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Found 41 results

  1. emilyjwich

    salt-cured egg yolks

    I had an over-abundance of eggs from our backyard chickens, so I decided to make some salt-cured egg yolks. I separated the yolk from the white, nestled each one in a container of kosher salt, covered it, and let it hang out in the fridge for a week. The result is an egg yolk that's had all the moisture removed from it, and what remains is a bright yellow-orange, hardened, grate-able, (dare I say it) cheese-like puck. When I've made them in the past, I've used them to grate over just about everything i cooked as a colorful garnish - soups, breakfast hashes, crock pot meals, you name it. I was wondering if this would technically be a compliant way to use them during the Whole30, or if this method treads too close to SWYPO territory for comfort. I'm on R4D19 currently and i haven't used them yet. Plus once they're cured, they last forever in the fridge, so if I can't use them for the next 11 days I think I'll survive. I was just genuinely curious. Thanks for any feedback!
  2. Shepdiana

    Salmon cakes without eggs?

    How can I make salmon cakes without eggs? Has anyone made them? Thank you!
  3. shrinkingsarah_

    Soy free eggs?

    Hi, I've looked in this forum and the can I have forum, but I can't seem to find anything about it. I looked up the eggs I bought (Happy Egg Co), Vital Farms, and the Costco ones, and they all have a soy diet fed to the chickens. Soy isn't compliant, but I know a lot of Whole30 people I follow on IG use those ones. Is it okay if they are fed soy? Will that effect my hormones? I also have PCOS so I don't eat soy anyway, but before the Whole30 I never paid attention really to what chickens were fed or how meat was raised. Am I being to uptight? Thanks!
  4. Good morning, I'm not sure the best forum to put this on but since it deals with my meal plans I figured I'd start here. This is my first time on whole30 and generally I like it a lot. I find myself eating a lot of salmon, eggs, almonds and other items high in vitamin E and such. While I love removing all kinds of negative foods I am scared I'm eating too much certain things that can cause vitamin E toxicity as well as high cholesterol. I am predisposed to high cholesterol and because of all the eggs I'm eating I'm scared that it could rise. I've been eating eggs daily while on whole 30 cause my go to breakfast (yogurt) isn not allowed. That's a lot eggs. I've tried fruit but days I have fruit for breakfast I end up eating eggs later on. I normally don't eat a lot of red meat the occasional beef meat balls or maybe super rare piece of lamb but I find now that I need to eat more of it to diversify my meal plans. Anyways today is day 21 and outside a cough drop which seemed unavoidable because I couldn't catch my breath and had a bad cough. It's been a pretty good eating month. I would love any and all advice. Thank you. -Yelizaveta
  5. JessicaDolar

    Do Eggs Count as Fat?

    If I were to eat hard boiled eggs and veggies for breakfast, would the eggs count as the protein AND the fat? Or would I need to add another source of fat to the meal?
  6. Just started my vegan whole30 and on day 6. Yay!! I am also reading It Starts With Food and finding it helpful in understanding the underlying reasoning, which helps keep motivation up. As I understand it, the idea is to eliminate all inflammatory foods and then slowly introduce ingredients to gauge their effect on our body. Given this, why are red meats allowed as part of whole30? The link between animal fats and inflammation has been established well beyond doubt, and so is its harmful effect on the gut bacterial fauna (which in turn leads to inflammation and tissue damage). Grilling it only makes the effect more potent. So why are *any* animal products allowed (instead of merely cutting down on dairy) as part of whole30? Has anyone here who has, e.g., arthritis or IBS here noticed difference after whole30 with vs without animal products? Thanks! Rahul
  7. My recipe for a tasty low carb celeriac and courgette tortilla. Makes a great warm breakfast and also keeps well for lunch.
  8. Chelsea Cooper


    Getting ready to start my first Whole30 and I really love to eat scrambled eggs with mashed banana and cinnamon that I cook in coconut oil. It’s the same ingredients that you would make paleo pancakes out of but I never liked those or regular pancakes. I top the eggs with almond butter usually or sometimes blueberries. So is this ok, sex with your pants on or a complete no go? Thank you!
  9. Hey there, So I am looking to do a reset and I have learned recently that I have an egg sensitivity. I am willing to add fish back into my diet. Should I take any consideration to the vegan program to be sure I am getting enough protein? Or any recommendations I should take starting out. I have the book and am taking notes. I'm just worried I won't get enough protein and will get bored of fish... and ultimately fail. I want to succeed. And another silly question. More or a "Forum", "technical" question. The rules suggest to search first to see if there is already and answer to your question. How do you do a forum search? I can't seem to find a place to place keywords within the forum. Thanks!
  10. Gretchen Brooks

    Should I omit eggs

    I have been doing Whole 30 for 14 days. I feel amazing!!! My energy is off the charts and I am thinking clearer. My question is, I have arthritis and my back pain has not been relieved, yet. Wondering if I should omit eggs? Do I wait and complete this reset or can I exclude them now?
  11. So has anyone seen the Netflix documentary What the Health, Its mostly about how bad meat and eggs is for you. I'm freaking out and trying not to fall into the hype but I look up everything they mention and they're not wrong. Has anyone else seen it? Any thoughts?
  12. kylokoji

    Eggs galore!

    Hi everyone, I'm planning my Whole 30 adventure, which I'm very excited about. Upon reading some of the breakfast recipes that require eggs, I realized that most of the egg recipes call for 4-6 eggs. I'm wondering if I'm supposed to eat all 6 eggs for one breakfast, or are some supposed to be for leftovers? Hypothetically, if I were to follow the 7-day meal plan, I would be eating 18+ eggs in one week. I thought that was a bit much, plus the meal plan doesn't call for breakfast as leftovers for future meals. Am I misunderstanding something?! Can anyone kindly advise? Thanks all! Take care Sincerely, Ky, AKA The Whole 30 Noob
  13. Just wondering if any one knows where I can buy pasteurised eggs in South Lakes, too much chance of getting salmonella from raw in mayo. Making hollandaise sauce instead and using it cold ATM.
  14. Hi I have been on the Whole 30 for 23 days now and starting on Day 20 my breakfast has started to really upset my stomach. I REALLY like this breakfast so I've been having it for most of the time on the Whole30. Its in the cookbook: three eggs with salsa and an avocado. (and sometimes a banana) The last 3 days its REALLY made my stomach upset. I looked up FODMAPS and read up on it, but nothing else that seems to be a FODMAP has hurt my stomach. Its specifically this meal. Does anyone know why this would happen? Also, anyone have any other breakfast ideas? I think tomorrow I'll try an egg with mashed sweet potato. ..
  15. Sarahsaenz1

    Allergic to eggs

    I have a slight allergy to eggs... But I love them and eat them all the time. Is this a food item I should give up (even though allowed in whole 30) to see if this is one causing inflammation?
  16. stephhatfield

    Day 3 - Tired of eggs

    I know the book says we'll be tired of eggs by day 10, but I'm already there, at day 3. Can anyone suggest some breakfasts that don't center around eggs? Or that at least do a good job of hiding the eggs in other stuff? :-) I'd be extremely grateful. Steph
  17. lemarygrace

    Day 1...eggs...

    I am on Day One of my first Whole30. I am probably the pickiest adult eater that I know. My diet before this point has been pretty terrible, with lots of sugar and processed foods. I made a frittata last night to eat for breakfast this morning (decided to just follow the sample Week 1 plan from the book), but could not get down more than a few bites without gagging. I am really not a fan of eggs (I know, that's a little problematic with this particular program), and I usually don't eat breakfast. I think the combination of those two things made me feel a little gross when I tried to eat the frittata. I'm not sure what to do! I had a banana this morning and am just going to hold out until lunch (protein salad), but I'm wondering if I'm setting myself up for failure by having such an incomplete breakfast on day 1. Any advice?
  18. I cannot have eggs at all but this program seems to be a huge proponet of it. the meal plans consist of a lot of eggs and fritatas and hard boiled eggs. Even the emergency meals are omlettes or use mayonnaise. is there something i can mix with the salmon to make the salmon cakes? what about the wonderful ideas of making a quick chicken salad but it's mixed with mayo? Are there meal plans to help, with breakfast specifically, that do not include eggs? I am a very busy single mom that works. I especially need something quick in the mornings and to be able to eat in my car. I normally eat a plantain or sweet potato with ground beef or sausage in the mornings because i can mostly eat that in the car but i get bored with it and was looking for more ideas. I need a hearty breakfast as i exert a lot of energy at my job. I dont have the time in the mornings for something that i might have for supper (like chicken things or a steak). We also do not have leftovers from supper usually as my son eats quite a bit. i have tried to make more but it costs so much to buy that extra meat for a meal. (and sometimes my mom is here to help me as well) Thanks for the help and ideas!
  19. I'm trying to find a consensus on this via internet searching and the answers are a little vague. I just made homemade mayo (using the mason jar trick - so easy!!) and I want to know how long it should keep. I read somewhere that it should keep the till the date that the egg expires which seems to make sense. Any info on this?
  20. Hi! So I'm doing this as new to eating meat and frankly, not handling the meat part well, cooking, eating, etc., even though I bought it from the farmers market... also bought some eggs which I have zero prob with and generally love, so I was going to make a egg bake and the yolks are bright orange, love it, but one was salmon colored, no blood though.... I started wisking away then got grossed out and tossed it all. Ughh, so much for breakfasts for the week. Was that egg bad?? Or is it just me?
  21. Hi! I was wondering if this would be a correct day of eating for the whole30 or if i should make some adjustments: Breakfast: 3 eggs (cooked in coconut oil or ghee), 1.5-2 cups kale (cooked in coconut oil or ghee), salsa, a few sugar snap peas, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado Lunch: grass fed beef, 2 cups swiss chard(cooked in coconut oil or ghee), onion(cooked in coconut oil or ghee), salsa, 1/2 avocado, raspberries, sauerkraut Dinner/PWO: chicken/fish, 1/2 sweet potato, broccoli, sauerkraut Also, I was wondering if the fat in my protein sources/cooking counts towards the fat in my meals. For instance, my sausage, my grass fed beef, my eggs, and some grass fed steaks that I eat have fat in them. Should I add a source of fat to the meal on top of those sources as well? Also, I cook in VERY small amounts of coconut oil or ghee (>1 tsp) so do I count that towards my fat content as well? Thank you!
  22. Gotgoodkarma

    Hard boiled egg ideas?

    What can I do with a hard boiled egg! Besides eating it plain? I don't make my own mayo so deviled eggs are out unless there's another way... Help!
  23. Help!! I hate eggs! I've tried all kinds - hard boiled, scrambled, over-easy, etc. and I hate them so much that they literally make me gag. I hate myself for this but I can't help it - I've always hated them. Can I still do whole30 without them? If not, How can I get creative and get them into my diet? Thanks!! :-)
  24. Can I ask one question about coffee. I use to drinking coffee black with no sugar but usually I have it with something sweet. Before starting Whole30 I would have 2tbs of almond butter(no sugar, just dry roasted almonds) with my coffee. I was wondering what would be a better choice in terms of nutrition vs sugar: banana, 2 dates or 2 tbs of almond butter or put coconut milk in coffee? And one more question if you don't mind. In terms of protein is 3 eggs for breakfast is too much protein? I have standard-small palm but I'm afraid I will get hungry with just 2 eggs. Thank you all very much for help.
  25. Hi everyone, my apologies if these questions have been answered before - there's a lot of material here and I'm new! But anyway, a bit of background - I've had issues with "mystery aches", indigestion, headaches, nausea, low energy for several years...many of which have been improving since going 100% gluten free a month ago. My TSH level is subclinical (6) despite the other numbers being within range, and my doc doesn't want to put me on meds, thankfully. Unfortunately, he also thinks I should go on a vegan diet and reduce my cholesterol, despite it being within normal range. Anyway, I decided to completely ignore him and start a Whole30. It's day 13 and I'm really enjoying it! So far it's been great, very few issues, barely any cravings...despite this, I keep seeing stuff about an autoimmune protocol, and how eggs are inflammatory (is this true?). Based on my symptoms, am I a candidate for that protocol? I have no idea whether I actually have autoimmune disease, since I'm obviously gluten intolerant but not sure if I'm celiac. I've been eating eggs almost every day, plus nightshades like crazy, and spices. No problems at all, so is there something I should be looking for when I eat these foods? They're a big part of my Whole30 so I wonder if I should be concerned. Hopefully I have nothing to worry about, since I've already removed a lot of foods from my diet! Thanks