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Found 109 results

  1. When we saw this at our local grocery store checkout, we just HAD to share with the forum. (Wish there was a section just for Whole30 humor!) But sadly, in the end it isn't funny that a lot of these bad habits start young and as a parent, it takes a lot of teaching and avoiding things like this:
  2. Dear Whole30 community, I've started and failed four Whole30s. I have gotten a lot out of them, though, and really want to make the next one a success. Whole30 #1: 17 days; ended at a dim sum lunch for volunteers of an event I was at. Whole30 #2: a re-start the following week that lasted less than two days. Whole30 #3: twelve days, ended at a barbecue two days ago where there was absolutely no compliant food (not a single thing that didn't have soy or sugar or grains), which I know is no excuse, but also I had started SWYPOing with coconut milk and cocoa to make unsweetened ‘chocolate pudding’ a few days before, then finishing the half-mouthful of juice left in my daughter's cup because wasting food is bad, etc. Whole30 #4: also a re-start, started today and lasted about four hours (hungry and ate my compliant-but-too-small lunch halfway through the morning, and so gave in and ate non-compliant lunch with a friend). Here's what I’ve learned: This is probably not a productive way of looking at this, but the two longer ones (12 and 17 days), even though well short of the goal, both gave me tremendous results. Better skin, dropping pant sizes, more steady energy and less resistance to getting out of bed in the morning. Sugar and gluten really have a vice grip on me. Wow. I already knew I was addicted, but this is crazy. There was a lot of internal pressure to ‘reward’ myself for all the progress I had made by indulging. But the giving in/cheating occurred in social scenarios, not in private, where I probably would have just had another apple or handful of cashews. As soon as I gave in, I noticed the impact on my body – brain fog, bloating, needing to nap, waking up feeling I’d been hit by a bus, etc. As I type this, I’m eating a second chocolate bar and contemplating going to the coffee machine to get a hot chocolate. It’s like I can’t stop, and part of my brain is saying ‘why worry when the weight comes off so easily; just do another Whole30 again later’. I know that I eat sweets because my parents (very reasonably) restricted them when I was growing up, so they are special occasion treats/forbidden fruit, and also because they’re just plain addictive. For each of the Whole30s I have eaten a lot of fruit, including dates, which I know are just inside the dividing line between food and candy. But I didn’t really feel cravings for unacceptable sweets (or gluten) as long as I was eating compliant, it was once I ‘quit’ at a social gathering and tasted them that the brakes came off again. I think the effort of shopping, planning, cooking, and NOT buying certain things depleted my willpower to a level where once I start eating some of the things, I end up eating ALL of the things. So what I’d like to ask the ‘hive mind’ is: If you’ve quit/failed and restarted, how do you restart and stay on track, and how do you stay strong at social gatherings? People weren't pressuring me to partake, I just didn't want to explain the whole thing to everyone and have to have the same conversations all over again blah blah... I feel that the great results I’ve had should be enough motivation, but it ends up working the other way; the fact I’ve had results already (even though I’d love to drop another two pant sizes and get the ‘tiger blood’ feeling that I’ve heard about) gets used as an excuse to cheat. Argh! Advice please. p.s.: In case this is relevant, I’m breastfeeding.
  3. Today I reintroduced gluten in the form of pizza. I've not experienced any stomach cramping or digestive issues, but I am wide awake at 2:40 in the morning with restless legs and a mind that won't shut down. Could this be a result of the gluten? Or maybe the sugar that I am sure was added to both the crust and pizza sauce? I got great sleep during my Whole30 and now I feel like I may never sleep again. Anyone else have this experience during the reintroduction phase?
  4. I am on day 21 of my Whole30, but I am really not counting. From day 1 I planned on this being a change in my lifestyle, not just a 30 day trial. Because of this mentality, I have told myself to stay calm and do the best you can. I only had a couple of slip ups, that came with drastic consequences (I'll post about my mood swings separately), but mostly I am feeling great and I have lost almost all my joint pain so there is no stopping me now. There is something that has been bothering me. I have given up my kryptonite of cheese in all formats, and the least healthiest thing I eat right now is nuts. I know nuts are allowed in limited quantities, and I follow that rule. It's the labels on nuts that bug me. Has anyone found nuts that don't have sugar in the nutritional label? There is no sugar in the ingredient list so does that mean there is no added sugar? Do almonds naturally contain sugar? (pic of almond bag below) Information below found on Harvard Nutrition website: By law, The Nutrition Facts Label must list the grams of sugar in each product. But some foods naturally contain sugar, while others get theirs from added sweeteners, and food labeling laws don't require companies to differentiate how much sugar is added sugar. That's why you'll need to scan the ingredients list of a food or drink to find the added sugar.
  5. Hi. I'm on day 23 and living with Lupus so that means nothing is ever normal for me. I was already dairy and gluten free for years before I started (background info). I still crave sugar! I still get irritable some days and am still not experiencing any of that wonderful sleep or boundless energy everyone benefits from. I'm in bed for 9+ hours but restful sleep doesn't happen. One of the main things is that until 3 days ago I just wasn't pooping. All this healhy food going in but not really coming out. Now it's switched and gone to the other spectum and it's diarrea all day/night with cramping and gas. My lupus fog as been mostly gone and an odd posiitve is that my fingernails have changed dramatically and are now much healthier. Clothes still fit the same as well. I know good things will happen if I keep going but I was hoping for more. I don't want the only benefits of this to be my nails. I want the whole thing! My main wish was for a major reduction in inflammation, some weight loss and the sleep/energy deal. I wasn to be the healthiest Lupus gal around. Any ideas what's going wrong or taking so long?
  6. I need ideas and suggestions. I did my whole30 and felt like I was really successful. I lost 10 pounds, bloat was down and felt pretty good. I didn't feel that much different than pre-Whole 30 and the really only "health" related item I was hoping to see improvement in didn't happen. But, I could see the plan was great. I enjoyed cooking and prepping and staying away from the processed foods. I liked that my son was seeing his mom and dad eating in a new way. And then....I started to add a little bit of this and a little bit of than back in. Sugar, fast food, grains here and there. I wanted some drastic awful thing to happen to my body so I would HAVE to stop cheating- but nothing. I didn't notice anything. Except, I've slowly put the weight back on. And, I've slowly "poofed" back out. It's taken about 6 months but I'm pretty sure I'm right back where I started. When I eat the wrong foods, the guilt is overwhelming. The mind games and raitonalizations and the things I say to myself are awful. It gets really, painfully DARK for me. And I think I do it just to try and make myself feel so badly that I don't cheat again. I'm trying to make the pain much greater than the pleasure. But it doesn't work. Instead, I hate myself, hate my relationship with food, tell myself "I'll fix it tomorrow", and blah blah blah. What do you all do to keep your mind with the program? How can I change the awful things I say to myself to things that will actually HELP me stay on track? Beating myself up isn't working. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I'm wanting to start whole30 #2 but I'm afraid to start and fail (again). Trust me, the last 6 months I've PLANNED at least 4 - and accomplished none. I'm afraid another failure will just be too much to take. Where can I get the guts to do it again? Thanks to you all!
  7. I almost have my best friend convinced to try a Whole30 with me in August (as much Whole30 as we can do living at home with parents who foot the food bill and think we're crazy), but she absolutely hates her coffee black. She sent me a recipe she found for a homemade hazelnut creamer made with soaked hazelnuts, water, coconut oil, and sweetened with pureed dates and asked me if she could have it on the Whole30. My assessment was that while the ingredients are legit, this creamer would not be Whole30 because it isn't in keeping with the spirit of the program. It is clearly SWYPO for a person who loves their flavored coffees, and its purpose would be propping up the craving for sweetness, having the same effect and satisfying the same brain tantrum as just adding sugar would. To me, it would be tantamount to eating Larabars for dessert (which was my SWYPO during my first W30). In my understanding, sugar is sugar, dessert is dessert, and sweetened creamer is sweetened creamer, but I wanted to present this to the experts as a case study. Am I correct in judging this creamer non-compliant? Thanks!
  8. New to the program! Day 4 here. I am getting insanely confused about why I can have trader joe's canned coconut milk that has 2g of sugar in it, but I cannot have trader joe's coconut milk that has 0 sugar in it. (This information is coming from google searches that pulled up these forums). I'm also confused why at the same time I CAN have coconut water that has 20g of sugar (or can I actually NOT have that and I'm just reading labels/rules wrong? The brand I have is called Thirsty Buddha, which turned up no results on this forum when searched for.) Is it because that is the natural sugar and it would be LIKE eating the coconut, essentially? When the "can I have" list states fruit juice - what do they mean? I can go out and buy orange juice and put it in a recipe - or I can juice my own orange and have it that way? Is there such thing as a fruit juice that has NO added sugar (or in other words, is there fruit juice that is whole 30 approved?!) I tried for 2 days to research this on my own and I just can't figure it out. I just hear contradictory things, or maybe I'm interpreting the information wrong! please clarify! -Lacey
  9. Just got my Day 31 Re-intro email and looked at the schedule... Re-intro schedule: Days 1-3, Dairy; Days 4-6, Gluten grains only; Days 7-9, Non-gluten grains; Day 10, Legumes. Curious as to why sugar (in any form) is not listed as a re-intro category. I believe part of the re-intro logic is to see how it affects you...just like the reason for re-intro of the other items. I plan on re-intro of honey because I believe it to be a less bad sugar. Using as a sweetener when that is called for in a recipe, etc. Did I miss something? :-) Thanks! -Bill
  10. hi all. im 35 and was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 19. been on metformin since then and went through fertility treatments (3x clomid) to have my son almost 3 years ago. have struggled with my weight since i gained about 15-20 lbs in college. i have eaten a mostly low carb diet since my early 20s and have been through the gamut of seeing nutritionists, doing WW, trying super low carb/ketosis, etc-and my problem is that nothing is sustainable so i hover around the same weight. i did isagenix a year ago, lost 10 lbs but then gained it back in the back half of the year. i recently tried to go super low carb for about 2 weeks to get over a plateau and after a week i fell off the wagon-hard. and i cant get back on. i think ive finally realized that i have a major sugar addiction and that just because i dont feed it with real sugar all the time (i try to treat/cheat only once a week) that im replacing the real sugar with "fake" stuff. ive been using the Bai5 drinks (which btw, are delicious), making mug cakes using Swerve (swypo) and eating inappropriate amounts of quest bars. my 3 year old happens to love larabars so those are in the house as well as almond butter (which he eats at breakfast) so im using those all the time too. so looking for some support and help with a few questions; 1. even thought ive been eating low-ish carb, once i kick all the sugar/sugar replacements can i see a difference with Whole 30? i have cut out gluten and dairy completely for 30+ days and havent had issues upon reintegration-sugar and sugar replacements are the one thing i have never cut out 100% and i now know thats the real problem for me. 2. how do i manage having to have some of these things in the house for my son (namely the larabars and the almond butter?) im usually able to rule them out for a period of time, but then i have a really bad craving or a crappy day and the emotional eating trigger kicks in and since its the only thing in the house i do it. thanks in advance for the help and support!!
  11. bluebell

    Started 3/10

    I started Whole30 on March 10th and while I've been on here looking around and reading, writing is going to help tremendously! I started Whole30 for a number of reasons which include possible food allergies, weight, control issues with food, and unhealthy eating. The last two are similar, but sometimes I almost couldn't control how much I was eating because I felt so hungry. Unhealthy wise, I wouldn't eat a serving a vegetables some days and downed sugary treats like they were going out of style. In 2010 through 2011 I lost 90 lbs by cutting sodium down and I ate vegetables, protein, and different things, but I couldn't keep sodium out forever because that would mean I could only eat two pieces of pizza a day. Needless to say I gained like 20-30 lbs back. Where am I going with all this? I need to eat healthier and my body needs it's fuel basically. I'm doing this with my dad and we're trying to support eat other as we go along. I'm excited to finally write on here!
  12. >And we don’t mean addictive in that way that people talk about delicious foods. We mean addictive, literally, in the same way as drugs. ... > In animal models, sugar produces at least three symptoms consistent with substance abuse and dependence: cravings, tolerance and withdrawal. Other druglike properties of sugar include (but are not limited to) cross-sensitization, cross-tolerance, cross-dependence, reward, opioid effects and other neurochemical changes in the brain.
  13. zBeverly

    Slaying the Sugar Dragon

    So here I am on the eve of starting my first W30. What do I hope to gain from it? Why am I doing it? Is it just another fad food thingy/diet I'm trying? Hmmm. Why have I spent the last 2 weeks or so pretty much eating anything I want, making sure I "get them in" before I dive in? It's what I've always done in the past, before embarking on a major change. I'm a 53 year old Wife/Niece/Grandma/Child-of-God/Aunt/Great Aunt/Sister who's pretty much always had some issues with food, with over consuming the 'bad stuff' like ice cream, sugar, cookies, popcorn, potato chips. Lots of emotional or stress eating. I used to have eating disorders. Now I still have mini binges, times when I'm completely ruled by consuming food, but they are less common and no where near the same extent as times in the past and not as long. Why can't I let this go? I'm thinking "It Starts with Food" explains it. I'm not fat (not skinny either) but I have a layer of fat that will not go away. From all I'm reading it's where I'm storing up toxins. Why do this? In the past year or so I was re-diagnosed with osteopenia...I am losing bone density. My dentist asked me if I knew because she could see it in my jaw. YIKES. I say re-diagnosed because they told me this over 10 years ago. So I've 99.8% cut out soda, changed my eating somewhat, and exercise more frequently (except lately). I have had a Morton's Neuroma for over 3 years now. Tried many things, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, cortisone and some sort of freezing injections (lots), ultrasound to no avail. Most everyone says next step is surgery. It won't go away. My new Chiropractor says it's also gut related, that people with them have gut issues, might not need surgery. Hmm, it isn't as bad when I'm not eating sugar. Hmm. I deal with Raynaud's Syndrome sometimes and have since college (my finger tips/toes will go white and or numb especially in the cold). There's drugs for this, nope. I have TMJ, worsened by the bone density issue. I've never been 'regular' till I met Magnesium. I'm in the midst of Menopause. I have periodic joint issues and my knees are close to bone-on-bone. A few times in my life my hands get so weak that I can't open water bottles or undo my watch latch. My paternal grandmother was an invalid brought down by rheumatoid arthritis. My parents' generation all have had some form of cancer (except my Mom); Dad died at age 59 riddled with it. One brother is pre-diabetic, a double-cousin is diabetic. All the women ahead of me have lost up to 3 inches in height, my mom more like 4 inches. So the epigenetic factors are there. Lately there has been stress and I've been in Scarlett O'Hara mode...will think about it tomorrow. In the last year or so: My husband has had his ascending aorta replaced (like open heart surgery with a twist), chronic pain and a surgery for skin cancer. Our office is in Ferguson and the only reason our building didn't burn down was someone stomped out the molotove cocktail thrown in the upstairs/un-boarded window, now our business is bad and I'm considering a career change while my husband runs it. My Uncle/second Dad passed with cancer. There have been some other family issues. Our sweetest dog died unexpectedly, ripped from our lives overnight. Another dog almost died, 'my dog', spending 30 hours in intensive care Halloween time. One of my closest friends had a golf ball sized tumor removed from her brain while another close friend ended up in the hospital and now has a rare lung disease causing her to move to a warmer climate. I was in the Best In Show with only professional handlers. I have awesome grandkids. I have a loving husband and 3 great dogs. I have a good life overall so no stressing over the details! I'm not sure if this is a public or private log as I write this. I'm not whining. I'm logging. In writing it down I establish my new baseline of health. I'm seriously looking for NSV...non-scale victories. I will know them as I feel them. My goals: 1. Make it through the W30...I didn't realize how pervasive bad food choices are in our lives. 2. Learn the W30 and enjoy cooking again but in a new way (while incorporating some of the old way for my husband). 3. View it as an adventure, an experiment. 4. Log it. What am I gaining? Reduced inflammation and increased bone density!! An understanding of how I'm addicted to today's food-like substances. How does my body feel? How am I 'feeling' toward food? 5. Incorporate what I've cut out one category at a time to see what it does. Decide if worth it all, part or none of the time for the future. My mantra: Progress, not perfection. My name: Beverly (or Amma if you're a grandkid) If someone else is reading this, may success be yours because you have worked for it. Savor it.
  14. Deli meats ordered by my husband (high quality from our local grocer) don't come home with a list of ingredients, since they're wrapped in butcher paper. Should I assume they have additives like sugar or carrageenan?
  15. Anyone read any of the books specifically about sugar? Two main ones seem to be Sugar Blues by William Duffy (>) and Suicide by Sugar by Nancy Appleton (>), and there's a few others that show up as related on Amazon (with good reviews). The Hartwig's site/book I think lays out the case well enough for the context of a Whole30, but it might be useful to some to delve deeper into areas of interest. The context thing is important, because Duffy for example still promotes whole grains and corn, I'm reading another book right now I found on the library shelf next to Sugar Blues, it's called No Sugar No Flour Will Give Me The Power. Not linking to it because it's fairly cheesy, and is a bit fruit-heavy and meat-lite, but I mention it as an example of two things: (1) library shelf browsing can be better than Amazon's "people who looked at this item also looked at these items" feature, because you get a chance to see some obscure stuff and (2) even books that are cheesy may have one or two good points that can be of benefit. Appleton also has this list on her site: Some of the claims are probably debatable but it's still thought-provoking.
  16. Denny.Orr

    Yeah, this kinda sucks

    All, I committed to this a couple of days ago (I'm wrapping up day two) and while I was eating *kinda* clean before, I am absolutely surgical now. I'm eating, and I'm not equivocating, rationalizing, or faking - perhaps for the first time in my life. And it sucks. I've not done drugs. I had a short stint with cigarettes, but it didn't take (no addiction). I drink occasionally, but my young children have curtailed that (lack of time!). Suffice it to say, I have no addictions. WRONG. Holy crap this is hard. Briefly setting the stage, I'm deployed in support of the US Army. The dining facility has some great choices available - and I applaud them for it. But they have just as much crap, and are more than willing to push it upon you. I can feel the pull of sugar on a cellular level. And please, please don't get me started on the bread. I'm a bread guy. I come from a long line of bread people (it explains soooo much). And I am in the land of reallllllly good bread. I have long yearned for this type of access to this smorgasboard of carbohydrates. And now that I have forsworn them as my enemy, they are everywhere I turn. But on a slightly more serious point, my body doesn't like this. I know that an engine works better with better fuel, but the period where the new fuel is burning out the old, crappy fuel - well, it sucks. I am devoid of all energy. I've been working out five days out of seven (good workouts, not just lip service) for the past 6 weeks. I've lost twenty pounds. I have started to crave a good sweat. Today: no energy. I could barely keep myself awake. I was really thankful for my dark glasses today, because I nodded off when someone was talking to me in the car. Tell me it gets better. Tell me that I'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be great. I know it won't, but lie to me regardless. I'm committed to this, but this detox phase, well, it just kinda sucks. Thanks for sticking with me through my rant. I'm not always this needy. Denny
  17. I love the suggestion I read about replacing the after dinner "need for dessert" with a cup of tea so I've been experimenting with different herbals. I finally found a hibiscus tea that doesn't have soy lecithin or stevia in it and I'm excitedly drinking an iced glass now...However, I have to admit with hibiscus tea there is a faint feeling like I am cheating or something. It has a punch like taste, and if you've had the tea you know what I am talking about. I have no plans or desire to add sugar to it but I feel like I am satisfying a sweet craving because the color and flavor remind me of...ulp....Kool-Aid. A natural good for me Kool-Aid though. Do you think this is perpetuating my sugar demons or finding a suitable replacement? Your thoughts are appreciated! I'm on Day 21
  18. CassieS

    The Sugar Sads

    I am on day 1 of my second Whole 30 and I want sugar!!!! I must have addicted myself to it pretty bad over the last couple of months (finished my last one in September). I wonder what that is about. I would give anything to sit and put a bunch of chocolate mindlessly in my mouth. Seriously, this is ridiculous.
  19. I am struggling with how to manage a particular situation. First, I finished my Whole 30 in September and never felt better. I had been experiencing acid reflux and severe breathing problems and the Whole 30 completely got rid of that. You also should know that I was diagnosed with Celiac disease years ago and have been 100% gluten free for four years so that is not an issue. But this is what I have been experiencing since September and it happened again this weekend. Every time I give myself an inch...I seem to take a mile..or a marathon apparently. It seems that when I eat even a little sugar, it becomes a four day sugar fest that I have to dig myself out of with a spoon. Then I am back to eating 100% healthy but have to go through the sugar withdrawals again every time. It happened this weekend, I only was going to eat one piece of this delicious gluten free apple crisp I made for Thanksgiving..and then it turned into chips and cherry mash and gluten free pizza..all weekend long. I seem to really be struggling with just letting myself have one "special" glass of wine or one piece of a dessert I only get once a year. I learned during my Whole 30 that this is the optimal way for me to eat in order to feel my best. But I still want to enjoy something every now and then. I just can't seem to do it without losing control for about four days. For instance, I plan on eating this way for a while. I don't have any major special occasions coming up and even planning on bringing healthy food to my girl's night on Friday. But on December 12 is my work party, where my work pays for us to drink the most fabulous red wine I have ever had in my life. I don't have a huge problem with overindulging on alcohol, but even one glass makes me want SUGAR!. I fear that if I have one glass of the delicious wine, then I will try to eat some candy later that evening..and it will turn into a weekend sugar fest. Does anyone have any thoughts or tips? Should I just start another Whole 30 now? I really wanted to wait until after the holidays so I could indulge in things like delicious red wine. My problem seems to be the inability to handle it.
  20. rikkijw

    IN place of sugar in a recipe?

    I have a recipe that I really enjoy for a stir fry sauce, I would like to be able to use it. It calls for 1/2 a cup of sugar. what can I use as a replacement for the sugar and is everything else acceptable for whole30? I am on my second day of whole30 and I want to do it right. Thanks! 1/2 c. sugar 2 tbsp. chili sauce 1 tbsp. minced garlic 1/2 c. rice vinegar 1/8 c. white vinegar 1 tbsp. crushed red chili pepper 2 tbsp. onion powder 1 tbsp. garlic powder[3] Genghis Grill Dragon Sauce Recipe Pour 1/2 cup rice vinegar, 1/8 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of chili sauce into a large mixing bowl. Select the amount of chili sauce based on how hot you want the final sauce to be. Stir the vinegars and chili sauce to blend them well. Add 1/2 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons minced garlic, 1 tablespoon crushed red chili peppers, 2 tablespoons onion powder, and 1 tablespoon garlic powder to the bowl. Whisk all the ingredients for 5 minutes, or until the sugar dissolves into the vinegar. Allow the sauce to marinate by allowing it to sit for at least 30 minutes before using it in your recipe.
  21. I am confused about food labels. Which ones do I read? For example on Trader Joe's almond butter, the ingredients list is almonds, cashews and salt. However, on the nutrition label it says 'Sugar 2g.' This seems to be the same on canned vegetables (carrots, green beans, etc.) where the ingredient list does not include sugar but the Nutrition label lists x grams. Please clarify? Thanks!
  22. gabepace

    day 1 - no gum!

    i can give up sugar. i can give up coffee even. but up until today i have never been able to give up gum for an entire day. i basically replaced cigarettes and eating between meals with gum. so i NEEDED it. but you guys i didn't have any gum today. i did it! let's see what tomorrow's like. i have also never given up all sweeteners before. let's see what tomorrow's like. xo gabrielle pace, x-sugar junkie
  23. I have tried to start a whole 30 several times... in the past 18 months I've gained nearly 80lbs and my have found myself extremely addicted to sugar. It calms my anxiety and gives me boost emotionally. I don't have it in my house but like most addicts I'll go out of my way to get a hold of it. Does anyone have expreience detoxing off a severe sugar addiction and helping me focus on getting through a whole 30 without constant failure and disappointment.
  24. Okay, so I cheated on my Whole30. It's true. I'm starting again today. Great. Day 1 (I was on Day 27.) From Days ~18-27, I began incorporating small amounts of added sugar from natural sources into my diet, and also allowed my nut dragon to come out. It got ugly quickly, and the biggest thing I notice is that my Cool Hand Luke calm has dissapated into "Holy Shit My Heart Is Thumping For No Reason". It's a great motivation to re-start Whole30, but I'm wondering if anyone has every had this issue as well. Also. I have not lost any weight (I don't think). I struggle with binge eating (and have a history of anorexia), and last year I literally felt my metabolism fire go out - and promptly gained thirty pounds. Even with added sugar, I'm a bit frustrated that no weight has come off - I've cut out alcohol, chocolate, sugar-sweetened beverages - once every day parts of my life. That's lots of calories out! I exercise well and often and feel a bit cheated for being as large as I am. (I'm 5'7, 165 lb, and very athletic. That being said, I'm about a size 10/12. For the last five years I've been a size 4!) Any words of advice would be great. Thanks!
  25. Kerith

    GT's Kombucha

    Hi Everyone! I saw on the master listing that we *could* have GT's Kombucha, but looking at the flavors that I used to have such as the passionberry, guava, etc. I wasn't sure if it was allowed, seeing that it has residual sugar in it and being unsure of whether this was added after the fact. So, I emailed GT's Kombucha and here is the response I got: Hello, Kerith :-) Thanks for your reaching out with your inquiry! As you may already know, the main ingredient in all of our products is made with organic black tea, organic green tea, organic evaporated cane juice and a Kombucha culture (also known as a "mushroom" or SCOBY = symbiotic colony of beneficial bacteria and yeast). The living organism breaks down and converts the sugar and caffeine for 30 days (which is essentially a fermentation process), cultivating an elixir naturally rich in probiotics, organic acids, essential enzymes and other nutrients. The finished product is tangy, tart, slightly effervescent, low in residual sugar (2 grams per 8-ounce serving) and residual caffeine (between 8 milligrams and 14 milligrams per serving). We never add more sugar or any other sweetener after cultivation for flavor, only organic unsweetened ingredients. Hope this information helps! Peace & blessings, Karla First, what a sweet response. Second, can I get a heck yes it's allowed for Whole30, or a no, no, no steer clear? I wasn't sure because an initial ingredient is evaporated cane sugar. I'm hoping it would help with some, um, GI stuff! Thanks, friends.