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Found 77 results

  1. So I finished my W30 on July 31st and I thought I'd add some dairy to see if I can tolerate it. No problems. I still think dairy is a bad idea, but I may have the occasional dairy cheat while I'm not Whole30ing. A few days later, and I thought I'd try some wheat. Here is a list of what happened: 1. First of all, I felt disgustingly full, bloated, and gassy. 2. A day later, and I have a big zit in the middle of my face. 3. I was getting a pedicure today, and I noticed my sandals had made marks on my feet where they were too tight. (They are not normally tight.) Did my feet swell up? 4. When I did my workout, my knees hurt a lot. They did not hurt the whole time I was working out during the whole30. (Same exact workout.) I'm pretty sure wheat causes inflammation in my body. Has anyone else had symptoms like this when they reintroduced wheat?
  2. I just finished my whole30 four (4) days ago. I was advised, from my crossfit affiliate, that I can introduce dairy to see how my body would react. I didn't have any extreme problems but I did find myself having hunger pangs. After reading the whole9 resources page on dairy, it made sense that the insulin response of dairy was the cause of this. I train at a crossfit gym 5 days a week and one of my goals is to get stronger and faster, as with most of us at the box. Before doing the whole30 I used to supplement with protein shakes post workout and I thought drinking organic whole milk would be better than introducing protein shakes back into my diet. But here's where I'm confused, this whole30 program says to avoid dairy by all means, which I successfully done, but is it OK to reintroduce is at part of a normal paleo diet post whole30? Whole9 supports "SFH", which is a nutritional supplement company, so are their whey protein products approved for the whole9 lifestyle for athletes in training on a daily basis? Or is it strictly a business sponsorship/relationship like GNC is to Crossfit Games and McDonalds is to the Olympics? Their products do have some added sugar, which again is confusing to the whole9 premise. I'd like to get some feedback as to how to approach extra protein and/or supplements for athletes after completing the whole30. I am apt to keeping the diet in line as I've benefited from the entire whole30 experience, but I need some assistance in moving forward. Thanks. Carl