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Found 186 results

  1. Hello all! I just finished reading It Starts with Food. I'm really intrigued by many of the ideas and my husband and I are transitioning our diet now. We are in the middle of moving so are going to start our actual Whole 30 when not moving. Understanding the norms helps me to make better choices. I've been shopping at our farmer's market and am very excited about the new summer veggies showing up. What I keep wondering about is Sweet corn versus another sweet and carb filled food like a sweet potato. I understand that the sugar spike and such can cause issues, but I'm not understanding why corn is that much worse for you. I'm referring to whole corn on the cob, not any of the derivatives of corn. I totally get why high fructose corn syrup is a problem. Thanks for helping to teach me!
  2. I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I use it to avoid a broad range of emotions (boredom, loneliness, stress, you get the idea) and for entertainment. I have done 4 whole 30s over the past 3 years, in between which I have swung between sticking fairly close to paleo and eating very terribly. I have learned a lot about myself these past 3 years and am better able to avoid emotional eating, have sought counselling to improve emotional health, etc. Recently I completed the 21 day sugar detox after several months of being sugar dependent. It went very well and for the first time I truly felt I had stopped eating emotionally. The difference in my execution of the 21dsd and whole30's I've done is I ate very limited fruit (some days none at all). Each time I reintroduce sugar I start very slowly - with things like 85% dark chocolate, not being so strict about small amounts of added sugars in a meal eaten out, that sort of thing). It gets worse over a matter of weeks and within a few months I'm back at square one. When I eat sugar of any kind I can feel my emotions and mood changing. I feel like a different person. With very small amounts the change is barely noticeable, with large amounts I barely recognize myself (quick to temper, easily annoyed, depressed, anxious, etc). I am beginning to wonder if I may need to completely avoid sugars forever in the same way that a recovered alcoholic cannot have a drink ever again. I come from a family where alcoholism is common. I am not an alcoholic and can take or leave alcohol, for which I am grateful every day. I've seen what alcohol has done to the people I love and I encounter addicted individuals in my work at homeless shelters daily so have seen the extreme effects there. I understand a great deal about addiction and so I don't use this word lightly and I don't mean to overstate my issue - people often use the word addiction when a much less serious word could be used. Avoiding sugar for the rest of my life would be a serious feat and obviously the ideal situation would be to be able to ingest it in small amounts at infrequent intervals - like I do with alcohol . What I'm wondering is whether for some people that is impossible? Am I being too dramatic in thinking that I may not be physically capable of ever treating sugar like an occasional indulgence that I can take or leave? Hopefully I have explained myself well. I have a very foggy head today after too much dark chocolate and other carbs yesterday and am having difficulty articulating my questions.
  3. WholeReese902

    OOOOOPS! Lesson Learned!

    Since before I ever started my Whole30, I knew I wanted to end on Easter. So, in what turned out to be a total of 37 days, I stuck strictly to the Whole30 principles, then began re-intro yesterday. (Stay tuned for my results to be posted under "Sucess Stories", because it was definitely a success!) I'd been flying high on tiger blood, so when my beloved Easter Brunch came around yesterday I was feeling a bit invincible. Thinking that was mistake #1. Mistake #2 was giving away my ISWF book to a coworker and thinking I could just "wing it" during re-intro. So instead of coming up with or sticking to a plan, I just told myself I'd take it nice and slow. At brunch I helped my self to a salad with sugary dressing with soy-bean oil, little appetizers made with quinoa, and a bite of a cookie, which I didn't even enjoy. I felt ok, but not awesome. Today I still hadn't come up with a re-intro plan, and thought--for whatever reason--that I could handle the pressure of the abundant bounty of Whole Foods for lunch today. That was mistake #4. DUMB. I know you're supposed to do it one ingredient at a time, but when you fail to plan, you plan to fail (ugh!). I wound up having lots of non-gluten grains, sugar, probably some dairy, and half a cookie. All at once. I IMMEDIATELY felt a dense brain fog come on, along with a strange, buzzing headache. A few hours later I burst into tears at the slightest provocation. Overall, I just felt like total crap. So now I'm considering going back to plan for at least a week then taking the time to re-intro correctly. I mean, I'll pretty much be eating Whole30 the rest of my life, but I want to know what and how I react to the specific things I've cut out of my diet. Because if I can have a tablespoon of grass-fed whole milk in my coffee and a glass of red wine with my steak and still feel sharp and be healthy, that's worth it to me. :-) The rest of it? Sugar? Soy? The greatest of all evils--WHEAT? They're just not worth it. Lesson learned.
  4. I am on the Wellness Committee at work and we are rolling out a brand new wellness program for our company. We had a catered lunch meeting to reveal the program to everyone. A new Wellness/Fitness center is opening across the street and our company is paying for our memberships for the first year. There will be a new "healthy cafe" inside the center and the menu is approved by the hospital (which owns the facility). I asked them to cater our lunch with examples of what would be on their menu. Because I am doing another Whole30, I couldn't eat a single thing they brought: Spinach & Strawberry Salad Sounds good right? The dressing was FAT FREE. The first ingredients were: Water, Sugar... I didn't read the rest. The front of the bottle boasted "FAT FREE" and "NO CORN SYRUP". 3 BEAN SALAD Floating in God-knows-what VEGETABLE/PASTA SALAD Again, floating in some unidentified liquid FRUIT SALAD In a sugary syrup, I am sure. GRILLED CHICKEN & CHICKEN SALAD WRAPS Made with FAT FREE mayo, of course. I'm sure the diabetics in my office didn't even have a clue how much sugar they were ingesting I sure am glad that Ibrought my own lunch.
  5. Day 15.... just now realizing my supplement ingredients!!!! Embarrassing! Hello everyone! I feel stupid for admitting this, but as I was reading through fellow W30er's postings, I stumbled across one where our beloved 'Grumpy' Moderator, reiterated that Glycerin is is a sugar alcohol & should be avoided. Why the heck I didn't double check my supplements before this, I'll never know! But, my vitamin D supplement has glycerin! Honestly, I've only taken it a total of 5 - 7 days since I started my W30; part of my W30 challenge is to try to take supplements that may help me, as that's been a struggle for me. (in addition to minimizing my coffee intake, etc.). So, in a way, my flakiness in taking supplements may have helped me here! So, my question is: can I just add 7 extra days in added sugars avoidance to my W30? And during my reintroduction phase, focus on adding either dairy, legumes, or grains first? Or should I just add an extra 7 clean days, where I avoid everything, as all of those foods have natural sugars (lactose, glucose, etc)? Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks! Amy
  6. Hi, The primary reason I did a Whole30 was at the advice of my acupuncturist, who believes that giving my system a break from all the pro-inflammatory foods before my allergy season (any day now ... whenever the weather in the northeast decides it's finally, actually spring). Since over-the-counter allergy drugs don't work for me at all (I might as well not be taking them), I've thrown a lot of effort into trying what feels like a last-ditch effort to control my allergies. Frankly, I've loved my Whole30. I want to eat like this (most of the time) forever, just add a few things back in as occasional foods to allow me to be social and eat out with friends. Reintroductions haven't given me any real surprises (gluten makes me slightly nuts, and I knew beforehand that dairy and I have a tenuous relationship at best). However, my acupuncturist wants me to start adding in 1t - 1T of local honey (possibly with turmeric for extra immune boosting) every day, to start seeding some tolerance to local pollens. I need to do my sugar reintroduction, but I'm afraid of the possible side effects. Is this much honey likely to trigger responses, or start up the cravings? Have other people tried this and had some success? Just want some other perspectives. I don't want to derail my Whole30-based progress. Thanks!
  7. Hi!! SO I am on DAY 12, (i had to restart TWICE due to my old habits getting the best of me and I ate a peppermint patty, and the second time I had some chai tea that had sugar in it without thinking) Anyway my skin does seem clearer, my ribcage seems to be getting smaller and I overall feel better about myself. TWO OBSTACLES I HAVE ENCOUNTERED: 1.I still have sugar cravings, when i wake up all i want is my normal smoothie with fruits or dates and cacao 2.I feel like I am eating TOO MUCH FRUIT. Its so easy to grab and when I am leaving the house in a hurry or out working out or sleeping out I always have fruit with me! Veggies too yes, but Its so convient to grab blackberries, or an apple on my way out or at home. What other things can I be grabbing (i know the formula for post and prework out mini meals) if needed, but I have trouble with it. What suggestions do you all have for eating too much fruit---and some good post and pre workout combos! Thanks so much! Happy WHOLE30!!!. P.S I just realized the salt i have been using has dextrose in it! I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHECKED SALT, but as i was cooking I randomly did. (any thoughts) I really cant start over again I have worked all way to hard and put countless hours into this to have to restart again!
  8. Danielle Rutherford

    Sugar = ANXIETY

    My husband and I finished our second Whole30 a few weeks ago. We skipped the reintro phase this time since we did it the first time around and I pretty much knew that bothered me (i.e. gluten). We've off-roaded a bit the last few weeks and I have been feeling like complete shit. I know that gluten (and grains in excess) will flare up my IBS like no other, but this time around sugar is trying to ruin me! I have directly linked that sugar amplifies my anxiety like no other. I have been miserable the last week trying to deal with my anxiety and took me a few days to realize that all those chocolate treats and sugar were the culprit. I was bad yesterday and had a doughnut and boy am I paying for it. It is NOT WORTH IT to feel like this. I am trying to remember how I feel right now so it will help me make better choices when presented with sweet treats. That being said, I am doing a Whole7 to hopefully reset things and have made some strict rules for myself when it comes to sugar. Does anyone notice a major link with sugar and their anxiety? Danielle
  9. I'm on Day 15 of this journey and I think I need to cut out dried fruit. Actually, I know I need to, but maybe I just need a few people saying, "duh! no more dried fruit!". So I'm 5'4", 120ish pounds, two little kids, and I just want to be healthy, super fit, and not to stress and count calories to maintain a healthy weight. (Like most people, I would also love to lose a few pounds and have a 6 pack.) So far I really like the whole30. Our whole family eats better. My daughter asked for asparagus with a poached egg for breakfast! I think I may have a dried fruit problem. Pre-whole30 I definitely had the sugar dragon issue. Give me a little sugar and I craved more. Often after my amazing and balanced whole30 meal 2 and meal 3 I want a few dates or dried figs, but I usually end up having 4 or more...So....I pretty much should not have any dried fruit, right? On a side note, I haven't weighed myself but I know I am a few pounds heavier that when I started this. I work out nearly every morning between 9 and 11am- lifting weights, running, skiing, shoveling mounds of snow for snow caves for the kids, etc. Some days I just feel so carb hungry by mid-afternoon that I grab some dried fruit and nuts. Thanks for your input!
  10. I ate some Vegetable Soup at Souper Salad. The ingredients list included all Whole30 vegetables plus "seasoning". I figured that was spices and such. I looked at the nutrition facts and a bowl of the soup has 2 grams of sugar. I called and they said they have a small amount of sugar in their seasoning base. Should I start over? I'm on Day 11 and I've done awesome until this soup.
  11. So I made some chocolate chili for dinner tonight. I was tired and wasn't thinking when I bought my beef broth and didn't realize until after I put it into my chili that it contained sugar and cornstarch! I'm on day 22 and would really hate to start over on day 1! I'm concerned that I probably need to start over due to the fact that my stomache hasn't been feeling well ever since I ate the chili. What should I do? Start over or keep chugging along?
  12. I really like cranberries, but they are so tart that most manufacturers of dried cranberries, just can't resist sugaring them up. I found a brand that uses apple juice concentrate to sweeten them. I read that juice can be used as a sweetener on this plan, but wanted to check this out specifically. Also, does anyone have any dried cranberries that are just NOT sweetened? Brand recommendations would be MOST welcomed. I like them tart. I'd prefer them that way. Maybe it'll mean I need to dry them myself in the oven, but I really don't want to do that. Thanks.
  13. I am on Day 7. On Day 6, Friday night, we had a cocktail party to attend. I really wanted to go as there were some good friends there and possibly some new friends, which is always nice. But I was concerned, of course. To prepare, I ate dinner just before going so I wouldn't be actually hungry. That was a good move. And I was prepared to just drink water. After greeting and being greeted, we all moved toward the bar set up in the back yard. Soda, wine, and booze. I found one lone bottle of Indian tonic water. Okay. Water. Perfect. Poured it, added lemon, took a sip. Not sure. Took one more, quizzically, but wasn't sure if the sweetness was the lemon or what. Checked the bottle. Sugar. I had no idea there was such as a thing as sweetened tonic water. My sips were miniscule. This week I've learned that my first bites of something I didn't make myself or buy myself need to be like testing for the king himself -- just little tiny bits to let my tastebuds tell me what I need to know. Went to the kitchen and poured tap water. The table had the usual array of snacks at parties in India and a few nods to the Americans tastes of the host and guests: samosas (nope), little hamburgers (maybe, if I take off the buns), dips (too unclear), watermelon (okay), raw veg (okay), paneer (nope), various deep fried pasty covered things (nope, nope, and nope), and an appetizer sized quiche thing (nope. So, table assessed, and loaded with tap water with lemon, I visit, chat, and nibble on carrots. Tried the hamburger sans bun only to realize I had a mouth full of potato (it was some Indian kind of "hamburger" thingie). Spat it out without swallowing, delicately, in the kitchen, where no one could see me. Barely avoided that one. went back to carrot and cucumber snacking. Probably should have just NOT snacked. Probably should have just relied on my very own water bottle, which I carry with me everywhere in part because of safe drinking water issues in India, and in part because of Whole 30, as I like to have flavors all day, so I carry flavored water (ginger, mint, lemon grass -- more or less weak, iced cold tea). So it was a success, but for the two very tiny tester sips of the tonic water. But what a MINE FIELD! OMG. Ironically, the host was our doctor and his wife. And all I could eat drink was veg sticks and tap water :-)
  14. My husband made zucchini noodle and tomato meat sauce with hamburger and peppers onions and mushrooms - first time having zucchini noodle which were awesome by the way. HOWEVER- after I ate I saw the Prego jar in the recycle bin and read the ingredients. Everything was paleo except it had 9 grams of sugar. I am on day 14 and have been feeling great. Do I have to start over? So discouraged.... ambushed. He said he didn't even think about it. ughh
  15. 4everblessed65

    Do I have to start over?

    Pretty bummed. Been carefully watching what food I eat. Went to Chili's with a friend for lunch. Was specific in what I wanted and how it should be prepared. Got my chicken with pico on the side and plain broccoli. Took the first bite and the chicken was very sweet! Found out that they put a glaze on it that had sugar. Couldn't Ethan the broccoli either because it was sitting in the juice, as well. Only had one (1) bite. I have to start over, right? ARGH!
  16. I'm on day 16 and the last two weeks haven't been easy in my work life and completely loaded with food temptation (holidays cometh). In the last few days I have felt moody and really been craving my old comfort foods, namely sugar. As such, I've been eating more fruit, which I'm guessing isn't super smart. Overall I'm just feeling discouraged and like I will never tame the sugar dragon. On top of that, I don't feel much change internally or externally, and every day seems to come with a little more food anxiety. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Is anyone else unable to handle the sugar in sweet potatoes? Are white potatoes and white rice really so toxic? It's day 28 of my second W30, and I'm not feeling as good as I'd hoped. I feel chubby and my rosacea has flared up badly and there are big puffy red circles under my eyes. Also, I'm weepy and I keep thinking about eating a gluten-free cupcake, or maybe ten, when this is over. Before I started, I hadn't had a single gram of sugar in any form in about six months, including fruit or sweet potatoes, or anything that even tasted remotely sweet. There is no question that I'd had a sugar addiction for years- i.e. compusive daily binges on anything sweet. A pint of ice cream for dinner, etc. After three weeks off sugar, my mood stabilized and brightened, my skin became wonderfully soft, the circles under my eyes that had been there since I was 15 suddenly shrank- it was a miracle. The cravings stopped completely after about three days, and I would look at candy like it was flowers- pretty, but not edible. My first time off sugar was over a year ago, and three or four week-long relapses and fresh detoxes made it very clear that all these things are absolutely sugar-related. So the problem with the W30 is that I really need to eat starch. Many years of experiments have taught me this (FWIW I'm an active 35 year old female, 5'4", 130lbs). Pre-W30 I was close to Paleo, and all I really gave up was butter and cream and cheese (all grass-fed), and of course white potatoes and rice. On my first W30 in January I had also been off sugar for a while, and I got my starch from tons of carrots, parsnips, chestnuts, macadamias and cashews (intolerance to most other nuts and to coconuts). I lost about 8 pounds that time (which I then gained back after restarting dairy). I was too scared to eat sweet potatoes that time because of the sugar, but I really can't afford to live on macademias, and I knew I wasn't supposed to. So this time I've eaten almost an entire sweet potato every day, and I think it's killing me. I feel like a big W30 failure, because I also kept finding myself overeating cashew butter this month. I did eat a ton of proper food (at least a pound of grass-fed beef a day or the equivalent in other meats, plus literally several pounds of vegetables (a whole head of broccoli, plus a whole red pepper, a head of red leaf, etc.), and plenty of liver and bone marrow and bone broth, so I wasn't malnourished. I want to try this again, without eating sweet potatoes, and without eating nuts. Would I be ruining the whole point of a W30 if I did it again but included white potatoes? All I keep reading about sweet potatoes is that they're the greatest food ever and they don't raise blood sugar and the sugar in them is somehow magically counteracted by the fiber. This just doesn't seem to be my experience with them. Wow, I didn't mean to write such a long rant! If anyone did manage to read the whole thing, tell me, am I crazy?
  18. Hey everyone! I'm on day 20 of my first Whole30, and coming from a background of fairly clean eating, so it hasn't been too tough so far. I'm nervous about tomorrow, though, because my partner & I have planned a 50ish mile bike ride, the longest I've ever done. I'm worried about awakening my Sugar Dragon again with things like dried fruit & barely-compliant Larabars, but I also don't wanna bonk! What's a girl to do?? Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks & good health to you all!
  19. I'm on Day 11 of my whole30, but I think I screwed up today. I've done Paleo before but never this strict. I went out for lunch with some friends I haven't seen in weeks and ordered an omelet full of veggies and sausage with a side of fruit and sausage and sweet potato hash. I thought I did alright but I started having a headache about 30 minutes later. I asked the waitress about their sausage and turns out there is brown sugar in the ingredients for the sausage! I was so bummed when I found out. So onto my questions: Do I have to start over? Can I continue with the whole30? The bad thing here is that I'm in the military and I will be going to combat school in less than a month so I don't have time to fully start the cycle over. Should I still start over from day 1 and go until the 19th of September when I leave (24 days of whole 30) or should I just do my best to sticking with what I've done and eat pretty paleo from here? I'm definitely going to be doing another whole30 fully when I get settled into my next duty station.
  20. NineDogCircus

    Sweetness Burst

    Prior to doing my first Whole30, I did not consider myself addicted to sugar. In fact, I did not think I had a sugar dragon to slay. Well...I'm on day 22 and I'm beginning to think otherwise. My pre-Whole30 life did NOT consist of desserts on a regular basis, an abundance of fruit, soda or other sugary drinks, etc. I preferred salty snacks to sugary ones. Overall, I would say I was a pretty healthy processed foods in the house, meat, lots of veggies, farm fresh eggs, etc. During the Whole30, I have not had sugar cravings and have not indulged in tons of fruit (had an occasional apple with almond butter). As I begin thinking about life after Whole30, I find myself perusing Pinterest in search of paleo treats. I'm thinking about rules that I'm going to create for myself, i.e. paleo dessert one day a week or on a special occasion, All the while, having an out of body experience, looking at this person (myself), thinking "this is not don't want these desserts"!!! And, I should mention that part is true. At this moment, I do not want the treats I'm bookmarking for later. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Could I have a sugar dragon that hasn't really reared his head during Whole 30, but is trying to come on full force after Whole30 (perhaps because that's when sweets will be allowed)? Suggestions for curbing this after Day30? Thanks!
  21. Night shift nurse (for two weeks) + Whole 30 = AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! And for the record, I don't even like Wheat Thins.... And frankly, what the heck are "Wheat Thins" anyway?! I'm at the stage where I'm skeptical about whether I will ever stop lusting for sugar. I want a chocolate covered almond almost more than I want my paycheck. Yikes! Any post-Whole30'ers that were sugar mongers and have any comments on this topic?
  22. Has anyone found that they became addicted/enamoured by binging on sweets due to the nature of completing a Whole30? Background: I ate a typical "healthy" diet to include a couple rounds of vegeterianism all the way until 02/18/2013 (I'm 25 now) after being put on antibiotics 5 times in 2012, hospitalized for a kidney infection, and getting sinus infections so bad a zpack couldn't knock it out- i thought maybe it would be a good idea to eliminate gluten from my diet. I had no clue why- just a hunch. I got sick of being sick and started googling natural remedies. I was so sick I was desperate and went to wegmans and bought enough produce to make fresh juice for 3 days, a neti pot, and some oil of oregano and mullein garlic (ear infections brought on due to sinus infection.) I felt like Superman on crack. Yeah sure I hadn't eaten anything for 3 days but I healed instantly. I decided to stay gluten free and have been ever since. Despite eating an un-paleo diet, nutrition has always been a passion of mine. I was just misdirected. I had heard about paleo but thought that they were all a bunch of crazy people that were going to die from heart disease. While I did eat meat infrequently, at least I knew it should be grass-fed and pastured. A friend told me a bout a nutritionist they saw who did all these crazy muscle tests and put them on cilantro drops and told them that their body didn't have enough enzymes to digest meat. I was shocked and after researching them I realized that this person might be able to help me. Around the same time I somehow ended up listening to the Healthy Life Summit and stumbled across the author of Practical Paleo giving a seminar on some topic. She started talking about Candida. I ended up listening to a talk by the author of Body Ecology and thought to myself that.....yeah..... I have Candida. I figured my life was over and I would never be cured. I finally made an apt. with the nutritionist. She confirmed my worst fears through muscle testing. I was gluten intolerent, suffering with candida, and had MOLD in my body. wtf.... She put me on various natural anti-fungals and told me to start drinking apple cider vinegar in water daily, and take baths with it as well. She put me on a 21 day elimination diet to starve the candida. It was basically 2 weeks of a paleo diet, EXCEPT the only fruit I was allowed to have was grapefruit and lemon/lime. After 2 weeks I could reintroduce unfermented goat dairy, quinoa, and buckwheat. I was kind of truamatized.... being a wannabe vegeterian I nearly keeled over when she said that I would need to eat meat with EVERY meal and that all I could basically eat was meat and vegetables.... What about my beloved filafels and lentils and hummus? In addition, she said I couldn't have any vinegars (except ACV), no mushrooms, no black tea, and nothing fermented until my gut healed. I stuck to the diet with extremely low energy as prescribed for 21 days. I wasn't able to have my checkin until after a vacation I went on in Asia. Despite being forced (and yes I mean literally forced) to eat rice and more than likely some hidden soy while on vacation... and a couple of incidents with SOJU and accidentaly (by accidentaly I mean having no clue there was wheat in it) rice wine fermented with wheat.... I somehow managed to come back about 35 days later and she performed muscle testing. Apparently I had solved all of my problems. I was elated! As soon as she said that I thought to myself that I would be good and stick to my diet. THAT'S WHERE IT ALL WENT DOWNHILL Before I completed my diet change, I never had an issue with sweet stuff. I would see people eating sweet things and thing to myself disgustedly that they just had no will power or self control. After my essentially 21 day sugar detox I binged on fruit and starbucks frappuccinos (Yes I know disgusting). I ate a paleo diet to include dairy (usually not pastured) and just went crazy with sugar and paleo ice cream. Long story short within about a month and a half I found myself with a sinus infection. I went nuts. I had an athletic competition the same week and couldn't afford to get sick. I flushed my system with veggie juice, didn't eat, take massive amounts of oil of oregano and my previous supplements. I somehow managed to survive barely fighting it off until my competition. It was a great day.... wearing a full uniform in 90 something degree heat fighting and judging all day. After it was done I went out to celebrate and had a couple of vodka somethings and ice cream. When I woke up the next day I was sicker then ever. Luckily I had an apt. with my nutritionist the next day already lined up.... it was planned to be a check in on my "success" but obviously that wasn't the case. Long story short, in my binging I ate a bunch of peanut butter. That combined with the sugar kicked my immunity down a notch. Then the heat from the event was just enough to kick the candida back full force. A few days later I started a whole30. The first 15 days were 100% compliant. I did have some 21 day sugar detox friendly SWYPO desserts after day 15. I was sticking to the no fruit except grapfruit rule at least until day 21. Super super long story tried to make not as long, my whole30 bit the dust after another athletic event. I learned my lesson and stuck to eating only paleo foods. So if I'm going to be bad it's homemade coco milk ice cream made with stevia and honey.....not crap from the store. But I've come to the conclusion that I have an unparelled addiction to desserts and sweets now. When I'm on Whole30 (I've completed it 2x now) I am obsessings with it and trying to figure out what I can eat that will replace it without "cheating" and when I'm off Whole30 I am binging out the ying yang becuase I know that I am going to be restricted once again shortly. I can't live in between. I'm either in a state of Whole30 food fantasizing or binging till I get sick again. The whole reason I'm writing this is to see if anyone developed this issue they never had before, and see if they have any advice that can help. I'm getting ready to start my third Whole30 on Monday 7/22/13 and am trying to make this go around different. I plan on changing the following: No compliant pork sausage or bacon (Just felt like I relied on this way too heavily on my program) NO SWYPO fake me out desserts AT ALL No seeds or nuts (Found myself eating too much of these) NO fruit except grapefruit/lemon/lime the first 21 days, after that only pear, watermelon, mango, or grapefruit (Nutritionist says if eating fruits, those are best due to alkalizing nature) No coconut flour, no almond flour (I keep turning these into compliant cheat creations) I'm hoping with these changes maybe I will eliminate this dessert fantasy. I feel like I am just obessed with food now and it sucks. I never had a sweets addiction until I was told I wasn't allowed to have it. Now I obsess over it. Side note: I work out anywhere from 7-12 hours a week depending on what level of my training for competition I'm at. I finally learned to take rest days and all that good stuff. I was forcing myself to be really really low carb once I did manage to break the carb addiction (it was great being able to eat 3x a day instead of 6-7!) after a lot of getting some sense talked into me I started to include sweet potato and other carbs more to support my activity. I wonder if any of my dessert addiction is related to that. If anyone experience this though and has recomendations, it would be great. I'm sick of being in an obsessive state of mind!
  23. While in Whole Foods, searching for the Japanese sweet potatoes (they didn't have any ) I stumbled upon the display of Bubbies pickles and sauerkraut. I never would have found it otherwise! We bought a large jar of the sauerkraut and a smaller jar of the bread and butter pickles. The pickles are fantastic. I was commenting on how sweet they were. Then it struck me. Sure enough they have sugar on the label. Now these are fermented pickles. So does the sugar survive the fermenting process? I know in wine, it turns into sugar alcohol. But I doubt that is the case here. I failed chemistry back in HS, so I have no clue.
  24. Hi, it's my first time doing Whole30 challenge -!! ugh I've had 7 successful days, but find myself very irritable today, and wanting sugar so bad that I dreamed of myself at Disneyland - chasing down small children and stealing all their treats!! lol I could use any words of encouragement you guys might have! THANKS so much! I also attached my breakfast. It's a kale, asparagus, and bellpepper quiche I made, with homemade pico de gallo and avocado. At least I'm enjoying all the new cooking I've been doing
  25. I'm almost done with my whole 30 (currently on Day 30. Feeling great results) I realized a brand of salsa I bought nine days ago has organic sugar listed as it's ninth ingredient (three are 13 ingredients). I usually use 1-2 tablespoons (2 tablespoons are in a serving) a day and the nutrition info lists one gram of sugar per serving (which I think some of that sugar comes naturally from the tomato and tomato paste). At the most I am getting 1g of added sugar a day. Is that enough to stop my metabolism from healing? I will be sure never to buy that salsa again.