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Found 28 results

  1. I am on day 25 of my whole30 and my main goal is to reduce the pain I experience due to fibromyalgia. However, despite almost being done, I have no relief. I wanted to know how long it took anyone else with fibro to feel better. I'm not against doing this for a longer amount of time but I don't want to feel too restricted when Thanksgiving comes around, not that I intend to undo any good I've done during this time.
  2. SweetColleen

    Starting Saturday August 24

    I've done my research and am excited to get started. I have Fibromyalgia, IBS, Acid Reflux due to low acid production, B12 deficiency due to malabsorption, a sluggish Thyroid, PMDD and a panic disorder. It sounds like a lot, I know. I smoke, drink occasionally and am a major carb junkie, especially late at night. I'm sick and tired of feeling like crap all of the time. I'm actually at my ideal weight, but am far from healthy. I've quit smoking before so I'm confident I can do it again, and can only do it cold turkey so this all works perfect for me. I have my shopping list and meal plan so I know what to buy and what not to buy and I'll be checking labels. And I'm so glad for the forums because my family is NOT doing the diet with me so at home I'm on my own.
  3. A little background: I am 32 and I have fibromyalgia with the regular associated problems (joint pain, headaches, low-level IBS symptoms) that I am REALLY hoping will be alleviated by the Whole30 since my rheumatologist's only other suggestion is a medication that I don't want to take. I stay home with two small children and still breastfeed the youngest 2x daily. I am guessing that most people with fibromyalgia try the AIP, but I can't begin that right away for reasons I'll explain in a minute and wanted to start doing *something* immediately because I've been feeling lousy. The problem I am facing right now is that I am Eastern Orthodox and our Lent continues until May 5. Typically, Orthodox are vegans during this time but I have gotten permission to eat fish and eggs. This has been helpful, but I know that I eat too many nuts and nut butters because I am just not satiated at the end of every meal. I also eat too much fruit, which is due to a lingering sweet tooth and (usually) to go with cashew or almond butter. A typical day for me goes something like this: breakfast /// 3 farm eggs over wilted greens or sauteed veggies lunch /// tuna salad (1/2 avocado + 1/2 can tuna in EVOO + apple + celery), veggies dinner /// baked or grilled tilapia with roasted veggies (sweet potato, carrots, etc) snacks /// celery or apple with nut butter, blueberries with coconut milk (I also take 2 mL of fermented cod liver oil, a probiotic, and 200 mg of a magnesium aspartat/lactae/citrate blend each day. I added the magnesium recently because I saw it suggested in the forums and I have been SO. SO tired.) Again, it is obvious to me that there's definitely too much sweet stuff in my diet. I just don't know what else to eat, especially for protein. I should also mention that I am on day 21 and it has been rough going. I have really struggled with energy and had some pretty dramatic blood sugar crashes during the first two weeks. My IBS has gotten a little better but definitely not gone away. Aches & pains are a little better but definitely still there. This might be due to some small slips (I eat a very small piece of communion bread 2x weekly, I found out that some of my cashews had peanut oil on them) or it might be because I need to cut out nuts and eggs, but I just cannot imagine eating (or affording) fish 3x daily. Any suggestions? Also, are there any other Orthodox Whole30ers out there??