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Found 55 results

  1. Hi All, I've started my second Whole30 today. Last year in October I did this for 30 days and it was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I've been on and off the Whole30 since. I think it was all because I didn't make a clear cut decision that I will see it through for 30 days. But here I am again...ready to be healthy again! Vy
  2. Hi all, I am starting my first Whole 30 today! I am incredibly nervous and would love some company along the way if anyone else is starting today too! I have always struggled with my weight and constantly been on and off diets for about 10 years. Therefore, I believe my digestive system is pretty out of whack considering what I have been putting it through. I am hoping this experience will help heal my body and make me a healthier person. Just a little bit about me... I am 27, married almost a year. My husband will not be completing the Whole30 with me but will usually eat what I make for dinner so that is helpful. However there are still oreos in my pantry... I have a pretty sedentary job. I don't get to do a lot of moving throughout the day but I do generally workout about 6 times a week. I completed Insanity a month ago and restarted that workout program two weeks ago. So I will also be completing that exercise program for the second time while doing my first Whole30. I am by no means in super great shape. I am overweight by 24 pounds, which is an improvement as I was about 8 pounds heavier two months ago. I really want this to be a success! Manda
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Megan, 30, and have started my Whole30 today! I'm really excited about taking this step to overcome an addiction to sugar and sweets, get in touch with my natural hunger/satiety cues, have more energy, and reduce ailments like headaches and stomach upsets. Starting today gave me instant feedback on how well my hunger/satiety cues are working. It seems they're not working very well at all. After meals, I feel physically full. However, I still feel really "hungry," I'm guessing because my body isn't getting the sugar it's craving. Feeling so full and hungry at the same times shows me how little what I've been viewing as "hunger" is correlated to a need for nourishment and food for energy and how much it's actually correlated to craving sugar and psychological reward. This really does feel like battling an addiction. Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it take to begin feeling satiated by food you were eating during your Whole30? ~Megan
  4. I picked up the It Starts with Food book three days ago ... I was eating a mostly vegetarian diet - just because I simply like those types of foods. I was so intrigued that two days later - and the entire book consumed - I decided to start. A couple of years ago I started getting unexplained chronic hives almost on a daily basis. No doctors could give me any answers. Through a basic blood test, it was determined that I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I was surprised as I'd always been "healthy", had little issues with my weight, and had no other symptoms. Still, my hives were thought unrelated (by everyone but myself). Since then, I've noticed that my lifestyle and stress level have a dramatic impact on my hives. So it makes sense to me that food can have a major impact on both that and the Hashimoto's. I'm truly inspired by stories about chronic autoimmune diseases resolving completely or in part, and want the same for myself. Mostly I just want to feel good every day, and slay the dragon of chronic cravings and the guilt cycles that go along with them. It's a dramatic shift to eating all this meat and I'm looking for meat friendly recipes - I was hardly eating any red meat, so even ground beef is a tough one for me. However, the thing I'm most worried about is the alcohol. While I love wine, and it's been part of some of the best parts of my life (celebrations, travel, etc), it's more about the social situations that go along with it. Summer is here, and even last night I skipped out on a barbeque because I thought the cocktails and wine would be too tempting. How do you get over still going out with friends who love to socialize over a glass or wine or cocktail and not feeling completely deprived? Still ... Looking forward to seeing myself be strong enough to do this and the benefits that it imparts. The fact that I literally had dreams of scarfing down a greasy pizza after Day 1 - and then horrible guilt! - is just funny to me. Ciao
  5. Hi everyone! I'm super excited to embark on my first day of the whole30 challenge tomorrow! I've made it halfway through one once before about a month ago and then fell off the wagon but now that I have graduated from college I'm hoping that this time around it will be easier for me to stick with my commitment! Is anyone else starting tomorrow? Does anyone have any tips for a newbie like me?