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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, There are many wonderful approved foods listed here I have not found any available in the U.K. Has anyone had any luck finding any of them in the U.K.? E.g the meat bars, the herbal coffee substitute etc. Thanks!
  2. New member from the UK

    Hi all! Thought I'd formally introduce myself. I'm a 40 year old female from the Home Counties in the U.K. This is my first attempt at Whole30 and I'm hoping it'll help with various autoimmune issues I have, plus help me re-kick start my weight loss. I've followed various weight loss programmes in the past and I lost 100 lbs but it hasn't been sustainable and following a bad two years, I have regained 40 lbs! I have the worst cravings and I feel I am hormonal eating (if there is such a thing), so when I stumbled upon the Whole 30 programme, it sounded just what I need to get my body balanced again so that I can sort out not just my weight loss but see if it helps my other problems. Anyway, I'm starting on 1st November and whilst I've done most of my shopping preparation, I just have a bit more planning to do, so off I toddle. Cheerio! Jackie
  3. UK Whole 30-ers

    Hi, I am looking for some local support. Is anyone here from the UK? I am on day 16 of my first Whole30, just looking for support as feel the hardest bits are yet to come. Thanks Sarah xxx
  4. Ok, so this may be a really silly question...but I'll be traveling to England this summer and though I am post-Whole30, I would like to eat as close to compliant as possible. With all of the moving around and day trips, I know there will be days when I need an emergency stash. I was planning to pack a box of RxBars and a box of Epic Bars in my luggage for this very reason (I will always chose *real* food and real meals over these options...which I prefer anyways...but just in case!). I am concerned about Epic Bars though because they are meat...will I have any trouble getting them into the country? Also for those of you in England, is there anything similar to Epic Bars widely available there? I've been to England many times but this will be my first attempt at Whole30-style eating while I am there so I am not as knowledgeable about healthy eating in the UK!
  5. Somewhere on the Whole30 Forum I found a post with a few different UK-dwellers on it. Sadly, I can't find it again!!! Doing Whole30/Paleo is different in the UK as we don't have access to all the foods and companies that everyone in America does. I wanted to start some kind of forum for all of us who do live in the UK so we can share tips and tricks for doing the Whole30 here. Anyone else out there????