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Found 26 results

  1. emmyriley

    W30 Bacon

    I bought some W30 approved bacon (had the W30 stamp on the package!). I was so excited to try it, because last time I did Whole 30, I couldn't find any of the approved bacon anywhere. So I cooked the bacon up this morning for breakfast, tried it, and it tasted like it was drenched in salt. Anyone else experience this with W30 approved bacon, or is this just the one I got? Don't want to buy more bacon if all of the W30 approved bacons are going to be like this. Thanks!
  2. Hey there, I found a bacon without nitrates and bought some but I am now not 100% sure if it is Whole30 compliant. It's the Finnebrogue Naked Smoked Streaky Bacon that is available in the UK. The ingredients are as follows: British Pork (87%), Water, Salt, Natural Flavouring, Smoke Flavouring What I am unsure about is the Smoke Flavouring. The sugar content for 100gr is given as >0.5gr which is the same as on the unsmoked which doesn't have the flavouring Is this compliant? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Can I eat dehydrated tomatoes or can I dehydrate them myself? I really like smoking meat. Bacon, ham, pastrami, ribs, pulled pork. As long as I use organic meat and portion control, is this ok? Jason
  4. Wellshire Farms Sugar Free Paleo Bacon at Whole Foods (Hyde Park Chicago) @ $5.99 for 8 oz. super yummy!!!
  5. Hi. I'm in Vancouver and need help to find compliant non-pork meats. Chicken/Turkey/Beef only please. Looking for easy to cook sausages, hot dogs, bacon, whatever. Please help!!
  6. Xandra

    Baking bacon

    Discovered my new favorite way to prepare bacon, by baking the entire package at once! Keeps my stovetop free and then I have bacon cooked for the week. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a rimmed (important, to contain the grease) large baking sheet with foil. Lay bacon slices on sheet. Bake 15 to 20 minutes, and check for desired crispness. Some people like to put the bacon slices on a cooling rack set on the baking sheet, to keep the bacon out of the grease while it cooks.
  7. Hi Guys, I have been craving bacon and finally found something that is approved via the app. However someone mentioned that it was not approved due to sulfates, sulfates or nitrates/nitrites. I am attaching the images of the bacon with the app results. Thoughts on this?
  8. Hello! I am on Day 15 and all of the cooking (+ chopping + food shopping) is wearing me down. I'm looking for more pre-packaged compliant food options at Costco, TJ's and Sprouts. I've dug up many Whole30 shopping lists, but some are several years old. I go hunting for the items, only to find that they are no longer stocked at Costco/TJ's. Anyone have any go-to suggestions for these stores? Please? Thanks in advance. Costco - Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausage -Aidell's Organic Chicken Basil & Roasted Garlic Meatballs Trader Joe's -Chipotle Lime Chicken Burgers -Turkey Burgers -Simply Mango Slices Sprouts -Yai's Thai Curry -Rao's Pasta Sauce -Paleo Bacon
  9. Chelsea Cooper

    Field Bacon-Sugar Free

    I just wanted to double check to see if Field bacon was compliant? I know there are better options, but I can find this easier than others and it’s half as much. Thank you. I found this at Kroger in Louisville, KY in case it is
  10. So frustrated right now... went to a friend’s house for brunch this morning. She told me she got compliant bacon and I was so excited. I saw the applegate package on her counter and didn’t think twice. After I had two pieces I saw the empty package and realized it isn’t the sugar free one, it was just the uncured nitrate free version. The ingredients list says it contains “less than 2% of organic cane sugar”. Would you start over because of this?
  11. Robin C

    Kosher Bacon

    So, I keep kosher. Very kosher. So, my meat has to be marked with kosher symbols referred to as hechshers for those that do not know. So, I see many recipes that have bacon as a part of them. And, we do have kosher bacons (or facons, as the case may be). Does anyone know of any compliant kosher bacons on the market? I would really love some help on this one. And, if there is not, what can I use in place of it in certain recipes?
  12. Hey guy, New here so go easy on me... started my first while 30 yesterday and bought a load of bacon from my local supermarket without realising there are added ingredients... Now my question is, what is so bad about the Sulfites etc they add to supermarket Bacon, is it going to greatly affect my whole 30? What's wrong with them and why don't we want to eat them? Do I need to bin this and go to my local butcher? I'm a sucker for not wasting food so I don't want to do this ideally but how much damage am I doing to my 30 days by eating this before I go and get more? Thanks in advance! Chek
  13. Mrs_T

    Meal preps

    Hi there, 1st time poster and member here, about to start my 2nd full round (about 6 over all with failures) and due to time restraints i am looking to prepare and cook up on a sunday to help with mornings and meal1 .... 1) How long will cooked diced bacon last in the fridge if cooked up on a Sunday 2) How long will sweet potato fried up last in the fridge (wanting to make sweet potato and apple hash) Thanks, round 2 starts Wednesday 26th October 2016
  14. gemzybob

    additives in bacon?

    Hi, I will be starting the whole 30 in a couple of days. Just checked the bacon in my fridge and I think it may be whole 30 compliant but wanted to make sure. It has potassium nitrate and sodium ascorbate which I'm not 100% sure if allowed? (It also has sodium nitrate which I know is allowed) I'm in the UK so struggling to find anything compliant in a packet!
  15. It was my hubby's birthday yesterday. We went out to a nice restaurant and split a 12 oz New York steak dinner. I had half a salad with no dressing (got a crumb of a crouton but did my best to spit it out), tried one bite if the sweet potatoes fries, but could tell they were fried in a off plan oil, so I didn't eat those. Then I ate the half steak, which was amazingly delicious. Today started out with very soft stools (I have had soft stools since week two, normally I am now in the constipated side). As today perused I have had intestinal noises (bubbles and gurgles), and this progressed to our yellow liquid stools (sorry if TMI). Now I am wiped out, after six days is amazing tiger blood, now I feel nasty, grumpy, and miserable. I'm thinking this is a response to some spice on that steak, any thoughts? When will it end? Should I take an anti diarrhea med?
  16. I've heard repeatedly on these forums and other places where W30 is discussed that finding compliant bacon is really hard and can't be done at a "regular" grocery store. However, my local grocery store's bacon seems to be compliant. The ingredients seem to simply be pork and salt, and salt-based preservatives. Am I missing something? Ingredients as they appear on the packaging below. This is Hannaford's (a small New England grocery store chain) store brand low-sodium bacon. Ingredients: PORK, CURED WITH: WATER, SALT, SODIUM PHOSPHATES, SODIUM ERYTHORBATE, SODIUM NITRITE.
  17. Not sure if anyone has posted this before, so I apologize if they have, but I've discovered a great substitute for bacon! I baked some Prosciutto in the oven at 400 for a few minutes and it became super crispy. I chopped it up to add to a baked potato and it tasted exactly like bacon bits!
  18. Yesterday was day 1 and I went shopping to get stocked up (a harrowing experience), and I wanted to get bacon and ham. I must have looked at over 20 packages and even asked about the three kinds at the deli with no luck. I guess bacon is more of a myth than a reality.
  19. Hello all, So I have to stay that I am new to the whole30 program, started reading about the website after I found out about it on the Paleo Reddit channels and ordered both the book and kindle version to read on my tablets (both excellent by the way) I understand that this is a lifestyle change, I wanted to try something new to give me a new perspective on food, get more energy, better sleep and ultimately lose the excess weight I have gained recently. Though after I cheated and did weight myself (Day 10 vs Day 18) I noticed I had gained a lot of weight, that made me think of what have I done wrong, so I started searching these forums for answers, read many posts from people asking about weight gain, restarting due to the fact that they had eaten illegal type foods in the 30 days, and responses from moderators. I found out that the deli meat and bacon I was consuming (even though w/o preservative/nitrate had sugar in it), so I read quite a bit these forums/online blogs about what type of bacon is allowed, where you could buy the recommended ones, etc. I figured I lived w/o Bacon before Whole30, I can cut it and start all over again. Though also after reading many other posts I noticed that I also need to be more careful with nuts & fruits, especially that I am known to binge on fruits and sometimes nuts. So I am planning to restart with these in minds: - No Bacon unless I get it from recommended places (online or retailers) - Cutting Bananas and Dates (I tend to binge on them when available) - Favoring Berries over Apples/Oranges (I tend to binge on fruits late at night) - Cut down Nuts (Walnuts, Hazlenuts) - Cut down on Coconut Milk/Cream for my Coffee or go for the lighter options. Couple of questions: - Are there any recipes for breakfast when you get sick of eggs/meats but give you enough protein for the day? - What is the max daily recommended amount for consuming fats such as Ghee/Coconut Oil and Avocados ? How about Coconut Milk/Cream ? Thanks, Houman
  20. amywhole30s

    Breakfast Meats...

    I know that I am going to get sick of eggs pretty quickly... I already am, so I need a few other breakfast options that are going to get me through the 30 days! Every single bacon I have looked at contains sugar, same with sausages. I am not the type to have something dinner-like for breakfast, and simply cannot wrap my mind around that. It seems there are a lot of people eating sausages and bacons, and turkey bacons in their Whole 30 - have they found sugar-free options, or is this some sort of rule people are by-passing? Help! I live in Canada, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
  21. I see all these lovely blogs from people who have done the Whole30 and they always have bacon. I have searched high and low for bacon, I have even went to farm stores. I'm just wondering if maybe I'm being too picky and maybe there is something I don't know. Or can anyone tell me if they know of a brand or place to get bacon. Thanks, Heather High
  22. melyhegedu

    Costco run and bacon

    I am on day 3 and focusing on reading ingredient labels. I got excited when I heard about the Kirkland Low Sodium bacon being compliant so I decided to go check it out. Sadly, it has maltodextrose in it. I did get the Aidell's chicken apple sausages, and they also have a compliant deli slice option! And the frozen tilapia loins - ingredients: fish. Unless you go to a farm, or to a natural foods store (not Whole Foods) it is not often you will find compliant bacon. I had to spend $8 for half a pound at a meat shop. Other finds at Costco: bagged greens, Pellegrino water and Good Earth tea 4-pack. On to the next 27 days.
  23. countrygirl

    any trader joe's bacon?

    I was looking at the uncured bacon at Trader Joe's yesterday, and some of them had added sugar, but a few did not. I'm a little confused about whether or not bacon is allowed on whole30 or not. I read something on NomNom Paleo about how much she misses bacon on her whole30, but I'm not sure why it wouldn't be allowed as long as it does not contain any bad ingredients. I was not, however, able to find any organic bacon. So would the Trader Joe's uncured, non-organic, but "natural" bacon with no sugar, carrageegan, etc. Be whole 30 approved?
  24. Added sugars, what a demon! The quote from the article below really hit me. The day before yesterday, I had some "mango salsa" and it wasn't until afterwards that I read the label and saw that it included some form of sugar. It didn't even occur to me that they would add sugar to something so amazing by itself! Prior to that, I found out my "uncured" bacon has added sugar. For some reason, I thought "uncured" equaled preservative and sugar free. Added sugar is everywhere - ugh! Luckily for me, I've signed up for the Whole30 Daily. I was reading my "Day 7" Whole30 Daily email and found this through the links provided. (A link off a link, to be precise!) This is from Whole9 Life post by Melissa and Dallas: “…because the Whole30 done with 80% compliance will mean your members will see (you know what's coming…) 20% of the results…† I don't want 20% results. I want 100% results. From this day forward, I am going to be more diligent, more aware. For me. Because I'm worth it. PS ~ I'll let you know how the homemade Mango Salsa turns out!
  25. Monique Cheney

    Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

    So, I finally found bacon at my local HEB that has no sugar in it. I was so happy about this because almost all bacon and breakfast sausage has sugar in it....even turkey bacon which I hate. HEB brand Hill Country Low Sodium bacon has no sugar and it was less than $3 for a pack. So, not only do you get the low sodium you also get no sugar as well....awesome combo. It actually taste really good too. I was a little nervous. This will probably be the only bacon I buy for now on. I hope this helps anyone who has been having a hard time finding bacon with no sugar added.