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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all - I'm finally willing to concede that this is too hard to do without planning. I started Tuesday night (immediately following a doctor's appt) with the impression I could just do this with what I had at home (eggs, proteins, fruit, vegetables) and by being selective when ordering lunch. Unfortunately that didn't work as (not) planned. My infractions since Tuesday evening: -- blended banana for late night snack -- smoked salmon with in my Day 1 & Day 3 breakfasts which I later learned has sugar in the ingredients list. -- smoothie with Day 1 breakfast -- brown sauce with mixed vegetables with shrimp (I specified no soy sauce -- only salt, pepper, garlic, oil) but when it came out I didn't have the heart to return in and I was pretty darned hungry. -- I fulfilled my late-night TV cravings last night with almonds and a Larabar (all technically compliant but not in the right spirit especially since it was feeding my no-holds late-night snacking dragon) I need to do this right. Unfortunately, that means I might have to start over. I've been up since 7am (it's 840am) so I'm definitely hungry and gotta get eating. Eggs, veggies & fruit -- here I come!
  2. I just completed day 4 with almost no side effects at all. Some of my body stuff has been different (but not in a bad way), and I've had slightly less energy, but otherwise I've had no other symptoms besides some pretty powerful cravings. Maybe this is very paranoid of me, but... Am I doing something wrong?! It seems like people oftentimes have a terrible adjustment period, whereas I seem to have almost no physiological complications. The program is a moderate change in diet for me. Before, I was eating without dairy, most grains (still had rice on occasion), and some sugars (honey, maple syrup, stevia). Cutting out legumes was the only thing I've never done before, but it hasn't been too much of a problem. I would admit that I'm likely having more fruit than what is recommended, but I am definitely eating much more other nutrients, especially fats and the great stuff in veggies (eating veggies with every meal is definitely new for me!!). I would love some feedback on this. Thanks!
  3. chelleybug

    2nd whole 30

    Hi, This is Michelle.. I am starting my second whole 30 the first one I did in July.. Then I waited two months to see how it was going with food to see if I needed to work on some things.. Well I know now I cant eat wheat or corn.. But I feel like there is another culprit in the mix just have not pin pointed it as of yet.. But I hope to do so on this round.. I have no problems following the program. I only took out wheat and corn. I didn't really add sugar back in. Figured I was doing good without it and didn't need it.. I lost 3" around my waist first time hoping in this round I will be able to loose even more inches.. I'm glad I found this program it is the only one that has worked for me so far so good... Believe me I have done just about every diet out there over the years. I would loose a little but it always come back but the first time I used whole30 was in July and it is now October and I haven't gained any back.. I am just at a standing point where I havent lost any more..
  4. Hi! First time Whole30er here on Day 4. So many words and thoughts, but one pressing question: is it normal to feel like you flat cannot focus at first? I have ADHD and recently started taking medication (after years of holding out). I've been so pleased with how much more I'm able to focus and get things done since I started the medication, and this week I have felt like I couldn't finish anything to save my life. I just need to hear that this is maybe normal for some people with ADHD, and that I'll eventually get back to getting things done again...
  5. Hi Everyone, This is Day 4 of my first official Whole30! So far, so good, but I'm curious to know if anyone has any tips for avoiding temptation in a household where I'm the only one doing the challenge. Husband and kiddos eat healthy, but not fully paleo. Basically, on the nights that I cook dinner I'm making a meal for me and a separate one for everyone else. I've managed to swing it so that it's complimentary so far (e.g. I'll make Whole30 approved meat sauce and pasta for everyone else and zucchini noodles for me.); however, it's only Day 4 and I can see that this could start to get a little exhausting. Is anyone else in the same situation? If so, any tips or advice? Thanks in advance! -Keegan P.S. I am loving the daily emails! They are spot on with what I've been feeling/craving. Nice way to start each day.
  6. duckborg

    Eating too much?

    Hey everybody. I am a first time whole30 and doing okay with it other than being underprepared. I was reading the book and it said something like, "now is the time to start....join the it now!" i am trying to learn to accept guidance so I did. In retrospect they might have meant get started on "planning" my whole30. I do have particular food cravings, being that my wife's food is still in the house. O'well day four is where I am at. I remember reading something about,"make sure you eat the suggested amounts as your body might still be lying to you." I feel like I am eating too much. Do I listened to my body at this point? Scott