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Found 3 results

  1. I am 50, I exercise and am in good heath. But I was relatively carb-dependent. I’m on Day 14. My cravings have not been too bad and I’m enjoying the food – though I am not used to eating so much meat. My symptoms seem to be lagging vis a vis the time line: I’ve been tired and bloated for about a week, my muscles are achy, I get lightheaded at the top of the stairs. I normally run regularly, but I don’t have the energy. I bike to work 4 days a week, and hills are more painful. I do yoga once a week, and it’s more difficult. Also, I feel constipated and I feel like I have lots of weight on (I haven’t weighed myself). I find that I am getting very hungry, especially between lunch and dinner, and I am eating many nuts and seeds as a snack. Yesterday is the first time I have felt moody and cranky on the plan. Seems to help to put sample meals. Today: Brkfst: burger patty and 2 pieces of bacon with steamed mixed veggies, and black coffee. Lunch: 3 oz of pulled pork, 1/2 acorn squash baked with coconut oil, steamed green beans, 1/2 small avocado. Fuji apple as a snack. I haven't had dinner, but it will likely be baby back ribs and sweet potatoes (I have a 15K run tomorrow). I often snack on almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds. In the mean time, I’m going to try to work on these things and my hope is to report next week that I am feeling much better. Any advice is welcome! Thank you.
  2. I got on here just because I am sooo excited about how amazing this process is going and it is only day 14 for me. I decided to do the Whole 30 because even four years after going entirely gluten free (I have Celiac Disease), my stomach was getting horribly upset three to four times a week and I couldn't explain it. Then about three weeks before I started the Whole 30, I had debilitating GERD and difficulty taking deep breaths. I was burping every 10 seconds and couldn't even get through a session (I'm a therapist), without burping repeatedly. My doctor just gave me medication and told me to raise my bed up. I didn't think this was the solution at all so I only took the medication one time. During these 14 days of my Whole 30, I have not had any problems with GERD or any problems taking deep breaths. I also haven't had my stomach get upset at all. But that is not even compared to the amazement that I have in my sugar cravings being gone and having a healthy relationship with food. I can't believe that all this has occurred in two weeks. Two years ago, I set out to lose 180 lbs. I did lose 100 lbs of that but then couldn't get any further. I had a sweet tooth I just couldn't say no to. Even though I trained for a marathon, I actually gained weight because I liked candy. I have been known to have an entire big bag of M&M's and a huge container of Hot Tamale candy's all at once. Candy and sweets are my binge foods and I can't say no them. Cut to two weeks into the Whole 30 and if you offered me a sweet right now, I wouldn't even be tempted. There was one time (on day 9) where I really really wanted a Reece's Peanut Butter cup and my boyfriend had to talk me out of it. But that is it. In fact, I currently have peanut butter and chocolate chips in my cupboard and they aren't even tempting. I look at them in awe because I never would have believed that I would desire healthy food over unhealthy food. I'm already making plans to only add a few things back in once the Whole 30 is over because I have felt so balanced and amazing and haven't been bored with my food at all. This is truly how I want to live my life. I am a happier and more productive human being. Oh did I also mention that my pants are so loose they won't even stay up anymore? Incredible. All this time I was seeking weight loss, instead, I should have just been seeking health.
  3. I'm on day 14 today, and besides having some mustard that wasn't allowed (didn't know at the time), I've been super strict. However, I am seeing no results: the improvements in my mood and energy level from the first week are gone, I noticed no weight loss and my acne is starting up again. I really don't want to quit the program, and I'm not going to, but its really discouraging and I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I've been really anxious these past few days,so I may be overeating, but despite one day in which I had a banana as a snack, I always eat on meal-time. What should I do? My overall goal is to lose 20/25 pounds (maybe less depending on muscle growth), mainly from fat on my legs.