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Found 7 results

  1. So this morning if found out that best furry friend passed in her sleep. She lived a beautiful 22 years and has been my companion since grade school. I’m battling sugar/food addiction, depression, and type II diabetes. I’m on day 8 of my Whole30 and have been doing really well! My glucose levels have been amazing before and after meals. Even in moments of weakness I turn to a clementine instead of a cosmic brownie. But this just seems unfair. Food has been a comfort and companion for me as well. I don’t think there has been a rough patch in my life that hasn’t included lots of chocolate. How do I keep from going off the rails? I’ve done okay since this morning but I’m worried the cravings will come. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I started my Whole 30 about 1 week ago (restarted 2 days in after I realized the Yogi tea I had been drinking had Stevia leaf in it, so it's really day 6 for me). I love chocolate and it's one of the foods I crave the most around when I am due to get my period (which is, unfortunately, soon). I wanted to do an experiment (since cocoa powder IS allowed) to see whether what I was craving was in fact cocoa, or sugar. So, I added Trader Joe's 100% pure cocoa powder (2 whole tbs!) to about 1 cup of unsweetened (compliant) almond milk, thinking that it would be totally undrinkable. To my surprise, I actually LOVED it. It was extremely bitter, almost like black coffee (which I also love), and since that time I haven't been craving it. It really does seem like I was craving the taste of cocoa, not the sugar at all. So I my question is -- if what I really was craving was the bitter cocoa taste, does it seem likely that I am craving something in the cocoa (like magnesium?) that I don't get elsewhere? I'm pretty stumped, since I eat a very wide variety of veggies, fruits, and meat, and I do my best to eat different types of oils and nuts...
  3. CandieLeeMarie

    Pre-Menstrual and I want Chocolate.....

    I never have PMS. But I'm on day 17 and I know the date of my period's arrival is coming and I'm craving chocolate so terribly bad. Any tips for satisfying this craving? Thanks!
  4. Hey all, I don't know if anyone has any insight for me other than "just hang in there" but I needed a place to express what I'm feeling! So feel free to ignore this post. Okay, so I am doing the whole30 on my husband is good to eat the meals I make for dinner without requiring any off-plan foods, but he is eating what he wants during the day at work and on weekends. So I have done this completely on my own. I actually felt best in the very beginning, strangely enough, especially since I was coming off of an overload of junk during the holidays. But this last week has been awful!! My cravings for chocolate is unbelievable! It is all I want, but I refuse to break my whole30 when I'm so close to the end. So instead, I've been snacking on dried fruit and nut butter...compliant but not recommended. I try to distract myself but I swear it is practically all I think about...counting down the days until I can have some damn chocolate lol and it is making me extremely cranky. I loved the whole30 in the beginning but now I'm hating it haha. I'm definitely eating enough too...usually 2 eggs, protein and a sweet potato for breakfast, a large salad with protein and an apple for lunch, and protein, veg and carb for dinner. I'm not hungry between meals, I just want CHOCOLATE!!!! And I'd love even more to NOT have this craving....but it won't go away.
  5. Today is day 10 of my W30 and the good news is that I'm still here. Is it too soon to hope that the cravings for sugar, specifically Chocolate, will have gone away? I still think about it a lot, and it's all over the office where I work and it takes every ounce of my willpower to not have any. I haven't, btw. Interestingly, I also still crave diet Coke. In fact, that's the thing I miss the most. I'm wiped out, too. I sometimes Have to take a power nap when I get home. I'm waiting to get the energy that people talk of....and to not dread the next 20 days. I usually feel better after a nap & dinner. Thoughts? In some ways I feel like I'm "white knuckling"this thing.
  6. countrygirl

    100% dark chocolate?

    What is your opinion on 100% dark chocolate? The only ingredient being unsweetened cacao. Would this be whole30 approved? I know paleo-ifying desserts and junk food is not allowed. I am not much into chocolate and the bitter taste of 100% definitely isn't dessert to me. I think of it more as a snack. This particular bar has 22g of fat, 14 carbs, 7 fiber, 0 sugar in one serving (3 squares). Thoughts?
  7. Ok, i think i need some kind of intervention. I've been trying to eat paleo/primal for a few months now, since around October last year maybe? I can't exactly remember. I've read Primal Blueprint, ISWF, Cordain & Wolf, i own Practical Paleo, 500 Paleo Recipes, & a gigantic ring binder stuffed with recipes i've printed off Paleo sites on the internet. I know the reasons why this way of eating is good. I could probably write a book. I could certainly bore for England on the subject if you'd like. But i still keep sabotaging with chocolate binges. Bleurgh. Even though it makes me feel rubbish. I ate a load this afternoon & my ears are killing me (yeah, weird huh? If i eat too much sugar, even dried fruit, i get a big build-up of pressure behind my ears - think air travel or underwater) I completed a Whole30 this past January & i felt loads better, but i've still fallen off the chocolate wagon. I knew in myself that i should have extended to a Whole45 or maybe a Whole60, but to be honest, by that stage it would have been like telling a half-marathoner at mile 12 that they were actually running a marathon. I'm thinking to start again, but i feel like a bit of a burden and/or loony unless i'm making all my own food. ANY ideas?! Like i say, i know all the theory & i had all the daily emails & everything, but right now i feel i probably need actual locking up or something!