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Found 3 results

  1. annierl

    not sleeping

    Hello, I am new to Whole30 and am on day 5. So far so good with respect to food. The odd thing is that since I have started I am having a really hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. I'm only sleeping a few hours a night. I did not have this problem before Whole30. Melatonin is not helping. I'm assuming it's a part of the detox process. I used to drink red wine at night. I know I just need to be patient. Is the poor sleep quality a part of detoxing? How long before you should expect your sleep quality to improve? I realize this will vary from person to person. I know once I get to other side my sleep will be better than ever. I'm just surprised by this side effect. Thanks for your advice!
  2. Hi ! I'm on my day 18 and I find extremely hard to wake up in the mornings. I have always had a sound sleep and although I love sleeping and have never been an 'early bird', from 7 days to now I have to snooze the alarm at least 5 times ! And then feel groggy the whole day through. Is this normal ? Will this get better ? I follow the whole30 rules without exception although I have been eating more fruit now than I did before.
  3. Hi ! Me and my hubby are doing our first whole30. We are both in good health and we were eating pretty good. Before whole30 my husband had no problems with sleep and now we are on day 18 and he has been strugling with sleep for the last week ...he wakes up in the middle of the night and Can't fall back to sleep. He used to eat high carbs as a snack before whole30. Now he has some compliant ham with almond butter or protein with fat. His sleep is very light. Tossing and turning...other than sleep he is doing good but now getting tired. We are following the meal template and he has fat and some starchy veg each meal. Me: I have on and off insomnia periods in my life and I have reactive hypoglycemia since forever. But before the whole30 this month I was sleeping very good. Since starting the whole30 bad sleep which I knew was detox at the beginning but now it's day 18 and still takes me forever to fall asleep..I even have to take a snack of almonds around 1am to be able to fall asleep. I take magnesium before bed and melatonin. I have some fat and carbs with every meal. Anyone relate and have solutions? We love whole30 but want to SLEEP!!!