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Found 5 results

  1. Hi ladies - I'm on Day 23 (!!!) of the September Whole30, and am on Day 2 of my period. Ugh. I experienced intense cramping and bloating the day before and first day of, after However, I also was experiencing some digestive weirdness last week, and therefore this is making it hard to differentiate normal monthly discomfort from nuances in my body due to what I'm eating. Let me explain further - the apology for TMI goes without saying. Some background. I am normally very regular - unless I have eaten exceptionally bad (little to no fresh greens, lots of junk food) - so have usually 1-2 BM's per day, and they are typically pretty solid. For the last 1.5 weeks, I haven't had a single solid BM, but many frequent (and sometimes emergency) trips to the bathroom. By frequent I mean at least 4-5 trips, all including #2. The worst was first thing in the morning, I would all but sprint, praying one of my three roommates wasn't already in the bathroom. I am currently working from home, so I am lucky in that sense, but this can't be my new normal. Right before my period, I'd had basically a full week of diarrhea/loose stools, and it changed for one day before resuming. I'm frustrated 1) because it's that time of the month and I'm just pissed/overly emotional, 2) I'm trying to evaluate how food affects my body/brain and I can't tell if it's food-related, a normal Whole30-related shift in my body, or just menstrual crap. I usually experience some version of digestion issues during my period (because trips to the bathroom are already so fun that time of month), but this also was happening beforehand. What I've been eating. I had made a bunch of turkey burgers for the week that I love, which include organic, lean ground turkey, frozen chopped spinach, grilled onions and garlic in the patties. They've given me gas in the past, but never anything prolonged/unbearable, and they're so good and keep well in the fridge that I eat them anyway; and everyone I make them for wants the recipe! Typically I'll have a patty with Primal Kitchen mayo, spicy mustard, roasted white or sweet potatoes, 1/2 avocado, leafy greens or roasted veggies of some kind. The day I stopped eating them, I had my first normal-ish BM. The next day, I started my period, and I have been a bloated, crampy mess with diarrhea again. Generally my day/meals look like this: wake up around 7am, have coffee with a splash of NutPods or another compliant cashew/nut milk and often either an RXBar or Epic bar (egg whites with fruit & nuts -I only do the blueberry, apple cinnamon or lemon ones) so that I eat *something* first thing, especially if I opt to go running or to yoga. I don't have it in me to cook/eat/wash the dishes from a huge breakfast that early. Later around 10:30am I'll make a proper breakfast with 2-3 eggs, 1 link of chicken sausage (Applegate's Roasted Red Pepper), sometimes potatoes, wilted spinach or any leftover roasted veggies I might have, 1/2 avocado, a sprinkle of hemp hearts and maybe Tapatio. If I have fruit that is nearing going bad I'll have a little, but am trying to avoid feeding the dessert monster. Lunch and Dinner are very similar, usually 1.5-2 fist sized portions of either salmon or chicken or eggs if that's all I have, either a salad of fresh veggies or a good amount of roasted veggies (i.e carrots, broccoli/broccolini, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, asparagus) cooked greens sometimes on top of cauliflower rice with 1/2 avocado, or sometimes skip the avocado if I use a mayo, that sort of thing. I aim to have very colorful plates, always including a green. I usually never have uncooked veggies for more than one meal a day, always try to make sure potatoes have been in 1-2 meals, and have been drinking peppermint tea after dinner to soothe my stomach. I know nuts can be an irritant, but I was using coconut/almond/cashew milk in coffee PRIOR TO my W30, as well as cashew milk yogurt (Forager) and even sometimes a spoonful of cashew/almond butter as a snack if necessary, and it didn't seem to be a problem. Also, the turkey burger thing - I eat spinach all the time, and basically anything I cook in a skillet starts with onions and garlic - maybe the combo is just a lot for my stomach at once? Any of the above foods I've mentioned are ones I ate prior to W30 with no noticeable issues - they used to just be bookended with crap like pizza, a lot of red wine, non-dairy ice cream, etc. Honestly, the only totally new thing is the peppermint tea. Lastly, things I should be doing a better job of are drinking more water and taking a probiotic regularly (even though I do have kombucha 2-3 times per week), and also eating dinner earlier, but feel like there's something I'm still missing. Is it possible that my healing gut is now rejecting even healthy things I used to feed it? I am dreading learning that I also now have to eliminate compliant foods that I enjoy. I should mention I have done 2-3 W30's in the past, but it has been about four years since the last one. I did not experience this any of those times. I had the BEST Tiger Blood on days 12-13 this round, but it's been a little up and down since, although definitely still an improvement from pre W30 life! Periods just throw a huge wrench in this whole thing, messing with moods, digestion/bloating, energy level and appetite - literally everything you want to evaluate on W30. But I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here! If anyone has thoughts/related experiences, I'd be curious to pinpoint the problem here. To end on a good note, my NSV's have been improved focus, slimming down, no headaches/migraines even through really irregular weather/temperatures, and giving my previously unstructured and new-to-me freelancing lifestyle some much needed organization/structure!
  2. I finished the W30 like a champ, wasn't hard for me at all actually. I had already cut milk and was using almond milk, I had already been eating and using coconut oil and I love veggies. I basically just had to cut foods like corn, grains, dairy and sugar. I decided at 30 that I would stick to the same diet and continued to make and eat a nutrient dense diet. I really haven't reintroduced anything and around day 35 or so I started feeling very bad. Ive had terrible abdominal pain from my stomach to my belly button, the feeling of food sitting in my stomach, bloat and then I started feeling very nauseated. After a few days of the abdominal pain and vomiting I got HORRIBLE diarrhea. I cant say I've ever had this in my life except when I had a bowel prep for my endometriosis surgery. I went to the Dr and they just assume vomiting and diarrhea is stomach flu. I got nausea pills and an anti inflammatory but 10 days later I still have HORRIBLE abdominal/belly button pain/burning and gas like pressure especially mid day. I added a good whole grain bread to up my carb intake and add fiber which helped with the diarea but not the gas/abdominal pain. . TMI even though the but Ive also noticed un digested salad in my stool. It feels like terrible indigestion though Ive never had digestion issues. This HAS to be diet related. Help!! Do I give it more time? The Doctors dont seem to know what to do or how to approach it with the whole 30 diet. Should I be worried?
  3. Hello! My hubby and I are on day one of our first whole 30! Together we suffer from a wide range of moderately disruptive health problems. We have both always been the kind of people who plan what restaurants were going to eat at on vacation, instead of activities, etc! We are ready to change the way we think about food and our health. Especially for the sake of our 2 year old son. We don't want to teach him the bad food habits we have adopted! Any words of encouragement, or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, y'all!
  4. Ok, so tomorrow is day 30, and for the past week or so, I have had some digestive issues while following whole30. I cannot figure out what is causing this because I am eating mainly the same exact foods I was eating during the first couple weeks (when I felt great). Any ideas on what could be the cause? I'm nervous to reintroduce anything before I figure out what is causing my current issues. Thanks for any input!
  5. Hello. I would like to share my experience with Whole30 and see if anyone is feeling the same as me. I have been compliant, however I have had a smoothie (with added fats) sometimes because I've been too sick to eat. I mostly had them in the first 2 weeks then stopped. Then I had one about 2 days ago as I was ill and could barely eat. I started whole30 as I have very severe fatigue and issues with dizziness and motion sickness. I had no digestive issues other than little episodes of gas like anyone, and I tended towards being a little constipated at times. Since day 4 of whole30, my digestion has been a mess and it gets worse and worse. The last few days have been 24 hour diarrhoea and stabbing abdominal pain like trapped gas. The diarrhea doesn't relieve it. Sometimes I go 5x a day. Also as far as my symptoms I started whole30 for, they are even worse. I am so exhausted I cry every single day and feel like my life will never regain any normality. I can barely go for a walk and work is torture. I was overweigjt but fairly fit before whole30 and could walk and jog. But I did have long term fatigue but I didn't feel like I was dying like this. I have been tested for lots of things and my iron dropped a bit and my thyroid stimulating hormone is a bit low indicating my thyroid is over functioning, but my thyroid hormone levels are fine and negative autoantibodies. I am seeing my GP, a naturopath, acupuncture, psychologist. Before this I had never even paid for a massage, but I feel I am having an extreme health crisis. I'm contemplating quitting my job and not getting out of bed anymore. I have no idea what is happening to me. The digestive issues have been the cherry on top and I fear they won't stop when I stop whole30. I've never had digestive problems like this. As I said, my meals have not been always perfect template (smoothies, sometimes skipping meals) as I'm so ill and doing what I can to survive at this point. I also do rotating roster shift work which makes my whole life hard and is part of my fatigue issues. But I try to follow recommendations otherwise and am eating plenty of veg, appropriate protein and plenty of fat from avocado, olive oil, home made mayo. I have stopped eating ghee, nut butter 2 days ago, as I never ate nuts before, very rarely. I've stopped having eggs apart from the bit of raw egg in my mayo. I was having a lot before, but I ate a lot of eggs in my regular duet too. I still eat 3 serves of fruit instead of the recommended 2, because my tummy wants fruit and plain foods, not fatty rich foods. Example of my common meals lately would be minced chicken breast and zucchini burger patty with roast potato/pumpkin, a salad and home made mayo. Or mackerel fish with pan fried potato hash brown patties (grated white or sweet potato) and a salad with mayo and a bit of hot sauce. Or beef chow mein style - cooked with cabbage, carrot, curry powder, garlic etc on top of sweet potato noodles. Always compliant ingredients and seasonings. I make all my own food. I never had an issue with hot sauces, curry powder or anything lije that before and mainly eat modified versions of what I ate before. Only other thing that's increased on the diet for me is root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, squash and extra use of garlic/onion powder for flavour. Whole30 has been such a bad experience, I feel like I'm having a physical breakdown. Has anyone else felt this and did you find the cause?