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Found 28 results

  1. Last week when I started my Whole30 and noticed all the information on nightshades, I kind of pushed it aside and figured naah not a problem for me. Well I think I've been proven wrong. Although my digestion/IBS is doing well - which I talk about more in this thread and overall I'm feeling better rested and better in general I am still dealing with a fair amount of nasal congestion, sore throat, and fatigue. This happened in a big way many times over the summer (read 5 serious bouts lasting 3-5 days) that I thought I was getting colds/flus from overworking. However, the symptoms were never accompanied with fever, bodyaches or other flu like symptoms. Just the sore throat and painful ears usually on one side or both and clear phlegm (not colored or cloudy like with a cold or flu. Sorry for the details but it's important in figuring out the cause!). Important to note that I have hypothyroidism (treated since 2008) and despite my blood levels indicating it's well balanced, I have fatigue and cycle issues that seem to indicate otherwise. Last night I used a new to me Mrs. Dash spice blend and last night and today the right side of my throat and right ear canal or SO painful and I am phelgmy. Looked at the ingredients I saw that it contains black pepper and chili pepper high up on the list and then red bell pepper further down. Considering my dinner consisted of... Roasted Chicken Roasted sweet potato topped with coconut milk and Sauerkraut (from a local farm made with nothing but salt) I really think spice blend has got to the be cause of my symptoms. So nightshades are gone for a while to see if it gets rid of this really annoying and hurtful inflammation. My questions are... *Do you agree with my possible self-diagnosis? *What symptoms do you (other people that have nightshade issues) get when you eat them?? *Am I missing any nightshades on my list of things to avoid.... All peppers Tomatoes and Tomatillos Eggplants Potatoes but not sweet potatoes (thank goodness!) Paprika and other pepper based spices Hot sauce and salsa (I've heard blueberries as well but am unsure??) Thanks so much guys!
  2. I'm nearing the end of my first Whole30 after a year and a half of paleo eating. I saw a number of health problems resolve or greatly reduced. (Chronic sinus headaches/infections gone, eliminated allergy meds after taking them daily for almost 50 years, less knee pain from a torn meniscus, cracked heels healed, reflux and flatulence gone, periodontal disease greatly improved, blood sugar under control, etc.) During the year and a half, I was gluten free except for one or two indulgences, mostly dairy free with small amounts of cheese once or twice a week, and refined sugar free (until I found myself slipping too often with ice cream) I don't drink coffee, have never smoked, and have alcohol once or twice a year. I was mostly grain free, with once or twice a month corn tortillas, rice pasta, or a gluten free pizza crust. I had lost 50 pounds but had reached a plateau and still need to lose at least 30 more. My inspiration to do the Whole30 was the plateau, the ice cream craving, and the fact that I gained 9 pounds on an 11 day vacation on which I tried very hard to eat clean & gluten free. I'm pretty sure I've lost that weight with the Whole 30 since my clothes are fitting better. I had been taking a statin, and went off of it when I started Paleo. After 3 months, my dentist tested my C Reactive Protein and it was 1.9. They tested it again last week (3 weeks into my August Whole 30) and it is 5-something, almost 6! I can only assume it has been going up the past year and the low number was due to the effects of the statin and the extra fish oil I was taking. My vitamin D had also tested low, but has since tested okay with supplementation. My doctor doesn't like my cholesterol/triglyceride numbers and wants me to go back on the statin, but I'm holding out at least until the next health fair in the spring in hopes I can lose some more weight/abdominal fat and get my diet dialed in before then. (I've already lost over 12" in my waist and am wearing size 14-16) I sleep well and am retired, without a lot of life stress, thank goodness. Okay, so my question is...What next? Another Whole 30? Or a Whole30 without nightshades? or nightshades, nuts, and eggs? As a teenager many moons ago, I tested allergic to egg whites, plus had swelling/itching if I ate something like meringue or angel food cake, so I have always avoided egg whites, eating eggs only occasionally or in baked goods. I also know I am sensitive to green bell pepper (bloating) but have always been able to eat tomatoes, red bell pepper, green & red chiles, and spices with no apparent problem. P.S. I know that no one posting here is a doctor and I am not interpreting any advice or suggestions to be medical advice.
  3. Suzy


    I've had warts since 1999. I know. It sounds crazy. Most people will tell you that warts will go away within a few years on their own, but mine just have slowly multiplied. Now I have a small one on the print of my thumb, two under my big toe, and three on the ball of my foot at the base of the toes. I've done a LOT to get rid of them from freezing to home treatments to laser surgery. The last time I saw a dermatologist he recommended chemotherapy (YIKES) which has the slight risk of actually giving me cancer later in life. This sounds like no option for me. All treatments were very painful, so eventually I just stopped trying to make them go away. I've been eating mostly paleo with only a few days off since the middle of June. I'm now 16 days in to my W30. I've noticed that my warts are less painful than they used to be, and I'm thinking that this is due to my body inflammation being under control. My doctor has said that I have "low immune system functioning," which I now attribute solely to dietary stress. I was always a sick kid (asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic sinus infections, ear infections, depression) and oif course was fed a Standard American Diet (SAD). I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there who has experienced a wart disappearing on a paleo diet? Maybe my body will have the opportunity to recognize the wart virus and clean it out of my body? I think I had leaky gut, possibly my whole life, that is now finally healing. I know my "wheat belly" is all but gone now. I don't remember ever seeing my stomach so flat! This would be really nice, as I'm a yoga teacher and always feel the need to hide my warts from my students. Not to mention trying not to infect anyone else by walking on the bare floor!