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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Whole30 friends! My wife and I recently started Whole30 and I had a gout flare up. I read a post from a few years back, but it didn't quite answer my I wanted to open up some dialogue here. I'm curious about those that have had gout -- or if the moderators -- have any advice. We're on Day 5 of our very first Whole30 experience and I noticed the flareup starting on Day 3. I'm familiar with the "triggers" that cause flareups, but nothing we've done fits that mold that would cause a flareup. Since we've started, if anything, we've cut or removed those "triggers" from out diet completely (sugars, alcohol, high purine foods, processed foods, etc). I'm not overweight or diabetic. I've been diagnosed with gout, but haven't had a flare up in 5-6 months. My three questions are: Is it possible that a drastic change in diet could trigger a "get's better before it get's worse" scenario? I read an article about another diet (can't remember which one) that said something along those particular arthritis (which gout is a form of arthritis) -- that your body is adjusting to the change and it may spark some pain while your body gets use to the new diet. Should I continue to muscle through this flareup and continue Whole30 in hopes it gets better? From the archived forum post I read on here, it seems that the day people experienced a flareup at different times throughout the 30 day process...mine was day 3. I want to continue, but if it's going to continue, I'm worried it'll happen again before my initial 30 days is up. I'd like to prevent that, obviously. Is there anything I should implement into my diet that might help reduce some of these triggers in the future? I genuinely feel like I've removed everything that could cause a flare up, but is there something that I can add that would help break down the natural purines that cause flareups? Thank you to any and all that read this post. I'm really liking the diet portion of Whole30, but this is throwing my mindset all out of whack. Thanks again! Cheers to health and happiness!