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Found 78 results

  1. So I’m only on Day 21, but I’m planning out this reintroduction because I don’t want to mess anything up after all of this time. I want to start with dairy. It’s not a creamer in my coffee thing, but when my husband and I go out we like to find places with good cheese and fruit plates. And Ill admit to a cheese stuffed olive in a martini. Before I just head into a date night, I’d like to prepare myself. So, researching, it appears I would be trying different kinds of dairy throughout day one, go back to whole 30 for a few days and evaluate. My question is, I eat a lot of different cheese on date nights when we get cheese and fruit boards, so should my reintroduction of dairy go a bit longer? Like, day one, some basic cheddar and an apple. Wait a few days, and then try some harder cheeses?
  2. CricketProtein

    Casein - Other [dangerous] Sources?

    Does anyone know other potential sources of Casein that might not come to mind immediately? I understand it's a dairy-protein and therefore any source of dairy poses a risk, but not sure if anyone in the community is aware of places casein could naturally occur or is used as an additive ingredient?
  3. Call me Phoenix. I started the Whole30 on March 17th 2018. It was absolute hell. I've never had my body feel worse. For 10 straight days I had a pounding headache/migraine, I had no strength in my body, I couldn't sleep, and I just felt completely miserable. I could hardly move around the house. Granted, all I had been eating was carbs, dairy, sugar and more sugar, so I knew stopping it all at once would be harsh, but I felt it had to be done. I didn't except the fallout to be so hard on my body; that was a wake up call. Then day 10 hit, and I don't know if it was some new medication I started for anxiety or what, but s--- hit the fan. I went from following the plan completely for 10 days to running out to the store for some lemon juice and coming back with a handful of candy bars, 4 slices of pizza from Pizza Pipeline, and devouring half a carton of Tillamook ice cream with 2 cans of diet and caffeine free soda. And I hated myself for it, because I instantly felt better. My headache went away, I got my energy back, and I've slept better last night and today than I can remember sleeping in weeks. But then the reality hit me. I was 10 days in to the Whole30, and I threw it all down the drain. And my cravings for junk are worse than today than they were yesterday. At my heaviest, I was 280lbs. Before my binge yesterday, I was at 225lbs. This morning, I was back up to 230lbs. Is that even possible? Did I eat 5lbs worth of crap? I'm totally devastated. Not only do I have to start over completely (Yes, I absolutely have to start over 100%) I have no idea what made me break so badly yesterday, but the worst of it is, IS THAT I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING. No one forced pizza down my throat. No one scooped ice cream into the bowl for me. I did it all on my own. And I hate myself for it. This time last year I was down to 170lbs. Long story short, calling off my wedding 3 days before did not help matters, and I spent a good 4 months in bed crying, depressed, and eating everything within sight, which rocketed me up to 250lbs. But I don't want to live like this anymore! I don't want food to control me or my life! I am desperately, desperately ready to get over this garbage and eat well. I've made sure my meals were balanced with the whole 30... good fats, a fair amount of protein, lots of veggies and some fruit with a meal, and as much water as I can remember to make myself drink. But for some reason, I AM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME NO MATTER HOW MUCH I EAT and I hate it. I did finally go to the doctors yesterday to have them test my thyroid and hormone levels, because intense hunger is something I've been dealing with for years now. But I feel like I let myself down so badly. I mean come on.... I had made it 10 whole days!!!! My plan is water fast Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (if I feel like I'm dying I'll have a small amount of veggies and protein once a day) and then to restart my Whole30 on April 1st. I'm just hoping that I wont have to deal with the miserable fly like symptoms I got the first week I tried. Do any of you have any advice for getting through this? And for not feeling like a total failure when you mess up? I know what the rules are, and this wasn't a tiny slip. It was a major one. And starting over is the only choice I have if I'm serious about really doing this. But man. I just feel worthless. My goal weight is 130-140lbs. I just want to be there by this time next year. So why do I feel like I won't make it?
  4. Just started my vegan whole30 and on day 6. Yay!! I am also reading It Starts With Food and finding it helpful in understanding the underlying reasoning, which helps keep motivation up. As I understand it, the idea is to eliminate all inflammatory foods and then slowly introduce ingredients to gauge their effect on our body. Given this, why are red meats allowed as part of whole30? The link between animal fats and inflammation has been established well beyond doubt, and so is its harmful effect on the gut bacterial fauna (which in turn leads to inflammation and tissue damage). Grilling it only makes the effect more potent. So why are *any* animal products allowed (instead of merely cutting down on dairy) as part of whole30? Has anyone here who has, e.g., arthritis or IBS here noticed difference after whole30 with vs without animal products? Thanks! Rahul
  5. GuacaWhole30

    DOH! I drank OatMilk

    I'm on day 26 and accidentally drank oat milk in my latte this morning. Should I just start over? eeek
  6. Hi all, I am doing the Whole30 mostly for gut health and to give up my light sugar addiction. I workout quite regularly and have always had a hard time seeing the results I've been striving for. I have modified my diet over the years and am doing this to see if it helps with IBS, lactose intolerance, and perhaps I've been seeing a deficiency in absorbing some nutrients from food - so thought this cleanse would help. Fingers crossed... A friend of mine highly recommends that I add in whole milk kefir (no sugar added) and Nancy's yogurt into the program as a way to replenish the good bacteria in the gut (a la SCD). I told him about Whole30 and we both were not understanding why dairy WITHOUT lactose (whole milk kefir and yogurt) would not be allowed? I know it's allowed on the vegetarian program, but not on this program. Does anyone have a further explanation? Thank you all!
  7. Yesterday was dairy reintroduction day. I had Half&half in coffee and honestly I like the coconut milk better, which is something I’d thought I’d never say. Half&half tasted kinda gritty! Felt fine after though, no bloating. Then it was Wallaby plain organic greek yougurt time as that was usually my pre-workout go to. It tasted as good as I remembered. For lunch I had Feta cheese on my salad. Not sure if it was the yogurt or Feta but was very bloated after that. Also got a latte from Startbucks - that I was also looking forward to! It was ok but nothing mind blowing. Today my pinky joint hurts. I used to think I banged my pinky somewhere!! Now know better - it’s dairy. Also I have a tingling/hurting/hot sensation in the tips of my fingers which was gone while on Whole30. It started about 6 months ago or so and would be pretty bothersome. Curious to see what happens with my skin, because on whole30 it completely cleared up but before I had bumps on my forehead and my skin was “rough”. Not sure yet if that’s dairy, gluten or sugar.
  8. On Day 23 my mother added grated Romano to my garden-fresh tomato and cucumber salad; I took 2-3 bites before I smelled it and spit it out. Yes, I know I should start again from Day 1, but here's my question: is it okay to continue to Day 30 with everything except dairy? Then by Day 30 for everything else, I'd be at Day 7 for dairy? I think I know the answer, but if you don't ask the answer is always no.
  9. Ok, forgive me for the graphic descriptions and I am sorry if this has been addressed already. I could not find anything that specifically focuses on post program bowel problems. Especially when there weren't any during the round. Throughout my 30 days I followed everything to the T. I remain 100% compliant to this day minus the 4 re-intro days and a 5th day where I ate half of a twix stick (out of 4 sticks) - this was the first time I had sugar in 49 days but it was after I was already having the problems so I don't think it is related. During whole30 my bathroom time was not the best but not the worst. I actually had relatively solid movements (sometimes not but not diarrhea) and pretty regular movements. This is different for me as I have suffered from constipation and IBS since I was a child. I expected this to happen with such a drastic diet change and it was welcomed. After whole30 I did reintroduction and everything effected me minimally (mostly bloating, gas, acheyness)... until dairy. Dairy hit me HARD. My belly threw a giant temper tantrum and I struggled for 5 days with persistent diarrhea daily. Multiple trips to the bathroom and no substance what so ever. I drink lots of water though I don't exactly count how much. My meals since whole30 have gotten smaller because it seems that if I eat too much or honestly eat at all it makes my stomach upset. I keep them mostly compliant to the template though. On the 5th day I decided to try a probiotic and a digestive enzyme. I researched and got the 50billion ultra jarrodophilus and the garden of life raw enzymes for women. The day after that I felt great, no multiple trips to the bathroom, but by the end of the day I did still have diarrhea. For the last few days after starting the supplements I continue to have diarrhea about once or twice a day. It has been 9 days since dairy re-intro. I typically have over easy eggs in the morning with some sort of veggie and avocado or ranch or pesto. If I am in a hurry and can't cook I will have applesauce or grapes and some cashews but this doesn't happen a lot maybe twice in the last 9 days. my lunch usually consists of dinner leftovers which have been: buffalo chicken salad (buffalo sauce from book, small amount of onion and mushroom, chicken, romaine and home made ranch) swai (fish) with garlic lemon ghee topping, chipotle seasoning, zoodles and cauliflower alfredo (cauliflower, garlic, onion, nutritional yeast, chicken broth, coconut cream) I do not snack. I do drink kombucha on occasion - maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a bottle once or twice a week (typically GT's Trilogy), and I don't really eat fruit other than the occasional hurried breakfast. sometimes after I eat (since reintroduction) my stomach becomes rumbly and I feel a bit nauseous and gassy. I am thinking I need to eliminate nuts for awhile just to see, but I don't really know if this is the overall problem as I was eating these during the round as well. All of these major, questionable, annoying problems started after whole30 re-intro... Should I just keep waiting it out? Is this just a delayed detox? I am getting very frustrated and so sick of having to go to the bathroom all the time! Thanks for any help you can give!
  10. laurelerin22

    Dairy Woes :-(

    Through the reintroductions, I've found that my system is now not happy with dairy. I never had any noticeable issues with dairy before I did Whole30, but now it seems to upset my stomach. Not terrible, by any means, but I notice it. Dairy seems to make my stomach a little queasy, full-filling, and at times nauseous (I haven't noticed much lower intestinal issues from it - maybe a little gas, but that's it). The thing that bothers me is that cheese and ice cream might be two of my most favorite things to eat, and I really wish I didn't feel like this now about dairy (I also don't want to have to deal with not eating foods cooked in butter at restaurants). I'm cutting dairy down significantly already (I've switched to almond milk and almond milk creamer and ditched my cottage cheese and yogurt habit), but I wonder if there's something I can do to help my stomach not feel so crappy if I do want to indulge in some cheese or ice cream once in awhile. Any thoughts? It seems there are a lot of people who have issues with dairy after Whole30. It doesn't seem like I have a huge intolerance or anything, so I'm wondering if my body will just get used to it again if I opt to keep a small, but relatively consistent, amount in my diet. Thanks for your input!
  11. Hello, I completed my first round of the Whole30 on May 23rd. I completed my reintroductions of legumes, non-gluten grains, dairy, and gluten grains following the exact model outline in ISWF. I kept a detailed log of what I ate & experiences so here is how it went in a nutshell... Day 1: LEGUMES - peanut butter & black beans. Stomach ache that night and into day 2. Day 2&3: increase in acne, slept terribly on Day 3 into day 4. Day 4: NON GLUTEN GRAINS - Popcorn as midday snack. Brown rice with dinner. No immediate effects felt. Day 5: stomach ache before bed, resolved by morning Day 6: nothing to report Day 7: DAIRY - milk & honey in coffee, feta cheese on kale & tomato salad, ice cream and whipped cream... no physical pain from these foods, slept fine Day 8&9 - zit on cheek appearing Day 10 - oats, 2 slices good seed bread. Stomach ache before dinner time. Came on gradually through the afternoon. Two whole wheat tortillas for fajita dinner. Stomach issue subsided after dinner. Day 11: felt fine all day until stomachache came on during the afternoon again. Feels like a digestive issue. On Day 12 & 13 (June 3rd) I went waaaaay off plan (it was my husband's birthday) thinking I now knew how the different foods affected me and I had deemed this weekend worthy of any pain I may feel later. I had sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, non-gluten grains throughout the two days. Ever since then, I have gotten a stomachache around the same time every day (3pm) even though I have been eating only Whole30 compliant meals since June 5th. I am not constipated. Originally I thought it may be a prolonged digestive reaction to the amount of dairy I had eaten over those two days (of all the off-plan food groups I ate, dairy was what I consumed the most of), but I feel like surely the lactose would be out of my system by now. It is now over a week later and I'm still getting stomachaches? Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should try to get my body feeling back to normal? Or maybe an explanation of why this is happening? I didn't have any issues while doing my round of Whole30. I've searched high and low for an answer to the issue I'm having so I'm hoping posting my own specific questions will help me find some helpful advice. Thanks for reading my very long question!
  12. Sonya LeBoeuf

    Food Allergies

    I am looking to start the Whole30 program on May 1 but am concerned for I have an egg and tree nut allergy and am concerned what to eat for breakfast. Currently, I have a vegan pea-power shake with coconut milk and fruit each day. ( I am also dairy free due to intolerances). This is all my system can tolerate. What types of things can I eat for breakfast on this diet knowing I have these restrictions?
  13. Dreamlet

    Dairy and hives

    I'm on day one of my reintroduction, and started with dairy. I had a little butter this morning, then some mango lassi and felt fine. I put half and half in my afternoon coffee and within an hour I had developed a hive on my hand. It seems pretty likely that it's a reaction to something I introduced today. I used to get hives occasionally but could never pinpoint the cause. I'd like to narrow it down if I can, to see if it's specifically the half and half that caused the reaction (I suspect that lassi is ok because it's fermented). I realize it could also be the amount of dairy vs the type. What is the best way to do this? I was thinking of going back to the whole30 for a couple of days and then reintroducing only fermented dairy to see if I have the same reaction. If there is no reaction, I would then introduce milk to see my reaction to that. Is is there a better way?
  14. So I totally killed my flow and ate a bag of pretzels last night. Thankfully, I was only on day 5. I spent hours and hours salivating over the thought of a bread product and I just couldn't take it anymore. I also have OCD and a history of disordered eating, so I'm faced with a million triggers each day. I am a total believer in the science and research behind Whole 30, but there is one question that I'm REALLY struggling with. Especially because my brain is not doing well being told that it can't have dairy for another 30 days. I understand that eating dairy, for example, during reintroduction can cause a plethora of digestive issues. However, when I eat broccoli, for example, I experience gas and bloating for a couple of hours. Especially when I haven't eaten it in a while. So how is it that both can cause the same issue, when one is a known inflammatory and one isn't? This observation has caused me to doubt the reintroduction process ... and I don't want to doubt !
  15. Hi, I just finished up Day 30 of my second Whole30 on November 3rd and started the recommended reintro schedule right after. Main goals this time around have been a general reset but also to help identify any triggers for skin breakouts and general inflammation. The initial 30 days went great, super smooth. Tested legumes Day 1 with no issues. Tested non-gluten grains on Day 4 with no issues. Tested dairy and had some mild skin irritation on Day 9 into Day 10. Tested grains on Day 10 and had really bad breakout and sensitivity by the end of Day 11. Is the typical 3 days of separation enough time to attribute this to grains, or would this be more related to a dairy issue? The sensitivity was not immediate after eating either dairy products or grains; it was more delayed. Should I retest both?
  16. So I did my whole30 about a year ago. I felt great and had so many nonscale victories. But one thing that was happening to me at the same time was severe abdominal pain, concentrated on the left side mostly but sometimes the right side, and it was always worse during the morning. And, sorry TMI, but was also having BM issues - diarrhea off and on. I was using coconut milk/cream in my coffee, and almost every day eating the chia pudding recipe with chia seeds, mashed banana, and coconut milk. So fast forward to one year later and I bought a pack of nutpods on Amazon and am trying them for the first time. So this morning I notice that pain is back! Eureka! I was sort of suspicious last year of the coconut milk causing the issues, but brushed it off. But now I am convinced. I googled it and apparently some people have issues tolerating it...fructose malabsorption maybe, or something else. I'm just glad I know now and can avoid it. I have never noticed a problem when I've used it in curries, soups, etc., so that's good. It's probably just the fact that it's such a heavy amount all at once! I just wanted to share in case anyone else has had these issues!
  17. catricya

    Messed up on day 32

    I finished up my Whole30 on Tuesday and started with non gluten grains yesterday, GF oatmeal, tortilla chips and tortillas and brown rice, a small tummy ache. Unsure if it was the tortillas or rice. Today I feel ok. I sort of could feel some of the old hunger come back that seemed blood sugar based Then I accidentally ate a dairy based salad dressing with lunch. Not much I could do about it. Then I had heartburn/tummy ache. What should I do now? Go back to Whole30 until I feel normal and reintroduce rice and corn on separate days? And then try dairy again? I think I already know the answer to this question but I thought I'd ask anyway Honestly, part of me feels like I should go back to W30 for about two more weeks because I didn't figure out some of the right mix of macros until day 27 or so and I'd like to get used to how that feels energy wise during the day and while training for a half. I'd also like to lose a little bit more body fat, but not my main goal. Any advice?
  18. Hi, I am doing my dairy reintro day in 2 days. The book recommends eating ice cream on this day. How will I know if my potential negative side effects are from the dairy or the sugar? Has anyone else thought about this? Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone, I'm brand new to Whole30 and starting mine on September 5th! I'm doing my planning this week. I'm pretty comfortable with all the restrictions except what do I do about milk in my tea???? I have to have tea every morning and I'm looking for suggestions to put in it instead of regular milk. I've never tried almond milk, would it taste weird in tea? Thanks!!! Christine
  20. My reintroductions are going slower than expected and I'm finding out things I don't want to know :(. Of course I am very glad to be getting to the bottom of my health issues, but here's what I didn't want to find: 1. Dairy gives gives me an itchy throat and makes me phlegmy - I can't afford to be phlegmy because I get bad seasonal allergies and hate being all stuffy. 2. Oatmeal knocked me the f* out yesterday. I was so tired after eating it and it made me hungry a couple hours after breakfast, even though I'd added sausage and spinach to the meal. 3. Rice gives me HIVES. What?! And it made me stuffy. I have yet to try out corn, legumes or gluten. Does anyone else have the oat and rice problem? Also, could this be temporary, meaning maybe I have a leaky gut, which is causing these foods to send their allergens into my bloodstream now, but if I heal my gut, maybe I can enjoy them again? I appreciate any input. THANKS!
  21. So I just finished my very first Whole30 this weekend. Greek yogurt was always a main staple of my diet which I missed. I bought full fat Greek yogurt and it's the only thing that's giving me a problem. Very quickly after eating it I find myself gassy and bloated as well as stomach cramps. I read someone's post yesterday about bloating with dairy and a moderator commented that this can happen since lactase hasn't been produced in the absence of dairy and your body will produce it again as you keep eating dairy. I really would like to be able to eat Greek yogurt. It's an easy on the go breakfast for me. I'd appreciate any advice or personal experience that you've had with this. Thank you!
  22. Hello, I'm looking for some help/advice on what I'm learning from my reintro. I finished my 2nd whole30 on July 20th. The first was 3 years back when I didn't have a health problem, just wanted to clean up my diet. I was surprised during that reintroduction that I get anxiety from grains in general, and had tummy trouble with peanuts. I have eaten a fairly low grain diet since that time, mainly rice. This recent whole30 was to try to help my autonomic nervous system disorder which causes racing heart and fainting. Within a week, I felt like a new person! I have gone very slowly into reintro because I do not want to mess up a good thing. Also, I do enjoy what I'm eating and don't really desire much besides compliant food, so I am in no hurry. I mainly want to do a good, thorough experiment. 1st week of reintro - rice (mix of white and brown). It gave me almost too much energy - anger/quick temper, and increased anxiety. It was also PMS week, so I decided that may be confounding and to try the reintro again sometime later. 2nd week: I ate compliant, a little lax on sugar in things like sauces (I ate ketchup at a restaurant). 3rd week: Reintro a small amount of dairy by adding cheese to an otherwise compliant dish. I noticed that afterward I had gas, bloating, and a bit more sudden urge for BMs. These are the symptoms of lactose intolerance, but here is my question: as far as I can tell, there is little to no lactose in cheese. Also, I added about 1 cup shredded cheese (0 g sugar) to an otherwise compliant dish, which I divided into 6 portions for the week. So how much lactose could I really be getting? Or am I just really super sensitive? I have never had tummy issues with dairy before. Yesterday, I went to a restaurant and had a mostly compliant salad with blue cheese (which I read has low lactose), and I got very sick afterward. Horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. It came on within an hour after eating, but I was basically fine in 6 hours. Seems classic for lactose intolerance, EXCEPT I don't think I was eating much lactose!!! I am very confused and would appreciate others' input. Do I wait a while and try dairy again? I truly am trying to make sure I only change one variable. Here is what I have been eating every day this past week, with the exception of yesterday's salad meal: Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1/4 avocado, sweet potato hash (eaten every single day of and since the whole30) Lunch:compliant taco salad (lettuce, tomato, olives, 1/2 avocado, banana pepper, compliant salsa, ground turkey cooked with onion, green pepper, spices) I ate this for 1 or 2 weeks during the whole30 for lunch. Dinner: chicken with coconut milk, sundried tomatoes, CHEESE, over zoodles. Yesterday's salad: BLUE CHEESE, Lettuce & spinach, hardboiled egg, bacon (w/sugar I'm sure), grilled chicken, tomatoes, red onions, no dressing. Final question: While the whole30 did wonders for one health issue, the thing that it did not help is my constant intestinal bloating, which has gradually gotten worse over the last 2 years. My abdomen is always hard and gets pains when pushed on, likely due to gas buildup. I do not get acute pain/cramping normally, just a general feeling of pressure/fullness all the time. From reading, I am thinking of trying a low FODMAP diet, and I have already tried to cut out broccoli, cabbage, and haven't eaten much fruit at all during the last 7 weeks. I do eat a lot of avocado. I am thinking of finishing my reintro, then eliminating FODMAPS but hopefully able to add in other foods such as rice. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! If you've read through this giant novel, thanks
  23. My husband and I did our Whole30 in June and began our Slow Roll Reintroduction on July 1. We've finished experimenting with legumes and non gluten grains with at least three fully compliant days between experiments, which has taken almost the whole month of July. In a few days, we'll begin reintroducing dairy products. We have split up foods into sub-groups within each category for our reintroductions and would like to do the same with dairy. What suggestions do you experienced Reintroducers have for the breakdown of dairy products for Reintroduction? For example, how many sub-categories do we need to test separately? Should we do yogurt by itself on one day, then, say, cottage cheese on a different day, and then a day of milk, cream, and non-clarified butter? Should we do cheeses separately from other dairy products, and if so, should we do soft cheeses separately from hard cheeses, and in what order? Where would reintroduction of ice cream and gelato fall in the process and would those foods need a separate day all for themselves because of their added sugar content? We're fine with a very slow roll process, if needed, but don't want to drag it out endlessly, either, if it doesn't make much of a difference for us to determine how we react to casein, lactose, etc. I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions - thank you all in advance!
  24. I guess this should be good news, but I am a little surprised by my reaction to dairy when I reintroduced it yesterday. I had yogurt with breakfast (egg and fruit were also included) and then gorgonzola cheese with my lunch (chicken burger with tomatoes and swiss chard) and after dinner I had some ice cream - something I've always wondered if I'm sensitive to. I was lactose intolerant as a child so I have a repulsion towards milk - no way I was going to introduce that, I am totally fine with the alternatives. I did however, expect immediate bloating and gas yesterday, and I felt none! I did feel some slight inflammation in my joints and did not sleep that great. When I introduced alcohol I felt the same kind of inflammation including weird calf pain! Same thing happened last night - like a charlie horse in my calf. I also had a slight headache yesterday but it was very minor and went away. After my first Whole 30 I figured out that I can't do beans, but I never figured out dairy or gluten. I most likely have mild IBS so I am wondering if my pre-Whole 30 symptoms (frequent bloating and gas) are triggered by a combination of things, like having both dairy and gluten, etc? I am so confused! I've looked into FODMAPs and got completely overwhelmed. Any words of wisdom about what I've noticed? I'll reintro gluten in a couple of days and see what happens, so that may open up some answers.
  25. searchingforserendipity

    Dizzyness when introducing dairy

    I have just started my reintroduction and I experienced dizziness. Has anyone else had dizziness with any reintroduction's?