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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! Looking for other women/men who have undergone thyroid cancer or have had it removed due to cancer or disease. Or someone with thyroid issues. I’m hypothyroid. Struggling with insomnia , fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, hair loss dry skin , calicium deficient and iron Deficient both big deals! since thyroid was removed and no gallbladder all the other yucky terrible thyroid issues. Like hormone inblances Ever since thyroid cancer and removal my heath went down hill 50/60lbs weight gain and battling hypo...and hair losss is terrible ! BUT I’m on day 15! Yay me and I have a second chance on life and I’m determined to live heathly and less plump! I have not cheated or swypo the first week I had bacon with sugar in the ingredients but not in the listing ! and the second week I took a big drink of coconut water a friend offered without looking at the ingredients. Other then those things I have been 100% compliant! Here goes my concern/question?! And yes I read the books and I’m all over whole30 social media. First- My NSVS have been no acid reflux, no feeling full for hours and hours on end after a meal. No belching and feeling big air pockets in my gut. Feeling like I wake up not so foggy. it used to take me more then half the day to “wake up” Now it’s by noon or sooner Sugar craving is diminishing. Now for the whoas me- I don’t have the tiger blood. I’m still fatigued, still not sleeping please someone help me fall asleep !!! Not much energy more then I had but not a enough to be substantial and I have not lost much of any weight ! (I got on the scale most of you did too! No judging and yes it is important just as much as the rest of the the Stuff is!) I’m only down 4lbs just looking for support and advise to put this into high gear! I want to achieve long term heath and goals along with motivational steppingstones along the way ! Is there something I’m doing wrong ? Or something I can improve ? Something to cut out and replace with a better option ? Needing whole30 support . Thanks in advance and why am I still craving cheese and bread! Lord help me ! I can be around chocolate cake, but don’t torture me with the dairy and grains!
  2. BermudaLongTail


    I'm wondering if anyone in this forum suffers from hypothyroidism and has had success with Whole30. I'm on day 16, yay! I haven't gotten my "tiger blood" yet and I haven't seen any real weight changes or changes to my body composition. What I have gotten is constipation! I was really weak for a while but now at least I'm able to make it through a fairly normal workout in the morning. I know a big part of this program is getting your body to rely on its fat stores for fuel instead of sugar and simple carbs but I'm wondering if my thyroid condition is slowing down my progress and rewards! I take synthroid everyday and I was wondering if there are any success stories out there from others with thyroid disease. It's seems so hard to move the needle...yes, I've gotten on the scale so done shame me I've started to be more mindful of calories too because it seems like maybe I'm eating too much. Today's food as an example: Breakfast Smoothie (post workout) Spinach and Kale, 1 banana and 2 strawberries, plus almond milk Lunch (mid-morning because I was hungry) leftover turkey chili, fried egg and half avocado, tea with almond milk Snack: apple with almond butter plus a handful of mixed nuts Dinner: 1 pepper stuffed with leftover turkey chili and chicken, 1/2 avocado drizzled with some Habanero Ranch dressing I haven't been able to drop the afternoon snacking...that is still a problem for me. Anyway, today I seriously considered quitting but I will not. I owe it to myself to finish the 30 days but I guess I'm writing on this forum to hear some success stories from women with thyroid issues because nothing seems to work for me...except Isagenix shakes, which worked for a while but who the heck wants to drink their food everyday forever? Not this lady!! And by "worked" I do mean weight loss...yes, I want a healthy gut but I also want to drop some inches. Right now my gut doesn't feel super healthy since I can't seem to go number 2 in a good way! Sorry for the TMI but it's like I don't have much there...I'm assuming because my body is using mostly everything I'm eating??? Would love some advice and success stories
  3. Anyone out here who has done Whole30 that has no thyroid? I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer and curious about others like me that have done it and their results/follow-up. I finished mine 2 days ago. I lost 0 lbs. My brother did it with me and lost 25 lbs and my husband lost 15 lbs. I feel no different at all. Was hoping it would help with energy and digestive issues. If anything my digestive issues got worse and spent quality time on toilet. Need to further figure that out. I'm pretty in tune with my body. I know Whole30 is good. But what about for people like me? Does it tend to affect us differently? Maybe it takes longer? I'm on thyroid meds to keep my levels suppressed so cancer doesn't come back. My 1st cancer was at age of 23 and had partial thyroidectomy. It came back anyway 12 years later and so then I had the rest taken out. Gained about 50 lbs with each removal. I'd love to lose 120lbs. Currently 5'4" and 250 lbs. I'd pretty much been eating about 80% paleo before Whole30. I'll continue on with Whole30 and may cheat every now and then with something but just curious about how it went with others like me.