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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I am starting the Whole30 this Wednesday, 26 April 2017. This is my "second" attempt - my first was a slight disaster as I had a couple of friends who also said they would do it - but decided to change the rules to suit them (still enjoyed the occasional diet coke, glass of bubbles, went and had a stir fry at the local Thai restaurant) which was hard for me who was doing it by the rules... so I fell... but I want to give it a red hot go again. I am based in Sydney, Australia - and I know timing of start might sound odd. I was going to do May 1 - given it was a Monday - but thought why not Wednesday? It is ANZAC day on Tuesday 25 April, and we already had plans... so I thought why not wake up the next day and GO. So I am... if anyone who is looking to do properly, and I mean properly, then let me know! Nat
  2. Whether you're looking to start your first Whole30 on October 1, or wanting to do another, who's with me? It's Spring down under and in the southern hemisphere!
  3. Tasha

    International Group?

    Hi-- I've noticed lots of posts regarding sourcing in areas outside the US and wondered if it might be helpful to have a category for international users? Having individual countries would be too comprehensive and difficult to manage, but an International section might be helpful just for us Non-Americans to ask questions about local brands/stores/restaurants etc. Within the category people could tag their country with the post such as " has anyone found Coconut Aminos in Canada?" etc. It might also help keep other categories "clean" by keeping questions of this nature to this section. Just an idea
  4. LauraJS

    Any other Australians?

    Hi I have just signed up today and will officially start my Whole30 challenge this Saturday 1st February (Australian time!) I will only use this website/forum to stay connected as I am currently also about to start a social media 'detox'! No twitter, facebook or instagram until March 1st. Seems like February will be a great cleanse month for me!! Are there any other Aussies here? Cant wait to try new recipes and push myself to new limits!
  5. hayleydarling


    Hi everyone! I'm new to the Whole30 and struggling to find some of the things that I want. Does anyone live in Brisbane, Australia and know somewhere to find grassfed meats? I can find some organic meats at the supermarkets but they're ULTRA expensive (I've still bought some from all the money I've saved not smoking and drinking) and I can't afford to have them for every meal. I don't always have the opportunity to go to the markets on weekends and given that I live quite close to the city and don't drive, I can't just make friends with a local farmer who can help a girl out! I've read ISWF and understand that if that's all you can manage, just do your best... But I'd really like to fully commit to this life-changing program and that, for me, includes eating the right types of meat. For now I'll just buy what I can and stock up at the markets when I do have the chance, but if anyone knows any places to hit up for meat on the regular, I'd really appreciate your advice. Thank you! Hayley.