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Found 10 results

  1. I am starting Whole30, and looking for suggestions on: Whole30 approved brands for things like salad dressing, almond butter, almond milk/creamer, etc. Tree nuts that are Whole30 compliant for snacking Pescetarian-friendly foods, snacks, recipes, etc. Thank you in advance!
  2. I’m on day 3 of my first Whole30 and I’m feeling great! However, I’ve been seeing some mixed messages on what I can and cannot eat as a pescatarian on the Whole30. Are legumes and tempeh allowed for the vegetarian Whole30? Also, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the meal preparation. I’m not the most confident cook. Does anyone have some super simple recipes?
  3. hanselbanane

    Pre-workout snacks

    Hello! I am on day 6 of the Whole 30 and am liking it so far. I am a pescatarian but have been also incorporating a bit of chicken into my diet for the month. I am also very active. I workout from 6-7am most mornings, and then bike 20 minutes to work. I have found that I need to have something before I hit the gym otherwise I really struggle with stamina and hunger. I then have my breakfast around 9:00am once I get to work. I have been making these fat balls but am finding them a bit hard to digest first thing in the morning. Does anyone have alternative suggestions of a good small snack that's easily digestible? Thanks! Hannah
  4. I'm in week 2 of Whole 30, and just rec'd food panel test results from my naturopath. Super frustrating - three items show up as moderate-to-high - eggs, almonds, and radishes. I'm pescetarian (vegetarian + fish), so I rely on eggs as a primary protein source, This summer, I have probably eaten eggs, almonds/almond milk, and radishes every day!! Sigh. I'm waiting for advice from my naturopath. Not sure where to go with Whole 30 from here - and not sure what I'll learn that is different from the report in front of me. Super frustrated b/c I was all in on this program, and even recruited a few folks at work to start with me.
  5. Hello! Quick review of background and goals: I am on Day 7. I am a 43 year old woman who exercises 5 days per week (SPX Pilates, running, weights), travels extensively for client meetings and is doing Whole30 to control migraines, energy supply and regulate mood. I am 5'5" and weigh approximately 117 lbs. I would like to lose some additional body fat and gain lean muscle mass. Before the program, I had a headache every day. I have a noticed a reduction in my headaches. I also have started to pay attention to my sleep, aiming for 8-9 hours a night. This is a change in my routine. Prior to Whole30, I would have my "hungry days" and my "un-hungy days". I would at times go for 2-3 days without eating more than 400 calories per day due to not paying attention to my hunger signals. My work days can last (with travel) as much as 18-plus hours (though I am attempting to limit this, as lack of sleep does trigger my headaches). Drinking about 64 oz of water per day with 1 packet of Nature's Calm. Stopped all supplements for the Whole30. Meals/activity: 9 am - 8 oz black coffee, 3 hard boiled egg whites (yolks ok?), 1 medium banana, water 12:45 pm - 1 RX bar (blueberry), water (needed an emergency "on the go" snack 1:40 pm - SPX Pilates (50 minutes) 3 pm - 1/4 c raw almonds, water 6 pm - (at a restaurant) 2 c lettuces with peppers and 1 T EVOO, 4 oz rare tuna, 1/4 c avocado, club soda with lime, 1/2 c decaf coffee 8:30 pm (because I was starving) - 1/8 c raw almonds, green tea (organic), 1/2 sweet potato, water with Nature's Calm I am thinking I need to add veggies at breakfast and maybe more fats? Thank you in advance! P.S. Made the salmon cakes from the Whole30 book for dinner last night and they were AWESOME.
  6. Hi! It's Day 8 and I feel terrible! I run a website and wrote about my experience thus far in a comedic way if you want to see how I'm faring: BUT.... is this normal? I thought by now I'd be feeling better. I'm hungry... I can't stop thinking about food.... I rarely thought about food before. I ate when I was hungry... I limited what I ate.... I AM a pescetarian, so I'm doing a real whole30. My husband is doing it with me (He's a meat-eater) and while he's crabby (mostly due to a lack of whiskey!) he feels okay. I don't. Tell me it gets better! Or... do I need more protein?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm on my 18th day of my Whole30 diet and am struggling with bad stomach problems. I also am struggling with food options. I have been waking up to diarrhea most mornings, soft stools throughout the day, nauseous stomach and lots of stomach gurgling throughout the day. I rarely had these problems before this program. Up until recently, eggs were a major part of my diet during the Whole30, though a few days ago, I literally started to get nauseous and unable to eat any more of them without feeling sick. That leaves me with limited breakfast choices, so I try to have nuts and fruit. Lunch is veggies with tuna or some sort of vegan grain free soup. Dinner is always fish or shellfish, often with sweet potatoes and salad or other veggies. I read about cutting out nuts to help with this and limiting fruit, but doing hat would eliminate half of what I can eat. Any ideas of what I can do to help with this? I'm starting to not want to eat during the day - at least not the foods I am allowed, which I know is not the right answer (so I force myself to eat anyways). Thanks for your advice!
  8. danielleybrown

    Day 5

    Hi Everyone! I'm on day 5 of the Whole30. I've had a hard time adjusting because I'm a vegetarian…but I do eat small amounts of fish. I have no problem with eggs - I love them! I'm a full-time student and I work part-time, so there are moments during the week where I'm on the go. I'm hoping to find some good recipes that I can prep and freeze for those moments, and also ideas for quick meals. I definitely don't want to get burnt out by eating the same foods over and over, but it seems hard to find Whole30 vegetarian recipes. I'm going to check the Forum for a thread, I'm sure there the resources are out there! Take care, Danielle
  9. Gogogio

    OMG Am I craving MEAT?

    Hello! My husband and I are on day 14! We happened to come across the Whole9 website Sept. 30th and decided we'd do it NOW. I want to know who else hasn't eaten meat in a LONG TIME, but is considering? My story is below, but feel free to scroll past it to the question. I quit eating meat at 9 years old. And I quit drinking soda at 10. I guess I've always been fearful of my health for some reason. I grew up on canned vegetables, packaged meat, boxed cereal and local seafood, ice cream and pizza and chips. In high school I would eat oreos covered in peanut butter. I thought I was healthy because I didn't eat meat! I wasn't a heavy drinker until AFTER college. I traveled a lot for work, and saw how overweight everyone was, so I started to seriously count calories, sugar and sodium. Because, I was eating mostly packaged food that would travel well. Tuna packets, granola bars... oatmeal packets... I was vegetarian (9-20, I was vegan (21-23), I was raw vegan(23-25 then I moved to alaska and you're dreaming if you want to eat all raw in the bush! I was also on birth control. My hair was falling out. I would wake up to angiodema for weeks. MY face was so swollen I slurred my words. We decided it was the birth control. My mouth was covered in 'poison ivy' which was an allergy to cashews. I've been gluten free for two years, my husband almost one. However I was still having issues (same ol story), and here I am. I'm overhauling our kitchen. I am obessed with making raw 'treats' and chocolate nut butters and paleo banana bread and protien pancakes and etc. SO, now I think I'm intolerant to almonds, unless the acne I'm experiencing week 3 is normal? After being a runner since childhood, I'm now primarily bodybuilding, but a fairly recent crossfit convert. That being said, I like to gain! And I was loading up on fish and eggs. We run a poultry farm, so there is plenty of free range meat. I roasted a chicken for my husband the other night and I found myself wanting some! However, it's been so long that is felt like a foreign food to me. I could touch it, but not bring it to my mouth, I'm sure it's mental. Anyone else practicing pescetarian paleo? Anyone else come to the meat side from raw vegan or the like?? Quitting birth control was the first most important thing I've done for my health. Quitting alcohol 3 years ago was the second, and I have a feeling whole 30 is the biggest step I've taken for my health. I'm ready to take my health to the next level!
  10. After 18 years of eating no meat, other than occasional seafood, I recently found myself devouring chicken. It was so tasty, and it felt right to eat it. Until I read an article from a meat farmer posted on Mark's Daily Apple about how misleading meat food labels are. The Trader Joe's organic free-range chicken I'd been buying turned out to be no more humane than standard CAFO chicken. The article mentions that you need to find "pastured" chicken. So fine, I can try to find that obscure term in an obscure store. But the whole thing just kind of pi$$ed me off, to be frank. I'm spending the money and time to find quality meat raised in a humane way, and meanwhile food manufacturers are sitting around trying to find loopholes on how to trick us into thinking their food fits this criteria. Makes me want to go on a hunger strike. But then my tummy rumbles and I go searching for something to eat that isn't going to totally destroy the planet. Arrggg. Now I'm left debating if I should go back to trying to find pastured chicken for my Whole30, since eggs and seafood probably won't cut it. Then go back to no chicken after the Whole30. Any thoughts? Can anyone relate?