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Found 18 results

  1. Greetings Fellow Whole30 Participants! I have a range of autoimmune conditions and I am praying for reduced inflammation, increased energy and focus, and some overall healing. Any words for the wise or suggestions out there? I am preparing to start April 2nd. Would love some feedback!
  2. Hello all, This is my second Whole 30 and I'm going through a significant autoimmune flare - increased inflammation and pain. I have ankylosing spondilitis and continue to take my meds, but have a sore back and ribs and my hands and joints hurt. I remember going through this somewhat last time as well, and I am wondering if anyone else has. If I recall, it got better last time and I'm hoping it does again, but it's day 16 and I'm really discouraged.
  3. Hello, I am just about to start my first Whole30. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondilitis I have read other threads on this forum about people with RA who have found benefits from this diet change, but the threads are several years old. I would be very interested to hear from other people with Rheumatoid Arthritis or other similar autoimmune diseases to learn what if any benefits they experienced from being on the Whole 30 diet !! Thank you !
  4. Hi everyone! First time posting in the group! I have been having a blast with the Whole30 and I am excited to make it to day 30! I am on Day 16. I wanted to stop in here to ask if anyone else experienced a psoriasis flare-up while on the Whole30. Mine started around Day 8 or 9 and is still hanging around a bit in the last few days. This is curious to me since I have had psoriasis since I was 14 years old but have no experienced a significant flare-up in years. I am wondering if this is a "gets worse before it gets better" situation or if anyone else out there experienced the same! Thanks so much! hb.
  5. hi everyone, I am looking to plan a meal - the current situation is kidneys issues ( not much time left before i will need dialysis), and autoimmunity disease and inflammation, yeah it's bad. however, after reading the whole30 & robbwolf articles i came down to that: I need ketogenic diet including 80% fat, 10-15% carbohydrate and 10% proteins. AND Need to avoid: all the whole30 stuff(dairy,grains,legumes..etc) AND- nightshades & fructose. nightshades because of autoimmunity and fructose because of kidneys issues. What i eat right now: a lot of fruits,proteins,nightshades,sugar and the bad stuff.. not very good. What's your opinions about that ketogenic plan?, is anyone been there? please don't be afraid to give out your opinion, of course I'm going to ask for medical advice as well. but i want to start the change with food too, and NOW. it seems like doctors don't find the true solution for years, so i will give it a chance.
  6. I am currently doing the regular Whole 30...I was inspired to do this because of some neurological symptoms I began experiencing in the winter. I figured if anything, a great diet as a foundation could only help me, which led me to some very clean eating, which then led me to the Whole 30. I am still in the middle of my regular Whole 30. And actually may be taking it to a whole 60 (or 62) to be exact because of 2 blurps along the way... (handful of nuts at a wedding that I realized could have been cooked in a no no oil, and lox that had added sugar...still not sure on that one warranting a restart based on the article floating around on restarts saying added sugar doesn't "restart" your system necessarily.) The AIP looks SO intense and limiting to me. The whole 30 is already very limiting, and I am dropping weight pretty fast on it (I am not overweight to begin with, and don't want to get overly thin.) I guess I am wondering... is it possible to do the regular whole 30, and then the reintroduction period, figure out any triggers, leave those out of my diet, and then take out only the additional AIP components (Eggs, nuts, nightshades) for the recommended 90 days or is the AIP only recommended while limiting all food groups? Also, must nightshades be taken out, or only if your AI issue is gastro related? Thank you! Stefanie
  7. Evening all - Looking for advice, support, guidance (and I could actually use a hug) I am on day 12 of my first Whole 30. It is going much better than expected, energy level good, sleep good, very minimal cravings, enjoying inflammation from my AS is here with a vengeance Aside from my AS, I started whole30 to help with my migraines, hives, and infertility. I have never been able to get any of my Doctor's to admit that any or all of my conditions could be remotely food related (shocking), but it is the only thing that makes sense. Migraines? "We don't know what is causing it". Infertility? "Everything looks fine". Hives? "must be stress". No real concrete answers, so I have taken matters into my own hands. As you can imagine, my intake of eggs, tomatoes, peppers and ghee has increased significantly since starting he program. For the last few days, my inflammation (I get it in my chest) has been off the chart. Now, I don't know for sure that it is tied to these foods, but I have this nagging feeling that it is. Looking at the AIP shopping list nearly has me in tears. I know I am being dramatic, but it took me so long to talk myself into a whole 30, and the thought of being even more restrictive is hard to wrap my head around. I know, I know, it could be much worse and I should just suck it up.. Anyway, poking around the forums it seems that I should finish up my whole 30 without any AIP mods. Then, maybe start AIP and see if it helps? Or, am I overreacting? I did order "The Paleo Approach" so I can learn more of the science behind AIP.
  8. My doctor recommended combining the low histamine, low FODMAP, and autoimmune protocols. Anyone have recommendations for where to find recipes that meet all three of these protocols? Thanks in advance!
  9. timetochange

    autoimmune recipes

    Hi everyone, I am having alot of trouble planning my auto immune lunch and breakfast. Can any of you direct me in the way of someones food log , blog that would help me out? Thank you
  10. I'm on day 13 of my first Autoimmune Whole 30. I started because I have crohn's disease and have been really ill / 50% bedridden for the past year. I've been 100% compliant food-wise, been doing some gentle yoga and walking when I feel up to it. I was tired before I started, but would have patches of energy, especially in the morning. But the past couple of days I feel tired to my bones, like my body is too heavy to hold up. I haven't been sleeping that well (because my tummy gets me up several times a night) and I might have eaten a bit less because I feel too tired to eat. Just getting out of bed feels like the hugest effort. Is this normal? Is this what the "tired" stage in the whole 30 timeline is supposed to feel like? Has anyone else had this? I've felt like this on days when my illness has been really bad, so I'd like to be reassured! I'm not having any other recurrences of crohn's symptoms, just this lethargy. Help please!
  11. I've been trying to decide if I want to do AIP now, or wait until January, I'm better doing whole30, but not great and not really weight loss. If it takes 90 days before reintroduction, that would take up my birthday and Christmas. Keeping whole30 compliant when eating out, etc, isn't always easy so I'm thinking it might be easier to wait til January?
  12. Hello! I've suffered from Chrohn's disease since I was a teenager. Currently my symptoms are under control thanks to Remicade and I only have some minor inflammation in my colon. I am planning on starting Whole 30 on Monday and am not sure if I should follow the auto immune protocol or not. My Chrohn's symptoms aren't very active and I am lucky that I don't have issues with many foods as long as I don't go too crazy with raw fruits, veggies and beans. Since night shades are my go to and favorite veggies I typically eat it seems a bit daunting to cut them out. I'm having trouble coming up with breakfast ideas that don't include eggs or night shades. I also have a very long commute (2 + hrs) so cooking breakfast in the morning is out of the question. In the past I've relied on smoothies with whey protein since they are quick easy and portable. Any suggestions on breakfast ideas that can be prepared in advance or enjoyed on the go?? Thanks for the support!
  13. Well, I made it 28 days following the regular program guidelines though I am celiac (found out 2 yrs ago at age 39). My skin looks great (I was a sugar junkie), I am satisfied on three meals a day and I'd say I don't have the same moodswings. My torso leaned out a smidge though I didn't lose really any weight. I started this to see if I could get rid of my remaining lower back pain as I suspect it may be due to inflammation and because I was hoping to shed a few extra pounds. No change in either of those departments. In addition, the last week I've been plagued by needing to "be near home" if you know what I mean. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps it's eating chili (chili powder, cayenne, tomatoes, red peppers) and maybe too much coconut or something? Or maybe it's eggs? Or nuts? I'm stumped and wondering if anyone can advise a little more specifically than the book did on what folks like me experience on the regular vs. autoimmune modified plan. I really don't want to also cut out all those other things as I'm not sure what I'd have left to eat but I also want to really know if this back pain is food related or not. Help...doing this for 30 more days if it's not likely to make a difference isn't something I want to embark on. Thanks!
  14. I have IBS-D that has gotten worse the first 2 weeks of Whole30, so, I'm reluctantly considering restricting my diet further. I know I need to give up nuts altogether and I should cook my veggies more :-(. I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to other restrictions too. Has anyone else successfully tried these variations? Attached is a fantastic paleo +low-FODMAP food chart from Aglaee. AI Protocol would eliminate nuts & seeds, eggs, nightshades I'm afraid that the additional restrictions will make it so much harder for me to stay compliant and that the whole healthy relationship with food thing will get worse. On the other hand, I'm having really, really horrible stomach cramps and its hard to sleep because of them. paleo-fodmap-food-list.pdf
  15. Nicole Lynn Jennings

    acne and hair loss

    so ive pretty much completed my whole 60. im still experiencing acne like crazy! im also noticing my hair falling out more than usual. I have symptoms of pcos. im just wondering if anyone has done the autoimmune protocol and if it has helped with either acne or hair loss. I am eating enough. I lift weights about 4 times a week to gain weight, which I have been! I eat the whole 30 meal template four to five times a day, depending on if im still hungry. However, I still have acne and hair loss has gotten worse! Has anyone tried the autoimmune protocol for this and had any success with it? im losing hope:/
  16. Just the ones listed on page 175 of ISWF? I'm confused about what constitutes a "seed". I don't want to have to avoid strawberries or a large portion of cooking spices, etc. Just thought I would ask in one more place, and see if anyone knows.
  17. Dawn Fralix Hall

    Thyroid removed

    Hi. I am doing my first whole30. I am on Day 4. I had my thyroid removed in Dec 2011 because of Hashimotos Thyroiditis. It had grown so large it was obstructing my airway. I have had difficulty regulating my TSH levels ever since. I decided to do Whole30 to see how my diet and nutrition might be affecting my med balance and how I felt. As part of my regularly scheduled follow up dates I saw my doc on Wednesday, day 1. I am currently taking 200 mcg of synthroid daily. My TSH level came back 7.33! I'm so frustrated. I know I've got more medical work to do with this. But, my question is should I keep going with the Whole30 or wait to their is more control of my TSH. Will I be able to feel, better, get more energy, and find out what foods cause a reaction for me? Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Dawn
  18. In 2011, I started to research autoimmunity because there are several examples in my immediate family. To make a long story short, my research led to leaky gut syndrome and that led to Paleo. I read Rob Wolff, Loren Cordain,and others and it all made so much sense! I began eating Paleo and made my husband read what I had read so he would be convinced to join me. He did. After some time, I was able to quit my bp meds and my husband stopped his statins. We both lost some weight although, my husband didn't need to so he works on getting enough calories. When ISWF came out, I bought it the first day it was available. GREAT BOOK. Until now, I have never done a 100% clean Whole 30. Since I was already used to avoiding grains, dairy, legumes and (most) sugars, I decided to try the autoimmune protocol which means adding eggs, nuts and nightshades to the "No" list. Very challenging. I started Oct 16, and was surprised that I experienced the early headache and lethargy. I didn't think I would. Then it occurred to me that it must be sugar and I know fruit is my crutch. I'm going to limit fruit. I'm loving the Whole 30 daily emails but would love to hear from anyone else who is trying out the AI protocol. Thanks