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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! I need some Whole 30 help. I have been 100% compliant since the beginning of this journey, but I've been experiencing stomach issues for ~20 days now. Upset stomach, frequent bathroom runs, the runs, etc. I have celiac disease (doctor diagnosed) and I was gluten free for several years prior to starting Whole30. Does anyone have an recommendations for how to stop the stomach issues? I'm so tired and feel dehydrated no matter how much water I drink. I've cut ou fruit since many people have recommended cutting that out for stomach issues. Here's an example of what I am eating during the day: Breakfast Not much of a breakfast eater - usually bacon/prosciutto/chicken with an egg and a handful of nuts. Lunch Grilled chicken, spinach salad, dressing, carrot sticks and nuts. Dinner Grilled steak with salad and potato or potsticker meatballs (pork, cilantro, carrot, ginger) Snacks Nuts and carrot sticks Drinks Water, green tea, La Croix and Spindrift
  2. Hi everyone. Was hoping to find some chronological teammates for my Whole30 adventure. I have a few unique obstacles to maneuver, mostly a radically changing time table for my meal times, and 3-4 day bulk meal preps. I work 13 hour overnight shifts in an ICU and sticking to only meals without snacking will prove difficult. Anybody else taking something similar on? My body also already struggles with the stress of changing from night owl to early bird on a weekly basis, this combined with a gluten/grain sensitivity, lactose intolerance and general IBS make my GI tract action packed with issues! Also on a side note, my 04/02 start is not offset due to Easter but by a difficult weekend work schedule. Starting the new lifestyle would be very hard in the midst of my stretch of work nights. But as I see on here, many are pushing 04/01 to 04/02 for Easter dinner, so I hope I can find some teammates. Lets struggle through this together and give us a place to rant/rave! Good luck to all, “This too shall pass.” -Bradlee Me and my Tot
  3. Hi everyone! I just started my first-ever Whole30 today, and am pleasantly surprised to discover that I'm more excited than nervous, more motivated than bummed. It's definitely helped that I discovered these forums first, so many thanks for this supportive community! I decided to take the leap because I generally feel like crud and the conventional medical community doesn't have any answers. As someone with celiac, I've been down this road before -- lots of vague symptoms that no one could explain, that suddenly cleared up once I was (finally) diagnosed and went gluten-free. I've been considering an elimination diet for a long time, but could never pull the trigger. Thanks to a family member who announced she was going Whole30 this month, I decided to fish or cut bait. :-) Currently enjoying my first coffee with home-made almond milk, a dash of coconut oil and some cinnamon. Huh -- I actually like it! Looking forward to learning from, and sharing this journey with, you all!
  4. I am doing a Whole60 and around day 45 I started to gets symptoms of celiac, mainly oil in my stool. I have never had any issues that were connected with celiac that I know of, I was diagnosed with IBS 6 months ago. Has anyone else had issues with issues like this coming up during the Whole30 but not during their normal diet? I have not been eating much high fat or any gluten. Thank you!