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Found 39 results

  1. I've put this in my log, but if anyone can give some guidance or help, it would be much appreciated. It's affecting my training. "Last nights training went into the toilet. No real energy what-so-ever. And it sucked. I have steady energy all day long. Mentally alert at all hours. Feel fine...until I need the adrenaline, the energy for a workout or a run. Then it's like I may as well just lay down and stare at the ceiling, it about as effective. I stopped my Spiralina this morning. I'll also be taking out all nightshades today. I looked up the cruciferous vegetables also, which is mentioned here somewhere or a linked site, that it can upset AI problems, so looking at taking those out too." I'm also wondering if I could benefit from some supplements like MSM, Iodine, Selenium etc. I would assume I should be getting enough of that from plenty of fresh vegetables, fats and protein though ? Any words of wisdom or experience welcome !
  2. When I committed to the Whole30, part of me went into it with a “diet†mindset as much as a mindset to find a solution to annoyances including allergies, hormone nuttiness, unreliable sleep and sluggish energy. I kind of figured I'd get through the 30 days, half assuming that I'd wind up somehow disappointed or resigned to reverting to my slovenly ways when it was over (because I was not very happy with myself when this started, you see). Well, this long-ass post is to tell you that A#1) Today is Day 30, and B#2) I have learned more about myself in these 30 days than I ever would have expected. I've learned that: I don't in fact need a glass (or two or three…) of wine every day. I have not lost my sense of humor, my charm or my creativity without it. I don't even need it to wind down or as a “sleep aide.†Cheese apparently has nothing to do with my physical or emotional well-being or survival. Sugar withdrawal can induce crazy vivid dreams to rival those I've only experienced on a nicotine replacement patch. When my body is sufficiently nourished, I don't crash. For the first time possibly ever, I don't find myself hitting the wall that requires a snack/mid-day coffee/nap. When my body is sufficiently nourished I don't crave anything. Really. And “noshy†just doesn't happen. Moving through day to day, week to week without the expectation of weighing in creates a clarity that allows me to notice how I feel, rather than worrying what I weigh. I am finally learning the language of my body, and how to tune in and listen. It is nearly impossible to find a healthful, all-natural, pre-packaged food. Convenience comes at the cost of processing, additives, chemicals and preservatives. Then again, lots of veggies, fruits, nuts and my two new favorites – hard boiled eggs and leftovers – are convenient when you have a plan. I have a new-found love for: Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Coconut Oil, Mason Jars, Avocados, Almond Butter, Bone-in/Skin-on Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower, Licorice Tea and 10pm Bedtime. I feel so damn good that I plan to continue until Easter, and then begin the reintroduction phase. And now I know that I can trust my body to let me know what works and what doesn't when the time comes. I've experienced a shift in my relationship with food, and a surprising development of respect for my self and my body. I'm glad I stuck with it. That is all. Thank you. I mean it: THANK YOU!
  3. chelilektra

    Neuro Drinks and Milk

    Hello. I have found that the Neuro Sonic energy drink works really well for me as an activator when I am having trouble with energy/focus/stress. I am about to try the Whole30 once more, but would love any advice on supplements/foods that could help me to replicate the effects of the drink without the added sugar content and dodgier ingredients. From what I can tell, the active ingredients are: Vitamin D (200 IU), Thiamin (0.45ms), Riboflavin (0.6mg), Niacin (5mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), and Vitamin B12 (6mcg) as well as a proprietary blend of Vaffeine, L-theanine (L-TeaActie), Choline, alphoscerate (Alpha GPC), Phosphatidylsenne, and Resveratrol. I also found that the last time I tried the Whole30 my milk cravings (particularly when on the rag) were out of control. I would love to hear if anyone has found a way to curb milk cravings, or has an idea what makes them so powerful (particularly in lady time). Thanks.
  4. Hello all! Today is day 16 of the Whole60 that I'm doing. By now I was hoping to expect some kind of energy increase and, let's just say some things beginning to firm up. I don't feel any smaller. In fact, I feel like I'm still in MY PANTS ARE TIGHTER on the timeline, but that should have past 9 days ago. Is it possible to be that far behind on the timeline? I seem to be still struggling with lack of energy to do much, and I get terribly bloated after lunch and dinner. I haven't had anything that isn't Whole30 approved so I don't know why I'm not getting better. I'm not sleeping any better, it's still extremely difficult to wake up even after 9+ hours of sleep, and I just feel....sluggish and generally "meh". All day. I want to go back to the gym because it makes my body feel better, more loose and limber, but I just can't muster the energy. A typical day of food looks like; Breakfast - 2 eggs cooked usually over medium (because that's my favorite. I can eat that every day forever) 1-2 servings of either broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower (steamed) Occasionally I will eat a half serving of snow peas 1 handful of olives (sometimes a few cashews too, depending on how hungry I am) 1 mug of caffeine free Bengal Spice tea (it has no soy lecithin or added sweeteners) Lunch - 1 serving of chicken breast or salmon (usually grilled on the George Foreman) 2 servings of whichever veggie I didn't eat for breakfast, or asparagus (steamed) Every other day I eat a medium sweet potato 1 handful of olives again (I need to go get more olives and some other fat sources) Dinner - An almost identical copy of lunch. I sometimes switch which veggie it is, and I don't eat the sweet potato for dinner. (Yes, this is a boring meal plan. This is all I have until payday, when I can get more variety.) What can be changed to get me out of this funk I seem to be in?
  5. Hi, I'm on day 16 and I feel like crap. I have virtually no energy at all (I find it hard to do even one pushup, I used to be able to do 15-20!!) and my brain is fogged. To be honest, I would rather stay in bed all day. Unfortunately, I have loads of work to do, and I would like to get back to exercising as well (couldn't exercise because I had a cold last week). Now, what should I do? I read that you should up your starches if you feel your energy levels are low. What good sources of starches could I use? I can't have pumpkin (major bloating & pain) and sweet potatoes cost a fortune over here. Should I just have a few white potatoes? (I know they're forbidden) I eat root veggie cakes (beets, parsnips, carrots) but honestly, I don't like them very much and they're a lot of work to make. To be honest I don't think they helped my energy levels either. (Maybe starch isn't the problem here?) I'm confused. I really need to get back to exercising, I miss it
  6. Day Fourteen, the almost-halfway point of my Whole30! I'm strongly considering extending my Whole30 to a Whole45. Honestly, I feel phenomenal, my workout recovery is easier, my energy levels are tremendously more stable, my body doesn't feel inflamed, and my outlook on life has been far more optimistic and positive. Waking up in the early-morning hours was nearly impossible; now, I wake up with the first chime of my alarm clock. Rather than plummeting energy levels throughout the day, my energy levels seem very stable. I find myself disbelieving that after a CrossFit WOD that difficult, my recovery time is significantly less than it has ever been before. I'm not experiencing bloating or inflammation in my hands and feet anymore. My general perspective seems lighter and brighter. I am thoroughly enjoying cooking and experimenting with new recipes too. The food is delicious!! I also went for five hours without eating today, and wasn't lightheaded or ill. Before Whole30, that would have never been the case. What's not to love? The only real struggle that I'm currently facing is what I believe to be detox. I've struggled with mild-moderate acne for years and tried lots of prescription antibiotics and harsh chemicals, but nothing has resolved the issue. I had moderate breakouts before Whole30, but around day seven of Whole30, I noticed a lot of new breakouts, especially around my mouth and chin. I also noticed a lot of whiteheads and very dry skin. I've heard that it often gets worse before it gets better, and I'm hoping that is true. The breakouts are definitely still here, but I feel like they may be less inflamed now, on day fourteen. I'm hoping to complete this program with clearer skin- however long it may take. I want to take 'Day 15' pictures, but is that like a measurement? I have not stepped on a scale or taken new measurements since I started the program. I'd love to compare what I look like now to the 'Day 0' photos, but I don't want to cheat at all. Feedback, please!!
  7. Today, my twelfth day, brought a challenge that I haven't really encountered while on this journey. I was HUNGRY several different times between meals and before meals. I have been training vigorously at CrossFit (5-6 days/week) and running lightly (2 days/week), but I don't think that it's burning enough to ignite this appetite: Day 12: Pre-WO: One egg and one cup of coffee. Post-WO/Breakfast: Turkey and sweet potato. Lunch: Southwestern salad. Side of blueberries. Snack: Celery, turkey rolls, and a slice of avocado. Dinner: Steak (palm sized portion), cauliflower mash, broccoli, and mushroom stir fry. Frozen blueberries and almond milk after dinner. I ate a lot today, and I really don't want to affect my results. However, I recognize the need to fuel my workouts and runs. Is this too much to consume in one day?
  8. MrsKT

    Day 31: Whole30 Recap

    Introduction: I have spent the last several years trying to reclaim my college figure, which really started about 5 minutes after I graduated. I have been plagued over the years with seasonal allergies, a horrible caffeine addiction, uneven bouts of energy over the course of a day, poor sleeping patterns, and gut bloat among other things. Over the years, I tried so many “diet plans†and options including (1) calorie cutting, (2) meal replacement shakes/ drinks, (3) diet pills and supplements, and (4) crazy exercise routines. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, I heard about Whole30. I originally learned about the plan from my friend Sarah, who was in the last days of her first Whole30. Turns out a college friend, Laura, also had experience with Whole30. Between these two ladies, I had a good accountability and support system. After hearing their personal testimonials, I decided to begin “Mission Whole30 Educationâ€. However, even with the support system and research, I had to deal with myself. Time and time again, dieting had failed for one reason or another. When it came down to it, I was afraid. Afraid of the unknown, afraid of changing the routine at home, afraid of admitting I had unhealthy relationships with food, afraid of a new lifestyle, afraid of the financial and time commitment required for clean eating, and the biggest fear… Failure: “It will be too hard and this isn't a good fit for my lifestyle, so I already know it won't work.†At the end of the day, the only thing I had to be afraid of was my future. Did I want my future to be one where food controlled or contributed to my mood, sleep, health, stress level, work productivity, or personal relationships? The answer was a resounding “NO!†inside my head. And food is linked to all of those things. Whole30 promised a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet as so many before had done. I felt this time was truly different. So, after a lot of researching and soul-searching, I was ready to move from pure contemplation to actual preparation. In the few days before my start date, my determination only continued to grow. At that point, I was sure that I would make it to 30. Method: I was 99.9% compliant with the program—only one small issue with some salad dressing during my first week. During the Whole30, I ate beef, chicken, seafood, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, olives, clarified butter or ghee, and healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil. Notes: The Whole30 involves a lot of prep-work and planning. No really, a ton. I spent about $100 just buying non-food supplies that I would need for the new plan which included extra plastic storage containers, Ziploc bags in all sizes, an insulated lunch bag, freezer packs, Nalgene water bottles, and cast iron pans. (In case you wondered: Plastic storage containers and Ziplocs are for pre-portioning, freezing and traveling with food. The lunch bag and freezer packs were also for food travel, mostly to take to work. The Nalgene water bottles—2 of them—were to make sure I was drinking the recommended half-my-body-weight-in-ounces of filtered agua per day. Agua means water, I live in Texas folks. Cast iron is generally thought to be a safer cooking tool than non-stick pans, which will eventually start to degrade and become an undesired “additive†to your food. When eating chemical-free, fresh food those additives are highly undesirable.) My only setback occurred with salad dressing on a business lunch. I called prior to the reservation, spoke to a manager regarding my restrictive diet, and was assured that a dressing option was available without sugar, only to find out that was not the case… After I was halfway through the salad, of course. I chalked it up as a “learning experience†with the Whole30 moderators, as it was purely accidental in nature. Also, I indulged in some faux-ice cream during week 4, around day 26. It had 100% compliant ingredients (frozen bananas, unsweetened cocoa powder, fresh ground almond butter, and coconut milk blended) and I only ate a small amount, which did not affect the remainder of my meal or the day. Therefore, I do not regret that decision to have a little “faux-creamâ€. Lastly, I was not compliant in breaking up with my scale. I did not get good measurements for myself on day 1 of the program. Therefore, I used once weekly weigh-ins to help me determine my progress in addition to the changes in the fit of my clothing. Looking back, it would have been much more fun to be totally surprised on day 30. I think I will stick to that on my next Whole30. Results: We have arrived to the conclusion section for my personal results in following the Whole30 food regimen. WEIGHT: Lost 10.8 pounds. Obviously, the first 2-4 pounds were water weight. After that, my body began using fat stores as energy instead of the previously negotiated route of readily available insulin (aka blood sugar) and glycogen. Also, there are very noticeable improvements in my mid-section: “gut bloat†has drastically reduced, love handles are nearly gone, and I can see my abs again! Who knew all those gym days were actually creating results underneath the yucky-tummy?? INCHES: I did not get full measurements on day 1. I believe the total is somewhere between 5 and 6 for my arms, thighs, waist, and stomach. I should have included my neck, chest, calves and butt but I didn't. Next time I will be more diligent. CLOTHING: I am down one size in women's clothing (which is really 2 numbers). And I am, in fact, wearing jeans that I have not been able to fit into since undergrad. I purchased these Lucky Jeans, I believe during Summer 2005. So we're talking about 8 year old jeans that now fit again. Woo-hoo! SLEEP: I am on a normal sleep schedule, for the most part. During the week, my brain begins sending “tired signals†about 1.5 -2 hours post dinner. At that point, I have listened (instead of fighting) and begun the preparations for sleep. Most nights, I have refrained from using electronic devices within an hour of falling asleep, to aid my brain in beginning the resting process. Re-reading It Starts With Food has been a good, easy way to make my eyes (and brain) more tired. Once I am asleep, I rarely waken until morning. I am sleeping a solid 7 to 8 hours per night, which is a gigantic improvement from the 5 to 6 hours (not including the mid-night awake periods) of the previous routine. It seems that my body has adjusted to the patterns of light and dark better than ever before. I have not felt tired or lethargic during the day either, with no thoughts of napping or resting at all. ENERGY: Let's talk about the energy! When I woke up every morning, my energy was drastically better than it was pre-Whole30. No one would have ever described me as a “morning person,†especially not without caffeine. Things have changed. After the first 4 days of adjustment, I no longer needed a sugary latte in my morning routine. I actually quit caffeine in the morning, because my body wasn't telling me that I needed it anymore. When I did have a morning beverage, it was either (1) water or (2) decaffeinated tea. (Water became a much bigger staple in my daily routine too!) There were a few days during my Whole30 that I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked, which resulted in a slightly different day energy-wise. But I was able to chug through them without using caffeine as a crutch. If you had told me that was possible 60 days ago, I would have laughed in your face. When I got 7- 8 hours of sleep, I did not experience a change in energy during the course of the next day. My energy level stayed stable between meals and even heightened during workouts, which used to be a battle just to “gear myself up†to find the energy. Obviously, the energy began to dissipate after dinner, which is actually the normal pattern of good sleep. So all good in this department! DIGESTION: Well, no one really wants to talk about this but I'm going to anyway. Because people will wonder about it and have questions on their own Whole30 journey. I asked questions and had discussions with my girlfriends about the topic. So here we go. My bowels and gut were definitely “irregular†before Whole30. I might have even had an acute case of “leaky guy†as it is so named in the medical community, based on my usual symptoms after eating an unhealthy meal. Bloating, gassiness, distended abdomen, and general heaviness in the stomach are not normal bodily reactions to food. Now, my digestion is normal—stomach never feels nauseous or heavy after eating; my restroom habits are regular and comfortable (Google it!), absorption of water and other liquids is high, and no bloat even when digesting lots of red meat and dense vegetables. And the best result: My brain now tells me when I am full! I don't have to wait until I am miserable for the message to transmit from stomach to brain! IT IS MAGIC!! SKIN: Since I have been in middle school, I have (like most women) struggled with one week per month of misbehaving skin. Obviously, this is mostly an effect of the rapid change in hormone levels that surrounds that oh-so-lovely time of the month. *Note: Gentlemen, feel free to applaud us for dealing with this every month for a 40 year timeframe.* The rest of the time, my skin was usually classified as “good†with only a few dark spots, slightly oily in the T-zone, acne scars, uneven color, etc. No matter what I tried—regular facials, new washes/lotions/gels/creams, shower steaming, picking/ not picking—I still had issues. Pre-Whole30 I decided to stick with the exact same skin regiment during the 30 as before, so that the control stayed the same and the only difference was diet. Over the course of 30 days, I saw an overall improvement in my skin. I decided not to have a facial, to see how my pores reacted to zero elimination. Even during that typical problem week, I had far fewer issues. My skin looks more evenly colored and natural. The typical T-zone oiliness has significantly diminished, although not disappeared. I have heard more than once, that my face and eyes are “glowingâ€. Which has been followed with a question about pregnancy on two occasions (but no, I am not pregnant.) Maintenance: Here is the difficult part: Defining and maintaining with a successful plan for the future. Like say, staying away from horrible caffeine addictions. In order to successfully maintain, I will have to constantly remind myself about the positive changes that have resulted from the completion of the Whole30. I will continue to internalize the benefits of the program through self-testing and continued education, focusing on the meaningful and worthwhile information. I will have to be patient with myself, realizing that years and years of bad habits cannot be undone in only 30 days. This lifestyle change will be a continuing struggle and I will not be perfect, but I will continue to push myself and stay committed to the future. Starting today, I will stay on a Whole30/strict Paleo diet, until a food item that is so delicious and worth the indulgence crosses my path. At that point, I will make a conscious choice to come off plan for that special item. These indulgences will be well-thought, not impulsive, and unrelated to alcohol fueled situations. I will not cave to grocery store cookies, cheap chain fast food meals, not-so-special sandwiches, and other ordinary and easily obtained items. I will be prepared for events and occurrences where off-plan food will be served, armed with back-up snacks and approved food items. I will continue to grocery shop for healthier food when available, while also reminding myself that whole food is better than processed, ingredient added food no matter the conditions. I will not allow myself to be controlled by the lack of convenient, easy food options; I will remind myself that my health is worth the extra effort. Lastly, I will stand strong in my decision to create this lifestyle change even when met with opposition, because this is MY BODY and MY HEALTH. The only person I am cheating by cheating is me.
  9. My (live-in) boyfriend and I are on day 13. So far, things have been going really well. The first week was a bit of a shock with regard to the amount of time it took to shop/cook/prepare 3 meals a day, but that's partly because I love to cook, and didn't want to settle for anything less than delicious, diverse meals, and we were still getting the hang of portion sizes. During week 1, I was cranky, irritable, tired, and spending most of my free minutes banishing the sugar dragon. He was happy as a clam, eating meat, trying new things and generally had no real lethargy. Week 2 has been different. I feel amazing - so much energy, loving the food, finding new recipes daily. He, however, is having difficulty sleeping, lack of energy and just confessed to me last night that he has been feeling hungry ALL the TIME (except immediately after meals). We are both committed to the 30 days, so there is no doubt in my mind that he will see this through, but he is really starting to doubt why we're doing this. My first hunches are these, but I wanted to check in to see what y'all thought: 1. He isn't eating enough. He weighs 100 lbs more than me and I am feeding him the same meals I am eating (give or take 1/2 serving). 2. He isn't eating enough carbs. He is not a sweet potato fan, although he has been eating them in hash and as sides (I roast them with ground chipotle). 3. He is experiencing what I experienced week 1 during week 2? As an aside, he doesn't love avocado, sweet potato, and he doesn't like the flavor of coconut. He doesn't mind/notice if I include any of these things, but he isn't gobbling them up like I am. As another aside, our previous eating habits were that I counted calories, weighed myself 2x per day and ate a broad array of "low-calorie" foods - low fat pb on 100 calorie bagel thins, non-fat greek yogurt, special K cereal with skim milk, lean cuisines, etc. He, on the other hand, pretty much ate what he wanted all the time. I'm not sure how y'all can help but I feel like I need to reach out. I feel SO good - clothes are already falling off me and sustained bouts of energy like I have never felt before (used to have to eat every 2 hours or would be extremely hangry). On the other hand, he is sleeping terribly and hungry! Help!
  10. I'm currently on day 9 of my first Whole 30 which I'm following strictly having read 'It starts with food'. I'm not having much fruit, hardly any snacks - maybe a few nuts, I don't get hungry between meals. I'm having plenty of good fat and protein, loads of different veg. I haven't calculated what carbs I'm having but I think its a bit on the low side. For many years have had the problem that I'm very sluggish first thing, I usually want some extra sleep. I might be yawning a bit in the evening but when I go to bed my mind starts going and I won't go to sleep for quite a while. I also got very lethargic at certain points in the day, particularly late afternoon. I seldom have enough energy that I can sustain much exercise. Concentration was increasingly a problem. I didn't have a weight problem, my blood tests were all spot on so the doctor could offer no advice. I already had what I thought of as a good diet - I didn't eat junk. My energy is now much more stable though still quite low overall, but I still have this problem with waking up and going to sleep. I have a feeling that this won't be resolved by continuing with the plan as I am doing, and I'm concerned that my progress will be negatively affected by lack of quality sleep. , especially after reading 'The Paleo Solution' where the importance of sleep is greatly stressed. Things I've tried include not looking at any screens an hour before bed or doing anything else that's stimulating. I have a cup of camomile tea before bed sometimes. I don't have caffeine in the PM - I do have a coffee first thing. I don't have any particular stress or worry at the moment that would upset my sleep. In the past I've just put this down to being a "night owl" but I was hopeful the new diet could turn that around. Are my cortisol levels wrong - too low in the morning and too high later on? Could it be related to carbs? This is the thing I'm unsure of - I don't want to have too much and not be able to become 'fat adapted' or too little and not be able to perform, or end up in ketosis. I'm going to try having a bit more in "meal 3". Many thanks David
  11. Hello! I am on day 10 now and feeling fantastic! Its easy to go shopping because there are so many things I cannot have so less decisions to be made, I eat big platefuls of really yummy food, I don't get hungry again for ages, my breastmilk supply has not altered as far as I am aware, my "mummy brain" has gone, no afternoon lull, really happy and cheery all the time, better skin, and my jeans are much looser. This is fab. Normally when I drop my 3 year old at nursery school for the afternoon I come home desperate for a rest and hoping my 7 month old will nap. Today I put baby in the carrier and walked up to the supermarket (only half a mile or less) to get some bits and pieces and I really enjoyed the exercise. This way of eating is so helpful when you have young kids and don't get much chance to sit still! Oh and I will probably lose weight but actually I'm not bothered about that now. Loving it
  12. Folks - I started my official Whole30 3 days ago - I'm a bit worried that I'm not experiencing any of the side-effects everyone's been talking about - negative or positive! No grogginess or cravings (however, I do have some wicked dreams of cheating!!), nor more energy or fresh feeling,etc... Maybe I need to get a few more days into it seeing as "everyone's different". I'd love to hear if anyone has feedback or similar experiences/worries! Additionally - I'm a little concerned that eating less-than-kosher-grade meat might be affecting the detox process - could this really make all the difference if I prepare my meat leanly?
  13. 4 Complaints after my Whole30. 1. Put on a pair of shorts last night and they fell off. Put on a skirt this morning and it fell down to my butt. This may get expensive! 2. I go for my run and I don't want to stop, I add in sprints, I do push ups. This is time consuming! 3. My muscles are really showing. I can feel my six pack through my shirt. This intimidates others! 4. Wine is no longer worth it. My collection will have to wait for company!
  14. AmyB

    Ok then!

    So! I am done. It wasn't perfect, and that's fine. What does that word even mean, anyway? Here's what I saw that I'm happy about: 1. Improved, more consistent energy throughout the day, with just a few days that were not optimal. 2. Better sleep. I know when I am having crazy dreams, I am processing stuff and getting in the good REM zone, and that's definitely been happening. I just need to work on getting to bed a little earlier. 3. Better mental clarity/focus. I spent less time messing around at work and at home and actually got stuff done like a real adult. This mostly showed up during the last 5 days for me. 4. Better-behaved skin and hair. I have had weird scalp problems my whole life, and now they are gone. Hooray! I also have keratosis pilaris, and that is much improved. 5. I had more gas in the tank during CrossFit metcons. 6. I made it the whole time without eating any smoothies/shakes for breakfast. I'm pretty proud of that. I don't miss cleaning out the blender, that's for sure. 7. My mom and sister are both recovering alcoholics, so it was really important to me to try 30 days with no alcohol. I did have a few days when I *really* wanted that glass of wine, but no way was I going to slip. And it was fine. I'm glad to know that I can do that. Here's what I will probably reintroduce: 1. Full-fat dairy (Greek yogurt & such) 2. Rice. I enjoy Indian and Lebanese food, and I'm sorry, but cauliflower rice tastes like cauliflower. It just does not work for me. This won't be an all the time thing, but just when I go out, I'm not going to lose my mind over it. 3. Red wine. Mayyyyyyybe a Bell's Oberon once a year, since it's made in my city and all. 4. Regular bacon from my favorite farmer. I believe he uses turbinado sugar in his curing process. 5. Bagels. No, just kidding. My bagel days are over. Where I screwed up or could just improve in general: 1. Letting myself get too thirsty, and then misreading that signal as hunger, 2. Not being prepared with snacks on an overnight trip. 3. LOTS of fruit and coconut milk. I just really like it. I don't know; I'm a smaller-sized person, so I wasn't really concerned with weight gain, but it could be a) a sweet tooth thing or a convenience food thing. I'm going to try this during a winter month when I have less access to fresh fruit and see how that goes. 4. Munching when I get bored, anxious, or annoyed. I am going to relax about food for a little bit. I'm going to eat some cheese and drink some wine, but I'm going to pay attention. I will keep Whole30 in my toolbox, and try this again in a different season. This forum is great - thanks, all, for your support, ideas and humor! XO