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Found 27 results

  1. hi all, so I know it's normal to feel nauseous in the beginning (this is my first whole30 and were on day 7) but it's been so bad for me that I can barely force myself to eat anything at all. my first day was awesome, second day I was tired and had no energy, and the rest I just feel like I'm going to be sick at just the thought of food. I've been able to eat apples and the occasional nuts or eggs. before our whole 30 we were pretty paleo so I'm sort of surprised to be feeling this way for so long!! any suggestions?? I don't like sweet potatoes, what else should I eat that's plain and settling?
  2. Keisha Engley

    Half-Marathon Training

    So, I'm an 18 y/o female about 154 lbs. I Crossfit as well as run. I've started half-marathon training and I just ran a ten mile run and I felt OKAY during my run, but now it's a couple of hours post workout and I'm feeling super nauseous. For breakfast, I had 3 eggs with asparagus and spinach for breakfast with coconut oil. Then my run was four hours or so after I ate breakfast, but I ate some coconut flakes before my run. I then ate a salad with spinach, avocado, salmon, cucumber, and celery about 30 minutes after my run. I'm feeling pretty light headed. And I've drank about two liters of water so far today. I have been trying to stay away from nuts and fruit and just getting my carbs from my veggies and sweet potatos. Am I eating something wrong? I completed my Whole30 last month and was about 80/20 Paleo for the 5 months or so prior to that. I'm still eating Whole30 compliant. Am I dehydrated, not eating enough carbs, not eating the proper foods before/after my run?