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Found 53 results

  1. Hi all! Today is the last day of my reintroduction period and I dived in with gluten. I don't have celiac and I didn't notice issues with gluten during my last Whole 30. However, today I had some whole wheat toast with breakfast and not even an hoir later...BAM! BRAIN FOG has settled in. Is this a common reaction I can contribute to gluten sensitivity?
  2. Hi! I finished my first Whole30 about 8 days ago. While it was a lot of work, I had great results with NSV. Felt great. Lots of energy. Slept well. Lost some weight. I have been doing a very slow reintroduction because I really wanted to identify what foods cause trouble. I had been having some digestive issues in my 40's, tired more than normal, some random heartburn (that I've had on and off the last 10+ years). I'm already pretty sure I'm lactose intolerant and gave up cows milk a few years ago. So not sure I will add any dairy back any time soon. So Day 31, I had whole grain rice. No issues. And Day 32, because it was Valentine's Day we made this fun dessert of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, with a ground cashew, date and coconut mixture sprinkled on top and then topped with whipped coconut cream. (It was Valentine's after all and our first dessert in over a month -- technically all compliant ingredients!" -- it was AMAZING!" The next day I had some heartburn. I chalked it up to the whipped coconut cream and fruit. And didn't think much of it. I had rice again the next few days with no problems. Fast forward to this past weekend and I had to go out of town. That Friday I had corn chips (they weren't as good as I remembered). And then I also had some deli turkey meat on Saturday from Publix. I also had a few more cashews and almonds than normal (b/c it was hard to travel with vegetables). Since then I have not added anything else. Been doing straight Whole30 (other than I've had a few salad dressings that might not be complaint while I was traveling). So just rice, corn chips (like Tostito brand) and deli turkey meat. And I have had THE WORST HEART BURN all day today today! I had to fast this morning due to a physical... so again I had some cashews and almonds right afterwards. I've been reading about FODMAPs. Never even heard that term before Whole30. I didn't eat a ton of nuts while on Whole30. But now that it was over and I wasn't trying to lose any more weight I though they would be okay. I don't remember having ANY heartburn during my 30 days. The heartburn is really frustrating b/c I'm still following Whole30. It's been constant all day (even dug out some old Prilosec from my bathroom tonight). Just feels like everything is burning from my mouth to my stomach. Meals Yesterday: B: 3 eggs, Aidelle'e chicken and apple sausage, coffee with NutPods L: salad with grilled chicken D: Pork Carnitas in Crock Pot with salad, tomato salsa, corn chips Meals Today: B: Had to skip b/c fasting for physical blood work Snack after appointment: cashews, almonds, deli turkey L: Lemon pepper chicken with red potatoes and salad D: Burgers (from Whole30 recipe) sweet potato fries, guacamole, lettuce tomato Just curious if anyone has any insight.... just seems crazy to be having such terrible heartburn from corn??? could it be the almonds and cashews?? Or the Deli Turkey meat? The bummer is I'm traveling again this weekend. I'm going to be trying to stick to Whole30 but it will be tough in the sugar area (like for bacon, sausage, salad dressings) b/c I'm flying so I really can't bring a lot of food with me. But I really want this heartburn to go away. Thanks for any insight!
  3. BlueEyez

    Sore throat?

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I've began the reintroduction phase and I'm noticing a moderately bad sore throat that I didn't have during Whole30. Could this be a sign of a food allergy or intolerance/sensitivity? Thanks!