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Found 125 results

  1. I am on day 25 of Whole30, but I have never felt the tiger blood or lightness I was expecting to feel. I think it is associated with the overconsumption of nuts and other snacky foods. I have always had the need to snack on something, especially in the weekend, when the kitchen is just a few steps away. My diet on Whole30 is similar to my previous diet as I was Paleo; the reason I attempted a Whole30 was to get rid of my urge to snack on something, but clearly, I have failed due to my lack of willpower. I feel guilty. Should I start over?
  2. Round 2 Immedietely

    Hello All, This is the first time I have posted in here. I just completed Day 24 of my first ever Whole 30 cycle. So here goes my fear, babble, confusion rant, lol. I will admit here I am 29 years old, 5'4" and my starting weight was 286.6, I was at the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I was bingeing on fast food sometimes 3x a day and always eating out. If i had to guess my daily caloric intake was 5000+. I'm a cardiac register nurse in a hospital, I know hypocrisy right. Well i finally reached my breaking point of being sore, tired, depressed, angry, moody, broke, nasty skin, no sleep, no focus, pain and just miserable. I'm too young to be feeling so immobile at work and after work, I plan to be in this career for 20 plus more years and the way i was headed I was going to be a patient soon. I've been single since I was divorced at 23 and I feel my weight is a huge factor and loneliness has set in hard. So my aunt mentioned this and how her and my uncle saw great results. I felt i needed something tough and strict, something to complete do a 180 with, I've tried other things in the past and I would sabotage myself the second the scale didn't show as much weight loss at the week before, then proceed to gain everything back, plus more. That's long story forward to today Day 24, I feel freakin amazing, my skin is so clear, i have no dandruff, I'm not nearly as sore after a 13 hours shift and I can see small physical changes. However I don't feel prepared for reintroduction. I'm obese and very unhealthy and still have major cravings and want to binge, i feel i need more tough strict love before i'm released into the "normal" world, lol. I was thinking about doing a round 2 immediately. What are the thoughts or feelings about this? Is there a reasoning that this may be frowned upon or detrimental to my overall health transformation. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thank you. Toni
  3. Hello all! I'm on Day 26 and since yesterday have been having crazy sugar cravings. I think part of it is because I know Day 30 is here soon and reintroduction starts. I can't wait to try oatmeal. Prior to being on Whole30, I ate fairly healthy - I love the taste of healthy food - but sweets are my struggle. I know i can be without sugar, re last 26 days but I am starting to look forward to some treats. Which is scary because I don't want to binge once reintroduction is over. Any tips on how not to slip back into old habits of late night chocolate with a side of TV?
  4. Hi folks! I'm on day 4 (start date was 9/10/17) and have had some cravings this week. I just read something that indicates not to head for fruit if having a craving. I have done that this week, as well as had a Lara Bar (Apple). I'll do better tomorrow! Haven't noticed much change other than I am feeling fuller than usual eating less food, and not feeling gorged when I have eaten the whole plate. This weekend is a test of commitment. Boyfriends birthday on Friday and I'm taking him to dinner. He is easy so Mexican it is--fajitas for me and that means I can splurge on the steak and shrimp! We also have a friends kid birthday then next day...which is what I'm more concerned about. I plan to bring my food to his place so I can finish preparing what I will eat. But one thing I need to plan on is snack foods. Any suggestions? Then we have dinner with his parents which is also a concern as they likely won't have items I can eat. So again, packing my dinner :-) looking forward to beating the sugar cravings soon.
  5. if i’m craving something, to any varying degree, would it be wise to “give in”? i know i’m allowed to eat whatever i want because i’m an adult but when those cravings come and i just want to make some homemade cookies with my husband on a tuesday night, is this a recipe for disaster? or is this just an opportunity to practice food freedom and ask myself if making those cookies will be worth it and if it will do more harm than good (physically and mentally)? (grated, making homemade cookies is tough because you have a whole bath right in front of you). i guess after reading everything melissa has to say about it, “cravings” = sugar dragon, which means i should ignore it/starve it. so no homemade cookies when I’m craving it? i guess i feel like i'm doing something wrong if i'm "craving" something in particular and going out of my way to get my hands on it. hopefully that makes sense! thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys, I´m doing my first Whole30 (day 7) and so far its been good in terms of energy, meal preparation and training hard, but i found myself craving for sugar o breads, specially during the afternoons. I am an emotional eater, so I used to calm myself down with food (specially sweet-healthy things, like bars or granola). Now, since I can't have them, i found my self eating a lot of almonds, cashews and Ghee (its weird and uncommon, but I am eating the ghee with a spoon). I feel that Im not in control when it comes to food, and I have a lot of expectations about losing weight, but sometimes I feel that its not gonna happened of I keep like this. Could you please give me some advices or tips to create a healthy relationship with food. Ps. Sorry for the grammar mistakes, Im not english native spacer. Maria
  7. TOM Cravings

    Hi Whole30 ladies. I wasn't sure where to post this because it's a lady thing but also a Life After Whole30/Food Freedom/Staying On Track thing. So here I am. The cravings for all things sweet are UNREAL leading up to and during my period, particularly for chocolate. I've found some higher quality ingredient cookies and chocolate that don't seem to mess me up too bad, but it's like I can't stop at one. And even when I manage to stop at one per sitting, I find myself having something every day for the entire week of my period. And THAT eventually messes me up. Plus, to me, it seems like eating well only 21 out of 28 days is not really quite the standard I am looking for, but my "worth it,"-o-meter doesn't seem to work right during this particular time of the month. Plus, these one cookies are found are ALWAYS worth it in the moment - they are so stinking good. Every. Single. Bite. Eyes closed, romantic and everything. But then a couple days in or after my period is over I look back and am like, "Wtf just happened?" Does anyone else have this struggle? Any suggestions? The tough love version is probably just, "Stop doing that," but I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this and if maybe I'm just not learning what I'm hoping to learn from my Whole30s at all. I've done 5 and they seem to have very little impact on my Sugar Dragon long-term, but according to FFF, I can't just keep going to the Whole30 every time I look at my week and go "Oops." I JUST WANT THE CYCLE TO END. To be clear: I'm looking for ways to KILL THE EVIL SUGAR DRAGON FROM HELL, not prop up my sweet tooth with healthy alternatives. Thanks.
  8. Am I bigger? Why am I breaking out? I'm afraid all the time... I started reading the Food Freedom book and it is encouraging but at the same time makes me feel like I've already screwed up. I don't know.. i'm feeling kinda anxious cause of my weekend get away (pizza, birthday cake.. beer) ... or the bucket of popcorn I ate on Tuesday... They opened a dunkin' donuts right down on the building I live... I've been waiting for the opening 'cause I knew they were gonna give free coffee and donuts (that was pre-whole30) and today was the day so I guessed a donut or some donut holes will be "worthy" since i've been waiting for that "free" treat. OK so I went there, asked for my free Americano and they gave me 10 Donut holes for free!! ... I haven't eaten any of them I really want to but you now.. fright... guilt... what if that donut hole is the start of a major falling of the wagon??? What if it all started the last weekend..and i'm alreadydown spiral...
  9. Started July 21, 2017

    I am new to th I s diet. Comments are welcome.
  10. Eating better

    Am I allowed to have walnuts?
  11. Started July 3rd, 2017

    Feeling great on day#21. On the road I've had meat, poultry, or fish, with vegetables, maybe baked potato, using little if any salt, but with instructions to cook or grill them plain. Left most of canned Brussels sprouts on the plate last night. Carrying hard boiled eggs, apples, bottled water in cooler in the car. Appetite well controlled, energy high (I stopped caffeine at same time started whole30 & got brief headache,) mood is good. I'm gonna stay on this for foreseeable future. Goals more vegetables & more recipes.
  12. Started July3, 2017

    This is day #6. Most dramatic effect is no constant craving for junk, no cravings at all. Using George Forman grill for burgers, sausage patties, chicken breasts. Hard boiled eggs per Whole30 book. Stopped all caffeine cause drank it 24hrs/day in past. Headache day 2 gone. Feel really good energy which I failed to get from coffee. Sleep deep. Salads with balsamic vinaigrette out of the book. Water always with me. No more Diet Coke. Stopped daily weighing. Walking 2 miles, plus moderate weight lifting most days. Still cautiously optimistic.
  13. This is my first time starting Whole30. I am a 36 years-old female and struggling with chronic sciatica down both legs. My blood-work is normal outside of low B12. MRI shows minor herniation, but not bad enough for surgery or even the pain and numbness I am experiencing, and yet I still have this darn sciatica since Nov. 2015. Sounds like a long time? It is, which is why I am here. I am 5'2" and 133#. I used to be between 105-110, but since I quit smoking several years back, that number keeps rising. That may not seem like a lot of weight, but every lb matters when it comes to the spine I am told, so I am hoping this diet will also help me shed some pounds along with some unwanted inflammation. Anyone else have an experience they want to share with me to provide me with a little hope? I am pretty groggy and down today, so would love some inspiring words. Thanks Whole30ers!
  14. The last things I reintroduced was non gluten grains, and wow did they awaken my sugar dragon! Two days ago I had a piece of gluten free brief with lunch, and gluten free breadcrumbs in meatballs at dinner and now I want to eat all the chocolate and cookies on the planet. I didn't have much of a sweet tooth before the whole30 so this was surprise. Anyone else find that non gluten grains awaken their sugar dragon like this?
  15. The whole 30 was an amazing experience for me. I felt happier, more at peace with my food choices, and more comfortable in my own skin. I followed the reintroduction schedule, and was then left on my own to figure things out. And it did not go well. I sit here, writing this post, after a chick-fil-a and ben & jerrys binge.. I've never been more confused. When I was on the plan, everything was so easy. And now that I'm done with reintroduction, I know peanuts give me stomach pain and indigestion, and that dairy makes my stomach upset, and causes my skin to break out. But here I am, up to my elbows in the things that hurt my body the worst. Does/did anyone else struggle like this??
  16. Constantly amazed

    I completed my first Whole 30 - and then did most of the re-entry. Never felt anything different introducing any food groups. I am in awe at my lack of cravings and desire for non-whole 30 foods. I'm so much more mindful of what I'm eating and do not do the mindless "see food diet" I did for years. I've been sick with a bad cough/bronchitis. In the past, I've had ice cream or something that felt good on my throat. Now I find myself asking = what do I want for a treat? And the answer is usually "nothing". How is this possible? I have upped my fruit - especially citrus because that seems like a no brainer with being sick. And, if I have extra fruit instead of sugary sweets - so what? I keep thinking - "who is this woman?" It's just amazing to me - and I'm not even trying. I'm experimenting with little bits of non whole 30 foods - and I'm able to not get into automatic eating with them. Nothing has triggered me, so far. I am absolutely not complaining. I'm just amazed - and find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. When will this change? when does the old me come back? Is this all in my mind? Thanks for listening.......has anyone else experienced this?
  17. I had planned on doing my first whole 30 in January. I started out well and did 5 days straight but broke it after a bad day at work. I've since re-started a couple of times but then keep messing up by eating a sweet for an emotional reason. My fiancé is not doing the whole 30 so I've cleared out the pantry as much as I can. i felt amazing when I did stick the plan and lost a few lbs already but I can't seem to stick with it. I've struggled with binge eating for the past 10 years and as I try the whole 30 I've gotten better at identifying my triggers. (Loneliness [moved to a new place for my fiance], social anxiety, unfulfilled with career choice, as a way to procrastinate, etc) i have to bake for an event this week (I offered to when I thought my whole 30 would be ending on jan 31)which is making me so nervous. I really want to do it for 30 days but I feel ashamed that I've had to re start so many times because I feel like I can't handle the bad feelings when I'm annoyed with work or feeling upset about something. has anyone else had to re start so many times and then finally stuck with it? Any tips? I feel embarrassed and frustrated with myself. I know it's my choice when I mess up but at the same times feel so upset at time I don't know how else to handle the feelings without food.
  18. Whole60??

    Hey there! I'm on day 19 of my first W30, and I'm considering doing a Whole60 instead. I'm not completely sure though. Here's some specifics: -I am 18 years old, and not extremely concerned about loosing weight (would be nice), but more about destroying cravings and beating my sugar dragon (I'm terrified, really, that I'll get off of Whole30 and spiral out of control. Not sure how to set good guidelines for myself and trying to navigate Food Freedom) -Not sure if a Whole60 is worth it? There's lots of special events coming up in February for me, so I'm considering doing a whole60 because the structure will be extremely help keep me on track, but I also don't want to miss out on those special events. In addition though, I've always considered food a huge part of celebrations (I think because of an emotional attachment/bad relationship with food) and fixate on those things sometimes during events. I dont want to ruin those events by spiralling out of control, but I want to be a person in control of what I eat and enjoy those things in the process. Does anyone have any input? Still having cravings like crazy for sweets, (really have to lay off of the Larabars...), but I want to get the most out of this and live in Food Freedom. Thanks in advance
  19. So I'm on day 9 of my first Whole30. Up until today it hadn't been too hard. But today is Friday. I don't work on a Friday. I study at home for the online course I'm taking (and not enjoying right now I may add). Apparently today is the day when I would 'just have a couple of chocolates' or some hot chocolate, or tea with milk and cookies, or whatever else is just sitting around waiting to be snacked on. I bored eat. Last Friday I was super busy meal preparing and I had tons of healthy food around to occupy me. The other days I'm too busy to snack. I'm very aware that boredom is making things so much worse. Also knowing that hubby wants to go out for dinner to a place which really only has a salad for me (boring and hungry later) isn't helping. I think having a rant on here might help a little. Thanks for your time.
  20. Hello everyone! I am planning on starting a whole 30 with a friend in a few weeks after I get back from a trip. I have done several whole 30s in the past with less than stellar outcomes. Admiringly, I have a really hard time taming my sugar dragon and I find myself feeding it with 'technically compliant' fresh fruit. I know this is not in the spirit of the program, but it seems so extreme to cut out fresh fruit in addition to everything else! I've tried cutting out fruit and anything that even tastes sweet in the past and it makes me feel so deprived it leads to binges. Is this just a wave I need to ride out? Double down with the willpower for the first week or two to get over the sugar cravings? Has anyone else found themselves feeling out of control with fresh fruit? I've tried limiting myself to two servings per day, but it almost seems easier not to have any at all because once I have SOME I want MORE and MORE and MORE. It helps to not eat fruit by itself- only incorporated into dishes, but I find that the sweet flavor can still be a trigger. In 'Food Freedom Forever' I love the idea of the craving buster reset, and am thinking I need to add fresh fruit to the restricted list in addition to dried fruit, nuts and nut butters. I would love to hear about anyone else's experiences/thoughts/opinions -- thank you in advance!
  21. Hello All, I am looking for some help and encouragement today. Today is the first day that I've actually thought about quitting the Whole30. While I have had some minor struggles so far (cue me crying in a bathroom on Christmas, but successfully turning down a piece of delicious dark chocolate cake), today has been the only day that I've actually considered attacking some sweet stuff. I have an admitted sugar addiction, which was my whole reason for starting the Whole30 in the first place. I know that my psychological relationship with food needs to be repaired, and as much as it sucked, crying over a piece of cake (which I know is so dumb) helped me see that. Because of that, I've cut out fruit and Larabars for my Whole30. I don't struggle with hitting the brakes when I eat nuts, so those have been making occasional appearances. I get my carbs primarily from sweet potato, which I always pair with a less starchy vegetable and protein for my meals. I know that I'm full, but these intense sweets cravings are making me feel as though I'm always hungry. Additionally, I woke up today feeling bloated and having a breakout. I know that these are temporary side effects, and I know that this is all normal. I was just wondering if anybody could give me any tips besides sticking it out, because I'm really really REALLY struggling with that right now. Below, I've listed a few days of my typical meals. Monday: (also had a 1.5 hour heavy lift and 30 minutes of Cardio) Breakfast: 2 poached eggs over sautéed spinach, garlic, and onions Lunch: Beef tenderloin, roasted carrots, arugula salad, roasted sweet potatoes drizzled in olive oil Dinner: 2 deviled eggs (made with compliant ingredients) and green beans sautéed in olive oil Tuesday: (1.5 hour heavy lift + 1 hour cardio) Breakfast: 3 chicken tenderloin, sweet potato drizzled in olive oil Lunch: 3 deviled eggs, green beans sautéed in olive oil, handful of pistachios Dinner: 2 chicken thighs, roasted carrots, and green beans sautéed in olive oil Today: (45 minute hypertrophy lift) Breakfast: 2 eggs scrammbled with mushrooms, peppers, and onions sautéed in olive oil Lunch: Prosciutto (compliant), avocado, cherry tomato, spinach, and arugula salad drizzled with compliant ranch Dinner: None yet hope you can help me! Thank you!!
  22. Day 7 Complete!

    Day seven is officially done and over and I have to say it was my hardest day yet. All I wanted was...well...everything. Cookies, chips, cheese, pasta, man do I mean everything. But I didn't. I do have to say that I was pretty close to throwing in the towel yesterday. I kept going back and forth and weighing the options in my head. And to answer your question, yes, I stayed true and didn't eat anything I wasn't supposed to. It was my first weekend doing Whole30 and man was it difficult. During the weekday I got my schedule down to what I eat and when...but the weekend, the weekend is a completely different story. Next weekend I'm going to have to figure out a plan before Saturday and Sunday roll around. I left the house and went food shopping so I could come home and make different foods and condiments such as mayo. I also researched all new things I would like to try to make in these upcoming weeks. It's the start of a new week and day 8. It's fairly early in the morning but I already feel better with my routine going strong.
  23. We're halfway there!

    Yesterday marked the halfway point for my husband and me. Today is Day 16 for us and we HAVE noticed changes. We often refer to the Whole30 Cookbook and the daily emails at the end of the day to see if our symptoms match what others have experienced. Lo, and behold, it has! Everything from decreased sugar cravings to increased energy to more sound sleep to better fitting clothes. You name it - we've felt it! [For curious readers, we are in our 40's, relatively active individuals, with at least 10k step/day. However a "healthy" weight for me is 50-60lbs away, while it my husband is 20 pounds away. We stopped keeping bread in the house about 2 years ago; we've never been soda drinkers; and we would drink daily protein shakes, packed with spinach or kale.] Prior to Whole30, we usually ate out for dinner 2-3 times a week, just because it was easier. Now, we find ourselves cooking more at home...and liking it! Our local Starbucks hasn't seen either of our faces in 16 days. That's a record! It's just too tempting. We still drink coffee at home; however, we stopped using the flavored creamers. Now, it's either black coffee, or with coconut milk. We have also been drinking more brewed tea. During this time, we have also conquered (yes, conquered!) a football tailgate (we said no to free alcohol!), a nephew's birthday party, and office potlucks. It was actually much easier than we thought. [Confession: We followed Whole30 as best as we could at our two Family Thanksgiving gatherings, but some annual dishes did win out. However, it was a few bites, instead of a large serving, seconds, thirds, and leftovers. We were really proud of ourselves and gave each other a high-five when we got home. And no, we didn't return to Day 1 the next day. Our 30th day is December 13th, which is a few days before the first of many family holiday gatherings. With the exception of the Christmas gatherings, we plan to extend the program until New Years. We will still weigh ourselves on Day 31.] It has been interesting to see how Whole30 has affected each of us. For the most part, it is similar. However, as it often happens, there are more noticeable body changes in my husband, than me. Men always lose more weight (and quicker) than women. I do feel that I have lost inches though. Pants that were too tight 15 days ago fit me comfortably again. Same thing with blouses too. And this is only Day 16! Things we've noticed that we still miss - 1) Sugarless GUM! We didn't realize how often we chew it, whether playing sports, doing a house project, or using it as a quick breath freshener; 2) Starbucks machiattos & lattes; 3) sushi rolls 4) my mornings steel-cut oats; and 5) margaritas and red wine. Things we haven't missed, that we thought we would: string cheese, cottage cheese, peanut butter, tortillas, chips, and coffee creamer. We are SO happy that we decided to do this, and even happier that we decided to do this together. It's been worth it so far! I probably won't post again until we're done. I'll give you the update then on weight loss and clothes sizes then. Until then let's all continue our commitment to better health.
  24. Hi, i am ashamed to admit, but i crave vegetables (a lot). So much that i feel quilty about it as i know it is still a craving. As long as i'm busy, i'm fine and i can control myself and i don't snack between my meals. But the problem starts in the afternoon when i start cooking a family meal or my own meal. Then the food picking / craving / snacking starts and i lose all control. As i am cooking and standing there in the kitchen it is hard to find something else to do to distract myself. By the time it is time to eat, i have already so many vegetables, my belly is so huge and bloated, it makes me feel miserable. But despite that awful feeling, i still can't control the cravings. Any tips?
  25. Hey Whole30ers.. For some reason I did super great the first 2 weeks, and now I find myself feeling worse. I don't like to say worse, but I feel like I had more energy and felt great the first 2 weeks and now I'm smack dab in the middle and I'm having more cravings and less energy. I have a little bit of a tension headache and I'm just not feeling great. A little bit dizzy and just not right. Like I need more food but I can't eat.. but I'm hungry. Sounds weird right? I've been eating Fats, proteins, fruit, veggies.. all balanced whole 30 meals. So strange. Any thoughts? I'm drinking water.. just not as much as i'm used too.. I can't even stomach drinking water.