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Found 7 results

  1. CathyN0325

    Day 8 new member - Stuck!

    Hi all! Yay, I finally figured out that I needed to create an account in here! I’m glad I’ve found you guys! I’m on day 8 and I still feel like I’m on the 3rd day. I’ve got the brain fog, headache, and hanger. There are 2 main things contributing to this, I believe. First, I’m not eating enough protein or enough in general. Second, which also leads back to 1, is I have major menu and cooking fatigue. I’m picky so my protein choices are limited. I think I’ve had eggs 7 out of 8 days and I’m sooo sick of them, it’s hard to get the whole meal down. Same with chicken. And the leftovers get all dry and hard to swallow, too. Making meals that aren’t delicious makes me lose my motivation to cook. I need sweet potatoes to have something bulky, but I can barely eat them now too. I am definitely feeling the positives though too. I’m less moody and irritable. Despite the brain fog at times, I’m also able to think more clearly. I know this is good for me, and I’m not going to give up. I’d love help with ideas for more on the go stuff (no jerky or compliant cold cut please!) I’m even sick of my beautiful veggie and garlic aioli bento box! I do home visits so I don’t have access to a microwave midday. Thanks for reading and for any tips or words of encouragement you can give! Cathy
  2. Hi all, I'm on day 4 and have a full blown migraine. I've been waking up with a headache daily but it normally goes away after breakfast. I've been drinking plenty of water today and had 4 aleeve and it's still going. Today I've also been really emotional and crying over work drama. I've been feeling fine physically otherwise. Background on what I've been eating: breakfast: homemade bacon, spinach, tomato quiche with sliced potato crust. Matcha with compliant almond milk, collagen and probiotic lunch: salad with grilled or roasted chicken, beets, sometimes sweet potato, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, artichoke heart, nuts and balsamic vinegar. La Croix snack: carrots or fruit with nuts, maybe a chomps meat stick. half a GT's kombucha dinner: steak with asparagus, cauliflower rice or grass fed preservative free beef hot dogs with sauerkraut and sauteed veggies. dessert (on the last 2 days): sometimes a sweet potato with cinnamon or strawberries with cashew cream (soaked cashews whipped in the blender). I'm not the best about spacing my meals out evenly and eat when I have time between work, tying to fit in a yoga class and my commute. Sometimes I don't have breakfast until I've been up a couple hours or snack and have dinner late. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  3. cacoomasi

    Day 6 Reintroduction

    Finished my Whole30 with flying colors. The first few days had me grumpy and with headaches, which I attributed to sugar hangover. Those were over by day 6. I kept a detailed diary in my Day by Day book. The only other negative symptoms I had were a tension headache/neck and shoulder ache for about 30 minutes - one hour after eating chicken breast on zucchini noodles with compliant marinara sauce on Day 26. I had chicken and marinara on zoodles the following night, with no symptoms. I have experienced the same tension HA/neck ache the past two days after lunch. I meal prepped a compliant white chicken chili that I ate for the past three days. On Day 4 of reintroduction, I added a serving of black beans to the chili and had no negative symptoms. The past two days have been Day 5 and 6 of back on the Whole 30. Both days I had the HA/neck ache with mild gastric pain for 30 minutes to an hour directly after eating lunch. The recipe was one that I had made before I started the Whole 30 and loved it. This one: Any insight in to what may be causing the symptoms? And why only on days 2 and 3 of eating the recipe? The only thing I can think of in common is tomatoes in the marinara and bell peppers in the chili.. both nightshades. However, I have eaten tomatoes and bell peppers in other recipes both raw and cooked without symptoms. Any ideas or similar experiences to share? I feel like finding these things out is the point of the Whole 30, so any help would be appreciated!
  4. DeeDeePee


    I am on day 3 of W30 and am experiencing moderate to low grade headaches and neck pain throughout the day. I am addicted to Excedrin Extra Strength and Excedrin Migraine. I have held off taking these since starting the program, but how long might these headaches continue on? Is there anything I can do to alleviate without taking the pills. I want to be clean of all these chemicals and sugar, as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I couldn't get to sleep last night for the life of me. Finally got a few winks sometime after 5:00 this morning. Don't want to give in and throw myself off track. Thanks.
  5. Hello fellow Whole30 followers. I am nearing the end of my first 30 days and the program has been very successful. I experienced the expected carb withdrawal symptoms early on but then felt fine. Five days ago I developed a headache. I am not given to headaches, haven’t had one in maybe 10 years. Sometimes it’s stronger than others but sometimes so bad it makes my eye droop and gives me blurred vision. I have always lived with low blood pressure but I stopped and checked it yesterday, 103/63, low but not unusual. I went and had a head/neck massage, wonderful but still had the headache. Remember, I have been doing this program successfully for 27 days so I’m eating the right things, enough of them and drinking my water. I need to add that I have also recently developed muscle weekness, especially in my legs. I want to successfully go through the reintroduction period and continue to enjoy the new eating habits we’ve developed. I am not interested in ditching what I’ve accomplished but the headaches are effecting my work and quality of life. Any suggestions will be hugely appreciated.
  6. Hello, I had a greatly successful Whole30, ending on 2/13/18 (my second). On Valentine's Day and the days following, I ruined the reintroduction phase by not spacing out the reintroduction of different food groups. By the end of the week (2/16 and 2/17) I needed a mid-day nap and felt like I had no energy to get through the day. I decided to go back on Whole30 to fix what I did, but I've had a nonstop headache (pretty much ever since 2/14.. almost two weeks now) that is not responding to medication. Will this go away? I'm considering going to the doctor. I did not experience any of these symptoms on my previous Whole30. Thanks!!
  7. I was able to go the Whole 30 without intentionally adding any off plan foods, so I am very proud of myself. I later figured out that some of the food I had eaten contained trace amounts of off plan foods (white wine in the dijon mustard, sugar in pickled vinegar at the sushi restaurant, soy oil in my salmon patties) but I think the amounts were so small that I don't worry about them. In any event, I'd like to post here about my reintro since I don't think the ISWF goes into as much detail as I'd like about this segment of the program. I originally began the program to figure out what was causing me daily headaches. I removed nuts from my diet in addition to the Whole 30 list due to allergies that run in my family. My other issues are disordered eating - I have always had trouble with a "sugar dragon" & binging on sweets. I had wanted my skin to be a little clearer, although it wasn't bad to begin with. I had hoped to lose some weight. After the Whole 30 I did lose some weight and inches but not as much as I had hoped. Also, my fruit consumption had been way above the 1-2 servings as suggested & realized that at least this point I can't control myself. So in this next phase I have decided to count carbs & calories based on the keto calculator as I reintroduce things, testing grains and gluten only after I am at a happy weight. I have also decided to split up dairy into 3 testing days: 1 for whey protein, 1 for casein protein, 1 for lactose. I have also decided to test soy separately from other legumes.