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Found 7 results

  1. Hey All, I am getting ready to start a Whole 30, but still in the planning/getting past upcoming events stage. And I was wondering what do people do with the leftover coconut water when making their own coconut cream from coconut milk (as outlined on page 178 of The Whole 30 book)? Thanks,
  2. Melissa Shelly

    Food questions

    Ok…here are my questions…. 1) once ghee is open must it be refrigerated? 2) Are we allowed Vita coco water (pure coconut water and that with added pineapple)? 3) Are we allowed coconut sugar? 4) What is a serving size of sweet potatoes? 5) What kind of coconut milk is compliant and what are you using if for? 6) How many is too many Lara bars? 7) Do you not eat something sweet when you feel you need something sweet? Like you don’t eat a fruit dessert or munch on sweet potatoes as a snack when you need something? If that is considered feeding the “sugar dragon” then what do you do when a craving hit? I’m finding it interesting because I often eat when I’m not hungry but feel dissatisfied. Please help! Thanks, Melissa
  3. I have been making a lot of dishes that call for coconut cream, but I'm wondering if there is any use for the liquid leftover after I scoop out the cream. Any suggestions? I hate wasting it!
  4. Day 6 here! So I'm making coffee with coconut cream. But that means I have a bunch of cocnut cans in my fridge that are half filled, with coconut water. Is there something I can do with this so I don't waste it? Thanks!!
  5. New to the program! Day 4 here. I am getting insanely confused about why I can have trader joe's canned coconut milk that has 2g of sugar in it, but I cannot have trader joe's coconut milk that has 0 sugar in it. (This information is coming from google searches that pulled up these forums). I'm also confused why at the same time I CAN have coconut water that has 20g of sugar (or can I actually NOT have that and I'm just reading labels/rules wrong? The brand I have is called Thirsty Buddha, which turned up no results on this forum when searched for.) Is it because that is the natural sugar and it would be LIKE eating the coconut, essentially? When the "can I have" list states fruit juice - what do they mean? I can go out and buy orange juice and put it in a recipe - or I can juice my own orange and have it that way? Is there such thing as a fruit juice that has NO added sugar (or in other words, is there fruit juice that is whole 30 approved?!) I tried for 2 days to research this on my own and I just can't figure it out. I just hear contradictory things, or maybe I'm interpreting the information wrong! please clarify! -Lacey
  6. Hi all! Before you create a new can I have, take a peek at this list we've compiled of the most common "Can I Have" questions!
  7. Lindsay Pietroluongo

    What beverages can I have?

    Hey All, I'm brand new to the Whole 30 - Day 1 JUST started! I can't seem to find much on approved beverages, though... Can I have: Plain/Flavored seltzer water Green tea Flavored tea ??? Thanks! Lindsay