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Found 28 results

  1. AmyB

    Ok then!

    So! I am done. It wasn't perfect, and that's fine. What does that word even mean, anyway? Here's what I saw that I'm happy about: 1. Improved, more consistent energy throughout the day, with just a few days that were not optimal. 2. Better sleep. I know when I am having crazy dreams, I am processing stuff and getting in the good REM zone, and that's definitely been happening. I just need to work on getting to bed a little earlier. 3. Better mental clarity/focus. I spent less time messing around at work and at home and actually got stuff done like a real adult. This mostly showed up during the last 5 days for me. 4. Better-behaved skin and hair. I have had weird scalp problems my whole life, and now they are gone. Hooray! I also have keratosis pilaris, and that is much improved. 5. I had more gas in the tank during CrossFit metcons. 6. I made it the whole time without eating any smoothies/shakes for breakfast. I'm pretty proud of that. I don't miss cleaning out the blender, that's for sure. 7. My mom and sister are both recovering alcoholics, so it was really important to me to try 30 days with no alcohol. I did have a few days when I *really* wanted that glass of wine, but no way was I going to slip. And it was fine. I'm glad to know that I can do that. Here's what I will probably reintroduce: 1. Full-fat dairy (Greek yogurt & such) 2. Rice. I enjoy Indian and Lebanese food, and I'm sorry, but cauliflower rice tastes like cauliflower. It just does not work for me. This won't be an all the time thing, but just when I go out, I'm not going to lose my mind over it. 3. Red wine. Mayyyyyyybe a Bell's Oberon once a year, since it's made in my city and all. 4. Regular bacon from my favorite farmer. I believe he uses turbinado sugar in his curing process. 5. Bagels. No, just kidding. My bagel days are over. Where I screwed up or could just improve in general: 1. Letting myself get too thirsty, and then misreading that signal as hunger, 2. Not being prepared with snacks on an overnight trip. 3. LOTS of fruit and coconut milk. I just really like it. I don't know; I'm a smaller-sized person, so I wasn't really concerned with weight gain, but it could be a) a sweet tooth thing or a convenience food thing. I'm going to try this during a winter month when I have less access to fresh fruit and see how that goes. 4. Munching when I get bored, anxious, or annoyed. I am going to relax about food for a little bit. I'm going to eat some cheese and drink some wine, but I'm going to pay attention. I will keep Whole30 in my toolbox, and try this again in a different season. This forum is great - thanks, all, for your support, ideas and humor! XO
  2. HelloKirst

    Crossfit Question

    Hi everybody, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question - but I wasn't really sure where to go. I have dabbled in crossfit before, but now that I am committing to my first Whole 30, I decided to bite the bullet and try to attend 3-6 crossfit classes per week. The coach at my gym wants me to go to six classes per week, right now that sounds a bit scary to me, so I have promised myself that I would attend at least three per week for now and proceed from there. Anyway, I went to my first crossfit class in awhile on Monday evening. Ever since then, I have been incredibly sore and more sore than I ever remember being in the past from crossfit. I fueled properly before and after my workout (followed Whole 30 guidelines) and I have been diligently using a foam roller. I took yesterday off. I'm still sore today, but I would like to attend another class because I'm worried if I skip too many days in a row that I just won't go back. Should I just push through and go to crossfit? By the way, this is run-of-the-mill exercise sore, not I hurt myself sore - I definitely know the difference. I'm leaning towards pushing through and just going, but I have read conflicting things about what to do. I know this isn't exactly the right forum for this, but I figured it was worth asking.... Thanks so much!
  3. I think my body's having a bit more trouble recovering from workouts since I started the Whole30. Usually I do crossfit 3 days in a row; this week I've felt smoked whenever I try to do day 2. The big change in my diet since I started the whole 30 are: * no post-workout protein shake * no dairy * no added sugars ...I can see how those changes would combine to interfere with recovery from intense crossfit workouts. Also our workouts lately have been more metcon, less strength, because we can't drop weights lately, so we're more likely to do two 10 or 15-minute metcon workouts than one slow strength progression and one metcon finisher. Oh right -- also I'm doing 10x250m rowing after each workout, which I just started this week. Ah -- I also haven't been doing the recommended pre-workout meal. I have this theory that I'll lose more weight if I train fasted. Will a pre-workout meal help with my recovery but interfere with fat loss?