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Found 3 results

  1. Goodmorning! I have officially completed the audiobook and have begun my Whole30 journey. I started paying attention to my cravings and what triggered them while listening to the book and sugar dragon is an understatement for me. I have never been so scared of the craving as I did when I consciously did not choose the sweets for a few weeks and had cake at a baby shower without completely following the system. It was a demon of a craving that hurt my chest and I sadly succumbed too but holy cow it was a scary feeling the need my body made me feel for carrot cake of all things. This morning I had a scramble of two eggs, peppers, kale, carrots, olives. Then my coffee with almond unsweetened creamer. If I am following the 3 meals every 4-5 hours. I will be eating lunch around 10 am and dinner before I leave work. . . that isn't practical for my lifestyle. Any tips from some 8-5 ers out there that rise early but have scheduled lunch hours?? ** side note. . . I work at a computer and have had a tendency to mindless munch in the past, so that is something else I am trying to overcome.
  2. Kshbennett

    May 1st...1st Whole30!

    It’s May first, and I’ve just kicked off my first Whole30! I’ve also done the thing I was most concerned about...I’ve had unsweetened coffee. I’ve been lactose intolerant for almost 30 years, so the no dairy part of the plan is no concern, but coffee that tastes like coffee?...that was a big hurdle, and I did it. On to the next 29 mornings!
  3. Mazpal

    Hello from New Zealand

    I've been studying the paleo way of living for probably close to two years now, I think I must have had just about every paleo recipe book ever written out of the library, some several times and those are the ones I decided to purchase as they are a constant inspiration. From the beginning of 2017 I'd been planning on committing to doing the whole30 but struggled with the very commitment and always found a social date stood in the way. As I started reading more online blogs from paleo practitioners and September was focused on I started telling my family and friends I was going to do this and here I am!!! Day 8 for us here in NZ. Day one (Friday) - no wine?? How was I going to handle this one and for a whole weekend. Well, I and I should say we as my husband, bless him has come on board with me, we both flew through the weekend faultlessly and even had an impromptu dinner, prompted by my two adult daughters who invited the 8 other family members for me to cater for. I had several requests on what they could contribute. I told them I would provide main meal but no, nibbles, dessert or alcohol. I had soup in the freezer (Melissa Joulwan's Golden cauliflower & silky gingered zucchini) I combined the two to amp the volume and made Mel Joulwan's Chili Chocolate and I bulked it out with spiraled veges. Everyone loved both courses and were inspired to look further into paleo. I might add here too that my husband and I were out of town until 4pm that day so I was even further impressed with efforts, despite short notice. The rest of the week has been interesting with energy levels up and down, Monday (day 3) energy to burn, unstoppable, fabulous. Today (day8) dragging myself from chore to chore, fuzzy head and difficulty in staying focused on one chore at a time. I need to do more food prep which I know has been my saviour for the past week.