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Found 52 results

  1. Hi there! 1st time poster and experienced W30'r here! My younger sister has crippling endometriosis, and has agreed to do the W30 with me in January (with her doctor's blessing, of course). Any tips for her? Based on my understanding, the condition isn't an autoimmune disorder, but it might respond well to an AIP. Should she do a strict AIP protocol? Or, should she make smaller modifications, like limiting fatty meats or avoiding eggs? Most of what I've read suggests that she increase her fruit and vegetable intake a lot. How should she reconcile that advice with W30's fruit intake recommendations? Any advice is much appreciated.
  2. Hello! I am super excited to start the whole 30 tomorrow and am following the autoimmune protocol as I have Hashimotos Disease & recently diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disease which is Lupus like. I am a busy business owner/mom and decided to have my meals premade by premade paleo so I can follow the strict guidelines. Thanks for listening!
  3. JSCELLISTiswhole30

    OFF track! Help!!

    Dear Whole30 world, I have started my Whole30 journey in Sept 2015, and since then have completed 2 & 1/2 Whole30's and a Whole100 having massive success on every level!! But each time I try and reintroduce anything, I find I am sensitive to it and have a problem with it. So, this brings me to figuring out what the best long-term food freedom plan looks like for me. I am confused thinking I should be able to bring back small amounts of things, but each time I do I'll either set off my sugar dragon, or have a physical reaction. Does anyone else have this? Is this perhaps because of all of my other medical needs? Operating with no thyroid after a thyroidectomy after Graves'. Also, concluded after my first whole30 that I do not tolerate any of the FODMAPs well due to IBS perhaps. So now I'm feeling off rails again, but feeling a bit hopeless about having to be super strict about things long term. Help! Also, I'm going on tour for a year living in hotel rooms (without a fridge or kitchenette) any tips on how to create a light portable kitchen I could put in maybe one of my suitcases? Feeling like even that will be tricky for the seasoned whole30er. Many thanks with any advice! JSCELLIST
  4. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    AIP and Coffee

    Good Evening, I am back! It's been over 3 and a half years and I jumped in yesterday on the 9th to start the AIP WHOLE 30 protocol. WOW! 2 days in and I've considered crying, giving up, having coffee, and enjoying halo top ice cream within a matter of minutes. LOL. I went form a somewhat Paleo 80/20 diet...and over the last month more like 60/40...straight in to AIP. I have read whole 30 and completed one round, I am currently reading Food Freedom. I am following the AIP protocol pretty strictly, but my question is mainly is coffee a deal breaker if you are following AIP? I want to really get to the root of some of my autoimmune conditions and I read mixed opinions on the coffee. Some strict say you MUST give it up, others say that you can do it with it but may not have as clear results. I love coffee. Espresso, coffee, you name it. Thought maybe someone could clarify or give some advice. My main issues are skin issues, tendonitis, and arthritis in my knee. I don't have RA, just arthritis. Any help is appreciated! Jeannie
  5. Hi, I have done a couple successful Whole30's and a couple of unsuccessful ones. I have both Addison's Disease (Adrenal Insufficiency) and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 1/3 crossover. I take steroids for the Addison's and will always need to. In addition to all of the fun symptoms that go along with the two disorders, I also have all of the fun symptoms of taking steroids long term. It's a good time. The Whole30 did help with a lot of things, but I found made some things worse. Morning nausea for example. I've recently started seeing a naturopath who would like me to try the Autoimmune Protocol to see if that fixes the things Whole30 couldn't. The thing is, when I'm off the Whole30 wagon, I'm OFF the Whole30 wagon if that makes sense. In addition, I basically live on caffeine, scrambled eggs, and hot sauce, three things you're not allowed. I know if it's better for me in the long run I should do it but easier said than done while I'm gazing lovingly at my hot sauce shelf on the fridge door. I'm sure I can do it. But my question is: Is it better to jump right in with both feet and go AIP right off the bat? Or is it better to take from now until the big group Whole30 on Sept 5 and remove one food group off the AIP avoid list a week? (I already don't eat legumes, and grains and dairy I have so rarely I'm not counting them on this timeline, they'll be easy to give up.) Has anyone tried either approach and had success? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm starting an Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) Whole30 (and possibly 60 or 90) to see if I can get my inflammation down. I have Hashimoto's and haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for the past 8 months due to swollen fingers. I'm in the Army, so part of my job is to stay in shape and meet height/weight and it's been getting harder the past few years. I'm currently stationed in Korea, so it is more difficult for me to find the most highly recommended foods, but I'm managing. I actually did quite a bit of preparation the past month to include weaning myself off of coffee, trying to eat down some of my pantry so as to not have to throw away eggs and milk and such, and cooking some Whole30 recipes to get a feel for it. I'm excited to see if I can still change after not ever really worrying about what I've eaten for the past 39 years.
  7. As of Day 32, I have lost no weight. Yes, zero pounds lost. I am doing the Autoimmune Protocol version. I've felt bloated and gigantic the whole month. I have had non-scale victories like clearer skin, better sleep, better mood, mostly better immune system. To be fair, I have been nursing a shoulder and back injury so I haven't been working out for the past 30 days. Another non-scale victory is that the pain has lessened with the injury because inflammation has subsided. I'm unsure whether to stick with Whole 30 and adjust my portions downward: consume less fat, less protein at each meal, or whether to ditch this altogether and just focus on a low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free diet. Here is a sample day's meal that I pulled out of my journal: Breakfast Chicken broth with carrots and celery Palm sized roasted mackerel fillet (saba shioyaki) with grated daikon and lemon Fist-sized sweet potato mashed with 1 tbsp of coconut oil A small scoop of kimchi Lunch Braised kale and carrots Handful of olives Stir fried cauliflower Kalua pork Dinner Chicken thigh and drumstick cooked in lemongrass, turmeric and coconut milk Broccoli with bagna cauda Stir fried cabbage and carrots 1/2 avocado Small scoop of kimchi Last week I eliminated the sweet potato. I also started reducing FODMAPs such as broccoli and cauliflower, and replacing with bok choy, spinach, chard. Any advice from the wisdom of the Whole30 Forum? Thank you in advance for taking a look at my post and sharing your thoughts.
  8. Hello W30 friends. I am currently on R1D20 (Yay! 2/3 complete!) I feel more energized (Finally, thanks to some support from the Mods and other members and their insights). I feel as though I look more refreshed and I sleep very well. My concerns however... I am a diagnosed Celiac and suffer from psoriasis as well. Not as bad as some people I've seen (thankfully!) but enough to be self concious of it. The last couple weeks I've been noticing some major gas and bloating and I feel like this might be due to the increased fats/veggies. Didn't worry too much about it. Then I noticed my psoriasis seems to be coming back after having faded the first 2 weeks. I have done some reading and the AIP suggests cutting out the nightshades, coffee, eggs, and a few other possible trigger foods. My question is, would it make sense to transition to the AIP protocol and extend the W30 to a W50 (the existing 20 days plus a new 30). I have read that it might be better to finish it as is, try to reintroduce, then reassess. But I also wonder that due to my medical history, would it make more sense? A couple meals: M1: Frittata with eggs, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms. compliant bacon, veggies (usually tomatoes and peppers) and sometimes a fruit. M2: Chocolate chili (tomatoes, onions, elk meat and beef), guacamole, more veg - cukes and peppers usually. M3: Salmon coleslaw with mayo and dill and steamed broccoli. M1: 2 Fried eggs over a baked potato with some ghee, left over chili, tomato and peppers, maybe an apple and a tbsp almond butter. M2: Salmon coleslaw with mayo and dill. mini cuke, snap peas, carrots. M3: Steak, onions, mushrooms, mashed cauliflower M1: 2 Fried Eggs, 2 compliant sausages, roasted veg (zucchini, peppers, sweet potatos, onions) M2: Roasted veg with compliant chorizo chopped into it 1/2 avocado diced into it. M3: Zoodles with a pesto-esque sauce (garlic. olive oil, basil,cilantro) with a dozen shrimp. Any thoughts or support would be fabulous!
  9. Hi all, I did Whole30 a few years ago to lose weight (I know, wrong reason), and am back now that I have a fresh new diagnosis of psoriasis. I've seen some success stories online, but would love to hear from you if this has helped you manage your symptoms, especially without injectables. Have you had luck with the standard Whole30? Did you have to go AIP? Have you found any other natural treatment methods? Thanks!
  10. Hey all! I've been Whole30'ing mostly since January in an effort to clear up my ezcema and recover from the stressful previous year (work SUCKED, everyone had to struggle through the lack of purpose and management changes). Since January I have had one foray with rice (we can't be friends) and learned that potatoes and I don't get along either. I have been Paleo/Whole30-ish for the last 3-4 years--keeping more in line with W30 as I've learned more about my body and adapted to the way of life. About 2 years ago I did a W90 and had wonderful results--ezcema cleared up (a complete surprise as I didn't realize the strong connection to diet at the time), clothes fit better, lots of energy, lost a few pants sizes etc. Fast-forward to today. 1) My ezcema is still moderate--not as bad as when I eat gluten, but still bad. The ezcema seems to have grown and changed though. Originally only on the palms of my hands it has now also invaded the the inside of my wrists and backs of my hands as large circular patches. 2) Bowel movements are not at all regular. In previous experience W30 always tidied things up well. 3) Still tired at times, but the afternoon slumps are hitting hard. I always want a snack in the afternoon not because I'm hungry, but because I simply can't keep my eyes open. Coffee is out since it's late afternoon, quick walk down the hallway doesn't last, jamming out to music only lasts so long before the eyes droop. Maybe it's the stage of my project where I'm tied to my desk running monotonous (but necessary) analyses adding to the afternoon siesta, but I suspect my body is telling me something as well. Typically I get 7-9+ hours of sleep a night. I do CrossFit M, W, & F at 5a. The (consistent) morning routine also started in January, but let's be clear I worked out an equal amount (typcially in the evenings) when I did my W90 and have worked out during other W30s (even doing 2-a-days with CF and triathalon training) with no problems. Currently I wake-up before the alarm clock on workout mornings, have energy and enjoy the workouts, and let myself sleep if I've gotten to bed too late the night before AM workout. A few weeks ago I realized I was even more exhausted and my muscles were actually tired when trudging up the stairs to my office after working out. I added a Post-WO meal of sliced roast beef & sweet potatoes and that has done wonders. Still have my afternoon slump though. So now for the food. I batch cook so I select 3 meals for the day from the following prepared meals. Typically I don't snack, but the few times I can't fight the afternoon slump I snack on a few nuts and small amount of fruit--again, not the best snack, but it's not out of hunger it's in an effort to "do" something to stay awake. This Week-- M1: Creamy buffalo chicken (mayo) over spaghetti squash with broccolini M2: Sunbutter & "jelly" hamburgers with roasted carrots & broccoli M3: Tacos (with ground beef, mushrooms, spinach) on lettuce leaves with guac & peppers/onions (sometimes add asparagus or sweet potatoes) M4: 3 hardboiled eggs, homemade breakfast sausage, green beans topped creamy Italian dressing PWO: 3-4 thin slices roast beef & ~1/2 small sweet potato Last Week-- M1: Marinara sauce & Italian sausage over spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts M2: Bacon jalapeno burger balls with mayo based sauce and broccolini, sweet potato "fries" M3: Chicken curry soup (broccoli, rutabaga, carrots, spinach, coconut milk) M4: I honestly can't remember and I just cleared out my menu planner PWO: 3-4 thin slices roast beef & ~1/2 small sweet potato Can anyone see anything I might be missing? I'm suspecting that when I first switched from the SAD to Paleo/W30 I saw such wonderful results because my body so desperately needed the change. Now that Paleo/W30 is my norm, I have uncovered some deep-rooted inflammation that needs more care. Yes? No? All I can see is working through AIP as my next step. Please don't make me do this! I love my tomato-based sauces, spicy things, and ghee! I'd love any input you may have! Sorry for the long post; I appreciate your time!
  11. I just finished my first complete Whole 30. Last summer I made it through about three weeks of a Whole 30 and had great results even though I didn't complete it. This time I made it through the whole 30 days and I feel terrible. I'm having a major flare up of fibromyalgia. Also, when I started I was sleeping great, now it is a struggle again. I've been trying to think of anything I've done differently this time. The only things I could think of were last time I was also seeing a chiropractor and this time I've taken some prescription medications that I wasn't taking before. This is a typical day of meals- meal one - coffee with ghee and coconut oil, soup made with bone broth, veggies and a protein; meal two - spicy beef and bok choy or tuna with primal mayo and a large salad; meal three - pork roast, prosciutto wrapped asparagus and roasted sweet potato. If I needed a snack it was typically boiled eggs and/or an apple with sunbutter or occasionally an Rx bar. The fibro flare started after I'd eaten tomatoes several days in a row. I knew white potatoes trigger my fibro, but didn't think the tomatoes would. I'm thinking about transitioning into a modified AIP and eliminating nightshade, nuts and possibly coffee.
  12. Hello (again), I was an active member of the Whole30 forum until a year ago. I'm back. I have been dabbling with vegetarian (nearly vegan) over the past 6-12 months after reading The China Study. I cut out dairy a few years ago because it caused hot flashes (I'm 50). I'm am a hard core chocoholic. About 2 months ago I started having pain and stiffness that I could not really explain. At first I thought it was due to my scoliosis and extreme use of the treadmill. But, it is more. After talking to my mother, who had polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) in her 50s, I decided I needed to get checked out. So, tomorrow I'm off to see my primary to ask for ESR and CRP blood tests to measure inflammation. I know my CR-P was very low only 3 years ago when I had my thyroid checked, so any elevation will be somewhat recent. I will probably be referred to a rheumatologist. So, I'm back. I've started AIP, but am struggling with the reintroduction of animal proteins. Can I really not eat eggs? This is going to be really difficult, but the alternative is long term prednisone if I indeed have PMR or Giant Cell Arteritis. I might have to take the Pred if I have the latter, since losing eyesight is a possibility. I assume many here became involved after a diagnosis of some type of arthritis, so I hope to get some feedback. Were you able to occasionally eat things like chocolate or grains/legumes without setbacks? PMR does go into remission, or is cured, after a few years for many. My mom, now 78, has been disease free for 15 years and takes no medication. Also, who here believes stress triggers arthritis? Probably a stupid question. I've already developed atypical migraines due to life stressors (marriage and raising a child with Autism). I'll be reading and posting a lot I expect. Thanks for listening. ~Pam
  13. jldickison

    Need FAT ideas

    I completed my whole 30 about three weeks ago. However I am not finished. I discovered I have some digestive issues so I started to change over to low fodmap foods. I am also looking into aip so I will be very limited on veggies and fats. No nuts or avocados or butter of any kind. I would love suggestions for good fats. Recipes or just easy portions. And I'd gladly take any veggie suggestions as well. Thank you!
  14. I am currently doing the regular Whole 30...I was inspired to do this because of some neurological symptoms I began experiencing in the winter. I figured if anything, a great diet as a foundation could only help me, which led me to some very clean eating, which then led me to the Whole 30. I am still in the middle of my regular Whole 30. And actually may be taking it to a whole 60 (or 62) to be exact because of 2 blurps along the way... (handful of nuts at a wedding that I realized could have been cooked in a no no oil, and lox that had added sugar...still not sure on that one warranting a restart based on the article floating around on restarts saying added sugar doesn't "restart" your system necessarily.) The AIP looks SO intense and limiting to me. The whole 30 is already very limiting, and I am dropping weight pretty fast on it (I am not overweight to begin with, and don't want to get overly thin.) I guess I am wondering... is it possible to do the regular whole 30, and then the reintroduction period, figure out any triggers, leave those out of my diet, and then take out only the additional AIP components (Eggs, nuts, nightshades) for the recommended 90 days or is the AIP only recommended while limiting all food groups? Also, must nightshades be taken out, or only if your AI issue is gastro related? Thank you! Stefanie
  15. chantalabou

    Starting on Thursday Oct. 29

    Followed the AIP for a very long time, for health reason . But it seems I need a new challenge in order to get back and keep on track. i'll start on Thursday when I'll be back home after a few days in Denver visiting my son. Went to "True food kitchen" and had a spaghetti squash casserole that should be easy to replicate without the cheese. By the way I love to cook!
  16. Evening all - Looking for advice, support, guidance (and I could actually use a hug) I am on day 12 of my first Whole 30. It is going much better than expected, energy level good, sleep good, very minimal cravings, enjoying inflammation from my AS is here with a vengeance Aside from my AS, I started whole30 to help with my migraines, hives, and infertility. I have never been able to get any of my Doctor's to admit that any or all of my conditions could be remotely food related (shocking), but it is the only thing that makes sense. Migraines? "We don't know what is causing it". Infertility? "Everything looks fine". Hives? "must be stress". No real concrete answers, so I have taken matters into my own hands. As you can imagine, my intake of eggs, tomatoes, peppers and ghee has increased significantly since starting he program. For the last few days, my inflammation (I get it in my chest) has been off the chart. Now, I don't know for sure that it is tied to these foods, but I have this nagging feeling that it is. Looking at the AIP shopping list nearly has me in tears. I know I am being dramatic, but it took me so long to talk myself into a whole 30, and the thought of being even more restrictive is hard to wrap my head around. I know, I know, it could be much worse and I should just suck it up.. Anyway, poking around the forums it seems that I should finish up my whole 30 without any AIP mods. Then, maybe start AIP and see if it helps? Or, am I overreacting? I did order "The Paleo Approach" so I can learn more of the science behind AIP.
  17. Hi all, I'm really wanting to embark on the Whole30 plan soon, but I am feeling confused and overwhelmed in terms of where to start. I have Hashimoto's, as well as IBS symptoms and a high measured marker for IBD. (I also have joint pain and stiffness, heart palpitations, and an amoeba that is considered non-pathogenic but probably not doing me too many favors!) In reading the section for autoimmune conditions, as well as the one for IBS/IBD, it seems that each of those have more specific recommendations in terms of more foods to avoid. I'm not sure what would be left if I eliminated all eggs, nightshades, beef, lamb, nuts & seeds, FODMAPS, AND coffee!! Maybe I could do them in stages? Like, begin with the IBS/IBD protocol (especially since my GI symptoms are making life really difficult right now, and autoimmune healing needs to begin in the gut anyway), and then move into the more autoimmune-specific protocol after 30 days if I can get my GI symptoms to improve? I don't want to over-complicate this, but I would love some guidance, and would love to not keep eating foods that are irritating to my gut. How do people decide what to prioritize? Best, Rachel
  18. sailingspaz

    AIP reintroduction

    I have completed my whole 30, did really well and feel great. I have several autoimmune diseases so followed AIP protocol. I haven't found any guidance in reintroduction for AIP. The thing I've missed most is curry so if I try it tonight can I use rice? or just the curry? And is there a suggestion for reintroducing peppers, tomatoes and eggplant? I'm thinking each would have to be separate since they are known as inflammatory triggers? Thanks for anyinsight!
  19. I'm on day 13 of my first Autoimmune Whole 30. I started because I have crohn's disease and have been really ill / 50% bedridden for the past year. I've been 100% compliant food-wise, been doing some gentle yoga and walking when I feel up to it. I was tired before I started, but would have patches of energy, especially in the morning. But the past couple of days I feel tired to my bones, like my body is too heavy to hold up. I haven't been sleeping that well (because my tummy gets me up several times a night) and I might have eaten a bit less because I feel too tired to eat. Just getting out of bed feels like the hugest effort. Is this normal? Is this what the "tired" stage in the whole 30 timeline is supposed to feel like? Has anyone else had this? I've felt like this on days when my illness has been really bad, so I'd like to be reassured! I'm not having any other recurrences of crohn's symptoms, just this lethargy. Help please!
  20. Melissa<3Andrew

    Thanksgiving Post-Whole30

    Brand new to the forum, and just finished up my first Whole30! But I need some advice on what to do going forward. I'm actually on day 37 or something, and just haven't wanted to go back yet. (Although for some reason I seem to be having more sugar "desires" now after the 30 days than I did at any time during the Whole30! I have successfully ignored them, though.) I haven't seen the results I would like and have a few ideas as to why. First, I wonder if I should have followed the AIP protocol, but didn't realize that until after my 30 days were up (toward the end I realized that those foods were giving me issues *facepalm*). I would like to try 30 days on AIP, to see if I get the healing my body needs, but I don't really think that's feasible until after the holidays. (I did this primarily to heal up some long-standing health issues I've been having, including Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis, and Diverticulitis.) I think these issues have started to clear up, but definitely not all healed. Second, sleep is hard for me. Getting enough that is. I'm working on it, but it is definitely WAY harder than eating the right foods (for me). We all have our own battles to fight. Third, I've not nearly had enough water. It's the only thing I drink, and yet... (again, working on it) My biggest problem is Thanksgiving coming up. I'm not sure if I should try to do all my reintroduction days beforehand, or leave it until afterward. I don't really intend to eat anything that's not Paleo (I may splurge with a Paleo apple pie or something!), but with the holidays coming up immediately afterward (and mostly just the family gatherings and eating out), I'm concerned about being able to eat healthy. I've talked my mom into a Paleo Thanksgiving, but beyond that, I'm afraid I'm not going to have anything to eat at any holiday function that doesn't come from my own kitchen! I haven't eaten out since I started Whole30 because it seems like a whole lot more work than just cooking it myself. I definitely don't want to be in a situation where I would like to eat something off plan but have not gone through reintroduction. I've seriously been stressing about eating the cheap turkey that has added broth. SERIOUSLY. I just can't afford the good stuff. I'd actually like to just go 100% Paleo, but I know at some point I will be too worn out to ask the chef at a restaurant how he cooks his food, what all the ingredients are, or where they source their meat. (These are real concerns, people!) Or just the simple fact that some people in my family would take offense to me not eating their sugar-riddled, dairy-saturated dishes! I'm convinced I would not be able to eat a single thing at certain family functions. (I'm sure you can tell by now I'm not so good with confrontation. It's exhausting.) It's not so much the obvious (breads, pastas, desserts) because those are easy. It's all the hidden offenders! Soy, gluten, non-gluten grains, MSG, dairy, etc. (Enter rant about how we are not allowed to question what's in our food in this country!) I guess I'm just scared to take off the training wheels. It seems so daunting! How did you guys figure it out? Any tips? Help! P.S. Thanks for sticking with me and reading this far.
  21. I completed the Whole30 last week and have elected to continue on (Day 39). I achieved "good" but not "great" results and have started gearing down towards the AIP protocol eliminating eggs, nuts and nightshades to see if this continues to help alleviating allergies, and if I can make gains in sleep, weight loss and some digestive issues. This morning I met a friend for coffee, and about 3 sips in I realized my black decaf coffee request had been substituted with a latte. So I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and pursue the full reintroduction to dairy today and test it, leaving the rest of my protocol the same. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  22. Hi everyone, I started AIP due to IBS and two Autoimmune diseases on Monday (August, 11). I didn't know anything about Paleo beforehand and just dived in after reading about the basics of AIP (what to avoid, what to eat etc.). I'm already skinny and I don't want to lose weight. In the beginning I didn't worry about this and just ate as much as possible of what is allowed. But on day 3 I got into ketosis and since then I've been monitoring my carbohydrate and calorie intake to make sure this doesn't happen again. I've been able to get enough carbohydrates through more fruits and sweet potatoes with every meal (are sweet potatoes with every meal ok when doing AIP?), but I still don't get enough calories. Most days I only have around 1500kcal. I already eat meat or fish with every meal, eat 3 meals a day, eat at least 2-3 types of different vegetables with the meal, I try to add more oil to my food, I try to have avocado everyday, I eat fruits as dessert after every meal and I often eat even though I don't have any more appetite. How does everybody else manage to get enough calories on AIP? Do you have any advice? The problem is, I would still be okay if I lost up to 11 pounds, but that would really be the max I could afford to lose. And I also don't feel good with having too little calories, I can't concentrate as good as usual and my vision feels less clear than usually. Other than that I feel good though, my IBS is really calming down, so I really want to go on to tackle IBS and my autoimmune diseases completely. I hope you guys can help me PS: I haven't even started doing any sports yet and aren't working right now. So once I'll be starting those things I'd even need to up my calorie intake to around 2000 kcal or more :/
  23. Hello, I'm Crystal! I have attempted the Whole30 six times since February 2012. I have successfully completed 3 of those attempts and this round I'd like to try the autoimmune protocol approach. Anyone else done/doing AIP? I just had my first child in February, ended up with a C-section and since then have not adjusted well in terms of overall health and need to get back on it! Hoping to succeed this round and will definitely be looking for new recipes that exclude nuts, eggs and nightshades!
  24. Is anyone doing, or would anyone like to do, a Whole30 AIP style? I am about to complete the Whole30 and want to go AIP and have enjoyed the support of the Whole30 forums. Anyone? Thanks so much! Deb For those who don't know, Autoimmune Protocol The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet that helps heal the immune system and gut mucosa. It is applicable to any inflammatory disease. We have a problem in this country with how we eat, treat disease and heal disease. AIP addresses inflammation in the gut that causes Autoimmune Disease. AIP is much like W30 except it also excludes nuts, seeds, seed spices, nightshade vegetables and spices, and eggs.
  25. I understand with the Whole30 program that weight loss isn't the key drive reason to do it (although for people who eat a Western diet, chances are they will see a weight loss). But for people who already eat relatively clean and exercise (ie crossfit 3 times a week), have people seen any weight loss/body fat/inches lost with Whole30. Again, I do know there are many other benefits to doing the Whole30 but presently I want to lose those last couple of pounds/body fat. Eating healthy is great - I've done the AIP for 7 weeks last year (to support my daughter) and I felt wonderful and an added bonus of weight loss. I'm trying to reduce body fat. I am waiting for next week to start the Whole30 (when my husband returns from vacation so we both can start at the same time) but does anyone have any insight as to whether the Whole30 provides weight loss when already eating clean? Thanks.