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Found 45 results

  1. Hello forum! I'm Batya Chava, underemployed teacher, CrossFitter, tea enthusiast, mother, afflicted with bipolar type II disorder, and sufferer of frequent migraines. Why I'm here: I lost 60lbs a couple years ago with exercise and calorie tracking, but since then I've found it hard to motivate myself to eat very healthy and not constantly "cheat." My diet isn't even close to as bad as it was when I lived off mostly pizza pops and Dr. Pepper, so I'm not really worried about being obese again, and I do hit the gym about six times a week, but the poutine and red velvet cake is holding me back athletically, and I don't feel like I have that "healthy relationship with food" that everyone's talking about. And my recovery sucks. DOMS lasts for days. The migraines. The medication for them is effective, but they happen way too often. My mood disorder, on the other hand, has been very resistant to medication. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps, so does exercising regularly (seriously, it probably saved my life), but I'm still cycling. Like, I can hold down a job now, but I still spend months at a time depressed. I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. I consider myself quite well prepared. I bought some paleo ketchup, made bulk breakfast sausage, and put all the dried pasta and sugary salad dressings in a box in the basement. Wish me luck!
  2. I am day 7 on my very first whole 30 and I am wondering if I am eating way too much fat, starch and if my portion sizes are way too big. I just need some help because I really want to succeed. I went into this thinking I hated most veggies but I have realized I actually love them and this has been life changing so far. My eating in a day: Black coffee, 2 eggs fried in olive or coconut oil(I cover the bottom of the pan) sometimes I add spinach to eggs, a potato hash(butternut squash, sweet potato, white potato) previously roasted and warmed up in same pan as eggs. These are always a very generous portion of the hash. Like very. Lunch: some kind of roasted veggies warmed in a pan with oil, roasted chicken with guac or dip Supper: a lot like lunch but maybe with some potato hash. I hardly ever snack maybe a banana at night. And I drink the water I need to. My servings of veggies are always well over half my plate but not sure if I'm eating too much starch (low carb diet recovery) Help!!!
  3. Hi! first time doing Whole30 and honestly i have seen great things so far in terms of allergies and almost completely elimating painful sinus headaches. I feel like I’m in the groove and making better food decisions but still ... i cheated and got on the scale and immediate depression. No weight loss. Is this normal? I’m also not really working out at the moment. Stomach seems flatter but honestly kinda bummed. 31YO. Thanks!!!
  4. Alisa1990

    Starting 5/7/18

    Hey everyone! I'm Alisa. I'm beginning my first round of W30 on May 7th. I am a little nervous (especially since it's my birthday week) but I am also excited to get my nutrition on track and see what happens in the coming 30 days! Anyone else starting early May? I would love accountability!
  5. Couchpotayto

    Whole30 First Timer

    Hello Everyone! I am so happy this forum exists so I can run to any of you, read stories and share my experiences. (I hope I am using this correctly) I will be starting my journey this week, I am finishing The Whole30 30 day guide and educating myself as much as possible before I begin. I am very excited....but also TERRIFIED! Is this normal? I just want to succeed. I have struggled A LOT my entire life with my weight. I am a 25 year old woman, and I am at my heaviest starting weight (278.3 and I am 5'9"). My relationship with food is not "unhealthy", I just do not know how to eat. I will usually skip breakfast, have a small lunch and binge when I get home, which is not ok by any means. I also have not exercised in months. I wish I could just tell myself to get up and do things but I struggle greatly. Has anyone else been in my shoes? I am reaching out to you, any of you for support. I am excited to do this, but what else can I use as a push other than what I WANT?
  6. I feel really confident that I can do this, it's just a matter of getting everything planned out! Eeeeek! Any suggestions? I'm pretty excited! Also, I'm a vegetarian, so if any fellow veggies would like to team up please let me know!
  7. Hello! I started Whole30 because I am in need of a RESET! I look forward to finding "food freedom."
  8. Just saying "HELLO" to my fellow Whole30ers and holding myself accountable by posting my introduction and my intent to start. Looking forward to life changes!! If anyone has any valuable getting started tips I'd greatly appreciate them! Best, Karla
  9. Sorry if this is too long and in the wrong place, I'm a newbie! This is my first Whole30, doing it with my partner thank goodness. We eat pretty healthy generally (conscientious omnivore, almost always cook at home, eat lots of colorful organic veggies, fruits, and free range meats & eggs), and i didnt have obvious food allergy issues, but my eating habits and mood have not been great the past year. I had been anxious and depressed, and was "coping" by consuming steadily more and more "snacky" processed wheat carbs like bread and crackers, lots of dairy, alcohol, and processed stuff, and I seemed to be in a rut where i was feeling bad so i "treated" myself to these unhealthy, easy comfort foods, but then I felt even worse, and the cycle continued. I knew I needed to hit the reset button, big time! I had researched the links between inflammation/gut health and depression, and am really hoping the whole30 can help me. The first 5 or 6 days felt like a breeze. Cooking with whole foods was nothing new, I was totally satisfied with the creative and tasty meals we came up with, and was really patting myself on the back for sailing through without having the cravings I expected to have. (Cue the dramatic music that lets you know something terrible is about to happen)... Then... just shy of week 2, things plummeted. I was desperately miserable, basically "Kill All The Things" for a week straight, with terrible alcohol cravings (a big wake up call!), bad insomnia, and no energy at ALL. I completely lost my appetite, and I struggled to force myself to stay on track as far as eating enough, and in the appropriate ratios of protein and carbs instead of just snacking on fruit to boost my blood sugar enough to get by. Not to mention all the dietary changes (and increased fiber and fats) were resulting in some, ahem, less than pleasant changes in the bathroom. When they say days 10 & 11 are "The Hardest Days", it is NO JOKE! It was really interesting stepping back and watching my brain try to rationalize reasons I should quit or cheat, but I summoned my willpower and stayed the course. By day 12, things were improving a lot, and today at day 15, I feel like I'm already over the hump and seeing a big increase in mood and energy levels! Yay! I'm sleeping well, I'm waking up in the morning feeling... wait, what is that strange sensation? Is it... a good mood, and energy?!? What? When is the last time THAT happened, never ago??? Meals feel pretty easy and satisfying again (I find I do WAY better focusing on "naturally compliant" meals rather than trying to fake a non-compliant dish with compliant ingredients). I look forward to seeing what the next 15 days bring, whatever it might be!
  10. I'm planning on starting February 5th but I wanted to post in the forum first and see if anyone else was starting then too! This is my first time doing the whole30, and I want to see if anyone here is doing it/has done it while being a full-time college student (which I am). I'm trying to plan out meals specifically, but it's also hard being on campus 24/7. I've read through the whole website but I'd love any advice for first-timers, especially if you've done it through university life. And if you're starting next week as well, it would be great to talk to someone else doing it at the same time. Thanks everyone!
  11. Rmbdk

    Struggle Bus

    Hi everyone! This is my first whole30 and my start day was January 2 . So this is day 4 for me! Today I am the queen of the struggle bus! Man alive are these cravings for dairy and sugar intense!!! I also can’t remember the last time I was so moody. I teared up looking in the fridge last night because I couldn’t have cheese. I feel SO uncomfortable and like I just want to crawl out of my skin! I’ve read that week 1 can be bad and weeks 2-3 are when the “tiger blood” flows. Damn I hope this is true! Im worry that 1. I’ll feel this way the whole whole30 2. I wont loose weight the way other people seem to with this change And while weight loss isn’t my sole goal - if I don’t lose weight and I’m miserable the whole time I will really feel like this was for nothing and that just makes me mad and sad! So I guess I’m looking for some reassurance that the scale will budge, I can/will feel better and this “on edge” feeling will subside.
  12. Hi! My name is Erin. This is my first time doing Whole30. I’m so excited to start. I have so many ailments that I’m interested to see if they will be alleviated by this program. I have followed some Whole30 recipes in the past, but never committed to the program. I didn’t realize what it was really about. I honestly thought it was a program for quick weight loss. And although I want to lose a significant amount of weight, I know that quick isn’t sustainable, so I wrote off the whole program as another fad diet. But a few weeks ago, something drew me to the program, and I started doing my research. I’m reading The Whole30 right now,and I’m listening to “It Starts With Food.” So I have some questions that I’m hoping some of you can share your experience to help me answer. First, I work at a breakfast restaurant. I get to work anywhere between 5am-7am, and my days are 10-12 hour days. I have figured out what I can and cannot eat at the restaurant during Whole30, and am planning to bring lots of my own meals. So that is not the issue. I usually don’t get a chance to eat until after 10am. The program says to eat 3 meals a day. I usually have a small snack and a latte before work (I usually wake up hungry, even at 3am), eat a meal sometime after 10, a snack on the way home, between 3pm-5pm, workout, then have dinner between 7-8, in bed by 9. On workdays I usually don’t get 3 solid meals. Would you suggest having a meal first thing in the morning? What would your suggestions be? Like I said, I really want to start ASAP! But, I know I need to plan and prepare. I think I can start on Thursday January 4th as my day 0. I haven’t finished (nor will I by then) listening to or reading the books. Would you suggest waiting until I have finished the books, or can I just get started? What specifically works for you before workouts? Most days I won’t have a ton of time (maybe 15 minutes) before a workout. What I’ve read so far says to have some protein and fat. But what is the best thing to have that would be readily on hand. Same question for post workout. Thank you for your suggestions! I’m looking forward to hearing from your experience! Erin
  13. elizabeth.joan

    Starting January 2nd!

    Hi, everyone January 2nd will mark my first day of my first Whole30! I've done my food shopping, so New Year's day will consist of me cleaning out my fridge and cupboards, while I prepare food for my first week. I'm really excited to make this change, but also nervous. Does anyone have any tips for a first timer to help push through cravings? I have a feeling my hardest moments will be at night because I love to snack! I'm trying to think of some things I can do to help distract myself during down time at home. I love doing yoga, so I'm going to work on incorporating it into my Whole30 journey. Here's to a bright start in 2018!
  14. kkdtbandit

    First Whole30 starting Nov 30

    Have been reading a lot about this program and am currently reading The Whole30. I am pretty healthy and generally follow a good diet but I know I could cut back on wine and I know that dairy does not agree with me. I have terrible insomnia and am hoping that calming my gut may also calm my sleep patterns. I also have a terrible track record of starting all kinds of challenges and then bailing shortly after when things get hard...hoping this is not the the case this time. I know pre-Christmas is likely not an ideal time to start but I am currently between jobs so have no excuse not to food prep and have a vacation planned for the first week of February so want to have time to complete and reintegrate foods before we go. I'm 56 and want to stay healthy to enjoy and keep up with my grandbabes! Looking forward to the journey.
  15. I'm starting Whole30 11/24, day after Thanksgiving. I've been testing the waters the past 10 days and enjoying all that I've prepared and eaten. Most of the pantry issues are resolved. I also decided, after reading the books, that I will drop out eggs and nightshades, as I have autoimmune conditions. That is making things trickier. Luckily, I discovered I really like sweet potatoes! I'll be interested in more egg-free breakfast options. I'm excited to think about food that is just food and is NOT laced with additives. I've been shocked in my try-out period how many things have sugar!! My regular chicken broth has added sugar. Why??? I'm not all-in on the paleo concept. Rather, I think the plan is more like "Gramma's Farm plan" - i.e., my Hoosier grandparents who raised vegetables and animals and ate what they grew. I like this idea a lot. Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. charlene86

    Day 10

    Hello, I started my first whole 30 October 1st. Two of my sisters have been telling me how great this program is for a long time. Last year I got the book and started to read it and doing online research but I wasn't ready to commit to the program. I knew I had to quit smoking first. I quit in February of this year and I have gained a lot of weight ( I was already overweight so it added to the amount I needed to loose.) I have been trying to eat better, drink more water and I work out almost everyday, I had my dr check me for any medical problems and nothing so I knew it was time for me to try something new. I don't normally blog or go on websites and introduce myself so this is also new for me. So far I am on Day 10- I feel really good and haven't had to many cravings. I have had couple of dreams that I ate something or drank something sweet and felt bad but once I woke up I laughed about it. I can't wait to see how I feel in the next few weeks.
  17. Valcapone

    Starting Oct 9

    I am starting W30 for the first time on Monday, and I am a big sugar addict. My biggest goals are to kick the sugar habit. Change my habits around food being a reward/consolation for my emotional stress. Teach my kids how to make good food choices (they are three and two). I’d also like to start a regular yoga practice. And I’m excited to see what positive changes my body goes through. But I’m really nervous too. Worried about sugar cravings and feeling overwhelmed. Any advice?
  18. shillis

    Starting 9/2 - gearing up

    HI All, I am doing Whole30 for the first time and have picked September 2 as my start date. I work in higher education, so this gets me through the first week of the semester, which I usually work extra hours. I knew starting before them would set myself up for failure. I am looking forward to slaying the sugar dragon! Sara
  19. Hi - I'm in my first week of the Whole30 and I have probably spent almost 10 hours in just the first four days doing food shopping, food prep, and cooking - and this is just a fraction of what food I need to prepare for me and my family. My husband asked me if the food I prepared was available to him (he's not following Whole30) and I couldn't say no but was also secretly thinking that this program is going keep me shackled to the kitchen if I have to cook for both of us! Any thoughts from those of you who are more experienced in food planning/prep/cooking and have to contend with the food needs of your family (I also have a 6 year old)? Thanks!
  20. WandererKris

    Starting April 1!

    April has 30 days, so it seemed like a perfect fit! Plus, starting on the weekend will allow me to prep and get used to everything before a dreaded Monday hits
  21. Folks - I started my official Whole30 3 days ago - I'm a bit worried that I'm not experiencing any of the side-effects everyone's been talking about - negative or positive! No grogginess or cravings (however, I do have some wicked dreams of cheating!!), nor more energy or fresh feeling,etc... Maybe I need to get a few more days into it seeing as "everyone's different". I'd love to hear if anyone has feedback or similar experiences/worries! Additionally - I'm a little concerned that eating less-than-kosher-grade meat might be affecting the detox process - could this really make all the difference if I prepare my meat leanly?
  22. Nilam Patel

    First Whole30 Starting Oct 1st

    Hey guys! Excited and nervous to start my first Whole30! After a couple of years of uncontrollable eating/cravings and lack of energy, I can't wait to be healthy inside and out and feel like my actual age of 28! Who else is starting on the 1st? Would love some support!
  23. JayNettaBean


    Hi everyone, my name is Johnetta but you can just call me Jay I'm a first time Whole 30(er). I haven't set a definite start date but I'm thinking some time before I turn 35, so next week sounds good but we'll see. I just want to get and stay healthy and active and make the right choices for my body. I also want to get off the hamster wheel of dr appointments and sugar cravings! So any advice? Let me rephrase that, any encouraging words of wisdom from someone who's done this before?
  24. Piperanne

    Day 10 - Shoot Me Now!!!

    I am on day 10 and last night I had dreams of sour cream on top of nachos. I am tired of eating the same foods so I choose not to eat at all. I wait until it my stomach hurts before I eat something. On day 5 I landed in the hospital for 2 days due to migraine headaches, it was thought I was having a stroke as I lost my vision. I have been overweight all my life, I am convinced I am not meant to be healthy; however, I want to prove to myself I can do this. I cheated, kinda of...when in the hospital, I was weighed and they kindly (rudely really) wrote in on the board in my room. I do know I am making progress in that area. It is a cool fall day in Nebraska and I am going to make the Chili from the Whole 30 book. I am looking forward to something a little different. I am going to the Farmer's Market this morning to get fresh veggies. I do feel better, the swelling in my legs is gone, I have more energy and I would still kill for a diet coke. Thanks for Listening Piper
  25. Hello Everybody, I will be starting my first whole 30 tomorrow January 9th. I've been mentally prepping myself for a few weeks. I didn't want to start over the holidays and cave the first few days. I try to live a generally healthy lifestyle but never this extreme. I am very excited and welcome any support! Many of my friends don't see the point/don't want to give up starches and grains. I am ready to change my life though!