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Found 49 results

  1. i just finished my first Whole 30, and I thought I'd share my experience. If you've already drunk the Kool-Aid, then you can probably skip right over this story, but if you're generally skeptical of fad diets, miracle cures, and the like, then read on for an entirely credible story about an experience I can wholeheartedly recommend. First, the back story. In short, my wife wanted to try the Whole 30, but we've learned from experience that when only one of us embarks on something like this, we rarely succeed. We need to both be committed for it to work. So I said, "sure." After all, the guidelines that I read looked like they were at least based on logic and I was unlikely to do any damage to myself by following them for 30 days. The week before we started, I read a lot more about prep. This was really important, as having the right stuff in the pantry and fridge is key to being able to pull this off. I also read the Whole 30 Timeline. Wow! Horrible headaches, apathy, lethargy, followed by rage, maybe some doubts, and then finally Tiger Blood! I wasn't really sure what Tiger Blood felt like, but it looked like I was in for quite a journey. My timeline was quite different: Day 1: This is totally easy, and that pork belly, roasted potatoes, and fried eggs I had for breakfast was amazing! Days 2-3: Hmm. Still pretty easy. No lethargy, no headaches. I think I feel pretty decent. Days 7-10: Ok, where's my rage and Tiger Blood? I was promised Tiger Blood, wasn't I? I just feel "pretty good." Oh actually, I guess I haven't had heartburn since I started. Wow, I hadn't even really thought of that till now. So yeah, that's great. And come to think of it, I don't feel like I get super hungry any more. Or rather, I don't get SUDDENLY STARVING like I used to. I just slowly start to get hungry and then I eat. And then I feel fine until I slowly start to get hungry again a couple hours later. Huh...not bad. Days 10 - 20: Same old, same old. I have eaten a crap-ton of eggs, though. But I still feel pretty good. And wow, we have built up some amazing habits around cooking and healthy snacks. In fact, that's something I really want to keep up. I was never good at meal planning before, but now I feel like a pro and we always have good healthy options to eat. We also sit down to eat together as a family way more. Ok, so that's a pretty awesome side effect. People have also told me I look thinner...I see it too. Alright, Whole 30, I'm digging this. Except when I see people eating something delicious like doughnuts. Mmmm...they do look tasty. But I don't need them, and I don't feel horribly deprived when I see and smell them. Days 20-30: Still feeling good. For the past 20 days, I've been wondering what I'll eat on day 31. Pizza? Cake? Ice cream? Beer? All of the above times three? Suddenly I realize I'm not really all that excited about day 31. Sure it'll be nice to be able to have a cookie or something if I really want one. And THANK GOD I won't have to stress, wondering if those cashews were roasted with rice bran oil. But I realize I don't really want to eat crap unless there's a good reason for it. In fact, on normal days, I think I'll keep most of the habits I've built up during the Whole 30. And I'll splurge a bit when we go out to dinner with friends, or when we're celebrating a special occasion. Day 31: I pretty much stayed on plan today. In fact, I might have still been compliant. But I did eat that delicious salad at work with the grilled steak and chimichurri dressing. Could the steak have been grilled with a non-compliant oil? Maybe. Did the dressing have any added sugar? Maybe. But who the hell cares? Maybe I'll even have a cookie tomorrow. So as you can see, my Whole30 did not cure cancer, give me a tan, or bestow upon me any other miracles. What it did was get rid of my heartburn, make me feel pretty good, and helped me lose 12 lbs (I started at 180 and finished at 168...and I'm 5'11''). Perhaps even better, though, is that it seems to have changed my food habits in terms of what I want, how often and severely I get hungry, and how I prep and eat food. In my mind, those alone would justify giving Whole30 a shot. Oh, and one final note. I should mention that I did not cheat at all on the Whole30. I stayed 100% compliant for the entire 30 days. No cheats, no exceptions. For me, this was important as once I deviate from something, I'm MUCH more likely to keep making small deviations. Good luck if you wind up giving it a try! Rob
  2. crlt

    Help with zucchini

    Hi everybody! I´m asking for help about the best way for zucchini noodles recipe. I made them two times last week on the microwave, about 2 minutes, but the results are not the best. When I serve for eating them, they are plenty of water and the taste is not good. Can you help me? I´ve been reading through the topics and I can´t find a good way for cooking them. Thanks in advance. Hugs from Spain.
  3. Chelsea Cooper

    Ghee not browned

    Hi. Just made my first batch of ghee, I let the butter melt and the solids come to the top, I skimmed off the foam and poured the butter through a cheese cloth but I didn’t have a bunch of solids. It was mainly a more solid foam and it wasn’t really brown. I didn’t know if I needed to put it back on the stove and reheat it to get some more solids out? I may have had the heat up too high and not let it simmer long enough, although I had it on the stove for a while. Thank you!
  4. Hey y'all! So I meal prepped a compliant turkey and veggie chili in my instant pot tonight. It was made with turkey, green peppers, zucchini, sweet potato, onion, garlic, crushed tomatoes, green chilis, and lots of yummy spices. Unfortunately, the veggies overcooked so everything kind of turned into a bit of a mushy and water-y mess. I strained off some of the liquid, which helped a bit. I also added some slivered almonds and less-ripe avocado when I ate it, which helped add a little bit of texture. If anyone has any ideas as to how I could salvage the recipe so that I don't have to choke down/ throw away a whole pot of nutrient dense chili, let me know!!!
  5. I'm a full week into the flu. Not a stomach bug, but the real nasty flu. I'm exhausted, but I've made it to day 19. I've managed to continue to cook for me and my family, but I am so tired. I made a big batch of chicken soup, but don't want to eat any more of it. Not really digging the pulled pork at this point. Oh, and if I want to stay on plan, I have to do the cooking. So instead of resting, I cook. I'm bound and determined to finish, I only have 11 more days, but ...Oh! did I mention that the microwave died too so any meat from the freezer has to be pulled out in the morning? Yep. I've hit a stumbling block and need help getting over it. Last night, the whole family got take out (yummy teriyaki takeout), and I had leftovers. Now lunch is here and I just want a big drippy messy Dusty Burger with fries. I won't have it because, well, I'm quarantined at home. Ice cream sounds great too. I just want to go back to work and I can't. Any suggestions for easy meals? BTW, I'm allergic to beef, so that's one protein down. thanks in advance
  6. beaglesloveblueberries

    Ghee: Buying Vs. Making

    My boyfriend and I just started our first Whole 30 on Sunday. Pre W30 we always used Kerrygold butter, which would normally be fine except it's not clarified. I was going to get a bunch and make ghee with it, but then I found a huge tub of it at the market that I suspect will last us the whole 30 days, if not more. The only problem is that it was sort of pricey (13 dollars for 13 oz) but I figured that this would actually be more cost effective than trying to make that much since grass fed butter can be close to 5 dollars a package and I guessed it would take 4 or 5 to make the same amount as the store bought, but now I'm not so sure I was wondering, for those of you who make their own ghee, how much ghee do you get out of a package of butter once it's clarified? Do you find it more cost effective to buy it or make it?
  7. Chanelle

    Cholesterol Got Worse

    I am a 26-year-old 5'5" female. After completing the Whole30 and continuing for 6 months, I lost 20 pounds and I'm now 130lbs. BUT my cholesterol got worse. My main fat for breakfast is macadamia nuts, lunch it is cold EVOO, and dinner it is coconut oil/ghee. Should I consider swapping coconut oil for avocado oil for cooking? In September 2016, my Total Cholesterol was 244, LDL was 150, HDL 85, Triglycerides 46.Here are my updated numbers 4/11/17:Total Cholesterol: 253LDL-C: 164HDL-C: 68Triglycerides: 57Non-HDL-C: 185Apo B: 133LDL-P: 1671Small LDL-P: 538HDL-P: 36.8Lp(a)P: 207
  8. Is there a way to make clarified butter without cheesecloth? I would prefer not to have to throw it out every two me I make it.
  9. TryingOver

    Knife Skills?

    Hi All, This is my second round of Whole30 and I'm really excited and trying to expand my horizons, but I have a confession to make. I have terrible knife skills. I'm not a danger to myself or others, but trying to dice something evenly or julienne/matchstick carrots, etc never works out. For example, I made a salad tonight that called for match stick/julienne carrots and they were all too large and uneven. It tasted fine, but wasn't as good as it could have been. I refuse to pay extra for pre-prepped foods at the grocery store, so I'm hoping folks here can lend me some advice, share their favorite tutorial videos, or commiserate over all of the vegetable chopping!
  10. Typically my partner and I split the cooking responsibilities. Usually he does 2 nights a week, I do 2, leftovers for 1 or 2 and out for the other. I cooked everything basically for the first 8 days and then had a meltdown. We sat down together and planned a list of things he could cook for me that would help lighten the load but still be whole30 compliant. Great, I felt so much better. But NOW, we're having a problem every time I'm cooking. His problem is that he perceives a lot of the things I'm making to be "heavy," and my problem is I have no idea what to make that he also wants to eat and he's not being very helpful in suggestions. We're both bad at decision making and I get that if he's not cooking he doesn't want to decide what I should make. I think we both feel like the other is being difficult right now. I sorta cannot believe the unanticipated issues me doing this without him has brought up. My body doesn't feel like meat is too heavy right now because of the fat adjusting, but he's still subsiding on carbs and sugar and feel like additional calories are too heavy. I think it's putting us both on edge. We can definitely just eat different things some nights, but the whole point of the way we split up cooking is so the other person doesn't have to been stressed about cooking almost every night during the week. I'd be happy to make fish often, but I think he's not psyched about salmon 3 nights a week either! What are some "lighter meals" you've made with W30?
  11. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    Sweet tooth- Need Help!

    Hey there! I'm on day 4 of Whole30, and I'm starting to think more about what will happen at the end of whole30. Last year I was in a culinary program, and absolutely love to bake/cook. However, I am practically addicted to sugar and prior to whole30, I fueled my body with absolute garbage. So, here's my question: Anyone have any recommendations for people like me? I'm afraid I'll go back to binge eating sweets after I make them, or gobbling down anything in sight. I love, love, love to cook- but my munching/sweet tooth habit needs to be broken (hence my decision to start Whole30). I still want to be able to eat sweets after the program, but I'm just afraid of my ability (or lackthereof) to eat in moderation. I want to learn to savor my food and love the flavors and use it to fuel my body correctly. Any suggestions? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  12. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    How to handle tasting while cooking?

    I haven't seen this asked anywhere, and nothing came of a search, but it's a real issue that I've been wondering about. I love to cook. I always have. And unless I'm baking, I rarely use a recipe. So, in order to tell how things are going while I'm preparing a dish, I will frequently taste it to know what it needs added, or to tell when it's done. This often happens at different stages in the meal, and with all of the different elements of the meal. Now, in preparation for w30 I've been cooking A LOT. That also means that I've been tasting a lot. Does this create a problem? I'm not hungry when I'm doing it. It seems like it's just a taste here and there, but I know it all adds up, and I'd hate to think that I'm doing myself a disservice, but I just can't see preparing a meal without knowing that it tastes good. But I also know that the goal is to have 4-6 hours between meals, and tasting what I'm cooking is interrupting that pattern. If this were any other eating plan, it'd be discouraged. But it's not a diet where we're limiting calories/carbs/etc. But I'm still stumped. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Like many on here I love my copies of Well Fed and Well Fed 2 ... and I want to make sure I have tried every delicious recipe in them. I've cooked many recipes already over the last 18m or so (my first round was May 2014), some of which have become regular favourites. Some I have made once and not been bothered to make again, some I have made once or twice and really should make again, and some I've looked at many times but never made. I'm a dedicated meal planner, and I'm challenging myself to include at least one new recipe from these fab books each week - in the hopes of discovering some new favourites! I'll also try to re-visit ones I've made before but am not so familiar with. Anyone else fancy it?? I'm starting on the protein dishes but you could try veggies, sauces or spice blends too. So - I meal planned last night and shopped this morning and tonight we had Moo Shu pork (WF2). It's a bit of a prep-heavy dish, I made the Hoisin sauce (also new!) and marinated the pork yesterday. Lots of veggies to chop too, but then it all comes together quickly. I separated out the cabbage as it disagrees with my husband and ate mine on a bed of cabbage. Husband and the kids had theirs in butter lettuce wraps as recommended. We didn't add sides - it was a great template meal! Everyone loved it. Well, except the 2 year old (who only ate beansprouts), but she doesn't like much ... I think it's a bit faffy for a midweek meal for me but a great weekend one. Would be easy to upscale for guests too. I've got BBQ beef (WF2, minus the illegal waffle) to go in the slow cooker tomorrow morning, I've made the BBQ sauce before but I don't think I've ever made the whole recipe.
  14. Valerie82

    Homemade Mayo Question

    Hello. Does anyone know how long homemade mayo will stay good in the fridge? I made my first batch yesterday and put it in a mason jar. Thanks!
  15. bzbear2

    My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

    Since start the Whole30 I have discovered a bunch of kitchen gadgets that I love but had been previously neglecting! Spiralizer (I have the super simple pencil sharpener type one) OXO julienne cutter (amazing for salads!) simple mandoline (also for salads, veggies) Soda Stream - bubbly water is so much more refreshing and I add a tiny splash of juice to make it more exciting flexible plastic cutting boards - I have been going through so many cutting boards, these are easy to wash, easy to transfer ingredients to pot, and i have a ton because they take up no space! Avent baby food storage containers - this is random but I have a ton of these from my kids and they're great for storing sauces, mayo etc - because they are small and have a screw top lid Does anyone else have any favorite gadgets?!
  16. Hello, Whole 30 friends! So, quick question -- I don't understand how to use coconut milk on a regular basis. I'm talking about the full fat kind that comes in a can and is more of a solid state than liquid, until you stir it around a bit. I used a can of it in a curry that I made last week, which was a great. But I also see that people incorporate it into their Whole 30 diet pretty frequently.. and I'm just at a loss of how to do that. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone?? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!!
  17. How would you all turn these ingredients into a breakfast meal? Boneless pork chops butternut squash apples I had wanted to make something where they all baked together. or melded in a skillet. But at this point here's what I'll be doing in the morning unless someone intervenes with help! lol baked squash pan-cooked pork chop raw apple I know there are better ways to do this... I just can't find them at the moment. Or think of how to do it. Can't afford to experiment and take any chances on ruining this meat! (or not having a whole30 meal ready in the morning) Day1!
  18. Hey everyone! I have a 4-day weekend trip coming up in a few weeks in Big Bear, CA. It was a reward for doing well at my work, and I'll be sharing a house with other coworkers and our significant others. This will fall smack-dab in the middle of my whole30, and I'm trying to figure out how I can enjoy this trip while sticking to my guns. I think I can prepare some meals at the house, since it's a house that we're renting. But I'm not entirely sure how well stocked the kitchen is with cooking gear (or if it's stocked at all!). Also, I'm not sure if my coworkers would want to be included in the cooking or not, which if they were they'd have to buy their own ingredients. Plus I don't want to spend all of my free time prepping meals, so I'd need fast and easy recipes (besides chicken breasts!) I know that my fiance and coworkers will want to go out to eat, and that's going to be a bit scary for me, because I'm not sure how well I can trust the restaurants to have what I want, or cook my food in a particular way. I'm debating if I should call up a few places and inquire before I even go up there, so I'm not stuck with nothing to eat. Any other advice or ideas? I see a lot of posts for single outings, but didn't see much for extended trips.
  19. I'm a newbie to Penzey's spices but want to order a few to try but the list is endless so I'm hoping to get some feedback on people's favorites and how they use them?
  20. lnov70

    Recipe success stories

    Share your recipe successes here. This is mine: Tonight my husband was meeting some friends at BWW. We searched their menu online- nothing compliant so he says "I'll eat before I go and just drink some ice tea (unsweetened, of course)." So I thought I'd grill some wings at home and give the buffalo sauce recipe from the Whole 30 book a try. That way he could still have his wings but before he went out. He said they were some of the best wings he had ever eaten! I completely agree. I had about half the sauce left over. I plan on putting that stuff on everything. So good! Anyone have any other recipe success stories they want to share?
  21. NEWGalRN75

    Recommended Food Processor

    I am on the hunt for a food processor, one that shreds sweet potatoes. Anyone have any recommendations?
  22. adabeie

    Favorite Cooking Blogs

    Try as I might, I couldn't find a 'favorite blog' roundup for cooking sites. There was a favorite recipes thread, so I thought I'd put this up. Besides some of the regulars (Well Fed, Clothes Make the Girl, Om Nom Paleo), one I heard about from a friend is called Turmeric and Twine (, from which I've so far used two slow cooker recipes: one for tomato sauce (omitting non compliant ingredients like sugar proved to be no problem in terms of a delicious result), and one for winter squash with cacao and chili, which I'm currently eating even though it's summer. With the slow burn of the chili, it works nicely as a break from gazpacho and is excellent on summer days if you're of the 'fight fire with fire' mentality that many dishes are in terms of summer eating here in Korea. Anyway, I hadn't seen it on any blog rolls, and so far I'm loving it. (Let Mickey D's sue me for appropriating that slogan.) Bonus points for an emphasis on the slow cooker, since there are never enough hours in the day.. Also, pro tip for the squash recipe: I made a simple beef bone broth last week and used a cup of that instead of water along with the coconut milk, and, well, it's a winner.. (the bone broth has also made it into my gazpacho, so it won't last long at this rate..)
  23. whole30determined

    Good Ideas for Starchy Veggies

    I am trying to add more starchy vegetables to my meal plan, mainly because I've added on some heavy exercise and I was super drained and had no energy. Some great folks in the forums suggested that I add more starchy veggies to my meal plan. I always eat sweet potatoes, but does anyone have any other suggestions for starchy veggies and good ways to cook them? The only starchy veggies I know of are: sweet potatoes, beets, butternut squash. Any other good suggestions and good ways to roast or prepare them to incorporate them into your meals?
  24. ashtynb89

    Easter Dinner

    Hey all, I'm on my second week of Whole30, day 7 to be exact. Everything is going well with the occassional craving. (I REALLY wanted pancakes on Saturday, as that's my usual weekend go-to. Healthy of course, but not W30 compliant.) Anyways, the husband asked me what our Easter plans were last night and I totally spaced. I usually do a ham with all the traditional fixes. I of course want to do something nice, but W30 compliant. Any suggestions? What are you guys doing? Anything special? I was thinking maybe just do a roast with potatoes and veggies. But we had that recently and I like to keep a good variety going.
  25. mellalee

    Day 1 = March 21

    Hi Everyone! I've read the book and will be starting my Whole30 today. The change of season from winter to spring felt like the perfect time to start! I'm looking forward to having a better relationship with food and better health over all. Specifically, I have eczema and this winter has been particularly tough for my skin... I can't wait to see how these next 30 days will effect my skin for the better. I love cooking and am looking forward to trying some new whole30 recipes. I am also starting the book "Cooked" by Michael Pollan today... which I think will help me keep me in the right frame of mind while starting the program. Looking forward to connecting with some of you over these 30 days!