I've done a TON of research/reading (including the book's short section on vegetarians), but I still need help. The deal is I'm starting a Whole30 (for the second time) and am looking for advice on protein. FYI: I do crossfit 4 x week, and I have a lot of weight to lose. The veg shopping list has organic tofu/tempeh on it, but I'm omitting soy for several reasons (which makes this even more difficult). So I think I'm left with only the yogurt, kefir, and the protein from some nuts, right? Upon further research, my understanding is that the protein in beans don't really act as protein your body... true? Ok, I guess my question is: what do you recommend for getting enough complete protein excluding eggs and soy? Do you recommend eliminating beans totally and sticking with dairy, or vice versa, so that I'm only including one "forbidden" food group as opposed to two? If so, which is better? Also, as per my (very health/nutrition savvy trainer), I will likely be having plain, organic, grassed whey protein powder to make up some protein deficits on a regular basis. I know this whole plan isn't exactly whole30, but I'm trying to do the best I can as a non changing vegetarian. I would LOVE someone to help me figure out best protein, whether I should eliminate beans or dairy, and other ideas if I'm. Kissing any for getting enough complete protein to a) be healthy and recover from crossfit . Thanks!!!!! Leslie
  22. Is there a list anywhere of non meat protein sources? I've got the ISWF vegi shopping list but all it suggests is Eggs then for dairy I think it suggests yoghurt and Keffir (which I have not a clue about) tempeh natto (never heard of) edamame or tofu and 'various beans' as a second choice. Given that I have never seen natto or keffir and edamame are thin on the ground as is tempeh I'm trapped with eggs, tofu and yoghurt - not a whole lot of fun for 30 days. Any clues as to the 'various beans' would be gratefully recieved.
  23. After 18 years of eating no meat, other than occasional seafood, I recently found myself devouring chicken. It was so tasty, and it felt right to eat it. Until I read an article from a meat farmer posted on Mark's Daily Apple about how misleading meat food labels are. The Trader Joe's organic free-range chicken I'd been buying turned out to be no more humane than standard CAFO chicken. The article mentions that you need to find "pastured" chicken. So fine, I can try to find that obscure term in an obscure store. But the whole thing just kind of pi$$ed me off, to be frank. I'm spending the money and time to find quality meat raised in a humane way, and meanwhile food manufacturers are sitting around trying to find loopholes on how to trick us into thinking their food fits this criteria. Makes me want to go on a hunger strike. But then my tummy rumbles and I go searching for something to eat that isn't going to totally destroy the planet. Arrggg. Now I'm left debating if I should go back to trying to find pastured chicken for my Whole30, since eggs and seafood probably won't cut it. Then go back to no chicken after the Whole30. Any thoughts? Can anyone relate?
  24. I'm a pescatarian who got on board with this diet bc a group of friends are doing it. I generally only eat fish once a week and have no real desire to increase it or my egg consumption so I've been doing the vegetarian only list. I have a few concerns & questions. -Can I include some fish in my diet while still using the vegetarian list? I'm also dairy free so that is eliminated as well. -I generally do not use olive oil or any oils. I use low fat alternatives. I've been feeling like I've been gaining weight by adding the full fat oils to my diet. Perhaps its just my body adjusting? -I started this out already gluten free and dairy free so wonder if it just makes sense for me to stick to whole foods, reincorporate fish and eliminate sugar? It threw me when I kept seeing that this diet isnt "ideal" for vegetarians. Any thoughts?
  25. Primal Ballerina

    Airline Meal Preferences

    Every time I book a flight, the airline asks what my meal preference would be in the event I were to be upgraded to first class. Given that I spend about 8 hours a week on an airplane, this fantasy may soon become a reality. Unfortunately, there is no "Paleo" option... The choices are as follows: no preference diabetic gluten free japanese meal kosher low cholesterol low calorie low fat low sodium / no salt muslim vegetarian / non dairy vegetarian / milk / eggs Usually, I choose the diabetic option, because at least I'll know that the amount of sugar in the meal is taken into consideration. What would you pick?