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Found 186 results

  1. MelissaRose

    Made it through Day 5!

    I'm Melissa, and I'm so excited to be committing to the Whole 30. The past week was a perfect storm of all sorts of yuck (hormones gone wild! craziness at work! depression! Grueling Lyme Disease treatments! etc.), but I realized that plowing through a plate of chicken parm, a thick slice of cheesecake, and washing it all down with a Diet Coke could NOT be helping my mood or situation. The first 3 - 4 days on Whole30, as advertised, were not fun. Not fun at all. I was depressed, panicked, angry, lonely, hungry, resentful - all of the "bad" feelings. But yesterday and today, I feel like the fog has lifted a bit and I've been enjoying my life again, feeling way less hangry, and looking forward to tomorrow - trying my best to take this one day at a time I'm hoping that through committing to the Whole30, I will get additional relief from Lyme Disease, improve my mood, have more energy, and fit into my clothes more comfortably (and maybe even have to buy some smaller ones)! Thank you!
  2. So I'm currently on day 11 of my second whole30 - definitely feeling the tiger blood and so cleansed. But today, an emotion hit me straight in the face that I've been suppressing since my first whole30: I really miss coffee! A LOT! And I'm not talking about my black coffee, because I've learned to love that, too - but I'm talking about the sugary off-plan white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. To the point where it's making me SAD. To explain, I moved to Lansing, MI 2 years ago, originally by myself. When I wasn't working in the ER (AKA the dark cave with no windows), I loved to be outside at a coffee shop around people, reading my book with my cinnamon dolce latte. Since my husband and I got married, heading off to read at a local coffee shop by myself is the most soothing and enjoyable "me" time - especially in the summer. I'm sadly realizing that one of my favorite parts about these moments is the sugar-bomb treat I had when I got there. I really struggled with food (and fancy-drink latte!) cravings when I did my first whole30. Thankfully, one of the lasting skills I have because of W30 is the ability to stifle a craving in 30 seconds flat. (Thanks, Melissa!) I do not believe my desire for a latte at the coffee shop is a craving; I feel my brain has associated cozy cute coffee shop with my inner sugar dragon, and it's ruining what I thought to be one of my favorite hobbies. I currently drink black coffee or tea (and I've just recently invested in the yummy NutPods) but it's just not cutting it. Help? Help me find freedom from the latte when I'm off my whole30. Thank you in advance!!
  3. Hey, so for breakfast I'm having a bowl of: -1/2 avocado - one banana - two strawberries - 15 blueberries - dried goji berries - cacao nibs - acai powder - bee pollen. Is this too much sugar? I believe it's all compliant but just want to make sure this is cool. Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm on day 17 and feeling great. I have more energy, am in a better mood, and am much less bloated. My biggest issue in the past has been eating sugar, and I have had cravings throughout the last 16 days - but today they have gotten significantly worse. Is this normal? Where is the tiger blood???
  5. I need some support. It's day 22 and I have been SO GOOD. I've been fully committed and have made major habit changes. I can honestly say no sugar has entered my body since I started. THEN - I went to Whole Foods and planned to expand my ingredient list. I went to the meat section and requested a ham for breakfast with NO SUGAR. The employees doubled checked the ingredients and referred a product to me. They sliced it, packaged it and sent me on my way. I made my breakfast with eggs and ham. Felt strange. Checked the ingredients. Realized the ham they recommended to me included Turbinando Sugar. I did all my shopping at Whole Foods and have been diligent. I feel betrayed and misled and so frustrated to think of starting over. The customer service team was sympathetic and offered a refund and $10 giftcard - and agreed their new lookup system may have been at fault. Any words of wisdom and peace?
  6. When I get to the introduction phase, do I introduce sugar before alcohol as alcohol contains sugar? I am unsure if there is a correct way round. Thanks
  7. When I started my first Whole30 my fasting was 450, which was dangerously high. It came down to 170!
  8. I have not eaten much sugar since my Whole30 but I decided to have a little chocolate today to try it. I noticed immediately that I had an intense, whole body hot flash like during menopause but I haven't had any for about 3-4 years. I tried it again later and had the same reaction, so hot I had to run the air conditioner full blast in the car on a very cold day. It only lasted a couple minutes and was gone but I was sweating profusely for that time. I noticed it even this evening when I had 1/2 banana, which is something that I have eaten many times since Whole30 with, I thought, no reaction. Anyone else have this reaction? I supposed this could have happened lots of times previous to Whole30 but I didn't isolate it.
  9. Today the Sugar Dragon reared its head. While I stayed compliant, I fed it with dates/coconut/almonds. NOT the best choice since the dates prob shot up my sugar (and calorie load) and dropped it again. I really want to avoid this tomorrow!! Eek! I have fruit 1-2 times a day, but today I found myself picking at the date rolls all afternoon. They might not get purchased the remainder of this 30 day challenge!! Today's only day 4. AKK! Aviva
  10. Ok, so I know SUGAR is a no go. I know this and this is my 4th whole30, but I had a bit of a "slip" during the current one. I went to grab a coffee and the coffee was already sweetened, it was a small cup 2-3 ounces at most of light, watered down, sugar sweetened coffee. Thing is, I drank it, and it didn't even register to me at that moment. I swear. Not until now, like 1-2 days later, it hit me like a truck as I was thinking about drinking coffee today. I usually make my own coffee and buy local and organic to avoid any of these mishaps but sometimes shit happens. I am trying not to be too hard on myself as I usually am. All my other whole30's have been successful, one of them helped me lose 30 lbs. as I stuck to the program for 90 days and did intense crossfit. I haven't messed up in any other way and I am cooking 90% of my food. Honestly, what I really want to know (although I am pretty sure I know the answer) does that void my whole30? Should I stop and restart it?
  11. I started my Whole30 on the 27th of Feb this year. After successfully completing the program, I reintroduced almost every food group back into my diet – except for sugar. Ever since I started Whole30 I've been binging almost every day, eating a lot more than I should have. And with Whole30 now over, I've started binging on the "bad" food, some of which I suspect are responsible for the recent outbreak of acne on my face (and by binging I mean eating half a huge loaf of bread plus almost a quarter of a 1kg cheese block in addition to a big fish fillet and half a kilo of veggies and a banana and two kiwifruits and half a pineapple — all in one meal! I'm 5'5 tall and around 114-115 pounds by the way). I'm desperate for a solution to stop this binge eating. I'm wondering if the binging is caused by my sugar cravings. Maybe I just need a little sugar and then I'll be satisfied and stop binging? Maybe I'm binging because I'm not letting myself have sugar and I'm subconsciously trying to compensate for it by overeating everything else? Or am I just making up excuses so I can have some sugar? I haven't touched any food with added sugar since I started in Feb (though I have been eating a lot of fruits), and I'm considering just buying some kind of dessert, eating it, and seeing if it stops my binge eating. But if it doesn't work I'll probably end up binging on the dessert too and it'll be a disaster. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello! I started whole30 four days ago and lord I feel terrible. I mean, physically I don't feel any worse than I did before. Mentally and emotionally I'm a wreck. Yesterday I started crying and couldn't stop. Then I got very angry at a loved one. Today I feel depressed, hopeless, despondent. This, a mere four days, is the longest I've gone without the white stuff, or the fake white stuff, in probably over a decade! I am absolutely a sugar addict. Are my feelings part of withdrawal? In all fairness, I should mention that I've been eating a ton of whole fruit to "ease" the transition, as well as a daily RX bar. I'm ready now to improve my meal plans to end this crutch, but I'm so scared my mental state will get worse. Does anyone have experience with this?
  13. I'm having trouble with sugar! I'm on day 7 and I have found myself turning to dates and nut butters when a sugar craving hits. I know this is a big no no, but I can't seem to break the habit or divert my attention! I feel like instead of having ice cream I'm just now turning to dates, nut butters, etc... Suggestions?? My sugar dragon is my main problem and I need to kick it FOR good! Help!!
  14. Ashes


    So lets get the whole "I know sugar and added sugar is bad for you" - out of the way. I know that. However, once this program is done, and I don't have a regular cup of tea in hand with a teaspoon of sugar - I'm going to go insane. So in preparation of completing whole 30, I wanted to get some recommendations of what sugar would be best to go back to? What is the healthiest option that I can put in my cup of tea. Also if you have recommendations for baking - though I'm in no rush to do that (tea is priority) - that would also be great! Thanks!
  15. Hi yall, I've been slowing working my way through my reintroductions since I finished my Whole30 a few weeks ago (on the slow boat route). While I had introduced small amounts of added sugars (most likely in salad dressings at restaurants, etc), late last night was the first time I had dessert. I had coconut macaroons with just coconut, egg whites, and sugar, and I COMPLETELY went off the rails and ate about 8 before I realized it. All night I was really really hyperactive, until I finally crashed around 1:00am. This morning I feel like I got run over by a truck. I'm super tired and my eyes are pretty puffy. How do yall do it? How can I add sugar as a special occasion treat back into my life without completely going off the rails? How do you bounce back form sugar binges? Should I modify my reintroduction schedule? I'd love to hear suggestions.
  16. So yes, I have a sugar addiction problem. In fact, I have a binging issue when it comes to sugar. And even if it's not sugar, it's bread and carbs. How does everyone slay their dragon? When temptation rolls around, what goes through your head? Sometimes, after overcoming the temptation in that small period, the desires stay in my head... Like inception. Like a forbidden lover. One look, and I'm hooked. I notice its nooks and crannies. I can't get my mind off, and sometimes it will even last for weeks. I hate this feeling of lack of control. Please, someone help!
  17. Kinnakeet

    Confused By Stevia

    Just starting Whole30 today. If we're supposed to be weaning ourselves off of sweets and things with a sweet flavor, and not supposed to use stevia to sweeten anything, why are we allowed to have fruit that I think is even sweeter than stevia? I had some grapes and pineapple last night that I swear gave me cavities! I love having a cup of herbal tea with a half a packet of stevia. Is that really not allowed? What if I beg?
  18. I completed the whole 30 a few months and have been very hysterical about the food that I continue to eat, although I occasionally CHEAT. And it really is cheating, the only thing that have semi-regularly is pop corn, and only white pop corn as that doesnt hurt my gut. Anyways, I am 6'4 I started a paleo lifestyle at 300+ pounds, about 2012 years ago, that through that time have declined gradually to my current weight, which I do monitor, to 186. In the last 12=14 months I went from 269 to my current weight. I also, while on the whole thirty and strict diet dropped my cholesterol from 479 to 180 and raised my good cholesterol from 30 to 70. Im not sure if the good cholesterol is a triumph, but its ok. Anyways--I feel that I am too thin. I have started cardio, as I lost all of that weight with no activity, and that is causing more weight gain but muscle strength. I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT, how to put on more muscle. I don't know what to eat to actually gain a little weight back to turn into muscle and still stay on the hysterical food diet.
  19. kirraleejayne

    Sugar Addict

    I am TERRIFIED. I am your class A sugar addict and I don't know how I will get through the next 30 days without falling off the rails. Is anyone else a sugar addict here? How did you keep on track? What if I can't do it? I really want some of those paleo pancakes that's been banished! HELP! -- Kirralee
  20. I brew kombucha and keep reading that the booch is acceptable on the Whole30, despite the loads of sugar that are dumped into it before the fermentation process. I’m wondering if it will still be compliant if I add a ginger juice that has honey in it right before the second fermentation second cycle. (Carbonated versions of the beverage generally have a second fermentation cycle where another sugar ingredient is added, like juice or fruit.) Anyone? P.S. My husband and I start tomorrow!
  21. ree779

    Sugar Black Hole

    I made it through my Whole30. I felt great all of January. I never got the Tiger Blood but I felt consistently good. I overcame temptation on January 30th (my last night) and didn't break when I was out with my girlfriends. I was ready to do a slow re-introduction. Started with sugar in my coffee, nothing. ( It didn't taste as good as I remembered) Added non gluten grains. No reaction. Accidental intake of Dairy (lactose intolerant pre Whole30 so it wasn't on the add back agenda) The very next day, the Sugar Black Hole was open (worse than the sugar dragon) and I spent Saturday and Sunday consuming EVERYTHING! I blew my reintroduction a few days in. It did make me realize that my sugar black hole was NOT under control. I need more than 30 days. After just 1 week of reintroduction my blood sugar was creeping back up. I did such a great job reducing it (my doctor was very happy) I wasn't feeling as good as I felt the week before. (I think that was the first thing I noticed, I wasn't feeling as great) So I am going back to a much stricter Whole30ish because I need it. Trying to figure it how strict I want to be or should I just go back to Whole30 completely. I want the ability to enjoy a night out with friends and not stress over calling ahead, the marinades, the gluten or if I want a drink. Any suggestions/recommendations on how strict I should be? Part of me wants to go back to a true Whole 30 except on those "special occasions" which used to be once or twice a week but are now once or twice a month. Or am I giving myself permission to cheat by doing that?
  22. The Hubs used sugar in a brine on some smoked salmon, but washed it off thoroughly before he stuck it in the smoker. Does that count? Do I need to start over now?
  23. TheFunPeople

    Reintroducing Sweets?

    Hi, So, the two of us are currently on Day 26 of our Whole30 and we're looking forward to the reintroduction phase. However, before we started the program, we did enjoy the occasional piece of chocolate or a cookie and sometimes we'd indulge in a shared bag of butter popcorn when we're at the movies. One thing we didn't see or notice in the reintroduction phase is when would be a good time to reintroduce sweets? I know it sounds kind of counter-intuitive, but prior to this program, we'd only have treats once in a while. I'm thinking it's possible to continue doing that post-reintroduction and it shouldn't really affect our Sugar Dragons if we eat in low dosages, but let us know otherwise. We're actually going on a cruise at the end of the month (so post-reintroduction) and we actually want to enjoy the food on the ship and at port without having to feel guilty about eating it...
  24. TiffyWiffy530

    Hidden Sugar Snafu

    Hello! I'm writing because I need help and advice. I am on day 18 of my first Whole30, and I've been doing great so far, even in settings like office celebrations involving big chocolate cakes, and hanging out with friends in our favorite bar... But today I had an unexpected setback. I forgot my packed lunch at home for the first time, and then spent time carefully finding a restaurant on Seamless that could fit my dietary needs. I eventually found one that was perfect (or so I thought). They had amazing healthy selections that sounded like they came right out of the Whole30 book (from roasted salmon to grilled kale and much much more), they listed all of their ingredients, right down to the spices, AND they allowed you to custom make your plates, ensuring that you got exactly what you wanted and nothing extra. SO I ordered their customized protein plate with roasted salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and braised collard greens, reading all of the ingredients carefully to make sure that there was nothing off limits. I dug into the food when it arrived, immediately starting with the potatoes and salmon (my favs) and eventually making my way to try the collard greens... only to discover that they were so sweet that the practically tasted like candy! I immediately called the restaurant only to discover that even though it wasn't listed on the menu, BOTH the collard greens and the sweet potatoes had added sugar! UGH! Which leads me to my burning question... do I have to start over now? I'd only eaten a bite of the collards, but I had a good palm sized amount of the potatoes before I realized something was wrong... I've come so far, and I'd hate to have to go back due to these creeps and their hidden sugar, but I am also dedicated to this process and will do whatever it takes to make sure I complete it properly. Thank you so much! TE PS- I've had a major headache ever since the meal, but I can't tell if its from the actual sugar or the stress/guilt I have from eating it! Sigh.
  25. theladyhamlet

    Jan 28 2016 Start Date

    Hello everyone! I'm a Celiac (diagnosed 2004), so the gluten-free part is a no-brainer; my big bugaboo is sugar. I'm a sugarholic. The kind of sugarholic who will eat all the sugar in the house with the excuse that I'm doing it to get rid of the sugar! But I've given it up before and I can't wait to feel better again - looking forward to starting with breakfast this morning and joining all of you!