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Found 28 results

  1. Texaswreck

    Finally finished 30 days!

    On Wednesday March 6 I finished my Whole30. I do feel much better overall but won’t be seen by my neurologist until April 8 for testing to see if we can find cause and relief for neuropathy. Surgeon’s final X-ray showed complete successful fusion and spinal decompression. I added back cheese, beans, and corn but it was clear the corn was not a good move- I have remained on compliant foods and am going to wait to change until after exam and bloodwork. Oh, yeah, I also have lost 18 pounds so I intend to lose the obesity label on my medical records while I’m on a roll. No sugar cravings at all- I’m very happy with the program.
  2. Hi folks, newbie here. Heard about Whole30 less than a week ago and I'm already sold. Haven't started 100% yet since I'm too cheap to toss out my whole pantry in one fell swoop, but in the interim I have a question. I hadn't known about the importance of keeping Omega3 and Omega6 in balance until just a month or two ago, and in fact that is what led me to Whole30 since your forums came up in multiple google searches. I spent the last month or so experimenting with a mostly vegetarian diet plus a lot of fish, and got my Omega6:3 ratio down to nearly 1:1. I noticed some improvement in my inflammation issues but hadn't resolved the problem by any means, which led me to look deeper into Whole30. However, here's my question. For the Whole30 meals I've tried thus far, the Omega6:3 ratio is off the charts. Today, for example, eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, chicken, avocado and mixed greens with tahini dressing for dinner. 15:1 ratio (the cronometer website is great for omega values if you're curious). I probably could have gotten it down to within reason by having fish with my lunch but I'm not quite used to the idea of consuming quite so much meat in a day. More veggies would have been better but the Omega3 in say broccoli (0.03g) is so tiny compared to the Omega6 in say chicken (2.0g) that it feels a little like trying to unsalt the ocean by pouring in fresh water. Anyway, the gist of my question is: is this anything I need to even be paying attention to? Is the Omega6 in chicken, avocado and tahini somehow different than what is in junk food, or even what's in the cashews I used to pop all day like candy (and regret later)? Obviously my inflammation could be related to gluten or sugar or some of the other main targets of Whole30, which is why I'm trying it, but I am curious about the Omega6:3 question. Look forward to hearing what you have to say on this, thanks!
  3. I am on Day 12 of my first Whole30, and unfortunately on Day 3 of an inflammatory arthritis flare. The arthritis is an extraintestinal complication of Crohn’s Disease that cause pain in all joints, especially small ones like fingers, wrists, toes and feet. I saw my rheumatologist this week, and he said, based on my symptoms, I’m also experiencing bursitis in my knees for the first time. (Fortunately, the Crohn’s isn’t flaring, which was my bigger concern when starting this.) I’ve read that chronic conditions might flare early in the Whole30, but I’m frustrated because one of the reasons I wanted to do this is to reduce inflammation. Now I have even more and have to start taking prednisone again, which causes horrible side effects. I’m also frustrated because I am starting to get more energy and want to do more things, but I hurt too bad to do them. Even typing this is painful. Just looking for some thoughts on why this may have happened and any advice on things to do differently.
  4. So I have been experiencing a painful swollen elbow following an injury during volleyball a few years back. During my pregnancy with my daughter, I regained almost all range of motion and felt good, but a few months after she was born the swelling and soreness were back. Then my knees started swelling out of the blue and I knew I was dealing with more than just an injury. I haven't started Whole30 because we have several things coming up that I know I won't be able to stay on plan throughout, but I am very curious.. If my inflammation IS connected to my diet, why now? I've eaten pretty decently my whole life, not alot of sugar and lots of veggies, but dairy and grains have always been a part of my diet. Why would I all of the sudden be experiencing problems with these foods when I've always eaten them without any issues. I'm not doubting this diet, just wondering if someone can explain why the body starts to react to foods that have never been a problem before. Anyone? And I would looove to hear from anyone dealing with these same issues!
  5. Just started my vegan whole30 and on day 6. Yay!! I am also reading It Starts With Food and finding it helpful in understanding the underlying reasoning, which helps keep motivation up. As I understand it, the idea is to eliminate all inflammatory foods and then slowly introduce ingredients to gauge their effect on our body. Given this, why are red meats allowed as part of whole30? The link between animal fats and inflammation has been established well beyond doubt, and so is its harmful effect on the gut bacterial fauna (which in turn leads to inflammation and tissue damage). Grilling it only makes the effect more potent. So why are *any* animal products allowed (instead of merely cutting down on dairy) as part of whole30? Has anyone here who has, e.g., arthritis or IBS here noticed difference after whole30 with vs without animal products? Thanks! Rahul
  6. Hi, I've recently just completed the Whole 30, no cheating! Yeah!!! I feel good, am excersizing a lot more and my mood is better. However, the entire time I was on the diet, I ate nightshades ( potatoes, tomatoes, peppers,) in some form or another at every meal and have experienced bloating, constipation and terrible rosacea. Wine used to give me rosacea, so I stopped. Ofcourse, stopped drinking alcohol and was surprised to see it got so much worse. My question is, if this is an anti-inflammation diet, why are nightshades allowed? I've recently read that they are inflammation inducing. Side question- caffeine is known to raise cortisol, the stress hormone which can cause belly fat. Why is that allowed on the diet? Thanks
  7. Claudia Bauder

    Rheumatism and inflammation

    Hello everyone, I need some help here. I have arthritis and am in a lot of pain. This is not working for me, yet. I have cut out dairy and grains, which I managed in a 10 day wind down. I did not eat poorly before, really, but had a real challenge also reducing the sugar. After TWO days of following the meal plan, my hands, feet and face were red, totally red. The problem: I am chronically ill with an autoimmune disease, various types of rheumatism. I was diagnosed in 2004 and have treated it well through dietary regulation and exercise. I don't eat much acidic food, no pork, little red meat, little nightshades and slaw. But these were on the menu the first two days in large amounts: 3 eggs for breakfast (instead on one, that I usually have), ground meat, squash, bell peppers, slaw, potatoes, tomatoes. After eating very much of these for three days, I am in a lot of pain and back on Ibuprofen, against pain and inflammation. Not good. I am trying to continue, somehow, and am trying to read about autoimmune with Whole30. Not easy... Any advice?
  8. maryupchurch

    Anti-inflammatory Whole 30

    Last year I did Whole 30 in January & saw that there was a shopping list for an "Anti-Inflammatory" version of Whole 30 - Is that resource still available? I couldn't find it anywhere.
  9. Warning! Go grab some protein, veg and a thumb of fat, and then prepare to hunker down. This could take a while. This is Day 31 for me, so I it's time to tally up, and — wow! — I've gained a lot. And it's all good. Here are my non-scale victories, or at least the ones I've noticed along the way... Asthma: I only used my inhaler a couple of times during the first week, and I haven't used my nebulizer at all during my W30. I'm literally breathing easier. Bumps: I used to have small bumps on my inner arms. I had for many years. They were sort of like pre-hives; they only needed a scratch to instantly turn red, angry and itchy. But they're gone now. Inflammation: This one is big. Usually (due to Lupus, arthritis, benign tumors in my spine and other issues), a day of extreme activity would require days of rest and recovery. I just did a 13-hour visit to Disney last weekend, complete with 7.5 miles of walking. My feet and shins were sore, as almost anyone's would be, but I was able to get out a do the shopping and all of the prepping and cooking in the kitchen the next day just fine. I know! Headaches: Other than a few days of headaches in the first week, which included one migraine, I've been headache-free. Lupus: I experienced one intense flare during my W30 (brought on by a very stressful external event). It was awful, but ... OK? I didn't expect any miraculous elimination of flares, but it was days shorter than I expected. I'll take it. Mental outlook: I’m in a much better mood most of the time and somewhat less anxious. I was dealing with increased depression and ongoing anxiety issues when I started. I credit the improvement to W30 and to the addition of a cup of Natural Calm + chamomile tea every day (which I call my hot cup of Calm the F*** Down). I started the Natural Calm about a week into the program to keep my magnesium and calcium up, after reading recommendations for it here. Energy: While I still struggle in this area in general, I've had moments of Tiger Blood, a bit of kitten juice and fewer cat naps. I feel like I'm ready to start incorporating more regular exercise in my routine, and that's a biggie. Kitchen: Hey, NSVs extend beyond the body, so this counts! Despite the fact that I'm prepping and cooking constantly, my kitchen has never been cleaner or looked better. I found that reorganizing it and keeping it really tidy as I go was the only way to maintain sanity during this W30. Appliances: I'm actually using all of those appliances that just gathered dust on a shelf. My Vitamix and Instant Pot, for instance, both get near-daily workouts now and are finally justifying the money spent on them. Cooking: I love to cook. Sure, I'd love not to cook quite as much as I have over the past 30 days, but I still. Having new restrictions sparked a new wave of creativity in the kitchen for me. No matter where my eating habits go from here, I've created some meals that will definitely stay in the permanent rotation. Inspiring my husband: He isn't doing W30, and he still loads up on junk food at work. But he's happy to eat any W30 food I make at home and really enjoys it. At least I know half his fuel is good fuel. He's even considering going paleo soon. And he's helping out a lot more around the house, since he sees how busy I've been in the kitchen these last few weeks (and plan to continue to be). He's actually doing more than his share. A sense of pride: I'm proud that I did this. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done. I doubted the process at times, but I never doubted that I would see it through. I mean, I made it through a family tragedy, a painful flare, a brunch with girlfriends, a visit to my favorite greasy-spoon diner, a trip to the state fair and freakin' Disney World without caving in to cravings! Now, about that scale... I had a victory there, too. I lost 18 pounds. (And for those of you currently doubting your own mid-W30 progress, I'd like to point out that around the middle of Week 2, I was convinced I was gaining weight.) I have no idea about inches, since I didn't measure beforehand, but I look leaner and feel leaner. And this isn't over! Both the W30 book and the site mention that those living with chronic illness and autoimmune diseases are likely to benefit by going beyond 30 days, since it may take longer to get the full effect of this reboot. I'm not going to walk away from the opportunity to gain more benefits from this. I've got so much room for improvement still. So, for now, I'm not calling it a W45 or W60 or W-hatever. I'm just going to keep going until it feels right to start my slow-roll reintroductions, and then that will eventually evolve into my new normal. Now, here's my completely unsolicited advice to anyone who might read this while considering starting their own Whole30 adventure: Don’t try to do a Whole30. Don't attempt a Whole30. Don't give it shot or see what happens and definitely don't hope you can do it. Commit! Make an absolute vow to yourself. You *will* do a Whole30. Acknowledge that it will be tough at times, rewarding at others. Take comfort in all of those pesky rules, because they take away the guesswork. And do it! Bring it on! Honestly, I think that's 90% of the key to succeeding at this — making that real commitment. Then when you face the inevitable difficult moments and temptations, it won't be made harder by struggling with that decision. You've already made the decision. Good luck everyone! And good luck to me as I keep going!
  10. I have not consumed too much olive oil so far in my W30 (R1D13). Last night I made "The Best Chicken You Will..." ( and made the Moroccan dipping sauce to go with it. Making the sauce was the most olive oil (1/3 cup) I have used in a recipe for my entire W30! The chicken was good and I served it cut up over zoodles and pour about 3 Tbsp of the sauce over everything. The thing is, about 2-2.5 hours later, I could feel the grease on my skin building up. I always noticed that I was extra greasy after eating italian food, but attributed it to the high carbohydrate pasta, and occasionally in the past I thought I got a bit oilier after consuming olive oil. Does anyone else experience this? I know olive oil is very healthy and I do not get any additional symptoms other than oiliness and any current pimples feeling a bit inflamed, but I'm wondering if olive oil is a no-go for me. It would be quite strange, because I love olives! I have been consuming ghee and coconut oil as my cooking fats for all of this W30, and before that, I did most cooking with butter or coconut oil. Would appreciate any insight!
  11. Hi! I am starting day 14 a bit frustrated. I subscribed to the Real Plans meal plan, because I'm mostly pescatarian and I knew that I wouldn't be able to stomach all the meat in the "average" whole 30 recipes. I've followed the meal plan almost exactly, except that time has required me to sub in meals of chopped raw vegetables and boiled eggs 3 times. (I don't love the plan, btw, but that's another topic). I have felt normal/fine the entire time. Diet hasn't been tricky because I'm used to cooking all of my meals and, despite my holiday behavior, I generally eat food that makes me feel good which sometimes means restrictions on what I'd enjoy eating. My workouts have been basically the same as always, except for a bit of joint pain the past couple days that I'm not used to. I started this to reset myself after an overindulgent holiday season and more importantly to try to get to the bottom of my eczema/psoriasis. I was born with it, but went roughly 20 years without having it. For the past 3+ years I have periods of it being severe on my hands. I thought the winter would be a good time to try Whole30 to get rid of it, because it's generally not as bad in the cold weather months, and I knew that a flare-up could occur during the early "detox" phase. I've tried AIP, Paleo, Vegan and Keto diets (I think that's all of them) in the past to get rid of this and none of them have done the trick. So here's where I am: Eczema on hands is roughly 20% worse than it would normally be in January I have not-terrible eczema on parts of my body that haven't been affected for years (scalp, behind knees, face) Lots of energy (but this is normal for me on my usual diet, just kinda got sluggish over the cookie-laden holidays) LOTS of weight gain. Like a lot. Like my period pants are tight. This concerns me, because it's hard for me to lose weight, so I normally just don't gain it through basic, sane, diverse, thoughtful eating and exercise. No real appetite or cravings. Normal for me when I'm not eating processed sugar. My digestion, which is normally great (I eat fermented vegetables daily), was a bit off from days 5-8 but is back to normal. I'm kind of at the point where I feel like this probably isn't for me, but I'm willing to hold out until day 30. I am starting to get a little stressed because I have an important conference a week after Day 30 and I would really prefer not to have a muffin top pouring out of my pants and skin flaking all over people while I'm there. I'm guessing the people in my situation have moved on to greener pastures and aren't lurking in these forums, but if anyone here has had a similar experience and made it through, I'd love to know about it. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  12. I am on day 16 with whole30 and I am more inflamed than I have been in the last 6 years. I have celiacs, and when I went gluten free in 2010 I reduced my inflammation greatly. I had less menstrual cramping, and less acne. I used to have ganglion cysts in my hands. Now all of these symptoms are back. I have ganglions in my hands, my menstrual cramps are terrible, I am breaking out all over my face (little raised bumps on my cheeks), as well as white heads on my forehead and chin. Has anyone else experience this? Is this a "gets worse before it gets better" scenario? I'm ready to give up.
  13. I am nearing the end of the 30 days, after starting in July and having to start over on Aug. 7 due to some sneaky sulfites. Mostly I feel the same. I've lost what seems to be a decent amount of weight. Body composition has changed for sure. And the light patch of excema on my arm is almost clear. Oh, and I think I've finally nailed that sugar dragon. Which is crazy. I rarely crave sweets. Overall, I'd rate this one a huge success. But I still feel drowsy and tired in the afternoons, I want to nap, my workouts are about the same, and I've certainly not experienced any tiger's blood. The biggest issue is my hands are achy. I've had a touch of arthritis/carpal tunnel for a short time (I'm 35) but never this bad, and it seems like it's actually gotten worse during my Whole30. My hips and back also are inflamed, after several weeks of being completely clear. Anyway, here's a peak at my usual diet. Thursday: Breakfast: Two egg muffins in prosciutto with added pesto sauce for fat. Serving of roasted brussels sprouts and new potatoes. Lunch: Chicken with spaghetti squash and pesto. Roasted butternut squash and mashed cauliflower with ghee. Snack: 1 Meatball, veggies and cauliflower hummus with tahini and almond butter Dinner: Meatballs with spaghetti squash and tomato sauce with mushrooms, roasted brussels sprouts, mashed cauliflower. Friday: Breakfast: One egg muffin in prosciutto with pesto, 2 meatballs, new potatoes, butternut squash. Lunch: Salad with beets, chicken, olive oil and lemon, side of fruit. Pre WO: 1 meatball WO: Run 2 miles (meant it to be shorter, but I left my keys at the gym), lifted weights for 20 minutes. Post WO/Dinner (I had to combine due to time constraints and not wanting to eat dinner at 10 p.m.: Meatballs, butternut squash, spaghetti squash and tomato sauce. I'm thinking maybe I should extend my Whole30 a couple of weeks and drop nightshades from my diet, which sucks, because I've basically been doing this for 52 days. I have to go out to eat with clients and potential clients at least once a week, which is really tricky. And there are birthdays approaching (including mine) and also: tomatoes and peppers? I live for spicy food. Any advice would be helpful. My diet pre-Whole30 was pretty healthy except for the sweet tooth. Though I rarely ate white potatoes, and I started eating them to keep my carbs up (If I don't have enough carbs, I get depressed, and it limits my workouts). I've made an appointment with my doctor for next week. But seriously, thoughts? Should I go another two weeks and drop potatoes, tomatoes and all peppers?
  14. I've read a million topics on this but am still confused by my whole30 experience so far...the first two weeks I experienced none of the negative effects (no carb flu, no 'kill all the things') and felt incredibly lean, as if I could physically see chronic inflammation subsiding in my stomach, arms, and face. However, the past 10 days I have had awful on-and-off bloating and generally feel like I look exactly as I did on day 1. I'm discouraged, especially since I was so excited about my progress at the halfway point! I keep psyching myself out thinking I'm eating too much or just "doing it wrong". Would love any advice or encouragement--here's some background and food info: - I'm 5'9", ~150 lbs pre-W30 with a good amount of muscle, so I'm not expecting significant weight loss. - Currently training for a 1/2 marathon, running short to mid distance ~3x a week and doing HIIT/strength training ~2-3x a week. - I generally get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and energy levels are typically good. - Throughout my whole30 work has been much more stressful than usual due to upcoming deadlines for a big project I'm managing. I've noticed my stress response is much more pronounced than I'm used to (crying, shaking, splitting headaches etc), and I think this might be related to me not using food as comfort in difficult I guess it's a good thing? But still odd. Sample food logs: (I workout @ 6:30 am, breakfast directly after @ work -- I've tried preWO protein and can't stomach it) M1: slice of frittata with sweet potato, spinach, chicken sausage and ~2 eggs, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 cup coffee M2: 6-8 oz roast chicken, raw pecans and 1/4 sliced apple on mixed greens with balsamic dressing, rest of the apple with ~2 tbsp almond butter M3: zucchini noodles from 2 zucchinis, 1/2 almond meal crusted chicken breast, 2 fried eggs, all cooked in coconut oil M1: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 roast chicken breast, 1 big sweet potato with 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 cup coffee M2: Curry chicken salad with homemade mayo + chopped mac nuts on mixed greens, apple with 2 tbsp almond butter M3: 4 egg omelet with 1/2 roast chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli, guacamole, salsa, and 1/2 cup plantain chips I know the daily apple and almond butter could be a red flag, but I had no issues with them during the first two weeks of whole30 and find that they completely eliminate my need to snack between 12pm lunch and a 7pm dinner, which is miraculous as I used to put away 1/2 a family sized bag of kettle corn, a few oreos, and handfuls of swedish fish around 3pm on most work days... Anything stand out that might be the culprit? Or is this inflamed, day-1 feeling just part of the process for some people? Thanks!
  15. WyS


    I'm not sure where to post this, but I just finished my first Whole 30 and I was feeling pretty good, except that I was having a few annoying GI/skin issues. I ignored the problems, as overall I was feeling energetic. Then I gave my 1 year old some cashew butter (he had had it before) and he had a full blown allergic reaction with face swelling and hives. We had him tested and he is, in fact, allergic to cashews. This led me to do some reading about cashews and allergies and what I found out was pretty surprising. For instance, cashews are right behind peanuts in allergy potential and contain several irritant compounds, that if not processed out completely can cause some serious reactions even in those without a true "allergy". Cashews are members of the same family as poison ivy, oak and sumac. After reading further I realized that my lingering GI issues and a rather embarrassing dematitis (rash) are consistent with a sensitivity to cashews. So my question for you the creators and forum is, if we are trying to eliminate all causes of inflammation, even potential causes, why is the cashew allowed and even encouraged in the Whole30? I ended up not eliminating inflammation from my body, but as a person who was pretty healthy with no GI issues (just needed to eliminate that nasty sugar habit), I actually ended up inducing a good amount of inflammation into my body. Directly counter to the intended goal of the program. To say I am disappointed after 30 days of eating clean would be an understatement. Here's the information I found:
  16. So, I began my whole 30 23 days ago. Week one was easy (minus the cravings for a couple of days) and I felt good. I have noticed weight loss, and looser clothes. However, since midway through week 2, my knees have become very inflammed, stiff, and it is hard to walk after I have been sitting or laying for more than a couple of minutes. My elbows are also a little stiff I even eliminated nightshades from my diet once this began, and that was over a week or 10 days ago, and still the pain and immobility is here. Background: I am 29, male, and have never had any knee issues, joint pain of any kind. My diet was exceptionally bad for an extended period of time before beginning the whole 30, so I just assumed that this was my body reacting. Along w/ the sore knees, every morning when I get up (since week 2), my arms will be broken out and splotchy as well. I'm not really sure what to do. I began taking Fish Oil Capsules 3 days ago, and my knees are a little better than they were at their worst (about 7 days ago). Any thoughts on what could be happening and why, and how to help this go away would be AMAZING! Signed, A confused newbie trying to stay the course.
  17. Not sweats related to Menopause, just less sweating in general? I have always had a problem with 'sweating through' my shirts, and now it seems like that problem has vanished! Giving up diary has resulted in a lot of positive changes for me, but I just realized I haven't had the dreaded underarm patches of sweat on my clothes for a while now. I'm guessing this is related to a reduction in inflammation; anyone else have this experience? This is especially welcome as we enter Summer!
  18. Ok, if I'm experiencing bloating and my ankles are suddenly NOWHERE to be found, is it more likely to be eggs or avocados? I had a week without both, and then ate both in quantity over the weekend and I look like a different person. Could it be either? The eggs, just in case it matters, are from a local, biological farm. No soy in the feed (they're outside all the time right now anyway.) Thanks for any input!
  19. Hey Folks, I was wondering if you all know much about Trigeminal Neuralgia and the effects of whole30/Paleo eating on it? I have it, and I am really just beyond tired of the excruciating pain. I am considering the idea of doing a whole30+ until I go back into remission, because I do believe it will help me go back into remission. The pain is caused by inflammation, so it makes plenty of sense to me. I was simply wondering if you have heard anything on it, might have more useful information. I have had a hard time finding information on how to treat it without taking lots of medicine/having surgery. I'd like to avoid those two if there is a better solution.
  20. I just finished my second W30, and the second was even easier than the first. I eat pretty close to W30 to begin with, so it wasn't all that difficult for me. I struggled with getting to 3 meals instead of 5 mini meals (basically grazing), and giving up cream in my coffee, and then even decreasing my coffee (decaf) to 2 cups instead of 3 giant mugs. During my 2nd round, I came down with a nasty stomach virus. I couldn't eat much for about 5 days, limited basically to 3 scrambled eggs at breakfast and chicken or turkey soup for lunch and dinner. I lost a bit of weight, but I had no appetite and even felt nauseous after eating anything. I got through it and didn't go off-plan at all. I started eating normally last Friday the 21st, so it hasn't been too long. However when I was sick, my doctor was concerned that I may have developed gastrointestinal bleeding from long term NSAID use. Immediately I stopped the NSAIDs (I have been taking diclofenac since August for chronic inflammation). It didn't make a dramatic difference in my stomach symptoms, but my chronic pain returned within 24 hours. I've contacted my doctor to ask about the blood test to check for chronic systemic inflammation (C-reactive protein, I think, and another one). I'm posting because I've read a lot of reviews where folks have said their chronic inflammation had improved dramatically by doing the W30 and removing inflammatory foods from their diet. I'm wondering why I'm having such significant pain while eating clean when I stopped taking the NSAIDs. This is very troubling to me. Are there specific foods that are acceptable on W30 that can still contributed to chronic inflammation? I'm eating only grass-fed, pastured ground beef now, but not other cuts of meat. And I will only buy wild caught fish. I'm so discouraged by this! I don't want to be taking meds, especially NSAIDs, but they work 100%. I've even taken Tramadol for my chronic low back pain, and that only helped about 50%. Am I wrong to assume that the total elimination of pain while taking NSAIDs means that I have chronic inflammation that isn't decreasing due to diet? Help please!! I should mention that I add about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of turmeric to my eggs every morning, along with fresh ground pepper, a little salt and a few shakes of cayenne. I've begun taking fish oil tablets twice a day as well. None of this seems to make a lick of difference in my pain.
  21. leigh1283

    Bye Bye Red Face

    I have just finished 30 days! I feel great. In full disclosure, I did have a few glasses of wine over the last month but I was strict to the food allowances and can really can tell both physically and visually! Just check out how the redness in my face has gone away! My need for foundation has greatly decreased and my skin has drastically improved. Other greatest changes I've noticed is sleep - I sleep like a ROCK and wake up with no drag in the mornings - including the weekends which is weird. I have NEVER woken up at 6:30 (when I get up for work) on a weekend and actually stay up. The past few weeks I haven't even wanted to go back to bed, I'm up! Overall, my mood is much better and I plan on continuing to eat this way. I also lost 12 pounds. So worth it!
  22. Hi, I'm wondering if any other arthritis sufferers out there are on NSAIDs, and if they've had good results on the Whole30. I've had pretty severe inflammation in my right SI joint and the L2 vertebra for the past 8 years, since I was 27. I take diclofenac twice a day, and if I miss more than two doses the pain gets pretty bad. I already have trouble sleeping a lot of the time because I get stiffness in the joints, and the discomfort keeps me up. My doctor's options for me are a) increase the does of what I'm currently on, or start on something stronger like enbrel that has some pretty scary side effects. I worry about what the NSAIDs are doing to my stomach and intestine, and if this is just making the inflammation worse over the long run. I decided to do the Whole30 to see if it would help with the inflammation so that maybe I could reduce my dosage. I also worry that because of the NSAIDs, that I'm not really going to be able to heal any intestinal damage that might be affecting things by doing the Whole30. I'm on day 21, and my inflammation is as bad as it always has been. I am sleeping much better and do have other positive effects to report, but I had hoped that the joint pain would get better. I also have hypothyroidism, not sure if that matters. Anyone else experienced anything like this?
  23. LydiaMill

    Day 29, Bloated, but Happy

    I am on Day 29 and, though I did not weigh myself when I began and do not plan on weighing myself the day-after-tomorrow, on Day 31, I am clearly bigger than when I started. My clothes are tighter and my belly protrudes. I did take pics. When I started, I was about 10-15 pounds heavier than I would like to be, but within normal (5'5" 145-150). I remind myself that my goals for the W30 were to overcome my sugar addiction and figure out what could be causing the bloating and bad digestion (constipation) for the last 3 years. NOT to lose weight...but I have to say, I've battled disappointment and was secretly hoping that this program would slim me down. I am 49, so peri-menopause is part of the equation, for sure. I take progesterone. I have hypo-thyroid and take a low dose of Levoxyl. I exercise 4-5 times a week--various workouts. And have been taking saunas afterwards to get rid of toxins. Also, from age 22 until just a few months ago (27 years!), I took a small dose of antibiotics every time I had intercourse. I have seen many docs and that was the only way I could stay out of the ER at 3 am. I recently found an alternative to antibiotics that seems to be working, but that's another story... On Day 12, I had a massage with a friend who mentioned that acupuncture might address the constipation. I went that next week for acupuncture and have been 2 times total (will continue). She is working to strengthen my kidneys and relieve my constipation. She says she's seen the W30 radically change the clients who have done it. I looked at the W30 Forum and started using Digestive Enzymes, Magnesium, and take a huge dose of probiotics to address the probable candida after so many years of antibiotic use. Oy. Still no relief. I just found some posts that recommend sweet potato and butternut squash for constipation. Coincidentally, other posts mention that veggies with higher carbs are also recommended for hypo-thyroid. I will add more of these and see what happens. I am very clear that going back to starting the day with tea, milk, and honey, and then battling cravings every 2 hours, is not the way to health. To cut out anything that could be contributing to inflammation and hormonal imbalances, can only be good. I plan to continue a modified W30 for...who knows? I love it. I feel great. My skin glows...and most important and profound, is that for the first time since adolescence, I have real balance in my eating. I have no cravings, either physical or emotional. And that is, simply, extraordinary. I am so grateful to this program. I am continuing with faith that going back cannot be better, that this feels just right for me, and that things will/must get better! Will post again around W45! Or W60, or whatever it takes.
  24. I have just completed my second Whole30. The first was back in the Fall and I had amazing results, I lost a lot of inflammation that I didn't realize I had and gained back a lot of energy. After the first 30 days I took a month and did the autoimmune elimination diet and didn't notice a difference with many foods. We fell off track in the Spring for about a month or two while we were in the process of buying our first home and moving but finally got back on track in June with our second round of Whole30. Needless to say in the time we were off track I became inflamed again. As of mid July I have completed my second Whole30 and since have completely cut out coffee yet I am still swollen which leaves me uncomfortable most of the time in my clothes. I guess I am wondering if the inflammation can be attributed to our moving stress and trying to get settled or should I redo the elimination diet again? Or if anyone has had this happen or something similar and if so what they did?
  25. Christina Williams Routon

    Starting my Whole 30 January 2013

    Hi, all. I'm Christina and I'll be starting my Whole 30 on January 1 along with many of you. I have a disorder called Lipedema, which affects how my body metabolizes and uses and stores fat and carbs. It's characterized by a disproportionate body - lower body larger than upper body - with other issues tossed in there making weight loss difficult. I'd already adjusted my diet to cut out wheat and sugar to slow down the inflammatory responses with this disorder, so it's time now to start the next step. In my mind, the next step is paleo and the Whole 30 seems to be a good way for me to slow inflammation, reset my metabolism, and get a clean starting point to see how various foods truly affect me. I'm not in this for weight loss as this disorder keeps me from losing weight via conventional means. My main goal is to return to my endocrinologist in February and be told I'm no longer insulin resistant. Any weight loss will be a bonus, and I'll go into February slowly adding some foods back in - but not wheat or sugar - to see how they affect my body.