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Found 52 results

  1. I was a vegetarian for over 11 years, but since the spring have been eating paleo. I have been having trouble with a vegetarian friend's behavior recently and could use some advice. This friend and I have known each other at least a year now, maybe even two. We met at our CrossFit gym and had an initial connection because we were both vegetarians at the time and love animals. We have been friends on Facebook for quite some time, until a few months ago. Before ever switching to paleo, I had been posting paleo articles on my personal Facebook page and on my Facebook health and wellness page. For over a year, before switching, I did research on the paleo diet. Our box did its first paleo challenge this time last year and before that, my family had been experimenting with paleo (with great results!) Some time in the fall, this friend replied to a paleo-related post on my personal Facebook page asking if I had started eating paleo too. I replied that after researching it for over a year, I had switched to paleo, but that I only eat animals who have been humanely raised. Shortly after this I noticed that we were no longer friends on Facebook. I sent her a friend request (as I know sometimes people accidentally unfriend others, I've done it myself!). For at least two months, she did not respond to my request. Finally, about a month ago, I resent the request and she accepted it. Yesterday, I noticed that she was no longer a fan of my health and wellness Facebook page, so I invited her to like it. She replied with: "Thanks for the invite Sara, but I must decline. It represents a dietary lifestyle that goes against my moral ethics and value for ALL life." My health and wellness page does not only cover paleo. I encourage postings of various healthy diets. (I respond to her as such.) I also often post about animal welfare and non-diet related topics. I rarely see this friend at the gym anymore so we've not had good lines for communication lately. I appreciate and value all life (the main reason I became a vegetarian). This is also one of my favorite aspects of paleo and Whole9. It teaches you to live your life and respect the lives of others. Before switching to paleo and discovering the Whole9, I struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, and eating and skin disorders. I was on antidepressants, steroid creams for my skin, and was simply not happy. Would it have been better for me to remain a vegetarian and encourage the use of products that surely were tested on animals and developed through their abuse? Or is it better that I now am healthy and happy because I consume healthy animals who lived happy, full (I don't eat baby animals) lives? I think my friend feels betrayed and I can understand, but I don't believe she treats others this way. What should I do (if anything at all)?
  2. We are having family over tomorrow instead of going out to dinner (compromise). One of them is vegetarian and she said she wants carbs.. Fine, I always say that paleo is low carb by default and not because it's actually a low carb diet. So I guess we will have sweet potatoes (called kumara here in New Zealand). But what else do I do? I'm having a hard time coming up with a plan that will satisfy all the meat eaters, the carb needers, and the vegetarians. Plus, I have no idea what vegetarians eat... Like what makes a complete and satisfying meal for them in a Whole 30 kind of a way. Too bad I can't do kumara chips (ie sweet potato fries) cooked in duck fat! That is the best ever! I will make a bunch of mocktails for everyone. We are not the only ones in the group who don't drink so that will be an easy one! Any ideas? I think the vegetarian eats eggs, so I guess I could do a crust-less quiche... Hmmm. But I want to make it a really special dinner since I've tricked them all to come over for healthy food on their last night in Wellington.