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Found 11 results

  1. aubiefan1

    Potatos v. Rice

    I completed my first round; feel phenomenal; much more energy; much more focused; however, I did not lose as much weight as I anticipated. I am trying to lose weight in an effort to come off blood pressure meds. In a discussion with my physician, he actually suggested whole grain and/or brown rice rather than the potatoes. Not trying to bust the "whole 30 regimen", but if you find yourself in a similar situation, it might be worth a try.
  2. Hi! So I just finished Whole 30 for the first time which is a huge deal for me! But...I have 2 concerns: 1) I know people say that they feel like a whole new person on Whole 30 and they are much happier and energetic but I can't say I have experienced that. If anything, I've been more moody and obnoxious lately. 2) I tried putting rice back in my diet and the second I had a little bit with my dinner, my stomach blew up. Its been 5 days and it still has not gone down. Is that normal? Did I do something wrong?
  3. amykim

    "Better than Rice"

    Hi there, As an Asian, it's hard to do a "no rice" diet. I tried cauliflower rice, but unfortunately, I don't like it. Not just a matter of taste or flavor, but I had some gut discomfort. So, I was searching for other rice alternatives and found this: Better than Rice (by Better than Foods) It is a shirataki rice (konaku) based on the same ingredients as those of shriataki noodles (so called, "magic noodles"), which is one of the whole30 noodle alternatives. But, Better than Rice also has oat fiber... (I googled it, oat fiber is 90% fiber, even though it is extracted from oat). Can I have this? Thank you in advance!
  4. My reintroductions are going slower than expected and I'm finding out things I don't want to know :(. Of course I am very glad to be getting to the bottom of my health issues, but here's what I didn't want to find: 1. Dairy gives gives me an itchy throat and makes me phlegmy - I can't afford to be phlegmy because I get bad seasonal allergies and hate being all stuffy. 2. Oatmeal knocked me the f* out yesterday. I was so tired after eating it and it made me hungry a couple hours after breakfast, even though I'd added sausage and spinach to the meal. 3. Rice gives me HIVES. What?! And it made me stuffy. I have yet to try out corn, legumes or gluten. Does anyone else have the oat and rice problem? Also, could this be temporary, meaning maybe I have a leaky gut, which is causing these foods to send their allergens into my bloodstream now, but if I heal my gut, maybe I can enjoy them again? I appreciate any input. THANKS!
  5. I just completed my Whole30 successully, with good results. On day 31, yesterday, I decided to reintroduce brown rice, a staple of my diet before. I ate filet gumbo thickened with one cup of a mixture of coconut, tapioca and brown rice flour in about 12 quarts of gumbo -- the rest was just veggies, meat and compliant beef stock. I have eaten a lot of filet gumbo with no bad effects. I had a small serving of plain brown rice with it. I felt bad pretty quickly and got worse and worse with an upset gut, fatigue, headache. I had a hard time getting to sleep (after sleeping well during the Whole30) and today still feel pretty bad overall. All the flours had no other ingredients. I had eaten tapioca starch once before to thicken meat balls with no effects. I have also had no reactions to canned coconut milk, but had not eaten coconut flour. My question is whether the coconut and tapioca flour could have contributed to feeling badly and whether my test for rice was isolated enough to give me good information? Thank you!
  6. CozzaWozzaBozza

    Legit general question re Whole30

    Hi there, I am seriously considering doing a family Whole 30 but I have a burning question which I have not seen answered in It Starts with Food or the Whole 30 book. The premise of the book/method is to find a foundation for health, not weight loss or ....., but health. If I was to mimic a diet of a people group who are the most healthy, you would look in the Blue Zones who have a reputation for long life and a lack of disease. My query is, if I look at these people groups, they all eat foods which are not Whole30 compliant, eg. rice, legumes, grains. True health it seems is not linked to specific foods, but a lifestyle of one which involves movement, sunshine, lack of stress, whole foods made from scratch and community/togetherness. My family does not have any health concerns so if my long term intention is to reintroduce some of these foods into our diet, is a Whole30 worth the planning, expense and rules based lifestyle for a month for other reasons? I am a foodie who loves all things food and the thought of cutting out whole food groups, even for a month seems extreme, but I would do it for a challenge, if nothing else. I get why people would do it as a guided elimination diet, but I don't see it as long term or necessary for good health. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Corrie
  7. violetta

    Stomach attack

    I ate some brown rice, quinoa mix yesterday, just a little bit and I feel like I am being attacked! This was with a stir fry of chicken and veggies in coconut oil with curry powder and ginger, which I have eaten many times before. I immediately began to feel nauseous and had pain in my esophagus. Lots of burning and burping ensued plus my tongue was burning. I had previously take prilosec for a few years but quit after about a week of Whole 30 with no side effects. I did notice a little indigestion at night after reintro of sourdough bread a few days ago. So I decided that was out. But this attack is like the worse I have ever felt of acid reflux. I am not sure if I want to try anything else ever and I am not sure if this will go away. I took some digestive enzymes and a prilosec when it seemed like there was just too much pain. It is a little better this morning but I have not tried eating anything yet. What do I do now?
  8. TexasMomma5

    Substitute for rice or pasta?

    Hi all! I'm on Day 1. I think we have rice or pasta with 90% of the dishes we make i.e. marinara sauce, chili, soups, asian inspired dishes, crock pot casseroles. This will be my hardest part! I would love some suggestions. TIA!
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm sure similar topics have been posted a lot, but I wanted to put out my personal issue to try and get some advice/input. I'm running a full marathon on Feb. 14 and am doing my second round of Whole30 starting Jan 4. During the Whole30 time frame, my training plan has me running 176 miles, so I am pretty nervous about not getting enough hearty carbs to give me energy to get through the day and through my runs. I did my first Whole30 in September, and didn't necessarily feel tired on my runs, but as soon as I was having rice and quinoa again, my pace improved by about a mile a minute. I'm very confident that I can follow the rules -- my first time, I was very strict and to my knowledge, never broke a Whole30 guideline. This time, I'm thinking about allowing myself brown rice and quinoa to eat, mainly on nights before long runs. (I have several 10 miles or over, one 20 mile run and one 23 mile run). I guess that would mean this whole30 would be less about a big "cleanse" and more about my relationship with food (which I'm fine with), although I'm sure the benefits would still be pretty great. Does anybody have any thoughts? Thanks! Jacob
  10. So after trying dairy for a few days and finding that my skin irritation was not from the dairy (tried a straight glass of whole milk as well as a dairy based dressing with no symptoms) I am on to non gluten grains. This morning I made a gluten free waffle with a flour made of a mix of tapioca, almond, and a rice flour and didn't have any reactions. Then for lunch ate white rice with a whole30 compliant chicken and almost immediately felt crampy and got heart burn symptoms I haven't felts since I started my 30. Wondering if I should try other things like corn and see if they also make me feel this way?
  11. Trying to make the Sunshine Sauce from Well Fed. The recipe calls for "rice vinegar" which we cannot find in the store. Is this the same as "rice wine vinegar?" If not, is rice wine vinegar acceptable to use? Also, any alternatives in general that we should consider if we can't find rice vinegar. Thanks!